Ukraine’s Armed Civilians Make a Liar Out of Joe Biden Every Day

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In the United States, critics of the Second Amendment have claimed that in modern warfare, small-time weapons are useless as a check on the power of standing armies.

“Well, the tree of liberty has not been watered with the blood of patriots,” President Joe Biden said in remarks delivered at the White House on June 23, 2021. “What’s happened is that there have never been, if you want to, think you need to have weapons to take on the government, you need F-15s and maybe some nuclear weapons.”

But now Biden is sending small arms to “Ukraine’s front-line defenders,” and it turns out that weapons of all sorts can help fight off even a nuclear power.

— Noor Greene in The Right To Bear Arms Is Still a Check on Tyranny






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    • Does anybody know what that fake Hispanic in Texas thinks, about the Ukrainian government handing out AK-47s to civilians???
      Since he said over 4 years ago he would take your AK-47 and your AR-15 rifle. It would be great if someone followed him all over the state asking him that question.

      • Culo O’Dorke (Bedo O’Rourke), has since changed his tune. Now he claims to support the 2nd. He’s lying and everyone knows it.

    • Dopey Joey’s wisecracks and other mindless drivel do not embarras ME in the slightest. HE does not speak for or to ME.

      He IS en embarassment to all who love liberty, or hold that our Consttution has meaning. He obviously does not hold this last position as I do not believe he has ever even read the thing, let alone studied it. Prattle on, Dopey Joe. You are digging yourself into your own pit, set there for OUR captivity. Not biting, Joe. Go get a REAL job. I know that would be the first time in all your borned days, wou;dn’t it?

    • It is utterly embarrassing to have a demented senior citizen representing one of the great countries of the world. I could understand it if the U.S. were some third world country in Africa where family politics plays an important role in who leads the country but to have a demented buffoon leading this country — what does that say about the voters of the United States? Why is it that politics seems to attract the dregs of society? I understand even in high school Ole Two-Shot majored in glad-handing as opposed to scholastic achievement.

  1. ““Well, the tree of liberty has not been watered with the blood of patriots,” President Joe Biden said in remarks delivered at the White House on June 23, 2021.”

    The ‘Tree of Liberty’ is best watered with the blood of tyrants…

  2. Well, at least our hair sniffer in chief is consistent. Consistently wrong!

    Time to dance 🤡 trolls, I command you. 🤣

    • Oh, don’t worry, James, our resident village idiots, dacian the stupid and MinorIQ will be along any moment to explain to us how our AR15s are useless against our government, but they are SO dangerous we need to outlaw them. Intellectual consistency was never their strong point.

      • Once again you are misrepresenting the truth.

        I have never advocated outlawing AR 15s for private ownership by sane adults.

        If you didn’t have a lie or a childish insult, you’d have nothing to say at all.

        • “……sane adults.”

          Leftard speak for radical leftist progtards.

          Glad I could clear that up for those reading this TTAG comment section.

          And yes whiner, everyone is STILL laughing at you! 🤣

        • Exactly DDW.
          In whinerspeak, if you don’t support Brandon (his crackhead/SILaw banging bagman, Hunter), Globalization, NWO, unlimited funding for the green agenda, America last policy, and the overall progtarded “Big Reset” in general, you’re classified as “not sane.
          Therefore, no gun for you. 🤔

          This is how Progtards/Marxists lie RIGHT to your face. ALL it takes is knowing the “secret meaning” of common words/terms that are being constantly redefine.

          Right whiner? 🤣

          The grift becomes clearer each and every day. More critical thinking citizens are recognizing it too.

          Dance 🐒🤡 trolls, I demand it!

        • @Miner49er
          “…sane adults”?
          Half the country thinks they can stop Covid19 with face masks! Yeah, that’s sane alright.

        • Minor MINER49er You are lying right through your eyeteeth. Who determines what “sane” means? Who determines who is “sane” and who is not? Nice try, but your mouthwash just doesn’t cut it.

  3. Depends.
    Is the Standing Army a tank battalion with full support logistics, or is it a bunch of confused teenage conscripts with a gun, a half a box of ammo, and a paper map for a loadout?

    • Well said…and if TTAG won’t keep the flood of pro-Putin trolls in check I won’t be on here much. I “support” neither but I stand with women & children

      not being murdered. Pretty simple!

  4. Comparing response to invasion by a foreign country with civil war is disingenuous. Leads to a false comfort in outcome. Nothing is more vicious than civil war.

    Ukraine has no Second Amendment. After the fighting stops, either the Rooskies or the Ukrainian govt will collect civilian firearms. For sure, the Rooksies will burn down entire city blocks to enforce gun confiscation. Doubt Ukraine govt will be much more lenient.

    The tiff in Ukraine is between two corrupt autocrats. Keep that in mind.

    • Maybe so…However one of the “autocrats” has a bigger stick and is criminally misusing it.

      • What is the mission of America in the world? Run from crisis to crisis, righting all wrongs, everywhere?

        What are the strategic interests of America in the outcome of war in Ukraine? What existential purpose is involved? The purpose of NATO was to prevent the vast Russian Army from rolling through Europe, cutting off Europe from the UK and US.

        Now, the US expanded NATO to the front door of Russia. How many nations belong to NATO? Are you willing to engage in war with Russia over Albania? North Macedonia? Montenegro? Slovenia?

        In 1956, Hungarians revolted against a Russian-controlled government. The US found no strategic interests worth going to war with Russia, in order to free Hungary. Somehow, Hungary is now worth defending because it is a member of NATO (with US interests still not defined).

        In 1968, The Czechs revolted against a Russian-controlled government. The US found no strategic interests worth going to war with Russia, in order to free Czechoslovakia. Now, the Czech Republic is a member of NATO (with US interests still not defined).

        There are 30 member states in NATO. Are you willing to risk nuclear war for everyone of them? Because of the spread of NATO, we must take seriously Putin’s demand for former Soviet nations to be removed from NATO membership. And a threat of military action NATO if Finland and Sweden are granted membership.

        Our bluff (NATO) is being called. Raise the bet, or fold. The overall preference for US citizens is to not get into a global war. If we are serious about “stopping Putin”, we wouldn’t find ourselves arming Ukraine against Russia, while simultaneously buying from Russia an average of ~200,000 barrels of oil per day.

    • @Sam,

      100% agree about Russia, but not so sure about Ukraine. If the Ukies successfully defend from a full Russian invasion, I’m not so sure the citizens will be tripping over themselves to turn their arms back in, or that the Gov will ask for them anytime soon. I believe gun ownership will be a reality for the near future, and may even become engrained. Of course, this would probably result in a Gov leaning more toward actually representing the interests of its citizens. Time will tell…

      • The dust-up in Ukraine is not American patriots throwing off the tyranny of a monarch. Ukraine is not a democracy as we think of it. It is a corrupt, autocratic regime. Such cannot tolerate equality of firepower between government agents, and the public. It is interesting, however, that the govt of Ukraine is on the veritable “horns of a dilemma”: fear the people rising up; fear the Russians coming again, better prepared.

        • But not as corrupt and autocratic as their invaders who think they are reuniting their fellow folk.

          Putin’s grandfather was reportedly one of Stalin’s cooks according to “The Court of the Red Tsar”. Not too sure if many Russians want to return to those times.

          Interesting to see what Vlad demands next. I’m waiting for a demand to return to the Cold War boundaries with the vassal states returned between the NUSSR and the Elbe River.

    • to Sammy

      quote————The tiff in Ukraine is between two corrupt autocrats. Keep that in mind.———quote

      Considering the corruption in U.S. elections the Ukrainians last 3 elections were more democratic than the U.S. elections.

      • I’m glad you agree that biden stole this last election. You must have had your meds this morning.

        • to Jetho W.M.

          I would not expect a high school drop out to have the slightest amount of reading comprehension. I was referring to all U.S. elections not one specific election, nor was I referring to just the last election which your lord god Herr Drumpf tried to overthrow illegally and then establish a dictatorship.

          I will not elaborate on the corrupt U.S. elections by making a long dissertation on gerrymandering or the corrupt electoral college or lobbying because that would be way over your head anyway.

        • What degrees do you have, herr dacian the nazi? I have a GED and a couple of trade school diplomas. I’m debt free and have money in the bank and unlike you I can travel and move to europe if I so desire.

          If you have an education it does not show in your comments here and I’ve been to your facebook page, jerry p. The only thing that stands out there is your lack of achievement.

          So? Any diplomas at all?

        • to Jethro W.M.

          And you are so ignorant you keep claiming you could go to France and buy a house and they would give you citizenship. You are even more ignorant than I originally surmised.

        • 350 thousand euros for a cottage and the right to live there, herr dacian the nazi. I wasn’t going to give up my American citizenship.

          Now, about those degrees?

        • to Jethro W.M.

          And your constant use of the world Nazi only makes you look all the more like the idiot you are. Everything the Nazi’s did the Republicans have tried to do or advocated doing.

          Privatizing Utility companies

          Destroying Unions

          Destroying freedom of the press

          Discrimination against minorities.

          Discrimination against refugees.


          Establishment of a right wing one party system (Herr Drumpf)

          Placing in power of a right wing dictator (Herr Drumpf)

          Destruction of all governmental social programs that help the needy.

          Tax exemptions for the filthy rich while making the working man pay the taxes to run the government.

          Believing themselves (The White Race) to be the master race.

          Destroying gun control laws or relaxing them as the Nazi’s did. Yes you read that right my ignorant out house denizen.

          Justifying the right to invade any country they believed to be in disagreement with them or a country they could exploit and rape their economic riches from.

          Yes Jethro you are so ignorant you do not even realize that you are a Nazi because you do not even understand the meaning of the word or history of the Nazi’s..

          And by the way dear ignoramus a Socialist is the antitheist of a Nazi and I have said I am a Socialist many times and if I had not done so my posts would have told any educated person what I am but that is way over your head. Try again Jethro you are out of your league.

      • dacian, the Dunderhead, Speaking of high school dropouts, seems this is one of your claims to “fame”.

        By the way, a Socialist is NOT the antitheist of a Nazi. I remind you that it was an Italian Socialist who ghost wrote Mussolini’s Manifesto or did you forget that. It seems that your ANTIFA slimy thugs are the same as the Brown shirts of Mussolini’s Fascist Party. Their tactics mirror those of the Nazi in Germany and the Fascists in Italy not to mention the tactics used by your old buddy Joe Stalin, Mao and Kim Jung Ill. The very same tactics used by your buddies when they become frustrated because the people are not buying what you are “selling”.

        • Walter you know about as much about Anti-fa as you know about rocket science. Anti-fa fought Hitler when he was rising to power and the U.S. troops of WWII called themselves Anti-fa.

          You flunked history classes Hill Jack

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, I know far more about REAL History than you. You see, I don’t go for your revisionist history.

          As a matter of fact, I know quite a bit about your ANTIFA thugs. I see that rather than counter what I said, you resorted to your old standby, Ad Hominem attack. ANTIFA did not even exist during WWII. You ignore the facts about Gentile and his ties to Mussolini and Hitler. No denial? The only reason you Leftists hate fascists and Nazis so much is they turned on your buddy Joe MURDERER Stalin and have tired to claim that they are “right wing”.

          In other words you are a Leftist propagandist.

        • To Walter the Beverly Hill Jack

          You flunked history classes by claiming Anti-fa did not exist during WWII. You just made a first class fool of yourself. I would not repeat that comment if I were you in a room full of educated people as you would be laughed right out of the room.

          Also Hitler was as far right as you could possible get. Have your kids explain my above post to you. And Stalin for your information was as Far Left as you could get but he was a dictator.

          And Pinochet was a far Right Capitalist and ruthless murderer. So according to your strange uneducated philosophy that would make all Capitalist leaders evil. Stalin was a ruthless murderer so again according to you that makes all Socialists evil.

          As one can see you never got past the 12 grade and every post you make proves it. Give up you are out of your league.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, ANTIFA did not exist during WWII. You are a lying sack of while dung.

          Tell us oh, great Dunderhead! When was ANTIFA founded and who founded it, and where?

          Get your head out of your Leftist arse.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead, You stupid ignorant idiot! That was a movement not your ANTIFA organization. Does your family have any more dumb clucks like you at home?

        • to Walter the abject demented liar

          quote————That was a movement not your ANTIFA organization. ————-quote

          quote—————-dacian, the Dunderhead, ANTIFA did not exist during WWII.————quote

          Two of your own quotes. Now you are lying to yourself certainly not to any educated person.

          And of course here is the truth. Yes Anti-fa existed before WWII and during WWII. You got caught in your own lie and your own ignorance on the subject.

          And Dotard the definition of Anti-fa is “Anti fascist” which is exactly what the WWII Anti-Fa was and exactly what the present day Anti-fa is. Now Dotard what part of this do you not understand.

        • dacian, the Dunderhead. I’m not lying at all. There was NO SUCH thing as ANTIFA during WWII. It was an idea that the Allies had to end the Nazi and Fascists reign in Europe. There was NO organization in any way shape or form. Nice try, Commie. I’ve asked you to tell us who was the founder of your ANTI-Fa and for some reason you can’t come up with a name?

          Let me repeat it for your benefit! There was no ANTI-Fa before, or during WWII. What you have today is a bunch of ANTIFA THUGS.

          You Leftists thrive on your propaganda and name calling, When someone retaliates you whine like a baby who had his bottle taken away.

          Please get help; you desperately need it.

    • If Ukraine is able to survive, then you may see a Swiss style system where all young men serve in the Army and then the active reserves until the age of 40 or so. Anything less and you are just asking the Russians to bring on round 2 of this war.

      I agree that politicians are usually short-sighted and anti-liberty, however the time for real change is before the blood on the street is completely dry. Hopefully, the Ukrainians choose individual liberty over the other models of tyranny in Europe.

      Fingers crossed

    • yu are correct. Thse two ARE very different things. This is NOT civill war. One soveregin nation invaded and is attempting to subdue another. That is open war. AND with no open aggression to provoke it, I will state simply that it is NOT a just war.

      • Russia tried to claim provocation in the Don bass area but it was so badly done it makes the Gleiwitz incident look like professionals.

  5. This is the inherent inconsistency of the Leftist/fascists. Their “ethics” are situational (more precisely, non-existent). To disarm US, they argue that ARs are “too dangerous” to be owned by civilians (a stupid proposition, to anyone who knows f***-all about firearms), while at the same time they claim we couldn’t oppose our government with our “puny ARs”. And then the want to arm the Ukrainians with small arms to face Russian tanks. They are too incoherent and stupid to develop an internally consistent policy, so they just blather whatever suits their purpose at the time.

    Ignore them. I expect dacian the stupid, our most idiotic village idiot, to come along any time and advance both arguments at the same time . . . once again proving his stupidity. Unlike a broken clock, dacian the stupid isn’t even right twice a day.

    • Lol. You need to take a few civics lessons along with a remedial writing course with all due dispatch. Also, retake the court mandated anger management course post haste, because the first four go around didn’t stick. You’re welcome!

      • The “Professor”, what you know about law could not fill the bottom of a thimble.

        Now tell us, dacian, the Dunderhead, what makes you a “professor”?

      • Professor of Marxist Ethics.
        The class was cancelled before the first session. 😜

    • quoteing the Lamp:
      They are too incoherent and stupid to develop an internally consistent policy, so they just blather whatever suits their purpose at the time.
      YOu talking about our goobermunt’s “response” to the WooFLew? SUre sounds like it. Doig that for two years on THAT issue has them in rare form for addressing THIS issue. They must be delusional, however, as they think we’re too stupid/comatose to be on to their tricks.

      RIght you are, that 5.56 microround ain’t worh much past 400 M or yds, and is worthless at 600. Any hunter knows that round is so puny all but one, maybe two, states ban them for the hunting of deer!!! If it can’t take down a deer reilabley, what good is it in open combat, no rules?

      That means wll we “fudds” out here wiht deer (and elk, mosse, bear) rifles, most bolt action so goobermunt is not mumbling about how “dangerous” they are, and thus not eyeballing the prospect of “helll yes, we’ll take them all”. Yet. I know folks who can hit that at whichc they are aiming within a circle of six inches or so, a t a range of a thousand yards, and those rifles have plenty of downrange energy to do some real damage.

      Funny, the Kalifurnya Klowns declared the Barret Fifty round illegal in their fiefdom. Guess what? Some smart guy took that cartridge, necked id down to a .416 projectile, and biult a super rifle that in many ways outpefrorms the original Barrett. Funny how government dweebs, clueless as they are, actually HELP sometimes. That BMG .416 has been known to hit a four inch target at above 1200 meters. Nearly a mile. With MORE downrange energy than the BMG fifty carries at that range.

    • To the Demented Lamp that went out in his head

      You try to equate a revolution with civilians owning assault rifles. Your accusations of everyone else being stupid come back to haunt you.

      The AR is the weapon of choice for mass murders in the U.S. but trying to equate it to an essential tool to win a revolution is ludicrous as untrained civilians are no match for an organized heavily armed force of the Government. Revolutions also have to have the support of the people and few sane Americans supported the attempted Beer Hall Putsch of Herr Drumpf and his Nazi band of thugs. Families even turned in their own relatives to the government.

  6. 248 years ago the British thought citizen militias we’re useless against a disciplined professional army of the time.

    • I particularly like the way the ‘Gypsy Jokers’ took out an Antifa ‘solider’ a week or so back in Portland.

      Their vaunted ‘Shock Troops’ a racking up quite a record of failure when a 17 year-old boy and some ‘1 percent’ bikers are racking up kill after kill after kill.

      So I think it’s to our advantage we let the Leftist Scum live in their fantasy world for the time being. It’ll make the eventual blowout all the more sweeter… 🙂

      • “the ‘Gypsy Jokers’ took out an Antifa ‘solider’ a week or so back in Portland“

        You might benefit from checking a little more closely into that story, reality may not fit the narrative you want.

    • Well, that should bring our resident “subject” Al Hall (All Hail? 🤔) into the conversation.

      I’m sure he’ll point out how they didn’t fight “fair”. 🙄

      How they hid behind trees and assorted other cover and sniped the British troops. Even while the Redcoats were retreating.

      This behavior can HARDLY be defined as fair play during combat.
      Form up in close lines, and remain in that formation. 😜

      Right AH?

      Eat a “Spotted Dick”!

      • After the first three companies had opened fire without orders at Lexington, when the Colonails’ backs were turned as they walked back toward their homes (after they did NOT “‘lay down your arms, ye damned rebels”) you expect CAptain Perker and the others of Lexington to “fight fair”? They had a score to settle, and settle they did. Go and learn about “Parker’s Revenge”.
        Or how about at the North Bridge at Concord? Our men were fired upon with no command and no provocation, by an un-ordered volley from the Regulars. Two of our best went down, breathed their last t]=right there at the bridge. Their response? Simply to follow orders: “don’t fire unless fired upon”. They’d been fired upon, they returned the favour in kind. Except that OUR guys were skilled and discipliend marksmen. It took them less than a minute to fire one volley, reload, fire a second, right back at the codgers who had fired upon them. Of the officers in the Brit deplohyment, 45% were out of actioi. Of the Regular troops, about thjirty three percent. In less than two minutes. Unskilled, untrained? Or how about men like Hezekiah WYman, who single handedly dispatched between fifteen and eighteen British oficers that afternoon. His skill at arms brought them down one after another.

        Don’t believe those who whinge about our side’s poor marksmanshi. untrained state, lack of sill, courage, or anyting else.

    • to Gov. Willy

      quote————-248 years ago the British thought citizen militias we’re useless against a disciplined professional army of the time.———-quote

      And the real truth is that the largely untrained American Hillbillies were defenseless because it was the disciplined and professional French Army with modern up to date siege cannon and the French Navy, all spending millions in cash that defeated the British, not the fantasy story about an incompetent, arrogant, Georgie Porgy, that lost more battles than he won, and was almost captured twice, that determined who won the war and it was not Georgie Porgy.

      • France certainly helped. But American independence was inevitable. With 3000 miles of ocean between them the colonies were ungovernable from London and had self administered their own rule since the start.

        And the truth of the matter was that the American colonies just weren’t worth that much to the British empire to justify an endless war. Washington didn’t need to win any battles to win the war. In fact, Washington didn’t even need to win the war, he just needed to get the British to quit. Similar to our experiences in Vietnam and Afghanistan. It was only a matter of British pride that it lasted as long as it did. They eventually benefited every bit as much from trade with America as they did as their colonial masters.

        • to Willy

          quote———But American independence was inevitable———quote

          Completely false. Canada achieved its independence through peaceful means and this resulted in a much better democratic system which included a parliamentary coalition government with multiple political parties. The main failure of the American Government has always been its two warring parties that fail to get anything done or when they do get something done it often takes years not months to accomplish. America is a failed democracy.

        • OK, then.. but riddle me this: IF what yuo say about our “worth” is on the mark, WHY did those crazy REdcoats come have another go at us some eightteen years on? Loser’s Remorse? A pointt to make? Stupidity? Greedy new rulers?

        • to Tionico

          I suggest you research the 3 main causes of the war. And by the way we declared war on them not the other way around. The British tried to avoid the war and even offered compromises.

    • “248 years ago the British thought citizen militias we’re useless against a disciplined professional army of the time.”

      True, but 248yrs ago, UK was engaged in a fierce wars with France, Spain, Dutch, Oneida Tribe, Tuscarora Tribe, Watuaga Association, Catawba Tribe. The British army fighting the American insurgency was not Wellington’s army of twenty years in the future. The Brits had no concept of utter annihilation of the population of the American colonies. Don’t think for a moment that the US government is not willing to wipe out great swaths of the population in another civil war here.

  7. RE: “But now Biden is sending small arms to “Ukraine’s front-line defenders,” and it turns out that weapons of all sorts can help fight off even a nuclear power.”

    It’s the least Jim Crow Gun Control joe could do after leaving behind mountains of US Munitions for the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    • Sorry to inform you, but Donald Trump is the one who negotiated the deal with the terrorist Taliban to leave the weapons in Afghanistan.

      And as an added bonus, he released 5000 Taliban terrorists from prison so they could reignite the death and destruction in Afghanistan.

      “Romney’s claim is correct. A February 2020 agreement between the Taliban and the Trump administration called for the release of 5,000 Taliban members who were in Afghan prisons. Afghanistan’s government has said that the 5,000 Taliban prisoners were released. A Congressional Research Service report said the release was completed in September 2020.”

      • Minor MINER49er, Another one of your Leftist sources? Donald Trump negotiated no such deal with the Taliban.

        Ah, wasn’t it Obuma the Phony who released FOUR Taliban leaders from GITMO? The Congressional Research Service? ROFLMAOBT!

  8. I am wondering if ammo companies are being directed to send ammo over there by Biden rather than doing it out of simple support.

    Biden does it to weaken American resources as an extension to his giving Afghanistan so much.

    We have all seen middle east war activity with these kinds of small arms go on and on. fighting that lasts seemingly forever with no end in sight. Putin DOES have the resources to push hard enough to take Ukraine. Biden can’t send enough firearms to make up the difference. He very much CAN do things that will make a difference but he’s not going to. Other countries locking down, shutting off, and blocking assets and other resources from Putin just might be enough to make him stop.

    I will not take Ukraines’ side on this and absolutely not take Putins’. A war of Russian aggression like this is a threat to the world. But one of the things that gets overlooked is that the Ukrainian government is an important contributing part of Biden and his contemptible family. These people make me sick.

    • “Biden does it to weaken American resources as an extension to his giving Afghanistan so much.”

      You can’t be serious.

      First its “Joe Biden is senile, and can’t find his ass with both hands”.

      Now he is an international criminal mastermind, controlling multi million dollar corporations with a phone call.

      If you think a million or two rounds of small arms ammo is a significant component of America’s military resources, I fear for your grasp of reality.

      • I don’t think 13 American soldiers will make much difference in the grand scheme of things either. But every single thing he does big or small makes us weaker. Including America’s image. A couple million rounds of ammo is just another day at the range for this country. But many of those rounds will prevent some from being killed.

        You are twisting my words. I do not think he is all that smart. He isn’t the only person that defines HIS administration.

      • Minor MINER49er There are people with a lot more smart than you that think that Sleepy Joe is suffering form dementia. And Sleepy Joe is as dumb as a box of rocks. I seriously doubt if Sleepy could do much more than be a bobblehead. His gaffs have shown him to be not much more than a poor sod with a serious mental condition.

      • “Biden does it to weaken American resources as an extension to his giving Afghanistan so much.”

        Yes that is correct. Joe Biden is weakening America’s own resources.
        It’s really amazing that Joe Biden wants Americans to pay for the more expensive Russian oil. But he doesn’t want Americans to have inexpensive Russian ammunition. It’s amazing how the Democrats like to line the pockets of Putin and the Russian oligarchs.

        American ammo is now being sent to the Ukraine.

        “America currently imports something on the order of 600,000 barrels of Russian oil every day – an amount about 200,000 barrels shy of the number of barrels America would not have to import from Russia, had the Biden Thing not cancelled the Keystone Pipeline, among other things.”

  9. Get this message out to the swing voters.

    The “true believers” of citizen-disarmism won’t be swayed, but if we can peel away the centrists in the blue-city areas, we can make more progress towards discrediting citizen-disarmism.

  10. dacian the Dunderhead and Minor MINER49er are also embarrassments to the American way of life.

    • WEB III, who by his own admission has taken WAY more from this great country than he can ever hope to give, is a blight on the ‘American way of life’. The fact that he’s also an unapologetic 🥾 👅 and intellectually limited Trump fan boi makes it all the more irritation. Down with pretend patriots!

      • An unintelligent and hardly traveled Lefty. For your edification, I have given a lot to this country and my state. It’s called service. You should try it sometime.

        You are damned right I unapologetically support Donald J Trump. He was more of a president than Obuma the Phony, Sleepy Jo or Billery Clinton could ever be.

        Speaking of irritation, you really should do something about your diaper rash. It’s spreading to your mind.

  11. Joe Brandon and company haven’t got a clue what they are talking about because they are all cowards and hide behind private security and fences and then tell us we don’t need guns or walls. Give us a break with the BS

  12. Will we see another increase in firearms sales here in the U.S.? Methinks yes. Stay tuned!

  13. Well, I don’t care what President Poopy pants has to say, I’m still saving up for lightly used F15 and once I have that, well then its on to nukes.

    Nukes are a 1940’s technology and with enough time, money and effort, it can easily be done. Pakistan and Indian don’t even have enough indoor toilets for their population, but both acquired nukes. Heck, even a US Boy Scout was working on one is a backyard shed:

    sometimes, the lies of the elites, provide valuable instructions to the “Great Unwashed” they desire to rule.

  14. I guess it depends on whether the attacker is bent on extermination and is willing to thermobaric cities vs attempting to occupy, subdue, enslave.
    The latter requires an unarmed submissive population – disarm the peasantry.

  15. Biden of course was correct.

    The T Tag propaganda article is ludicrous as it attempts to equate the current war in Ukraine, which was about a Larger more powerful country invading a smaller weaker one, with a domestic revolution attempting to overthrow their own government. Two entirely different conflicts with two entirely different sets of problems and battle plans.

    I might add the only similarity between the two conflicts is the dire need to have an outside nation or nations supplying either the weaker nation being invaded or supplying the insurgents trying to overthrow their own government. No nation on earth would dare start supplying a bunch of American Far Right Trumpite Nazi’s with weapons to turn the U.S. into a dangerous out of control dictatorship of the Far Right. No foreign nation would want Far Right Trumpite Nazi’s to have their finger on the Nuclear Button.

    Even the ancient American Revolution, fought with primitive single shot muzzle loaders still required millions in aid from a foreign country, that was France, and without that help old Georgie Porgy would have been captured and hung by his dirty balls and American would be a much better country today if he had lost.

    I might add putting a few AK 47’s into the hands of untrained civilians is really pathetic as most will be killed in the first few moments of combat.

    In Putin’s War of today even with the millions being funneled into Ukraine by a multitude of foreign nations, is only prolonging the inevitable. The old cliché “He who gets there fastest with the mostest usually wins a war”.

    Blind Greed rules the world and the thirst for oil and natural gas will eventually win the war for Putin and he knows it.

    Putin actually is implementing more draconian news media restrictions than Joseph Stalin did during WWII. Putin is absolute dictator and he can make the Russian people suffer as much as he wants too economically and there is no one in Russia that can defy Putin.

    The sanctions leveled against Putin’s first invasion of Ukraine in 2014 all but faded away as time shuffled on and sadly much the same will happen with this war although this time around the sanctions will undoubtable last much longer hurting the economies of all the worlds countries.

    There will be no winners in this war, not the Russian people, not the Ukrainian people and not the people of the world.

    • You do realize Ukraine had its government overthrown less than a decade ago from similarly equipped revolutionaries right? Of course you do but if it doesn’t fit your agenda it’s not in your Overton window.

  16. Uh… when one is attempting to overthrow a tyrannical gov., destroying the country isn’t the mission. So no, fighter jets and nuclear weapons are not needed.

    Small arms, strategy, and the absolute will to sacrifice EVERYTHING and die for what you believe in is enough.

    • Exactly.
      Asymmetric Warfare is a MFer.

      Most in the military will not support a tyrannical action on their OWN relatives and citizens.
      They’ll walk off, but only AFTER sabotaging numerous military systems and hardware. Basic example; An armorer walking off with a few bags of firing pins.
      Of those remaining, almost EVER SINGLE ONE will ONLY be fighting for a paycheck.
      Not having your heart in the fight is no frame of mind if you expect to survive, much less prevail.

      Military hardware takes an incredible amount of materials/support/maintain/security during a conflict. The removal of any facet not only renders them useless, but turns them into liabilities.
      Materials and troops are required to support them, even while they’re not mission ready. 🤔

      Just the harsh realities of Asymmetrical Warfare.

      But none of this is real, right Whiner and lil’d?🤪

      Whiner and lil’d, TTAGs sub-moronic bookends.🤣

  17. Miner49er you have never supported the ownership of Arms. You are what we call, “I support the 2A but…” And it’s always a very big but.
    But not in a Sir mix alot way.

    • And what would happen if the NFA was totally repealed???
      People would be converting their semi-auto rifles to full auto overnight. In less than a year this country would have tens of millions of new MG owners. The ruger 1022 makes a great cheap MG to shoot. The conversion instructions have been on the internet for decades now.

      The “gun community” on TTAG can easily cheer on the people (I do too) far away in another country. Who are fighting for their lives.

      But to own an MG here??? The “gun community” is very comfortable limiting the number of full auto weapons. The gun community as a whole never supported the bump stock. An inexpensive MG alternative.


  19. No, a man with a rifle is not very effective against heavy armored vehicles. But, a handful of riflemen are very effective against fuel dumps, supply convoys and support troops. Without such supply trains, the heavy armor stops fighting. Sane with air power. Blow the pipeline into the air base, and deprive the aircrews of food and rest, and they soon no longer fly. 1 advantage Putin has are the Siberian troops he has moved in to fight. They know their homes are going to be safe no matter the eventual outcome. While ethnic Russians in the breakaway provinces are going to be under threat of reprisals no matter who wins.
    In answer to those who like to claim it was the French who won our war of independence, perhaps you should look into how that actually played out. Washington knew the French were an unreliable ally in the war. Especially the French Navy. The only reason the showed up as far north as they did, was because it was Hurricane Season in the Caribbean and moving in support of the rebels moved the fleet out of the way of major storms, and allowed them to screw with the English. Truth is the British got tired of spending a fortune on fighting a years long war with little chance of profit or recovering even a decent portion of the expense.

    • “No, a man with a rifle is not very effective against heavy armored vehicles.”

      Well, that kinda depends on how you use your rifle, doesn’t it?

      The folks in those vehicles don’t live there for an indefinite length of time.

      As soon as the hatch opens and they climb out, pick ’em off, one-by-one…

  20. @former water walker
    “…and if TTAG won’t keep the flood of pro-Putin trolls in check I won’t be on here much.”

    To win, we must adopt the tactics of our enemy: censor the words we don’t like.

    • According to the Libertarians liberals and the left. When the private Multibillion-dollar tech companies prevent you from communicating that’s not censorship. The Three L’s say only The Government Can censor you. Do you remember all the gun channels and gun bussinesses that where shut down by big Tech???

      And now those private multibillion-dollar tech companies are shutting down Russian websites left and right. Most have nothing to do with this war.

      • “Multibillion-dollar tech companies prevent you from communicating that’s not censorship.”

        Will gladly use a better word than “censor”. Calling for blocking disfavored opinion is wrong, regardless of the agent.

        “If there be time to expose through discussion the falsehood and fallacies, to avert the evil by the processes of education, the remedy to be applied is more speech, not enforced silence.”
        – U.S. Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis, Whitney v. California, 1927

  21. Freedom, no such thing. There may have been 25,000 years ago but not now.
    Humans have become slaves to technology.
    And if I’m going to be a slave I’d like to have a master like Ghengis Khan.

  22. Putin reminds me of a junkie tweaking at a bar fight. Surrounded by 20 guys he shouts “ I kill all of you! All of you! “.

    Russia could of course do that with nukes, but I believe the military will take him out if he orders nuke.

  23. Speaking of Stalin, hero of the left, check out the military Cathedral with Putin and Stalin paintings.
    But turns out somebody reminded Putin that Stalin killed so so many millions of Russians and Ukrainians he had it covered for now.

    Maybe soon they can tile the floor with Children’s skulls?
    The cathedral has melted German war trophies, it’s bizarre.
    Putin has gone off. Tea time.


  25. Side topic- any ex AFV drivers out there who have seen the video of the elderly couple taking two close range hits from I think a 30 mm HE metal fueled incendiary.
    The gunner is accurate and takes time between shots.
    I was too quick to judge the guy who squished the car last week as later we learned he was under attack (and probably freaking out). But this one gets me. We see no targets anywhere. Any experienced guys out there to comment? Might this be a gunner thinking he’s targeting insurgents in a slow moving sedan? Or was this guy just in a murder mood?

  26. FJB FP and any other socialist moron! I’ll keep my guns thank you, FAFO!

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