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Bump fire stock listings on

Earlier today, we reported that Gunbroker had removed bump fire stocks from their listings. The internet’s largest firearms auction site has since rescinded the ban. Confirmation comes in the form of an email sent to one of our readers (below). Gunbroker’s missive warns sellers they may fall afoul of the Protection in Lawful Commerce of Arms Act. Uh, what?

According to, the PLCAA “protects firearms manufacturers and dealers from being held liable when crimes have been committed with their products.” Unless a bump fire seller is a firearms manufacturer or dealer, the PLCAA has nothing to do with them whatsoever.

Anyway, here’s the email . . .

From: “ Customer Service” <[email protected]>
Date: October 7, 2017 at 11:02 PM
Subject: A message from


As the public face of internet gun sales, works closely with the NRA, NSSF, and other industry organizations on matters of public policy. Initial reaction from the industry was that support of bump stocks was PR disaster. However, the industry and NRA have softened their stance and asked regulators and Congress to make a decision as to whether or not these items are legal. As a result we have changed our position to allow the items to be sold as long as they are sold in full compliance with state and local laws.

As a seller you should be aware that bump stocks / slide stocks are not firearms and are almost certainly not protected by the Protection in Lawful Commerce of Arms Act (PLCAA). This means that if you choose to sell these items and get sued over their use or misuse, you will not have the PLCAA to protect you.

Be aware that bump stocks / slide stocks may not be legal in every state and we have not been able to fully assess what jurisdictions in which they may be outlawed. It would be wise to research the local in state laws into which you intend to ship these items to avoid entering into an illegal transaction.

Thank you,

The Management of

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  1. Wait, it’s as though there was a demand for a good and loyal customers demanded said good, and the backlash of denying said good was not a smart business decision.

    It’s almost like capitalism works…strange.

  2. Whew, I can get back to buying a $200, no $400, no, $600 slide fire stock, thanks guys!

    These things are like retro Nintendos!

    Still I don’t like the knee jerk reaction to “PR disasters,” this is like Academy hiding all their pmags and semi auto rifles after Orlando, bad enough to have the government, Dems, Republicans, media, Hollywood, Google wanting to ban all this and that related to the second amendment but I don’t like gunbroker, Brownells, Midway, and the NRA joining the pile on.

  3. The point of mentioning the PLCAA is precisely that it does not apply, and you could theoretically be sued if you sell it to the next Paddock. But probably, not, any more than Ford can be sued if their box truck is used in the next attack. Or Amazon, if the next attacker buys ammonium nitrate, acetone, and hair bleach (and you can get it next-day with Prime, lol).

    Until then please feel free to completely overpay for a little piece of plastic. For 1/2 of what you pay on Gunbroker, you can buy a printer and print your own. Honestly, gun laws are pretty absurd. We keep chasing the tools, not the insane people. There is no law a free man cannot out-think. If we are chasing the tools, who are the really insane people?

    • “….who are the really insane people?”

      The people who go out and commit mass-murder.
      People who go after the tools are:
      – incompetent
      -statists taking advantage of high emotions
      -politihacks looking for an easy bandaid solution
      -politihacks looking to divert attention away from their incompetence

      And we’re gullible if we fall for their crap.

      • If only I could upvote you, you’d be in the stratosphere in seconds, a most apropos summation well stated, I thank you for it and will shamelessly steal it, with all due attribution of course.

  4. At least they admitted that they take orders from the NRA. This week is really showing us who’s pro-second amendment and who’s just exploiting us for money.

  5. I don’t think I would speculate on something that might be un-marketable in a few months and is basically a toy without utility. I bought a shit-load of tungsten (real tungsten not that Hevi-shot crap) spheres instead. Since China (the biggest producer) began curtailing its exports the price has gone up around 40%. The spheres I have bought have gone up by 20% since I bought them 2 weeks ago. If I can’t find a buyer months or years from now, they make excellent shot gun shot (way denser and harder than lead). I just need to get a shot gun to make use of them, if I can’t sell them:-\
    Yeah, I am just babbling now.

    • You would have done a whole lot better investing in commodities instruments.

      As for Tungsten making excellent shot, good luck with that, unless your Tungsten is already the right size and shape.

      • Except when it comes to investing I am not an idiot – it is exactly the right size and shape. My post was a bit tongue and cheek even though as I say I am indeed a terrible investor. The shot I got is .315″ sphere and has a density of 18.6g/cc to lead’s 11.3g/cc and it out performs 00 lead in every way except muzzle velocity by a significant margin. They were $81/lb when I bought them so my shells will be about $7 dollars each. They will be for emergency use only, they really do penetrate much better than lead – I had my father load one up and shoot it into my gel.

  6. Now, wouldn’t it be nice if the NRA listened? And if some Republican senators grew some intestinal fortitude, that would be nice also. I’m pretty sure Hillary, Pelosi, and Feinstein are lost causes.

  7. Cuckbroker, nothing like flip-flopping. I guess pressure from members/users/bidders was just too much then again maybe it is all about the money as it usually is with everything.

    Wasn’t (Gun)Cuckbroker founded by a retired law enforcement officer? If so he may have been under pressure from fellow officers both active and retired. One would think before instituting a complete “ban” he would have gauged which way the wind was blowing via his forum.

  8. I’m still done with you Gun Broker.

    Maybe I’ll change my mind in a few years. But I’m not going to be doing any business with them for a long long time.

    • I’ll keep buying from gun broker. Know why? Because it’s a business, not some f-cking governmental regulatory agency. And because the nearest brick & mortar gun store is over 100 miles away, gunbroker makes my life easier.

      Is every decision they make ‘perfect’? Of course not. Are you so perfect?

      It’s because you’re allowed to make mistakes, and yet recover from them. So is gunbroker.

      They didn’t run over your mother. They didn’t burn your house down. They pulled a product (briefly), then they put it back. Redemption. Done.

      • Well good for you supporting the whims of the cowardly. But I don’t. That’s a weakness I don’t share with you. Go play with your told action rifles and leave the right to the people what give a damn.

        What can I say, I’m not one of those losers that would rather cuck out in the vein hope that the nazi’s wont come for you next.

      • If there was no history to inform gunbroker that a vocal % of their core customer base doesn’t take kindly to these capitulations it may have qualified as a ‘mistake’.

        But there is a history, so their decision is more correctly described as a choice. They chose poorly. Choices have consequences.

        You are of course free to continue to use gunbroker for the reasons you stated. But, I don’t understand why you think there is a correlation between your convenience and their poor decision making.

        Your personal situation informs your decision that gunbroker provides a service to you that out weighs their choice in this matter. That doesn’t mean that they didn’t choose poorly.

  9. Wish I had a slidefire stock to sell for these insane prices. Right after Sandy Hook, I was confident no ban would actually go through, so I sold a number of pmags for $60 each and got $1,100 for a WASR. No regrets, supply and demand. I replaced it all a year later for a fraction of that price.

    • I remember selling my Ruger 10/22 Takedown on armslist around that time. I paid like $250 at the time for the gun, got a 25 round mag for xmas that year, then the panic buying started and I put it up for sale at $500. A guy bought it at that price without even haggling.
      I DO have a slidefire stock, so I will be putting it up here soon; paid $100 for it a few years ago but have never used it.

  10. See , I told you so…”The Deep State” has been busy this month…Still waiting for answers regarding the Vegas incident.. DON’T thing were going to get Any…

  11. There ya’ go…I have never bought anything gun-related on the interwebz. Mainly I use it to see the least I “can” pay for items. Oh and they don’t sell anything do they?!? Unlike GunAuction…all this sturm und drang boys😆

  12. I requested twice that permanently delete my name, address, phone number, and credit card number. I receive no response. I strongly recommend avoiding this vendor.


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