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Virginia AG says school districts can’t arm teachers

Well this should be interesting . . .

Attorney General Mark Herring says a Southwest Virginia school district doesn’t have the authority to arm its teachers, according to a legal opinion released Tuesday.

Herring wrote that the state’s laws limiting guns on school grounds extend to teachers and other staff members who don’t fit into security and law enforcement roles defined by the General Assembly.

The Lee County School Board voted unanimously in July to move forward with a plan to arm its teachers, the first push of its kind in Virginia as policymakers continue to weigh steps to prevent mass shootings. But skeptics questioned whether the proposal could move forward because the General Assembly has never exempted teachers from a law that makes it a crime for most people to carry guns on school property.

David Hogg Young Concealed Carry

Younger gun owners embrace concealed carry

David Hogg and the Parkland Funky Bunch hardest hit . . .

Younger gun owners report carrying their firearms on them much more frequently than older gun owners, expressing a higher level of support for concealed carry, according to a poll conducted in July by Ipsos in partnership with Newsy for its new special report “Young Guns.”

While younger Americans in the survey were just as likely to own guns (28 percent) as older generations (27 percent), they were almost twice as likely to report carrying their guns on them, with 43 percent of younger gun owners (ages 18-34) polled saying they carry a gun at least once a month compared to 23 percent of older American gun owners (ages 35 and up).

3 shots fired on accident? Residents react to Chattanooga police officer’s firearm mishap

Wut? . . .

Local residents and the social media community reacted quickly to the news that a Chattanooga officer fired three shots at a man who had just taken his own life Sunday.  …

Late Monday night, Chattanooga Police released a statement saying officers engaged a suicidal man armed with a gun.

The release says police told the man to lower his weapon, but the man refused before shooting and killing himself.

According to police, an officer then accidentally pulled the trigger of his gun three times.

They say one of those bullets hit the man who had just taken his life.

courtesy and VITALY V. KUZMIN

The Science of Russia’s New Silent Sniper Rifle

Once a year, giants of the Russian arms industry gather outside Moscow to show off their latest technology and display their vision for the future of human warfare at the Russia’s Army Expo.

This year’s event featured future vaporware like a giant combat walker robot and other concepts far off into the future, such as chameleon camouflage. But a more significant weapon made a much more quiet appearance: the MTs-116M suppressed sniper rifle. Designed to mask noise and muzzle flash, it’s the most advanced version yet of one of the modern battlefield’s deadliest weapons.

The MTs-116M has been around for twenty years. It is a well-proven if unexceptional bolt-action, 7.62mm weapon with an affective range of 700 meters (about 2,300 feet). The new version, unveiled at Army 2018, keeps the basic design but converts the MTs-116M into a silenced 12.7mm weapon. It’s a major and appropriately quiet feat of weapon engineering.

courtesy and Salt Lake County

This guy threatened to shoot up a school with a 3D-printed gun

Here we go . . .

Austin James David West, 23, was charged earlier this month with making a threat of violence, which is a Class B misdemeanor and in Utah carries a sentence of up to six months in jail and a maximum $1,000 fine.

West wanted to use a 3D-printed gun specifically because they are untraceable (they don’t require background checks and don’t typically feature numbers), according to Deseret News.

News of his arrest comes amid a national conversation around the public safety threat posed by 3D-printed firearms. Gun control groups and state officials have been scrambling to block self-described crypto-anarchist Cody Wilson from publishing blueprints for 3D-printed guns online, which he resumed doing in late July after abruptly settling a yearslong legal battle with the U.S. State Department.

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  1. “We will”: I like how brazenly ignorant these types of liberals are. Liberals are good at things like terrorism, mob violence, riots, and arson. But real honest to god war is very different.

      • “We Will” doesn’t mean individual liberals will do fuckall. It means they think they’ll pass confiscation legislatively and police and military will do their bidding. I could link you many clips of liberals saying they have the backing of the military. An unfortunate result of every former military member expressing support for gun control being thrust into the national spotlight. “I used an assault weapon when I was sent to war. No civilian should be allowed to have these”.

  2. I so can’t wait to be rid of Herring. He was behind the revocation of VA’s CHP reciprocity which nicely backfired on him and McAuliffe. Virginia’s GOP needs new blood and bad. There’s no reason we can’t take Richmond back. And I won’t brook any defeatist bs about government workers in NoVa. I agree but these Ds are winning on party affiliation alone. As candidates even my lib friends are none too excited by them — they’re all cis white men.

    • have the teachers..who are willing to do so…complete the requirements for armed security work…thus conferring dual status…case closed….

    • Density is why VA is now a blue state. NoVa currently, and will for a long time into the future, overpower the rest of the state.

      If you want to turn VA back to a red state you need to choke out DC by abolishing departments. This means abolish Department of Education, abolish Social Security, drastically reduce the Military, abolish NSA, etc.

      You can’t have red states but also support huge government agencies. As long as people say “Hey, I get benefits from that program” or ‘Hey, I work for that program, we can’t abolish it!” you will continue to have the Democratic problem in this nation. We need to cut the leeches from our body ASAP.

    • Marksist Herring is simply following the orders of his masters in the DNC.To quote a Tom Clancy character, “ democrats don’t take a dump without orders from the DNC”. We had the chance to dump this son of a bitch last year and we blew it.

  3. “According to police, an officer then accidentally pulled the trigger of his gun three times. They say one of those bullets hit the man who had just taken his life.”

    That cop is in big trouble for shooting a dead guy, which means he shot a future Democrat voter.

  4. I guess a commendation is in order for the member of Chattanooga’s Finest for scoring a 1 out of 3 hit ratio under stress and with only an “accidental” pull of the trigger.

    • From a range of 15 feet. Five yards.
      As I’ve said before here, I’m not a very good shot, but I can put three bullets into a man-sized torso at five yards very easily, and I practice it weekly. Muscle memory is a real thing.
      This speaks very loudly to the fact that most police simply don’t practice enough with their firearms.
      Now, whether his training as a negotiator (read the links) led him to fire after his target fired to shoot himself or not is still up for discussion.

  5. The way for the school system to get around this is to have several teachers designated as special conservators of the peace…basically teachers allowed to be armed and have arresting authority on school property.

    • That’s the problem. They applied and red herring has decided it’s not allowed based on a very twisted interpretation of a different statute.

      • Sounds like a legal challenge Is coming. as from what I can tell the SCOPs in Va require some training and have guidelines, it isn’t just giving a teacher a gun and saying have at it. I honestly didn’t read the article at first so missed that was what they were trying. So the question is what law preempts the other, no guns on school grounds or the statutes that allow SCOPs to be created…and can they work together. Should be an interesting battle to observe.

    • The way for the school system to get around this is for the school system to tell the AG to go pound sand. What part of “Shall not be infringed” don’t these jackholes understand?!

      • All of it.
        What they do understand is that even the SCOTUS recognizes that reasonable restrictions are legal.
        The problem is that there is no definition of “reasonable”, until someone offers that word to apply to what they want. And the beauty of doing that is they don’t feel the need to define “reasonable,” because (according to them) the word is self-defined. If you argue with it, then you are being unreasonable.

  6. This guy threatened to shoot up a school with a 3D-printed gun

    … with a single shot pistol that’s likely to explode after the first shot. Assuming this mongoloid was going to just print off a Liberator like the one that VICE is showing in the article.

    I’m going to take a wild ass guess and assume that the mental midget that’s the focus of the story doesn’t have the capacity to even buy a 3D printer, let alone the experience or knowledge of how to use one. He probably just read about them on some garbage tier website like VICE that he could use one and get away with it, without even looking at how it would be cheaper and easier to just buy a commercially made gun in a face to face sale. #FakeNews

    • ^This. I’m unsure as to how someone this stupid actually manages to survive. The 3D printed Liberator, like it’s WWII counterpart, is a single shot pistol. A derringer. In some cases, a single use pistol. Then again, if the dumbass was in Broward County, he actually might have a chance.
      Sneak one into the school, fire, take three minutes to reload, repeat process two or three times before the gun explodes. Use a school 3D printer, (if they have one) to print out another Liberator, then shoot a few more times before that one explodes. I think he’d manage to go through maybe three guns before the Broward Cowards finally go in.

    • Read the links. A search warrant was issued/served, and a 3D printer was seized.
      I before E except after C, and in sounds of A like neighbor and weigh.
      And other weird words like seize.

    • It is unimportant how the 3D gun would have performed or not. The real story here is that the Dems and the media have influenced another person to violence. They know the media will make them famous if they perform correctly.

      This is what conservatives do, always talking about these fine details, and minor intricacies, when the Dems keep it simple. Guns…bad.

      Need to KISS the moment…The media did it again, another person influenced to violence. Media…bad.

    • Announces to the freaking world that he’s gonna 3D print a gun to attack a school, because the gun will then be untraceable? So many different definitions of “loser”. BTW, your gun cannot be traced if you take it home with you after the shooting. Unless you tell the world all about it.

  7. The counties in VA are going to have to decide what is more important. Their children or their position in elected office. The Democrat party does not care about American children. But they do care about illegal alien children. Same for the Libertarians.

        • So… you DON”T want any support on the gun rights thing? You disagree with the whole “None of the government’s business” thing?

          Aside form the fact that we don’t want the government dictating what people can do with or to their bodies or other people, I don’t see where all the contention comes from.

        • Not quite the party’s platform.

          “if someone has a record of violence, credible plans for violence, or acts violently, then Libertarians support blocking their entry, deporting, and/or prosecuting and imprisoning them, depending on the offense.

          Libertarians do not support classifying undocumented immigrants as criminals. Our current immigration system is an embarrassment. People who would like to follow the legal procedures are unable to because these procedures are so complex and expensive and lengthy. If Americans want immigrants to enter through legal channels, we need to make those channels fair, reasonable, and accessible.”

        • To Serpent_Vision: “If Americans want immigrants to enter through legal channels, we need to make those channels fair, reasonable, and accessible.”
          That is a reasonable position, but what if Americans don’t want immigrants, period? I think America should allow a VERY limited number of high-skill, valuable (to US) immigrants in through a legal process. But the masses of 3rd world peasants? No thanks. I do not believe it is necessary to feed our economy, and if it were too bad. I’ll pay more for lettuce rather then let the hordes continue to debase our Republic. In short F*&k immigration and the immigrants.

        • If that’s your view, then don’t support the Libertarian Party, obviously (unless one likes enough of their positions to make their cnadidate(s) the least worst option in any particular election).
          One can agree or disagree with their position on immigration, but one should at least be accurate on what that position is. “They don’t believe in national borders” is not their position.
          IIRC, Chris T has something of a history here of being unable to distinguish Libertarians from Liberals/Democrats/ “progressives”/etc.

        • To Serpent_Vision Their immigration policy is one of the biggest reason I will never support or vote for a Libertarian.

        • Look, this is why I put the them together. The three L’ s. Libertarians , Liberals and the Left. Because all three don’t believe in National borders. Humans have NO RIGHT to travel where ever they want to. Honest Libertarians actually call themselves “Libertarian Socialists”. A very bazaar political animal indeed.

          Other nations citizens have the right to hang their leaders from lamp posts, if the choose. Then they can start over fresh. It will take them 400 years to get to where American is today. It took us that long.

          The Libertarian atheist is just like the christian missionary. Both want to impose their western american values on other societies, who have NO history/ understanding of what Liberty means.

  8. Virginia Attorney General Herring’s “opinion” is two things: First and foremost, it’s utter HOGWASH. Second, it’s merely an opinion, which carries no more legal weight than any other lawyer’s opinion.

    What Herring is intentionally choosing to ignore is the paragraph of the section of the Code of Virginia that prohibits firearms on school grounds that explicitly grants authority to local school systems to establish programs for which participants are allowed to possess firearms in the schools.

    When this all started, nobody who was even slightly paying attention had any doubt that Herring would manufacture some lame “excuse” in the attempt to justify the continued exposure of our students to the risks of the homicidal maniacs who choose to murder people in “gun-free” zones.

    Second, as we have learned over the years, the AG’s opinion is not magic. The courts ultimately decide what is and is not in keeping with the Code of Virginia. I applaud Lee County’s continued review of this situation, and I hope they proceed with their plans, ignoring this absurdity from the AG’s office.

    • Yep, never trust a liberal Attorney General, they are corrupt. The actual exemption is …persons who possess such weapon or weapons as a part of any program sponsored or facilitated by either the school or any organization authorized by the school to conduct its programs either on or off the school premises;…

  9. Had a fascinating DGU down here yesterday, it’s well worth the read.

    In a nutshell, an Uber driver and two other people, none of whom who knew any of the others, intersected on a Florida road. One died, and it was caught on the Uber driver’s dashcam.

    The video below goes into some detail on the interaction :

    “Polk Sheriff Grady Judd: Uber driver shoots, kills Winter Haven man in ‘classic ‘stand your ground’ case’”

    “Sheriff Judd provides update on Uber driver who shot, killed man | News Conference”

    • “The Uber driver did the right thing to protect himself and his passenger,” Judd said. “Leave people alone. Good people carry guns, and they will shoot you.”


      Grad Judd- POTG’s Sheriff of the Month

    • I really like the Sheriff’s press conference. He doesn’t mix his words and he shows no pity for the now deceased dumb ass.

      We all hear about how fast these things can escalate but seeing that video footage is a real eye opener. I can’t say that I’d be that fast in response to such a threat. I’d hope so, but I don’t know.

  10. He shot the suicidal man just to make sure he didn’t turn into a zombie. You always got to make sure they stay dead.

  11. That mugshot made me laugh. He looks like a winner! I scrolled down after reading the title, and saw that f’ing face, papo I almost pissed in my pants!

  12. re: the police shooting, update reflected in the body of the article

    “The attorney of a Chattanooga police officer says her client intentionally shot a man who had just committed suicide – directly contradicting a previous police report claiming it was an accident.”

    I would, then, put two questions forth:
    1) Why… would you do that? Presumably a serious training problem i.e. contagious fire.
    2) Who wrote the police report in question which is now directly contradicted, and from where did they ascertain the idea that it was ‘accidental’?

    • The Officer probably wrote a memo and/or completed a use of force report (attention:chain of command), and THEN consulted the attorney. I am sure that’s why it happened.

    • Contagious fire.

      Something, usually a gun, sometimes a flashbang, sometimes not even a weapon, makes a noise, and the fradicops get triggered. Usually the contagious fire stops when all the contagious weapons are empty. This guy managed to regain control of himself after only 3 rounds, I guess the body wasn’t flinching enough for him.

      When ALL the cops do it, explanations are concocted, and it all goes away.

      When ONE cop does it, sometimes you get BS explanations ‘it was an accident’, sometimes he gets thrown under the bus because it’s obvious every other cop on the scene was too competent to do what he did.

    • He ‘admitted’ to firing on purpose because that looks far better than admitting he fired by accident.

      And accidental firing of three rounds really looks bad.
      A purposeful firing of three rounds happened because that’s what his training demanded; not his fault. He just did his job.
      Which one would you choose?

      • The one that made more sense… which would be intentional unless he happened to be armed with a 3-round burst capable weapon.

  13. “…They say one of those bullets hit the man who had just taken his life.”

    So you shot the dead guy? Seems kind of like, I dunno…. overkill or something.

    And here’s an interesting idea for the lawyers to play with: Did he die of a self-inflicted gun shot wound and therefore life insurance doesn’t have to pay out? Or did he die of a police shooting and life insurance has to pay out AND the Sheriff’s office has to pay out?

  14. The Constitution says VA AG doesn’t have the authority to stop teachers from arming.
    It’s time We The People began ignoring/arresting these pompous windbags.

  15. “We will”

    No you won’t. You’ll try to get the cops to do your dirty work for you, if you can, anyways.

    • I’m sure he thinks they *better* do as he says, or he’ll run home crying and tell his mommy!

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