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John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety, said in a statement to CNN that permitless carry laws “make gun violence worse, which is why law enforcement leaders have opposed them time and again.” Legislators who support the policy, he added, make officers “fight crime with one hand tied behind their back.”

“Law enforcement and their constituents and everybody united can help slow these policies now, but I also recognize that some of these states have been trying to do this over and over again and this may be the year, unfortunately, that they finally get it across the finish line,” [Everytown director of state affairs Monisha] Henley said.

[NRA spokesman Lars] Dalseide, the NRA spokesman, noted that permitless legislation does not allow known criminals to carry firearms, nor does it legalize the criminal use of firearms or allow individuals to carry firearms in localities where it is prohibited to do so.

“My concern is that as we support the second amendment, we get to a point here in our society that we’re ignoring the fact that it is not an individual freedom that is unlimited,” Sheriff [Charmaine] McGuffey said.

The senators who support constitutional carry “will never know the lives they saved if they go in opposition to the bill,” McGuffey added. “If they pass this bill, there is a great likelihood that they will come to know the lives that they didn’t save because those names will live in infamy and those situations will be reported to the public by the press.”

— Emma Tucker in ‘They will come to know the lives they didn’t save’: States forge ahead with permitless carry legislation despite law enforcement opposition

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  1. “law enforcement leaders” (politicians) oppose them because they lose out on the money of permit fees and the power to approve which comes with all sorts of perks like kickbacks in NYC and the simple ego boost men in uniforms enjoy so much.

    • theyre lying lmfao.
      the scumbag babies at the FOP..those at the top…often hate carry….but ELECTED sheriffs, those who actually represent the PEOPLE, not some scumbag blue mayor and his agenda, are nearly always for carry laws.

      • Speaking of mayors Aurora,ILL mayor Richard Irvin-governor candidate (backed by billionaire bucks) is a member of EVERYTOWN Fake republican,prick prosecutor & liar who isn’t even a real republican…

        • Unfortunately nothing new for Illinois. Corruption and False flag politicians are mainstream in Illinois politics.

      • You live in a fantasy world. A power tripping cop is a power tripping cop. Doesn’t matter how he got the gig.

        • an elected official should be beholden to his constituents.
          an appointed official is only beholden to his party narrative.

      • Speaking of elected sheriffs:

        “Hardin County Sheriff Keith Everhart, the immediate past president of the Buckeye State Sheriffs’ Association, supports the legislation.

        “‘The sheriffs’ association has been at the table ever since Day One of this bill, and we as an association — after a lot of discussion — have supported it,’ Everhart said Wednesday.

        “The sheriff said the bill, if signed into law, will likely lead to a 40 to 60% drop in the number of concealed carry permits issued by county sheriffs.

        “‘Would I love to see everyone go through a background check (to conceal carry a handgun)? Yeah, I probably would,’ Everhart said. ‘But as a general rule, law enforcement is pro-Second Amendment, and I’m not going to go against that.’”

      • I would recommend you back off the state police as sheriff’s are usually elected used car salesman. They neither stand for “the people” or the “constitution”. State troopers actually attend an academy for 5-6 months. Deputies merely go find some community college, get 500 hours of LMMFAO, POST training which is pretty useless. The troopers are taught allegiance to the constitution, the people. Sheriff’s Dept’s are obscene. Low life, uneducated, $15 an hour slugs. After their 6 mos to a year on the job they realize they have made a HUGE mistake and then proceed to DOC. God help us. ABOLISH ALL SHERIFF’s Departments.

  2. An undeniable truth is that no state would/could recognize (as opposed to “allow”) permitless carry if its citizens were not in favor of it.

  3. What a shock – politicians and their blue-clad attack dogs don’t like an armed populace.

    • Well who wouldn’t wanna be the only guy on the street with a gun? Uppity damn peasants.

      • Tyrants gonna tyrant.

        …’till we plug em a few times. Might should get started on that.

  4. Yep, it’s been nothing but blood in the gravel roads here in IA the last year.

    • Didn’t your population go negative from all that blood in the streets and random road rage? How are you even posting…………ghost gun owners?

      • I’m one of the lucky ones who had the foresight to build a bullet proof shelter before it passed. Keep it powered with the methane I get from the adjacent pig shelter. Have to use satellite internet. Pretty much a Mad Max post apocalyptic world here now.

        • so sad for you. I live in CA, where Aristotelian elite have turned this state in a peaceful paradise. No crime at all thanks to the great wisdom and forsight of our grand leaders including the wisdom of Gavan Newsom, first of his name.

          Just sunshine and rainbows in the golden state.

        • Kyle you forgot to mention the self replenishing roadside fertilizer for urban gardening in San Francisco truly a progressive pinnacle.

      • @SAFE

        Love your last three words…excellent double entendre!

        …on a more serious note: still waiting for the rivers of blood in Montana that The Missoulian (Liberal dead-tree publication) and various Sky-is-Falling Libs predicted.

        …on a happy note: was awarded a Permit for the Smith River this year. Raft is ready to go! Making list of supplies for trip.

        • Great to hear on the rafting and mildly envious as the Hudson is fun but not wild middle of nowhere fun. May sound silly but look into hydration salts (liquidiv for example) dehydration sneaks up on you when you are soaked and working hard.

        • @SAFE

          Your suggestion is not silly at all. The group I raft with are all retirees. We have refined the concept of raft “glamping”. When setting up camp the first thing is the “beverage table”…an assortment of refreshing adult beverages (during the day it is water, PowerAde and a beer..or two). My 14′ NRS looks like Jed Clampett’s truck going down river…even bring along a Zodi Instant Hot Shower. Been on the Smith twice now in the last twelve years and it is a true Montana gem. 59 miles from start to finish. Five days of uninterrupted fishing and companionship.

    • either sarcasm…or youre a liar, lmfao.
      permitless carry by law abiding doesnt cause a single fkn death.

    • Not much blood on the gravel roads, but plenty in the streets of the cities. Country folk clean up the mess and throw the left overs to the hogs. They take care of whats left. Even the bones.

      • Oh yeah. Like the gangstas and bangers qualify for legal, permitless carry in the first place. Seems to be the assumption by those pushing more restrictions- that all of the killers and violence-creators must have permits or be legally packing in the first place. Why- who in their right minds would dare willingly break a law like that?

        Or maybe across the creek in IL, Gov Prickster has pardoned them already from their previous deeds so packing is legal again. Right. Got it.

      • Damn Darkman, some hard truth to ponder right there. 🤔

        Acting a fool in the wrong place can get someone disappeared. Only to turn up later in some breakfast sausage links.

  5. May issue = no issue unless you’re special. Democrats love having second-class citizens. They hate equality.

    • Gun Control zealots drag out incompetent losers wearing a badge to justify stopping the people who pay LE salaries from wearing a coat over a firearm or having a firearm in a purse, etc. The only people applauding such pompous authoritarians are useful idiots and the criminals they claim to disdain.

      Criminals adore laws that increase the odds of people being unarmed easy pickings. Laws that make it a crime for a potential victim to wear a coat over a firearm or have a firearm in a purse do nothing but cater to criminals.

      Comply with a law that leaves you and yours defenseless and odds are higher you and yours could be kidnapped, raped, murdered, beaten, robbed and left in a ditch. Since history confirms Gun Control in any shape, matter or form is an agenda rooted in racism and genocide expect nothing good to ever come from such a despicable evil as Gun Control.

    • I applied for my CA permit here in L.A.County last July. I just (finally) received the call to set up the mandatory interview with a Detective. Waited seven and a half months in line to speak with an individual whose *sole opinion* will determine whether or not I may exercise my right to carry. Hence “may issue”. Remember, we don’t have general open carry here.

      So do I enter the interview meekly and with hat in hand, in order to placate the Detective for my CCW, or do I stand tall and speak boldly, and risk being denied? “May issue” is absurd.

      • If you’d have only lived in San Jose and had a few hundred thousand dollars, you could have bought a permit from the local Sheriff.

        • Oh, trust me, kyle, a sufficient “campaign donation” to Sheriff Alex Villanueva will get you a permit in LA county.

          The “may issue” permit structure has been a campaign financing tool for LA politicians for decades.

        • It was entertaining some years back when a county sheriff (Sacramento county, if memory serves) got nailed for issuing permits to certain individuals in another county. Which is a no no in CA.

          It seems that the lucky ones just happened to have contributed funds to the sheriff’s reelection campaign.

      • When I had to do this in NY (so glad I moved away), I adopted the hat in hand approach. The local PD guys even tried to engage me on some of the ridiculousness of NY’s permitting laws, and probably were just being friendly (but who knows). I kept my opinions to myself. Galling, but the goal was to get the permit, not enjoy a few seconds on a soap box.

      • Haz…You have no choice but to walk in, click your heels, raise your right arm and say, “Seig Heil Kommandant, I’m sure you’ll find my papers are in order.” Or perhaps you could ask, What part of “Shall Not Be Infringed” doesn’t the state of CA understand? Or perhaps you could get a second job and save your money to rent a U-Haul and leave the state. Bottom line…The Jim Crow Gun Control state of CA is providing standing for an agenda that history confirms is rooted in racism and genocide.

        • “Bring lube.”

          In other words. hat in one hand, tube of ‘Astroglide’ in the other? 😉

        • It is somewhat easier to obtain a carry permit in rural/eastern CA counties (I know a number of people who have received them).

          In coastal/high-population counties, your odds are much, *much* worse.

      • @Haz

        Good luck on the interview. Hope to read soon that you have the coveted California unicorn prize.

        I agree with napresto in keeping your politics and opinions to yourself during the interview.

        • Unfortunately this is the case even when the judge/county is friendly towards carry let alone ownership over here as well. Lot of counties have picked up the pace with processing during the pandemic and the various NYSRPA lawsuits but generally best to not be the tall nail at the moment.

      • Q: What kind of man grovels to the local bureaucrat in order to be granted a government license to exercise a God given natural right?

        A: Not much of one.

        • “A: Not much of one.” 🤪

          Try again moron.

          Better yet, let me fix that for you…………
          A: One that wishes not to run amuck of our currently tyrannical, which is hellbent on destroying the Constitution of the US, and zipping people up for violating anti-Constitutional Progtard driven laws.

          There’s the CORRECT answer zippy.

          News Flash: The pendulum is swinging back little butt dwelling 🐒🤡 troll, TOWARD Constitutional and conservative values, along with individuals rights, in case you didn’t notice.
          Could be the drastic increase in violent crime, along with the forehead slapping reality that LE is incapable of protecting everyone, everywhere, every time.🤔

          Everyone on TTAG should give this little butt 🐒 a pass though.
          Flinging poo around TTAG consumes all its time while residing in mommies basement. 🤔

          Tell her I say hi.
          FYI, slapped her forehead with my nutsack last night. 🤣


    • He forgot to tell her to put the safety back on.
      Besides that super cool, I get a warm feeling when a father hugs their kid 👍 . Nothing wrong with pride in our children, no matter if it’s a soccer match or a shooting match.

    • Brian Stelter could easily be her match in the ring. But he better get at it right soon.

    • That little girl is absolutely adorable. Her dad is teaching her well and has every right to be proud.

  7. Hmm. Concealed carry. It is nice sometimes. If your state doesn’t like it, then just carry open. EVERY state has some allowances. Right?

    • Nope. California is a “no open carry” state and a “may issue” for concealed carry. And that May issue runs a wide range. If your in a more urban county “may issue” just means no. If your in a more rural county, “May issue” is pretty much a yes. But its always at the discretion of some third party whether or not you get a 2nd amendment permission slip.

    • Yeah, . . . no, not really. AD, move to California, and find out what the Leftist/fascists REALLY have in mind for you. Open carry is prohibited. Concealed carry requires a “may issue” permit. Guess who gets those??

      Wake up and smell the coffee, and stop being a subject. Being a citizen is a much better gig.

    • California first banned open loaded carry in 1968, but when people actually started doing open unloaded carry in 2012 and 2013, they banned open carry in all cities and towns.

      • Former Gov. Jerry Brown banned it, effective Jan 1, 2012. He openly (pun intended) stated that it was for the protection of the general public due to all the interactions poorly trained LEOs had with legally-carrying citizens that resulted in violence and lawsuits. So basically, not because of anything we did wrong, but because of overzealous cops.

  8. I am from Alabama.. I cant wait to see how unconstitutional they make the bill before it goes to Granny Kay’s desk.. There is no guarantee that Granny (former democrat) will sign it….For example, forcing a carrier to tell the police he has a weapon in his car.. what is in my car is not any of their d^mn business…It gives the police the chance to grossly overreact in …or limiting the areas that a weapon can be carried (both open and concealed) risking automatic arrest on sight…Law enforcement will be very bitter over it for quite sometime, so they will respond aggressively…I”ve worn the badge and still talk to them, so I know this (especially sheriffs and deputies a really angry)..

    • The vehicle thing is a touchy subject. Because once that vehicle is on a road built by our tax dollars it seems all our constitutional rights are null and void.
      What is in your car is none of there damned buisness until you put it on “their” road.

      • “Because once that vehicle is on a road built by our tax dollars it seems all our constitutional rights are null and void.”

        Not in Florida. Here, your vehicle is considered an extension of your house, so it’s effectively ‘Constitutional Carry’ in your car in Florida…

        • Florida does seem to get a lot right with self defense laws, also very pleasant to deal with for out of state permits.

    • The Sherriff here has always been against permit less carry. As well as a couple of the local Police Chief’s. However, many of the rank-and-file officers and deputies I have talked too have either expressed positive opinions or are neutral on the issue. Most officers seem to understand a permit is nothing but formal approval and cash for the Sherriff’s dept. Which has been the biggest complaint coming from the Sherriff’s assoc. Loss of revenue that will have to be made up somehow. The show and tell being played out has been as full of misleading crap as anything the anti gun groups have dreamed up. If Gov. Ivey will sign the final bill is anybody’s guess. Have not heard anything from her, or her office if she supports permit less carry or not. Even if it is signed into law, I for 1 will likely continue to get a permit simply because I do travel to states with reciprocal permit agreements and will still need a permit in those states. Would really like to see permit less carry nation wide, but we know that will not happen. So a national acceptance of a permit, as with a DL should be required.

  9. As usual, the pearl clutches are in a panic over the more or less law abiding legally carrying a weapon in public. Thing is, permit or not, those who feel the need to be armed are going to do so. The predicted blood baths over allowing permits, or not requiring permits, or allowing firearms into restaurants, churches, colleges, or any other loosening of regulations and restrictions, have not materialized. Strange how that has worked out.
    Could it be the real problem is in the small percentage of the populace who don’t choose to follow the basic rules of civil society in the first place? Those who would prey upon others and would carry whatever arms they can acquire legally or not.
    As much as the anti gun crowd would like to have everyone disarmed and weapons in the hands of only government agents/police/military, such will never happen. Even in places like China, Japan, Russia, most of oh so civilized Europe, etc. those who would commit whatever criminal acts of violence always manage to arm themselves. Only those who would seldom if ever be a threat to public safety/order are disarmed. And are under threat of violence from both the criminal element, as well as power hungry, overbearing, authoritarian government forces.
    Only an authoritarian statist or 1 of their useful idiots would ever desire to disarm the general public in order to protect themselves from possible threat to their power and control.

  10. Leftist/fascist idiots have banged that drum for years, and have f***-all to show for it. We are now up to 22 states with “constitutional carry” (usually, if they are being honest, “permitless carry”, which is a MUCH different thing). Where is the promised result (by the gun-grabbers) of “blood running in the streets”??? Hint: It doesn’t f***ing happen.

    Even the (VERY Leftist) RAND folks can’t find evidence for “blood in the streets”:

    ACTUAL facts: Holders of concealed carry permits commit FEWER crimes than cops. Just one example:,similar%20in%20other%20states%20with%20less%20permit%20holders.

    The narrative of the Leftist/fascists is lying bulls***, and they know it. dacian the stupid, give it your best shot. ‘Splain to us, Lucy, why your lying drivel isn’t simply Leftist/fascist propaganda.

    • Lol. Look at Lamp’s drivel. And this contemptible wife beating half wit claims that he’s an attorney. What a 🤡!

      • nameless, brainless troll,

        Your campaign to malign me here on TTAG is going as well as most of your endeavors, ain’t it???

        You know, an actual thinking human would be embarrassed to be as stupid as you prove yourself, on the daily. You, however, are obviously incapable of embarrassment. Or thought. Or humanity. Or relevance.

        Basically, you are an infected pimple on the arse of the human race. Go join your daily circle jerk with dacian the stupid and MinorIQ. Oh, and go micturate up a cable, too.

  11. Im sure folks in SC are learning that there is a difference between open carry and constitutional carry.

  12. So I guess criminals with illegal guns have nothing to do with it all then. Just the law abiding citizens with legal guns are to blame. I see.

  13. So I guess criminals with illegal guns have nothing to do with it all then. Just the law abiding citizens with legal guns are to blame. I see.

  14. OG in MT I’m supremely jealous of your glamping/fishing group! Sounds like great fun. Be safe and wear your PFD while imbibing near H2O!

  15. Someone else on this board said it pretty well; this is more about bifurcation than progress.

    NYSRPA v. Bruen should put an end to “especial need” and “justifiable cause” in blue regimes, but what is really needed is to peel away urban blue demographics from the citizen-disarmism plantation.

    Bloomberg, Schumer, and all their ilk need to be discredited.

  16. Ohio has not passed Constitutional Carry. The Governor has not signed it into law and since he is not your typical deranged Republican nut case it is very unlikely he will sign it. Most if not all of Ohio’s civic groups and the Police Chiefs are all against having people running around with guns that do not know the States laws and do not have any safety training as that is just plane insane.

    • Although I always advocate individuals research and get training for anything they do, I see no negative results from the 21 constitutional states (including mine) that warrants further infringement of 2a rights. Everyone else shouldn’t suffer for your irresponsibility.

    • Allow me to clarify:

      When I say “police chiefs are all against having people running around with guns”
      I’m not talking about cops, I’m talking about the regular people. Cops are competent with firearms. The regular people are not, and are thus unsafe. And as we have discussed, safety is more important than freedom. Even the smallest degree of safety is worth more than the largest degree of freedom. You see? It’s just ludicrous that the plebs should have guns. Government is the people! The people are democracy! #democracy! The majority always knows best and is never wrong! Thus you TTAG morons should do what you are told and STFU – especially the white ones! We wouldn’t even have the problem, if it weren’t for the white people and their “freedumbbbbb.”

        • Juvenile is the mark of the real herr dacian the nazi. I’ve told him repeatedly that he argues like an uneducated 13yo.

          Real dacian? Fake dacian? It matters not. They’re both comic relief.

        • dacian the stupid,

          The reason that the fake dacian posts AREN’T obvious is that the level of idiocy, illogic, historical ignorance and general f***tardery is pretty uniform among your posts and the “fake dacian” posts. You CLAIMING that they are “juvenile”, when you average post would be appropriate for a pre-K, is comedy gold.

          You are too stupid to insult, dacian. Go micturate up a cable, then pound salt in your @$$.

        • When I say “fake dacian post” I am talking about the post that says, “Ohio has not passed Constitutional Carry….”

        • dacian the stupid,
          When I say “fake dacian post” I am talking about the post that says, “Ohio has not passed Constitutional Carry….”

          That’s so CUTE that you think ANYONE gives a flying fornication about you, your idiot posts, or the commenter that chooses to mock you by imitating you. WE. DON’T. CARE. You are stupid, meaningless, a complete oxygen thief, and an embarrassment to the human race and Charles Darwin. That you still exist and continue to steal oxygen is moving the entire universe’s karma out of balance. Help the universe out, and go dispose of thyself. Painfully, if possible.

  17. Studies have proven that Constitutional carry makes blood run in the streets thigh deep. Twice the population of the State is murdered in every town three times a day. Yes, those studies prove that none you of you are responsible enough to play out your Rambo fantasies. Civilized Countries ban guns and they have no murders, none at all, studies show this. Just don’t look for these studies. Take my word for it.


    • In Reality Paratrooper the studies show that European and Asian countries that have strict gun control and thorough vetting and safe storage laws have way less homicides with firearms than the U.S. does. So yes gun control does work.

      Our own NFA law on machine guns and silencers proved this also.

      • And when I mean “Yes gun control works” I mean it is definitely working in Ukraine right now. Ukraine is proof positive, that in the end, gun control laws are useless and help no one. Are the gun control laws in Ukraine helping Ukrainians right now? Absolutely not. The citizenry in Ukraine need guns now more than ever! Remember that, when people tell you you don’t need guns.

  18. “Is TX Constitutional Carry, or merely permitless carry?”

    I could use some education on the difference.

  19. I was noticing the particular picture CNN used for this article.

    If I go to a gun store and the employee is flagging me with their finger on the trigger like that then that is likely going to be the LAST time I will go there. That is NOT appropriate.

    • Meaning one has restrictions and the other doesn’t.

      Permitless carry allows you to carry a gun without a permit but there are places you cannot legally carry.

      With constitutional carry, you can carry anywhere as the US Constitution is your permit.

      • “With constitutional carry, you can carry anywhere as the US Constitution is your permit.”

        Have not seen any reporting that states with “constitutional carry” remove all the restrictions on where guns can be legally possessed. Also not seeing “constitutional carry” removing convicted felons from “prohibited person” status.

        If you are implying that no state actually has “constitutional carry”, I suspect you may be correct.

        • I would also imply that no one can go into any random gun store and buy an assault rifle for $800. I would also imply that Hornady labeling a line of their ammo for use on ‘zombies’ is just as ridiculous as the AR7 being refered to as a ‘survival rifle’. There are all kinds of other weird nonsense names given to things like bullet button, high capacity magazine, and sporting rifle.

          People on both sides do this and all it does is create confusion where no one actually knows or understands anything. Is it any wonder that such a small portion of the American population every embraced firearms or the 2A?

    • SIA
      For someone who claims to be an “iconoclast” for ex-felons to exercise 2nd-A right, you sure know little about the “levels” of carry privileges in the US.

      Before labeling yourself “iconoclastic” SIA, you may want to educate yourself on the very topic you claim such status in.

      Seems everything 2A is black/white to you.
      Sure sign you matriculated (indoctrinated 🤔), where?

      I doubt you’re serious with the above question, just lining someone up for your libertarian sh!t stirring.

      HAND. 👍

    • Permitless Carry often comes with 4A- and 5A-violating poison-pills. Constitutional Carry does not.

      • “Permitless Carry often comes with 4A- and 5A-violating poison-pills. Constitutional Carry does not.”

        Thinking any state that recognizes “prohibited persons” is not operating under “constitutional carry”. Any state that demands background checks for person-to-person sales (or private manufacture of firearms) is not operating under “constitutional carry”. Any state that legalized the concept of “red flag law” is not operating under “constitutional carry”.

        • There SIA goes, right on cue.

          GuNz fUr fELoNz.🤪

          Iconoclastic on Mr Iconoclastic!

          Unable to comprehend that convicted felons have betrayed “We the People” is some manner.
          He would rather see them locked away for life than be released without their 2A right.

  20. CNN is panicking over this?

    Truth bomb………..
    They should be panicking about more citizens becoming critical thinkers, that see their “reporters/jornalists” as nothing more then activist and propogandist for the Progtarded left.

    Q; What’s the difference between a CNN “on air” reporter/personality and a CCP one.
    A; The CCP reporter has an off camera gun pointed at their head.

  21. Sheriff Charmaine McGuffey “lives with her wife and two dogs in Cincinnati”. How very stylish.

    What is ominous is that this pervert got elected sheriff in Cincinnati and not San Francisco. America is finished

  22. American cops are like all cops in all times and all places–nazi scum.


  23. All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others
    Animal Farm, Geo Orwell or so the politicians would like you to believe.

    However, all of our God given rights are absolute absolutely ! Even the right to defend oneself or others from harm . . . The Lord said it’s okay to kill a thief in the night, but thou shall not murder . . . Let that sink in

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