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Mom bags big-ass gator!

Some women have it all: beauty, a husband, wonderful children. I’m more envious of the fact that this woman nailed a 12 foot gator on her first hunting trip! . . . South Carolina mom bags huge alligator nearly three times her size and the biggest of this year’s hunt

A South Carolina mother has bagged an alligator nearly three times her size, and the biggest in the state so far this season.

Mother-of-three Laura Robinson Griffin, 37, was out on her first alligator hunt ever when she captured and killed the 12-foot-7 gator in South Carolina’s Lake Moultrie on September 9.
The petite 4-foot-10 Griffin was with her husband Darrell, an experienced hunter, on a group hunt when she spotted the gator and stalked it by boat for about two hours.

‘We were in a 16-foot boat and when it came up, I saw the alligator was almost as long as the boat. I didn’t shoot it just once. I shot it three times,’ Griffin told the Charlotte Observer.

From the reports, it doesn't sound like the rifle was the problem here.

A lot of fail at play from the description of this accident. Basic safety lesson: don’t ever carry a loaded rifle pointing upwards in a truck. Here in Texas, we carry our rifles tucked into the passenger side, muzzle down. You can’t ever be too safe . . . Remington sued after recalled rifle kills girl hunting with dad

The family of a girl who was killed when a rifle accidentally discharged filed a $5 million lawsuit against Remington Arms alleging it used a defective safety mechanism that allowed the gun to fire without the trigger being pulled. Shellsea Lefebre-Schiel, 12, was killed Sept. 21, 2014, during a hunting trip with her father, Jose Lefebre, on Drummond Island. She was killed while they drove the back roads looking for deer.

The gun was tucked between a front-seat passenger’s left leg and an interior panel, pointing toward the rear as they drove down the dirt road. They didn’t realize that a charger cord for a cell phone apparently became entangled on the thumb safety lever and moved it to the fire position.

They planned to stop near a main road, unload the rifle and put it in a case. “The tangled power cord may have inadvertently moved causing the safety lever to move and the rifle to discharge as Jose was driving. The bullet struck Shellsea in the lower right jaw killing her instantly,” attorney Leonard Siudara wrote in the complaint. The father was originally charged with involuntary manslaughter, a 15-year felony.

Pro tip: when shooting a TV show about hunting, be sure to obey hunting laws.

This is the first female I’ve reported on that’s been added to the hunting wall of shame. When you’re trying to inspire women to participate in a male-dominated, please don’t do it illegally . . . Indiana women charged with using bait to hunt deer while filming TV show

Two Indiana women were filming a TV show when they were cited for allegedly using bait to hunt deer, according to Fox59.

Now, Jody L. Davies, 47, and Sarah Ross, 32, are facing multiple counts of hunting deer with the aid of bait as well as charges for an illegally taken deer.

Conservation officers say the charges are the result of an extensive investigation conducted over the past three years.

There seems more to this story story of a main hunter who was shot in the face.

Worst hunting buddies ever. They shot him in the face then left him to tend to his own wounds. Just a guess, but I doubt they get invited back to the deer lease next year . . . UPDATE: Wardens locate men connected to hunting injury

***UPDATE*** Maine Game Wardens said the two men they were trying to find in connection to the shooting have been located as of Tuesday afternoon. Their names were not released. Wardens said the men are cooperating with the investigation which also includes the Cumberland County District Attorney’s Office. The man who was shot is said by wardens to be recovering well.

GORHAM, Maine (NEWS CENTER) — Maine Game Wardens are asking for the public’s help in finding two men who left the scene after a hunter was shot in the face Monday morning.

Game Wardens say around 8:00 a.m. a 55-year-old man from Casco was shot in the face while hunting pheasant off Mosher Road in Gorham. The shooting took place across the road from Shaw Bros. Construction.

Game Wardens said the victim had a brief interaction with two men after he was shot but the two quickly ran off.

Shoot your wife in the leg while hunting and you can bet she will make you pay for it for the rest of your life. Beware of any funny tasting coffee in your mug and never take her out into the field again. She may ask you to go check the game cam and then accidently mistake you for a whitetail . . . Man accidentally shoots his wife in the leg while hunting

The Maine Warden Service says a woman was accidentally shot in the leg by her husband while they were out hunting for partridges in Aroostook County.

Cpl. John MacDonald says the couple was hunting around 10 a.m. Tuesday when the 72-year-old husband shot his 67-year-old wife in the leg. The husband then transported his wife to a hospital in Presque Isle, where she was treated and released.

Wardens say the couple were not wearing hunter orange, which is not required under state law during this time in the hunting season. Officials say the wife was hit by around three dozen birdshot pellets after the husband fired into dense foliage.

British mum defends taking her children hunting.

The British talk about hunting as if it were witchcraft. How did Britain become so anti-hunting? . . . Mum defends taking children hunting animals – claiming it keeps them off their mobile phones

A mum has defended her decision to take her children hunting – claiming it keeps them off their mobile phones.
Heather Del Moral, 34, regularly takes her children Juan, known as Papi, 14, Isa, 12, and Armonia, nine, out to shoot deer, ducks and doves – and she says it teaches youngsters respect for animals .

She says it gives her chance to talk and connect with her kids properly and she won’t allow them to bring their mobile phones with them.

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  1. “Conservation officers say the charges are the result of an extensive investigation conducted over the past three years.”

    A three year investigation for baiting? Baiting??? Lesson learned — don’t feed the King’s deer.

    The world has indeed gone totally freakin’ nuts.

    • Baiting is a pretty big deal in states that don’t allow it. I’ve heard of neighbors killing each other over one baiting and the other getting pissed. I’m betting that part of the reason for this investigation was to make an example from a couple high profile hunters to dissuade others from doing it as well.

  2. “The bullet struck Shellsea in the lower right jaw killing her instantly,” I don’t mean to be a Debby downer here, but she likley had a fairly slow death as she bled out her face. I only know this because I delt with an instance where a man was shot in the face, in the jaw, and it blew out his jaw. I was there and tried to help save him to no avail. With the paramedics there he bled out. I know he was conscious during most of it because his eyes were moving until the very end. I don’t repeat this experience to disturb people but to inform them because playing around with firearms is never an acceptable behavior.

    • Depends on her position on the rear seat.
      If it hit her in the lower right jaw, it probably continued upward and to the left, hitting her brain, killing her instantly.

  3. That British woman should be a candidate for mother of the Year and should be a role model for mom’s eveywhere.

    • I recently had a mice problem in my garage (they were attracted to the dry dog food stored there) and my son helped me set the traps and also to drop the dead mice into the rubbish bin.

      He was proud of his actions that helped in killing 9 mice in the time he was here and for 12 mice overall. He understood they were vermin that posed a problem and had to be eradicated. He was even surprised at the effectiveness of the traps.

      He did ask why I didn’t shoot them with the air rifle and I told him in this instance the traps were more efficient and didn’t pose a risk for anyone or anything else in the area.

      Note the Ratsack traps were much safer than classic traps, contained their own bait, and were very easy to release the dead mouse into the bin and reset.

    • Yeah shes a real peach, teaching her children respect for animals… by sneaking up on them and killing them with weapons… yall are really sick, I mean this sincerely, yall are sociopaths, and to teach your children this kind of despicable behavior, just awful, too awful to be real, but there it is

  4. Sueing Remington for not unloading a firearm before entering a vehicle. I feel sorry for Jose’s loss on his daughter, I really do. I bet he wishes he would have forgot about, ” We might see one on the way back” , I’m just guessing, but the only time I’ve had a loaded rifle in the front seat was road hunting. … Two wemon arrested for baiting deer, and probably the Hunting outfit they were with too, I used to guide hunts, I could tell some story’s on what it takes to make a happy client. I’m glad they got caught. .. … Britain, hunting, guns,,,. NO.

    • Exactly. It didn’t fire because it was a Remington, it fired because the safety was off and a cable was looped around the trigger and pulled. And the gun was loaded in a moving vehicle while pointed at a human face because the driver was
      1. Road hunting.
      2. Totally irresponsible.


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