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A few weeks back we reported on Noam Bramson’s campaign for Westchester County county executive. Bramson is currently the mayor of New Rochelle (where I grew up), and was running to unseat the incumbent Republican Rob Astorino. Instead of sticking to issues like taxes and economic development, he Bramson campaign decided that the best way to win the election would be to demonize gun owners through a series of television ads (such as the one above, still hosted on Bramson’s YouTube channel) and imply that his opponent was an uncaring and heartless bastard for allowing law abiding citizens to legally purchase firearms through dealers who require background checks. From the New York Times . . .

With 56 percent of the precincts reporting, the Republican incumbent in Westchester, Rob Astorino, was leading his Democratic challenger, Noam Bramson, by 53,136 votes, or 54.9 percent, to 43,670 votes, or 45.1 percent. Mr. Bramson conceded defeat at 10:30.

In other words, it was a pretty sound trouncing.

It’s a sign of hope in an otherwise hopeless state. New York – and Westchester county in particular – is a Democratic stronghold. It’s the land where the NY SAFE Act passed after the state legislators weren’t even given time to read the law, let alone understand it and accept feedback from the people they represent. And it’s a place that rivals California for its nanny-state laws. But when a politician starts demonizing law abiding gun owners, those gun owners take note and vote for the other guy.

This election was Noam’s to win. He had the edge coming into the election, especially with the current animosity against incumbent office holders in the United States. But when he decided to make his campaign one of hate against law abiding gun owners, that’s when he lost. And I say good riddance.

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  1. It’s little things like that which give me hope that no state (not even NY or CA) are ever truly “lost” forever.

    Will this be the beginning of purging all the anti-gunners from every level of government in New York state? Unlikely… But it’s still a good thing.

    • That’s the hope we had in NJ, but the same bastards that proposed and supported the “kitchen sink” gun bills (that Christie vetoed) were re-elected.

      (And they’re already talking about re-introducing them…)

  2. As the HAND RIGHTING is on the wall, maybe the rest of the Country will see the light and GET RID of the Blind Liberals.
    When Gun’s are Outlawed only Outlaws will have GUNS

    ARIZONA an open/conceled carry state

    • why do PEOPLE think RANDOMLY CAPITALIZING certain WORDS will make their STATEMENT more meaningful?

      ARIZONA has nothing to do with this topic.

      btw, its handwriting, not HAND RIGHTING.

      • I think you answered your own question.

        No offense to those who do so, but my automatic assumption is that PEOPLE who write like THIS didn’t graduate high school.

      • Random capitalization is obviously foolish, but since the comment box on THIS blog site does not have the option for bold or underline (or italics) when I want to emphasize some point in a comment (or a post) that I would normally simply bold or underline my ONLY option is to capitalize those specific words.

        I suspect, but do not know for certain, that the use of html codes would allow the formatting functions, but since I do not know those I will continue to use the capitals until another option is offered. (Maybe an HTML crib sheet at the bottom of the page next to the Comment box?)

    • It’s writing. Not “righting”. I find the people who complain about the educational system to be among the worst at simple English. Clean your own barn before criticizing someone else’s barn.

      And this damn spell check. It wanted me to write “else'” instead of “else’s”.

    • As the HAND RIGHTING is on the wall, maybe the rest of the Country will see the light and GET RID of the Blind Liberals.
      When Gun’s are Outlawed only Outlaws will have GUNS

      ARIZONA an open/conceled carry state

      Even MOAR better.

    • According to GunPoliticsNY only $2,000 + the commercial above. Perhaps he thought that Noam Bramson would win because the website said he was polling well. perhaps a lot of people lied or changed their minds

  3. In the immortal words of Nelson Muntz, “Ha-ha!”

    What goes around, comes around, Bramson, you fucking asshole. I just wish our electorate would teach this lesson to all anti-rights elitists in the so-called ruling class.

  4. The Democratic party has come so far in it’s platform,
    Out – “Them Negroes will be raping white women”
    In – “Them gun owners will be killing children”

  5. Why would they make a video like that and then have the gun show patrons appear to be likeable, harmless, jeans and flannel, grandfatherly types? Go big or go home. At least throw in one Klansman.

    • I noticed that, too. Looked like a pretty docile gun show. Where are these criminals and mentally ill people? They could have shown at least one toothless feller in overalls.

      • Perhaps they were all at the Bramson rally, working as unpaid volunteers?

        I don’t know this for a fact. It’s simply a statistical projection.

  6. I find it funny that this “courageous” anti-gun politician does not have the testicular fortitude to allow comments on his videos.

      • I rather enjoyed the lady holding the AR like it was a steaming pile of dog crap…

        Could they have found a less scary looking rifle too? No flash hider, no adjustable stock, no bayonet, no tactical lights, no shoulder thing that goes up…

        • If anything, it gave gunnies the urge to go buy more AR accessories. Seeing one naked does something to some of us. >;)

  7. As a Westchester resident, I wasn’t paying much attention to the race until Bramson’s anti-gun owner ads started showing up in my mailbox. Then I got engaged. So did my fellow Westchester gun owners. A lot of us spread the word, donated money, helped get the vote out on election day, and, of course, voted. I think Astorino would have won anyway, but by seriously pissing every gun owner in the county off, Bramson created a highly-motivated block of voters and sealed his fate.

  8. I think the election was more a referundum on taxes. Astorino HAMMERED Bramson on taxes and it was effective. Bramson pandered to the liberal elitists in this county and tried to stick national and state issues on Astorino that just don’t fit for a county executive (abortion, gun control, “tea party republican”, etc.) Astorino had the better message and thankfully he won. Of course I voted for him. The county legislature didn’t break perfectly, but on firearms issues we have supporters there and a Dem majority leader who, despite his party affiliation, is a 2nd amendment supporter. Don’t kid yourself though – freedom lovers are still miserably outnumbered by socialists in this county. I guess even socialists vote with their wallets sometimes.

  9. As a resident of Westchester, I can tell you that I think it’s his appalling fiscal record – jacking up New Rochelle property taxes, slashing public services and giving himself a huge raise that turned people off more than his stance on guns.
    As happy as my friends at the Range and I are about Bramson’s loss, we still have an anti-gunner in the County Clerk’s office – Tim Idoni – who released the permit info to the Journal News/LoHud with hardly a moments’ consideration. He also made changes to the Pistol Licensing Unit that made the workflow slower, instead of more efficiently.

  10. If only this would happen to politicians that actually have significant influence in American politics (i.e. Pelosi, Wasserman-Sharkmouth, Feinstein, Schumer).

    • When most races are determined by a 51/49 split, and the guy who is expected to win ends up losing by 10 points, that’s a “sound trouncing.”

  11. Meh. “(A)nimosity against incumbent office holders” doesn’t mean much when it comes time to go to the polls for local elections. The vast majority of incumbents, especially long-term ones, stay in office as long as they want unless they get caught with a dead woman or live boy.

    But hey, take victories where you can get them I suppose.


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