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Screen Shot of bump fire stock search result 2017-10-07 at 9.18.14 AM

Yesterday, we reported that bump fire stock owners were banking big bucks selling their legally endangered rifle accessory on the country’s largest firearms auction website. By 7pm EST, wielded the ban hammer, prohibiting sales of bump fire stocks and removing posts advertising same. Here’s their terse, explanation-free official announcement to users who’d listed a bump fire stock . . .

Dear Gunbroker User,

The Management of has made the decision to no longer allow listings of Bump/Slide Fire stocks or similar items on the site. All existing listings have been removed without winning bidders. Please do not relist these items.

Thank you for your cooperation and continued support.

Thank you,

The Management of

Yes, well, as you can see from the image above, a couple of listings for bump fire stocks managed to sneak through.

Interestingly, a search for “bump fire stocks” turns up a dozen listings for binary triggers, which could also be banned by Diane Feinstein’s bump fire bill. The civilian disarmament industrial complex hasn’t cottoned on to that tech yet, but it’s only a matter of time . . .

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    • what kills me is she is still working at an age that both my grandparents had been retired ofr 20 years AFTER decades of hard work, unlike her siting in office like a potted plant? Then add by 84 YO both were dead—!!!

      How can she still be relevant anymore? most voters her age are DEAD or can’t remember the last time they walked???

      Then add how can you communicate to a 18YO? does even know e-mail does not require a stamp? or what a tweet is not coming from a bird??

    • Also I just closed my GB account and encourage everyone to do the same.

      The only answer in dealing with traitorous scum like this is to starve them to death like the Soviets did the Ukrainians. They might back off if we proverbially smack them hard enough, but I’ll never give them another dime.

      • Well I’ve not familiar with any one issue like that. Care to elaborate?

        Now that said… I’m one of those gun nuts that’s a bit ideologically drive against any proposed regulation. But I do get that not everyone is as such. But at the same time, what are we to do when the people that are against us are completely ideologically driver themselves?

        • Gunbroker has no qualms about randomly charging ‘verification fees’ even against established accounts. Or demanding personal information of users for seemingly no purpose. They also are extremely skittish when to comes to public controversy like the current situation around bump-fires.

          As to your second question, the only response is to not give them an inch, and anything you do give, you get your ten pounds of flesh in return. Like right now: if they want bump-fires, then roll them into the NFA, but demand an amnesty and permanently reopen the registry for MGs in return.

        • No, I’m not. There is no reason for a brokerage site to demand copies of your driver’s license and proof of address just to create an account. Gunbroker does not interect with the seller outside of processing the transaction and listing the posting. There is no reason to collect personal information from individual users.

          Gunbroker is also prone to knee-jerk bans like the current bump-stock debacle. Any one remember the run on M855? Gunbroker tried to stop listings of “Armor-piercing” ammo then too. Fuck Gunbroker. No FFL I know of or use relies on their ‘services’.

  1. Just wait and see if media gets around to looking at the mags shown in the rifles in vegas, soon NRA will ask BATFE to reaccess them, then perhaps the next incident will involve suppressors, and on and on this goes. If you can’t gain political traction to ban guns, take advantage of a mass shooting to put all you want banned on the chopping block, and it’s bipartisan so it looks genuine. Funny that.

  2. I’m fully opposed to the ban of any current guns, nor accessories. And, it seems pretty weird to ban a poorly-executed accessory that provides some half-assed simulation for a real machine gun, which can be legally owned if you have lots of money and want to jump through hoops.

    That said, if they want to legislate on bump fire stocks, here’s my proposal:

    1. Remove suppressors and SBRs from the NFA registry.
    2. Add bump fires to the NFA registries as an AOW – $5 registration fee.
    3. Provide an 18 month grace period to register those that you already own or build, fee-free.

    • Honestly, this has to be the best ‘compromise’ proposal I’ve seen. Nothing is outright banned. The items they are after are more restricted and the items we are after are less.

      Granted, I’m still a “not an inch” guy, but this would be the least bitter pill to swallow if some compromise had to be made.

    • The problem is that they want to ban slide fire stocks and give nothing in return. And after that, more bans. It’s a feature, not a bug.

    • Great compromise! I hope they do not try to drag magazine capacities into the debacle; gut feel they will. And Pelosi and Feinstein are from the recently governor declared sanctuary state that harbors and protects criminals!

  3. Yup, just wait until like Dicks Sporting Goods they stop selling ARs. In times of crisis you get to really know who are your friends and who are your enemies.

  4. Random thought I had last night: a PL Luty 9mm, TEC-9, or just about any pistol with a magazine separate from the grip would be great for a bump fire pistol. Semi auto fully legal (ATM…) lead hose.

    Just throwing that out there.

  5. First I support gunbrokers right to make its own business decisions. It’s a great company and I’ve never had anything but positive experiences with them. They provide an incredibly valuable service that to my knowledge and experience is unsurpassed in the industry. As for the bump stock myself I think theyre nothing more than a novelty and I wouldn’t lose one minute of sleep if they’re banned. Anyone who would argue that such devices provide any positive sporting or self defense benefits is free to their opinion but I disagree. Make no mistake that I wholeheartedly and vehemently disagree with the liberal gun nuts and media’s attempt to legislate features rendering legitimate sporting and self defense weapons illegal. But if I have to draw a line I put the bump stock on the other side of the line. But this is the important part I’ve always felt that way about the bump stock not just in light of recent events and just because I or gunbroker or anyone else who staunchly supports the 2nd amendment feels that way doesn’t make them off the team. And trying to shame GunBroken or anyone else for their opinions just because they’re not yours is what the other side does not us. Wake the f!$$#% up

    • Something we need to remember: the vast majority of Americans are not what we would consider People of the Gun – they may say they support the Second Amendment is asked by a poll but they are not fully on our team and will accede to further civil rights restrictions if it is asked of them because they don’t realize that they have a dog in this fight after all: “I don’t want/need/own a bump fire stock so I see no problem with banning them” – without considering what the next object of the gun bigots desire will be, and the next after that. As things stand right now, the swamp in Washington is still full. Until is is drained of those who would deny us our civil rights, we need to keep playing the long game and not allow our opponents an easy point by letting them see the current hated-object-du-jour readily available to all… at least until things calm down a bit which will likely be when the next hurricane hits or Christmas, whichever comes first.

      • First they came for bumpfire stocks, and I said nothing because I didn’t own a bumpfires stock…

  6. They just reversed their policy a few minutes ago. Received a direct email since my ads were removed. Changed position since NSSF and NRA are only recommending a review. They also posted a statement stating that any seller is not protected by law under the fair commerce act.

    • I was wondering what had happened because their notice on the main page vanished just as quickly as it showed up after they swung the ban-hammer.

  7. I wonder what SHOT show 2018 is going to be like.
    And stating the obvious, we still have 3 months to finish 2017. A lot can happen. I thought the fall of 2016 made life interesting enough, just with elections…and here we go again.

  8. the good news is that we will most likely be here to see her kick the bucket. Diane Feinstein will not live forever.

  9. What’s amazing to me in that screen shot is, 5 people bid up the Franklin binary trigger to $510.

    It’s for sale on Franklin’s website for $430, and a quick search on duckduckgo shows places listing them for $340-$400 (albeit usually out of stock at the lower end of the price range).

    It always amazes me what an auction environment will do to some people’s thought processes…

  10. Hmmm… my dad still sold insurance at 84(or at least showed up to his office.)The hag could go on and on. Anyone have a supply of babana peels?!?😆😆😆😆

  11. I’ve only purchased a few items on Gunbroker, and whatever I have purchased on Gunbroker previously are the only things that I will “ever” purchase on Gunbroker. Talk about cutting your own throat. I predict that Gunbroker will not be around this time next year. POTG have loooooooong memories.

    • You obviously have no idea how big GunBroker is, do you?
      This is a mere hiccup for them, and by the way, gun buyers have a really short memory.
      We still sell plenty of SA and RRAs.
      Get over your self

  12. Multi-millionaire shooter could have *legally* had twenty actual machine guns, but let’s ban bump-fires (*for poor people).. Cops, celebrities, government agents & officials & rich people will, of course – get a carve out..

    Really tired of “extra special” Americans…

    • With his money and some advance planning he could have bought a real belt-fed weapon and gone to town. In a place like Vegas, he could have gotten the cart up to his room with no one being the wiser.

  13. Why does everyone say that the bump fire stock is only a range toy ?
    There has been a lot of work done by serious shooters on using the bump fire stock with a bipod as the “poor man’s saw”
    My bumpfire stock works perfectly
    I have a lot of experience with Full Auto firearms and the usual procedure is to fire 3 to 5 round bursts
    Fired off hand they usually rise off target and overheat if you do a full mag dump
    Shooting Bursts allows you to get back on target and slows the rate of heating
    Firing from a bipod negates the whole rising off target, but is still proper to fire in bursts
    My slide fire works perfectly shooting while standing doing 3 to 5 round bursts using a 60 round sure fire magazine
    Even Shooting controlled bursts it still runs dry very fast !

  14. Gun broker, ha ha ha. It’s a conspiracy I tell yah, they get info from you and inform the ‘feds’ I wouldn’t give them my dogs name let alone my DL information.

  15. I’m having trouble believing this since I’m seeing a lot of them available on gun broker right now…including the 2 that I have for sale. 😛

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