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From Vista Outdoor . . .

To provide additional support for Ukraine during the current crisis, Remington, CCI, Speer and Federal Ammunition will be donating one-million rounds of total ammo to the Ukraine Armed Forces. There will also be special edition t-shirts pledging all profits from the sale to refugees in the war-torn country. The shirts will supplement the company’s donation and maintain awareness of the need for global support of Ukraine.

“The war in Ukraine has displaced millions of citizens and exposed average people to the horrors of war,” said Jason Vanderbrink, President of Remington, CCI, Speer and Federal Ammunition. “Supporting the relief effort is a crucial element of the global response and we are proud to do our part. It underscores how critical the Second Amendment is in America and highlights the importance of the ability of American Manufacturers to supply our allies with ammunition. We have long supported Ukrainian armed forces and we will continue to do so in this global cause to unite for democracy.”

Ukraine’s military has been a customer of Federal, CCI and Speer for years and this donation is meant to meet the call from President Zelenskyy for more ammunition.

Proceeds from the sale of the t-shirts sold on and will go to Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund through the Global Giving organization Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund – GlobalGiving.

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  1. Really sad to hear that. Not surprised but always awed by the stupidity and ignorance of the Amerikan boob. We just love participating in our own enslavement, and the media knows how to make it go down like butta.

    FJB and his nazi puppet Zelensky

    • Next up : Bidding starts at $1 million on a Hunter Biden Crayon Abstract non fungible token… for the Ukranian children.

      • Yeah, so uh, I like that Putin invaded and is taking eastern Ukraine. They are NOT Ukrainians. They don’t speak Ukrainian. They speak Russian. They are ethnic russians. And they are victims of the tyranny of the majority. They have no voice in Ukraine, and they want to be part of Russia. So yes. I support Russia going in, and claiming these people.

        What I don’t support is Russia trying to topple the Swing Dancing, movie production manager, Volodymyr Zelensky. The people of Ukraine wanted this weirdo fruitcake. He made a series of movies, with a party name, where he was president in the movies. Then his production manager created a party in real life, exactly like the party in the movie, and then the Ukranians literally elected him, thus making his movie, a reality. Now, Ukranians want this insanity, they voted for it, so Putin should leave it be.

      • You do realize that Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, and Romney all have a financial stake in their sons pipeline board positions in Ukraine companies? Or that Senator Lugar and Senator Obama set up the payments to the Bio lab companies there back in 2005?

        Remember Biden Sr bragging about getting Hunters prosecutor fired – on the air on video?

        Now that we see who’s lining up, seems there are a lot of Ukraine supporters – like George Soros, too. It’s not the people there, it’s their corrupt government being propped out by OUR corrupt government HERE.

        Read enough war reports from actual experts – not the media pretends to be under fire – and you’ll find Putin is avoiding civilian casualties. The power is still on – who does that during an invasion- internet up – not hard to file a video report if the news would bother to do their job yet of all the stuff coming out the first few days it was rehashed video game aircraft footage and celebrities taking off their high heels and lacing up combat boots?

        If Obama hadn’t sent the CIA in to overthrow the legitimate Ukraine government we wouldn’t be getting scammed all over again. We don’t have to like Putin trying to clean up that mess, but we didn’t have to like Trump trying to fix things in our country, either.

        If that is a disturbing idea to have someone fighting for right, that’s on you.

        • “Putin is avoiding civilian casualties”

          Out of your compendium of lies and misleading statements, this is probably the worst.

          Putin could avoid all civilian casualties by stopping his unlawful and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine.

        • Look, if anyone knows about a compendium of lies and misleading statements it’s me Miner49er.

          As a salacious belligerent regurgitator of any heinous leftist lie, I know one when I see one.

          In fact many consider me a sickly reprehensible trollop of indefensible agitprops, falsehoods, and propaganda.

          Basically, I’m an expert.

        • Fake Miner, your disinformation attempts are pathetic. Feel free to continue your ad hominem attacks, it only reveals your shallow character to those who waste their time reading your posts.

          While you’re self flagellating in your mother’s basement, real American patriots are stepping up to defend freedom:

          These brave men are willing to leave their homes and go where they are needed to defend freedom.

        • I understand that, except for comrade dacian, I am the leading purveyor of lies, agitprop, and strife this comment section has to offer.

          As such, for example, I recently wrote numerous propaganda comments attempting to lay blame for the hideously incompetent “withdrawal” from Afghanistan on the former President that wasn’t in office for over half a year.

          My agitprop consisted of this falsehood, despite being President, and despite reversing nearly every policy of the former administration, this negotiated withdrawal was unbreakable, ironclad, permanent, immutable in word and deed. Like the will of the Lord himself had carved it into unalterable granite.

          Of course I would also have to ignore other facts as well, which as an offensively partisan and uninspired malodorous half-wit, is easy peasy. For example I would ignore that 𝘽𝙄𝘿𝙀𝙉 𝙙𝙞𝙙𝙣’𝙩 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙙𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙬𝙞𝙩𝙝𝙙𝙧𝙖𝙬𝙖𝙡 𝙤𝙣 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙩𝙞𝙣𝙪𝙚𝙙 𝙖𝙙𝙝𝙚𝙧𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙚 𝙩𝙤 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙖𝙜𝙧𝙚𝙚𝙙-𝙪𝙥𝙤𝙣 𝙨𝙩𝙞𝙥𝙪𝙡𝙖𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨.

          Well that would seem critical to a safe and orderly removal of Americans from a hostile land. However, it was an “inconvenient truth” so as any incalculably incorrigible sub-mediocrity i just ignored that fact.

          What else did I ignore? Well a lot actually!

          I also ignored the fact that the troops…the army…the men with guns… were withdrawn 𝙗𝙚𝙛𝙤𝙧𝙚 vulnerable American citizens.

          That Biden, claimed he wasn’t told the true conditions in Afghanistan, which is in direct conflict with testimony from… oh every general overseeing the zone.

          That BILLIONS in U.S. taxpayer funded equipment was left to the Taliban in Afghanistan. Including 75,000 vehicles, more than 200 helicopters and airplanes, as well as more than 600,000 small arms and light weapons.

          (I wonder if any that equipment would be useful in Ukraine? NAH!)

          Finally, as a filcher of the truth I conveniently ignored this little gem;

          “Everything changed when BIDEN declared that US forces would leave Afghanistan by Sept. 11, 2021, pushing back the Trump administration’s timetable by four months. It would be an unconditional pullout with an arbitrary date based on pure symbolism — and set in stone.

          At that point, the Taliban sat back and waited for the date to draw near, then launched a countrywide offensive, knowing they had no reason to fear any reprisals from this administration. The ongoing chaos — not least the stranding of US personnel and allies — was the natural result of the Biden administration’s decision to…… 𝙚𝙨𝙘𝙝𝙚𝙬 𝙖 𝙘𝙤𝙣𝙙𝙞𝙩𝙞𝙤𝙣𝙨-𝙗𝙖𝙨𝙚𝙙 𝙥𝙡𝙖𝙣.”

          So … YUP! That’s what a lascivious partisan propagandist slut the Miner49er is.

          From Miner49er ♥

    • Once again we have a large mulit trillion dollar business virtue signaling at the cost of the American people. Instead of putting ammo on shelves here at a descent price they are falling into the same dog and pony show as everyone else. I say let Ukraine and Russia work their own shit out. Its not our job to police the world nor is it our job to supply a tin pot dictator with weapons or ammo.

  2. Sure wish I could find primers here in the land of the free, but yeah, let’s send all our ammo to a conflict that’s not our problem, thanks biden for yet another failure and further divide.

    • You might look up just how the governments handled the situation in 1938 and 39 so that you wouldn’t appear so stupid regarding the present situation’s ramifications and possible outcomes.

      • What will Putin do if we let him get away with this? Let’s see: how much power-projection capability did we have during the worst of Iraq? Now imagine that Iraq was larger, more developed, and connected to the whole world; and that we had 40% of our population, a small fraction of our economy, a conscript army, no real carriers, and negligible foreign trade.

        It’s like asking “What would happen to the Rams if they let the Bengals send their first and second teams to Cleveland, along with the equipment for the third string, on Super Bowl Sunday?”

        • You seriously don’t get the concept that a rival squandering all his power on a third party (which Chamberlain ensured Hitler did not have to do in 1938) becomes a non-player, rather than an unstoppable juggernaut?

          Unlike tabletop strategy games, taking a grid square doesn’t win you a new division and an aerospace factory. It gets you ruins at the cost of billions, scarce PGMs, and platform service life (Russian weapons aren’t built for longevity or maintainability to begin with, and modern systems can’t be cranked out like Grease Guns and Liberty Ships), and hangs the millstone of counterinsurgency around your neck, demoralizing troops and requiring a complete shift of focus away from peer competition.

        • Please accept my apologies, there is a very small minded individual who is using my moniker in order to spread disinformation and confusion.

          Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and behind all his childish insults, Fake Miner is jealous of my rugged good looks and occasional success with the ladies.

        • Miner,
          Well said, and my apologies to you as well. Disagreements aside, I should know better than to believe you’d be that ignorant.

        • And when I say “ladies” I mean i named a couple of my chickens ladies.

          Hint; They really aren’t, but I like to pretend they are.

          Spices things up!

  3. My family lives in what is today the Donetsk People’s Republic. The Ukrainian nationalists are responsible for over 15,000 civilian casualties over the last 8 years.

    President Biden has vowed to make Russia pay a steep price, but the only people he is capable of making pay anything are Americans and European citizens. Oil and natural gas prices are expected to spike even further as a result of the conflict, placing the burden for US/NATO geopolitical games on ordinary Americans and Europeans who have no interest in a hostile relationship with Russia. On February 22nd the German government, under orders from NATO, revoked the certification for the Nordstream 2 gas pipeline from Russia to Germany, thus putting the project that would alleviate the energy bills of millions of Germans in further jeopardy.

    The humanitarian rhetoric and pledges to take in massive numbers of refugees that usually accompany such conflicts are completely absent in this case due to the White racial identity of Ukrainians. The UN has only received 9% of the already tiny $190 million budget they have asked for to help with any refugee crisis. In sharp contrast to their position on non-White refugees, Sweden has said it will refuse to take large numbers of Ukrainian refugees, and any refugees that enter Sweden will be deported as soon as possible. According to Atlantic Council analyst Michael Bociurkiw, European governments and Ukrainian President Zelensky are both urging Ukrainians not to flee into Europe because Europe is already saturated with refugees.

    It is not clear the extent of the Russian intervention or what the final status of Ukraine will be, but one thing is clear. The entire situation could have been avoided if the US government actually listened to the desire of American citizens on foreign policy. Polling has consistently shown that Americans oppose the idea of the US “spreading democracy” abroad, which is the excuse used not just for open aggression like the Iraq War, but for staging coups and political black ops in foreign countries like Ukraine. 74% of Americans oppose a major roll for the US in the Ukraine conflict and only 23% trust the US intelligence community according to a recent poll.

    Roots of the Crisis

    The current crisis in Ukraine is the result of several years of provocations and political black ops using Ukraine as a staging ground. The narratives that are unanimously repeated by Western media about the crisis and the “democratic” nature of the Ukrainian state are all completely false.

    The current situation can be traced back to 2013 when Victor Yanukovich, the pro-Russian President of Ukraine refused to sign a political association and free trade agreement with the European Union. In response US-backed protesters staged months long violent demonstrations that killed at least 130 people and culminated with rioters taking control of Ukraine’s capital building and staging a coup against Yanukovich. The US government, who condemns the January 6th protesters as violent terrorists, openly praised these “masked militants” and declared their action a victory for freedom and democracy.

    The removal of Yanukovich was justified by a bloody incident that has come to be known as the “Sniper’s Massacre” in which up to 100 anti-Russian protesters were killed by a group of as yet unidentified gunmen. The West initially claimed that this massacre was committed by pro-Russian security forces, but several international investigations have cast doubt on this. In 2020, Ukrainian President Zelensky said that all documents and media relating to the massacre had been lost and that the scene had been cleaned up, making any further investigation impossible.

    The 2014 coup resulted in a protracted civil war in Eastern Ukraine and the Russian invasion of the Crimean peninsula to bolster its military position on the Black Sea. Two ethnic Russian regions of Eastern Ukraine, known collectively as the Donbass, declared independence and voted to separate from Ukraine. The West called these votes a sham while simultaneously proclaiming the post-coup Ukrainian elections, in which the Donbass and other pro-Russian regions could not vote, yet another “triumph” in a long and tiresome series of triumphs for “democracy.”

    This precarious situation continued until October of 2021 when the NATO-backed Ukrainian government received a shipment of high tech drones from NATO ally Turkey and used them in an attack on the Donbass, a move which was praised by the Voice of America, which spouts the propaganda line of the DC foreign policy establishment. According to the cynical US line, drones were not specifically prohibited by any ceasefire agreement, so it was valid to use them to fire on pro-Russian forces.

    Putin seized on this provocation to mass Russian troops at the border of Ukraine and demand concessions such as a guarantee that Ukraine would never be admitted into NATO and that the West stop arming Ukraine. President Biden responded with a total refusal to negotiate and a promise to destroy the Russian economy. On Monday February 21st, the Russian Duma voted to recognize the independence of the Donbass and Putin quickly moved to establish a military presence in the region, citing a request from the now independent governments for security assistance. The US responded once again with threats of sanctions, threats which completely failed to faze the Kremlin and made America look absurd. On February 23rd, Putin launched his military operation in Ukraine.

    In an address to the American people, Biden said that any sanctions would be targeted specifically at the Russian economy and would spare Americans hardship, but no serious person believes a word of it. For the last several weeks liberal news outlets have been publishing a series of weak editorials attempting to muster public opinion behind the idea that Americans and Europeans must suffer for the sake of “democracy” in Ukraine.

    When asked why Americans ought to sacrifice for a political conflict they don’t care about, White House press Secretary Jenn Psaki took on the rhetoric of former President George W. Bush and spouted the cynical neoconservative talking point that

    “This is about standing up for American values.”

    “We have repeatedly throughout history been leaders in the world in rallying support for any effort to seize territory from another country,”
    This tone deaf appeal has only further enraged ordinary Americans at the sheer arrogance of the government in Washington.

    US condemnation of Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine smacks of rank hypocrisy given the much weaker case that the US made for its own Zionist inspired invasion of Iraq in 2003, and the subsequent shattering of the already fragile stability in the middle east. Due to decades of obsequious subservience to Israel as it carries out attacks on its Arab neighbors and ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, combined with a constant barrage of sanctimonious appeals to democracy and human rights, the United States simply cannot command any moral authority on the world stage any longer. Many people around the world have sided with Putin simply for the satisfaction of seeing the US get a black eye.

    Whatever your opinion of the character of Vladimir Putin or his government, Russia is a sovereign state that has a right to demand that a country on its border not be used as a staging ground for political intrigue and covert black ops. The situation could have been avoided if the United States and NATO were willing to meet Russia halfway on their security demands, and had they not staged the illegitimate coup of 2014 which set these events in motion in the first place.

    The average American or European has no interest in whether the President of Ukraine is pro-Russian or pro-Western, and no one in any country ought to die for the power games of an unelected foreign policy elite. Ironically, by retaliating against Ukraine for not signing a treaty that would create more economic integration between Ukraine and Europe, the West has created a situation in which it is now destroying the economic integration between Russia and Europe. By overthrowing the government of Ukraine in response to their refusal to sign a free trade agreement, the US and NATO have put themselves in a position where their only move is to disrupt world energy markets, causing even more supply chain disruptions and driving even greater inflation due to spiking fuel prices.

    The inability of the US to deter Russia will have ramifications not just for world geopolitics, but for the domestic treatment of Americans, particularly White Americans, who are viewed by elites as nothing more than an obstacle to be ignored or silenced. The consistent refusal of Americans to back Washington’s war policies has enraged the political class, who no doubt relish the idea of making normal people suffer economic hardship as revenge for their own impotence and humiliation.

    • @Keep America Out of This,

      Yours is a voice of sanity, study, and accuracy. Thank you for a truthful summary!

    • I printed out your testimony for posterity and there may yet be a day when the next generation asks “What really happened?”.

      The snipers during the Maidan massacre / sniper massacre are likely US-backed and one was reported to be “Brian Christopher Boyenger”, an American. Seeing as Zelensky was installed by the United States, it is reasonable that they would have furnished the mercenaries to help get him installed into power. The price tag for each mercenary was reported to be $5,000, which isn’t much. They had logistics to get into the country and enough training and organization to coordinate their attack, there aren’t too many countries that can provide this.

      Some of the mercenaries claimed to have not been paid and came forward because of that.

      • Please share the evidence you have to indicate that American mercenaries were involved in the mass sniper attack.

        If you have nothing but innuendo and rumors, we’ll just take your claims as empty speech.

        • Thanks for the link, I found it interesting.

          From the abstract:

          “This academic investigation concludes that the massacre was a false flag operation, which was rationally planned and carried out with a goal of the overthrow of the government and seizure of power. It found various evidence of the involvement of an alliance of the far right organizations, specifically the Right Sector and Svoboda, and oligarchic parties, such as Fatherland. Concealed shooters and spotters were located in at least 20 Maidan-controlled buildings or areas.”

          I noticed this paper only has one author and does not appear to be peer review, but setting that aside let’s go with the conclusion.

          While it’s certainly possible this was a false-flag, I don’t see the connection with these groups and the current government of the Ukraine.
          Regarding the right sector:

          “In the 2019 Ukrainian parliamentary election, Right Sector took part on a united radical right nationwide-party list with the Governmental Initiative of Yarosh, National Corps, and Svoboda.[44] This combination won 2.15% of the nationwide election list vote and no seats.[36] This election the party did not win a single-mandate constituency parliamentary seat.[36]”

          Concerning Svoboda:

          “It played a major role in the 2014 Ukrainian revolution and Euromaidan protests but its support dropped quickly following the 2014 elections. Since then, Svoboda has been polled below the electoral threshold, and it currently has one seat in the Verkhovna Rada.”

          I don’t doubt that there are ultranationalist right wing elements within Ukraine, but to judge the entire country and its government on this basis would be equivalent to judging America and its government on the torchlight neo-Nazi protesters in Charlottesville chanting “Jews will not replace us!”

          And all that pales in comparison to the death and destruction Putin is visiting upon the residential areas of Ukraine, there is no excuse for these attacks.

    • I smell a Russian state agent as the author of the above comment.

      Let’s see:

      A commenter that we have never seen before.
      Claims to have family in Ukraine.
      Apparently flawless spelling and grammar.
      A huge and very detailed “comment” which is more like an expose.
      A comment that is pro-Russian and anti-United States.

      Those are bright flashing neon warning signs.

      And then I noticed this:

      It is not clear the extent of the Russian intervention or what the final status of Ukraine will be…

      The key word “intervention”–as opposed to other possibilities such as incursion, invasion, attack, or occupation–really grabbed my attention. That particular choice of words along with the other signposts that I highlighted above tell me there is a 95% probability that a paid Russian agent wrote the above post.

      The really sad part: the post may be totally accurate and yet I have no way of verifying it and therefore no way of trusting it.

      • Oh, and I totally glossed over this gem:

        My family lives in what is today the Donetsk People’s Republic.

        Notice the label “Donetsk People’s Republic” as opposed to southeastern Ukraine or just Ukraine. As I stated, the author of the above article is paid Russian agent.

      • For being on a right leaning website you are absolutely quick to suck down and gargle left leaning talking points.

        You keep on accusing people of being rudsian bots just like democrats did the last 4 years, it isnt going to get you far anymore. Keep swallowing loads from raytheon as they make profit hand over fist over boobs like you who cant understand that the cold war has long been over and its time the US stops trying to act like the worlds peacekeeper, we have only ever made things worse.

    • Amazing post, worthy of the best of the Fox News reporting.

      Unfortunately, the disinformation is easily debunked.

      Regarding the “mass sniper” event, here’s some results of actual investigations and interviews of witnesses that show the Russian FSB was behind the attack.
      Don’t fool yourself, the Russian bear has not changed it’s tactics, honed through decades of cold war disinformation against America and the free world.

      “Sergey Gorbatyuk, head of the Special Investigations Department of the Prosecutor’s Office, told the Ukrainian media that the testimonies given by the so called “Georgian snipers” were not confirmed by forensic, medical or ballistic examinations, as well as by the results of interrogation of those persons who sustained injuries on February 20. He said that there were no data that would confirm that on February 20, 2014, fire was opened on the protesters from Hotel Ukraine. Gorbatyuk also noted that according to the results of forensic expertise and investigation, fire was opened from the place where Berkut’s Black Unit had been deployed.

      The prosecutor’s office also noted that it sent inquiries to Italy, Macedonia and Armenia seeking contacts with Nergadze, Revazishvili and Kvaratskhelia, but no response has been received so far.

      2. Sergei Pashinski, whom so called Georgian snipers accuse of shooting at the protesters, claims that the anti-Maidan campaign has been staged by FSB.

      Chairman of the National Security and Defense Committee, Sergei Pashinski responded to RIA Novosti’s February 14 article with a post on his Facebook page. He mainly focused on the accusations against Mikheil Saakashvili and Mamuka Mamulashvili in connection with the February 20 developments.

      Pashinski said that the claims that it was impossible to investigate the February 20 developments without interrogating Saakashvili were unclear to him, because, as he explained, Saakashvili played a minor role in staging the Revolution of Dignity.
      Pashinski also noted that Mamuka Mamulashvili was not in Ukraine during the February 20 developments and he arrived in the country only in April 2014 that is confirmed by the testimonies of Ukrainian border guards.”

    • That’s a lot of words when ‘I’m a cowardly bitch who only cares about himself, and who of course would never serve in the military’ would have done just fine. Examine your life and make changes.

      • Well Cliff Notes, you just don’t get it!

        I like to cut, cut, cut and paste..

        Cut and paste..

        Cut and Paste!

        Besides how can you call me cowardly, when I leave youtube links talking about how real American patriots are stepping up to defend freedom:

        These brave men are willing to leave their homes and go where they are needed to defend freedom, in a foreign counrty that isn’t free, all while the U.S. border is invaded by millions of foreign illegal invaders.

        I tell others to go, when I will not. That’s not cowardly, that’s clever.

    • Good article. It follows what I read from another former Ukraine citizen now residing in the U.S. on a permanent basis.

      We have been encroaching closer and closer to Russia’s borders with our missile installations. Think back to 1962 if you were alive then. Russia tried to install missile bases in Cuba to counter missile bases we had installed in Turkey. The world came close to a nuclear war then. Are we now doing Cuba redux only this time we are the ones installing missiles uncomfortably close to Russia’s borders? I don’t think Ole Two-Shot has advisors the caliber of the folks handling JFK who was another dem who was all glib talk and nothing to back it. Started us on the road to Vietnam and incredible government expansion and spending.

  4. Bad idea. The Ukrainian government is a criminal organization and everyone who supports the Ukrainian government is a criminal too.

    This time, Putin is right.

    • Frankly it all sounds like putin is a tyrant who wants something he cannot have so he destroys it. It’s like a sleazebag who cannot accept a relationship ending so they disfigure their spouse, etc.

      To date putin has not justified his bully level invasion and murderous rampage, perhaps because he cannot. If truth be known the Russian people and the Russian military are far from being fully onboard.

      • “…the Russian people and the Russian military are far from being fully onboard.”

        The thousands outright surrendering and the ones punching holes in the fuel tanks of their armor are testimony to that…

  5. Those links appear to just go to the respective websites- are there Ukraine-specific shirts available for purchase (as suggested in the post)? I followed to both Remington and Federal but did not see any Ukraine-specific t-shirts offered at either.

    I’d be interested in purchasing “Support Ukraine” apparel from Vista if it exists. (I’ll stand and be counted as a firm supporter of American boobs- and international ones, as well)

    • Russia didn’t just do this on a whim. I don’t feel it was justified, but obviously they did. Ukraine is just as dirty, devious, and power hungry as Russia. Genocide, political oppression, criminal enterprises…. they have always been Russia’s smaller twin.

      How they instantly became America’s heartthrob is bewildering. That’s the scary power of social media.

      • This is not about criminal politicians- it’s about the wholesale slaughter of innocent children, women, and men… and having to listen to so-called “defenders of freedom” express their flippant disregard with “Meh, it’s got nuthin’ to do with me- see if I care.”

        It’s nauseating, actually. What has happened to Americans?

        • “It’s nauseating, actually. What has happened to Americans?“

          Simple, it is the culmination of the right wings identity politics.

          Trump admires and loves Putin because of his “strength”, therefore, Trump disciples love Putin as well.

          Frankly, I find the spectacle of so many so-called American patriots worshipping the KGB colonel as a hilarious confirmation of their mental deficits.

          Ronald Reagan and Barry Goldwater are spinning like a top in their graves.

        • My TDS has flared to new levels even I thought unreachable.

          I have been irreparably brainwashed by 3 years of the fake Hillary/Deep state Russia, Russia, Russia lie that I mindlessly patriot any incomprehensible dribble.

          Have I become a useful idiot?

      • Care to show examples of Ukraine invading other sovereign nations after the cold war?

        Evidence of them hitting civilian targets in Russia or Belarus?

        Actual, verifiable, US intelligence sourced evidence of genocide?

        No one is saying the Ukraine government is clean. But to use corruption and (as far as I can tell) wholly unjustified claims of genocide to somehow partially justify an invasion of a country that hasn’t even exported violence, baffles me.

        Putin threw a bunch of mud at the wall, and apparently everyone that can’t see right and wrong this invasion, simply picks and chooses which made up argument to bolster this weird defense of Russia’s actions. NATO is going to invade Russia. Ukrainian leadership are Nazi’s. The Russian orchestrated separatists…er I mean breakaway region genocide. And so on and so on.

        Btw, kind of funny that Russia was already bordered by NATO countries, and by invading Ukraine they add something like five more bordering NATO countries. Makes perfect sense to me!

        • Even the UN acknowledges over 3,300 ethnic-Russuans killed by Ukraine firces in the Donbas region. These were independent states that have existed that way for centuries (even through Soviet era). Ukraine took them. Ukraine insisted these were THEIR citizens yet bombed their homes. Ujraine is notorious for veing a safe haven for organized crime that operates in the Russian Federation. Not to mention being the internet child p0rn capital of the world. When you read about an American arrested for joining a pedo website… that was in Ukraine. They decriminalized it in 2017.

          Watching people post emojis & flags for Ukraine is like seeing them post “I❤ Taliban” if Taliban and ISIS went to war. It’s just weird to see social media have that sort of power over opinion.

        • TomT, I research your claim that the Ukraine has decriminalize pedophilia.

          You posted:

          “Not to mention being the internet child p0rn capital of the world. When you read about an American arrested for joining a pedo website… that was in Ukraine. They decriminalized it in 2017.“

          I can find nothing indicating Ukraine has decriminalized child “p0rn” or pedophilia.

          In fact, the evidence shows that if you engage in pedophilia in the Ukraine, they’ll use chemical castration to cut your sex drive.

          Thom T, can you provide any evidence to support your claim, or is it just more Putin propaganda bullshit?

      • “Ukraine is just as dirty, devious, and power hungry as Russia“


        So tell me which sovereign nations has the Ukrainian army invaded, conducting missile and tac-air attacks against residential targets?

  6. WTF is up with this “Putin is right” garbage. No he is not. He invaded a sovereign country while lying directly to the face of every person on this planet. He is a scumbag, and this invasion is absolutely, 100% wrong.

    Instead of being angry that you as a shooter will likely end up double funding the Ukraine defense, we’ll talk crap about a country that we have spent money training up their military. Unlike Afghanistan or Iraq, where we wasted trillions more dollars, the leader of Ukraine doesn’t flee, and a large segment of the population has taken up arms and given a (supposed) near peer adversary black eyes.

    To boot, we are watching our weaponry tested against this equipment in actual combat, without risking a single American life.

    • My initial thought after reading the first three responses here (Stateisevil, unicorn whisperer, and RGP) was “This has got to be examples of Russian cyber warfare that we should be on the lookout for.”

      It’s very disappointing to see such prevarication here on TTAG. And I see it’s continuing below. Damned bizarre…

    • “without risking a single American life”

      All life is precious. We should do what we can to save it. Ultimately, Putin is responsible. Like you said, he invaded a sovereign country. However, this could have been avoided if we didn’t have absolute fools in charge, in both the US and Europe. It also could have been, and still could be, cut short, if not for said fools.

      • There is no way to shorten this, except to let the Ukrainians be defenseless. That sounds like the lefts tactics…

        We aren’t the world’s police, but we certainly stick our noses where it is in our best interest. We wouldn’t need military in Europe at all if it weren’t for Putin. That would save us boatloads of money.

        As it is, we supply Ukraine with hundred thousand dollar weapons, which are then used to destroy multi million dollar weapons systems that a country under harsh economic sanctions will now have to try and replace. If all goes well, they’ll get to pay reparations to Ukraine for about the next 100 years, Putin will be impotent, and we’ll still have spent trillions less than we spent to get nowhere in other countries, with no American lives lost.

        These people are fighting for their own country. Unlike the last few conflicts the US has participated in.

        • “There is no way to shorten this, except to let the Ukrainians be defenseless. That sounds like the lefts tactics…”

          There ARE ways to shorten it. It would entail each side giving some sort of concession. It would also entail the US and Europe to produce their own energy in order to have more leverage and less dependency. That’s a bridge too far for the Left. The current Left’s tactics includes essentially daring Putin to invade, then prolonging the invasion, resulting in more death and destruction.

        • You think we wouldn’t need (our) military in Europe if it weren’t for Putin? If we were to leave Germany tomorrow, the next day Nazism would raise its ugly head. Ask any veteran who has ever served there.

      • “We have long supported Ukrainian armed forces and we will continue to do so in this global cause to unite for democracy.”

        Hey Vista, whose democracy are “we” united for? Seeing as neither Russia nor Ukraine are a democracy.

        Perhaps you should get your facts straight (or at least learn what a democracy is, and why it is fundamentally negative) before you donate a million (bleeping) rounds to a war zone “in its name”.

    • Or; “He invaded a sovereign country while [explaining how he would not allow expansion of NATO to the east, was very upset over the overthrow of Yanukovych, and would no longer accept the slaughter of ethnic Russians in Donetsk, Luhansk] to the face of every person on this planet.” fify

      There are no innocents here. Grow up.

      • Grow up? Says the guy who says there are no innocents in a conflict with clear evidence of destroyed civilian dwellings, critical infrastructure, and medical treatment facilities.

        For F’s sake. “Russia will not attack Ukraine and is not harboring “aggressive” plans, a Kremlin spokesman said Tuesday while also not ruling out military action following what Moscow considers fearsome threats from Kyiv.” Apparently we accept lying as justified because…? Where have I heard the whole “he was provoked” justification crap before? Oh that’s right, every scumbag martyr BLM has put on a poster. So now it’s ok to assault an entire country because they hurt your feelings with words?

        I guess Ukraine was dressed like a slut, so they deserve it. Spectacular morals on display in that viewpoint.

        • You don’t read too good, do you bud? It kinda makes it hard to make a point and not have it taken out of context.

          Reread what I said, what makes you think I condone his (Puuty, not just some ‘spox’) actions and find where I said that strikes on civilians are justified.

          Also, I’m an American. Not a NATO citizen. Not an EU citizen. Not a Russian or Ukrainian. I give a wet fart what happens over there as both sides are very much to blame, but ultimately the bulk of provocations have been west-to-east since 2013. Is this debatable now? Or do we just regurgitate MSM/dotgov talking points?

        • “Russia will not attack Ukraine and is not harboring “aggressive” plans, a Kremlin spokesman said Tuesday while also not ruling out military action following what Moscow considers fearsome threats from Kyiv.”

          Yep, Putin swore and be damned that he would not attack the Ukraine.

          But Joe Biden and the United States intelligence services stated emphatically weeks ago Russia would indeed invade Ukraine.

          I guess ‘ol senile Joe Biden was right about that, what do you know!

          And yes, Vladimir Putin is a murderous liar.

        • Oh course the fact that Joe Biden tacitly encouraged Russia to invade Ukraine does kinda make ‘ol senile Joe complicit with Vladimir Putin.

          And I must state, on a side note, that picture of Vladimir on the horse. Well let’s just say it is Miner49er approved.

      • Can’t reply past x number of comments apparently.

        “There are no innocents here. Grow up.”

        You paint with a broad brush.

        I didn’t say you condone it, to the man who said I dont read well.

        There is right and there is wrong. Instigating a war that results in civilian casualties where no violence existed before (the majority of Ukraine) is wrong. No matter the justification, it is wrong. The people involved in doing so, are wrong.

        It’s that clear. This invasion was wrong.

        • Ukraine did not stop shelling the aforementioned Oblasts, even after they voted for autonomy. Yes, ‘no innocents here’, and I will say it again and again. Heck, even our favorite UN said it so there’s that.

          You implying that the very acts of war (needless destruction) are somehow a factor of which I am not aware, or think are justified, yeah, by throwing it out there is a weak attempt to get me to defend them. I don’t have to. It’s war and I disagree with this war in essence and generally all wars for most practical reasons. I understand why this one had to happen, if only in the abstract.

          If you don’t understand how ‘wars’ maybe you shouldn’t comment on it, maybe, perhaps?

    • I don’t care about Russia and I don’t care about Ukraine.

      When two drunks start fighting at a bar, stay out of it and don’t try ti intervene and be a hero.

      Also, when you happen upon a shooting, DON’T draw your gun and try to intervene if you are not 100% sure what is transpiring.

  7. In a way, this reminds me of the US’s support of the rebels in their fight against Bashar al-Assad. All they did was prolong the death and suffering of the Syrian people. What do they think the end game is here?

    • Any time we “virtuously” feed arms to a conflict, it prolongs the fighting & suffering. It is insane.

      The fate of other societies is not our decision to make. This is their future history being written (one way or another) and we have no business influencing that.

      • Oh you mean like the French helping in the revolutionary war?

        Yep, no good ever comes of that sort of interference. Mind your own damn business world!

        • Little girl is about to be hit by a car and you have time to stop it but you don’t because like Tom Terrific says her future history is being written for her. What an absolute fucktard!

      • @TomT,
        Not to mention we always end up arming people that hate us when we try to play kingmaker, which causes us more problems down the road.

  8. I have enjoyed their products for decades. I’ve also been a share holder for many, many years.

    This ends on Monday.

    The dumb mandatory jab memo from Hornady Ammo and now this, are there any American companies to use?

    • Pretty hard to avoid Vista. They have their hands in everything shooting related. I have always admired the company but this drops them down a couple notches.

  9. I just searched the Federal, Remington, and Vista websites and they don’t appear to have ever heard of Ukraine. Zero results.

  10. Getting a little burnt out on this posturing over Ukraine. Maybe when it’s over someone should ask them what dafuq they did with the 10s of billions in military funds other countries have been giving them every year. If you can get Zelenskyy off Tik Tok loing enough to answer.

    Been a big fan of Vista & their products over the years. Smart company. I would tather see them give that away to their customer base.

    • TomT,
      Indeed. Any company that renounces all virtue signaling and lives by the principle “Our only ’cause’ is our customers” will have my business for life.

        • Not without the appropriate permission slips from your government headed by Joey Bag o’ Donuts.

          So yes/no/kinda.

        • In case I was unclear, I favor companies who produce a quality product, enjoy the profit they earned by producing goods and/or services, and roll any remainder back to those of us who pay their bills – either as price cuts or reinvestments in production – with no handouts (taxes on paying customers) to anyone, ever, for any reason.

          TL;DR: No.

  11. Ok, this post has officially entered into bizarro world- where is this debasement coming from? It is disturbingly aberrant.

    Who are you people?!

    • Oh, cool. You’re the smarty pants here:

      aberrant |ˈabərəntəˈberənt|
      departing from an accepted standard.

      debase |dəˈbās|
      verb [ with obj. ]
      reduce (something) in quality or value; degrade: the love episodes debase the dignity of the drama.
      • lower the moral character of (someone): war debases people.

      I don’t go around judging people by their reasoned arguments, I judge them by the way they conduct themselves and what they advocate for. I advocate peace, Sir. What is your position and by what means do you propose to get there?

      • I advocate supporting innocent human beings who are facing indiscriminate organized massacre from an illegitimate, unmerited force through every reasonable means possible.

        Anything less is just… depraved.

        It’s disturbing to witness so many people who seem unashamedly indifferent to such arrant malevolence.

        • Bunch of new trolls on this site. Half of these clowns I’ve never seen before. Must say that I agree with you it seems many have no empathy for the women and children that have died and have yet to die needlessly.

        • Go down to your local recruiter and go sign up to die for the glory of [insert whatever country you’re referring to, could go either way].

          Dulce et decorum est… and all that jazz, sought guy.

          Spending my money on killing of people that didn’t wrong me is abhorrent, but clearly thats just me. I’m a minority and ok with that.

        • Bravo, Pete and Mucky!

          How many on this list claiming to be “sheep dogs” and yet are willing to do nothing as innocents suffer by the thousands.

          To instigate violence where there was none, is wrong.

          No side is completely free of blemish, but I don’t need such a purity test to figure out who’s the good guy is in a situation.

          And setting aside the current US administration, I’m comfortable adopting the side of Finland, Sweden, Belgium, etc.

        • Of course I am all talk and will do nothing myself to aid the Ukraine people.

          Oh, other than a few snarky remarks, and dropping a youtube link about others that are doing something that scares this old Marxist.

  12. Nothing is as it seems….you cannot believe anything from the CIA controlled mocking bird media….Putin is a badass mob boss on steroids, taking out the Ukrainian mob and the western elites money laundering play ground….shits getting real!

    • Ok, this might shed some light on the cognitive dissonance on display here…

      There seems to be a divergence between those who lump the Russian people in with “mob boss Putin” and Ukrainian citizens with the “criminal mob”, as opposed to those who do not believe that innocent civilians should pay the price for the crimes committed by despots, criminals, mobsters, or any other illicit force beyond their control.

      Have an issue with Russian politics? Attack THEM. Don’t care for Ukraine’s politics? Take THEM out. What is ALWAYS wrong is murdering innocent civilians in order to further your own misbegotten ends.

      And those who dismiss this kind of evil by “sitting it out”, “looking the other way”, or claiming it “isn’t their problem”, and disgracefully allow it to happen in front of God and everyone is every bit as despicable and culpable as the actors executing the bloodshed.

      • Now anyone that thinks this ukr/rf situation isn’t worth the US of A getting into is ungodly and too a murderer?

        Nice. Count me down for requesting two-scoops of that judgment.
        (hint: I’ll sleep well)

        If the Ukrainians were the goal of Putin’s ire don’t you think they would know? And the clearly unintentional casualties, omelets and eggs.

        Its war. It sucks. Are you on your way to the embassy to deploy yet? Or are you waiting for the neighbor’s kid to get called up in your stead?

        • I’m certainly glad Europe didn’t sit out the American revolution, deciding it was just a fight between two drunks in a bar…

          We wouldn’t have a country, if it hadn’t been for a certain Eastern European soldier whose brave action saved the life of George Washington, preserving the revolution and ensuring freedom for America.

          “Remember when General John Pershing said “Lafayette, we are here!”

          We need to consider taking action and stepping forward and shouting “Pulaski, we are here!”.

          To do any less is to ignore the debt of Freedom we owe to all those who seek Liberty across the world.

          “Kazimierz Michał Władysław Wiktor Pułaski of Ślepowron was a Polish nobleman, soldier and military commander who has been called, together with his counterpart Michael Kovats de Fabriczy, “the father of the American cavalry.”

        • My hero Paul Joseph Goebbels would be proud of this post.

          It’s the kind of false equivalence I like to make.

          Especially when I could buy a plane ticket to say Poland or Romania and put my money where my ever flapping mouth is.

          However, I’m a far leftist… need I say more?

  13. This whole thing is about whether or not Ukraine will be a Western Puppet or an Eastern Puppet. It’s not Star wars or “the patriot”. Ukraine is a corrupt kleptocracy and should not be lionized. That being said, still not okay to invade other countries.

    Remember how for the last two years we’ve endured media lies and narrative pushing that is now conveniently being swept under the rug while we’re all distracted by Ukraine? And now people have just gone right back to believing whatever the corporate narrative is.
    Feels like I’m living through March 2020 and 2003 all over again…

    We were lied to about 9/11
    We were lied to about WMDs
    I can’t even remember what the lie was to justify our interventions in Lybia or Syria.
    And we’re still being lied to about COVID and the 2020 election.
    And those are only the ones that occured in my, admittedly short lifetime; never mind going back to the gulf of Tonkin incident, the kaiser’s troops “roasting babies on bayonets”, or the USS Maine debacle.

    Forgive me for being a bit skeptical.
    Just calm down, don’t get swept away with the narrative, and remain emotionally detached.
    Stay Stoic, my friends.

      • “lul ur a dum dum”

        Are you gonna make a coherent reply or is that comment the best we can expect from you?

    • Bamb! You nailed it.

      I like to fight tho, its my training and nature especially when these war hawks start talking about shipping rockets to this guy, or why Rumsfeld needs to sell bioweapons components to Saddam, or why the No Such Agency needs all the datas ever… its the red cape and i’m all bull.

      I put my tail out there, twice. Anyone that has conducted combat operations and still thinks there is a ‘winner’ in this conflict is an idiot.

    • “This whole thing is about whether or not Ukraine will be a Western Puppet or an Eastern Puppet.”

      That’s exactly what it’s about. Obviously the current government in Ukraine doesn’t want to give up their power either. It’s always about power and control. They’re using the media to manipulate people as they always do. The goal should be to end the conflict ASAP. Save lives and save the country from being destroyed. It isn’t a good thing for Russians to be killed either. If you think it is, congratulations on being swept up into the propaganda. Do people realize most are just soldiers following their orders just like we’ve done in other countries?

      Imagine the world “sanctioning” us for invading a sovereign country. We did that. What’s the difference between us and Russian? We currently have more power and influence.

  14. Plenty of people agree with you pro Ukraine types… Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, George Soros, the Rothschild family, the Clintons, George Bush, Obama, Biden, every tv news network, every globalist homo on the planet, and literally every other tyrannical government goon there is…. all of whom have spent the last two years trying to destroy the world as we knew it and eliminate freedom worldwide…. all of them agree with you.

  15. Very disappointing…not our fight and we need to stay out of this. This is coming from a family of Green Berets and Army Rangers.

    Non-Interventionism is not Isolationism.

    Not to mention this will also inflate ammo pricies higher and dwindle ammo availability domestically.

    Let the two drunks duke it out, don’t try to step in and be a hero.

    • Yeah, we kind of have a horrible track record when it comes to interventions in the last couple of decades:
      And those don’t count the special forces raids or drone strikes or providing weapons to various bad actors.

      To modify a quote from Tacitus, “They make a desolation wherever they go and they call it “freedom”.

    • “Non-Interventionism is not Isolationism.”

      The false dichotomy that one is either a humanitarian-interventionist or a frightened isolationist caused us to spend the 1990s in pointless charity wars against people who never even looked at us funny, while our actual enemies plotted to kill Americans with impunity.

  16. Putin is a fascists. He is old KGB, wants the “glory” of the Soviet Empire back and does not care what we or those he will take over thinks.

    Ukraine is serving as a speed bump and is revealing issues with the Russian Military that I don’t think the Western Services knew. Look at the logistical issues and planning on the Russian side. Look at the tires of the wheeled convoys that are falling apart, cheap Chinese knock offs. The Russians have a larger air force, yet cannot get air superiority. Even using dumb bombs instead of more advanced weapons with longer standoff ranges. The timing of the invasion was wrong, mud sucks for armor and wheeled vehicles. Sure, Xi wanted him to wait until after the Olympic follies, and that led to the timing. Sun Tzu would have advised against the timing.

    The West is able to get materials into Ukraine, easily. The President of Ukraine is seen as a fighter and has served as a rally for the citizenry. Had he left when was offered, the Ukrainian defense would have fell apart and Russia would it all right now.

    I cannot and will not root for Putin. I choose the lesser of the two evils and the one evil that has the chance of learning from the past. Ukraine has the taste of what it is to fight for their freedom, and I hope they cherish it if they somehow push the Russians back.

    Maybe the separatists regions can be cordoned off and Ukraine can write them off. Russia can return the southern areas and the ports they took. Who knows.

    If Russia succeeds, they will do an AAR, retrofit and have a lot of purge from their defense personnel. The standard Stalinists purge. Then who will they look at next?

    • Then who will they look at next?“

      Probably Finland, they’re still sore over the Winter War.

      Or Sweden, but you can bet it won’t be a NATO country.

  17. People who support Ukraine don’t have a damn clue as to whom or what they are supporting.

    To support Ukraine it to support the installed Zelensky regime spawned from the Biden/Soros civil war (2014). It’s to support genocide of the ethnic Russian populace, much of which has been done by the self-proclaimed NEO-NAZI battalion “Azov” written as “Азов”. When President Putin says he wants to “de-NAZI” Ukraine, it’s meant to to be taken literally.

    Ukrainian Special Forces Command also released a statement saying they will not accept surrenders of regulars anymore and will instead execute (murder) them on the battlefield regardless of surrender. The statement implies that anyone surrendering runs the risk of torture before their execution. Blatant violations of the Geneva Convention(s).

    Any ammo manufacture that supports Ukraine shall lose my business FOR LIFE. There is no coming back from supporting genocide, murdering of civilians and surrendered soldiers.

    I already added Ammo INC to my garbage-list for their stunt, now it seems that “Vista Outdoor Inc” and their subsidiaries, CCI, Federal, Remington, etc, all get added to my garbage-list as well. I’ll invest in my own reloading setup before I spend another dime on boxed ammo from manufactures that support Ukraine.

    If Vista outdoors has any sense, they will start firing executives and 180 from the cliff.

    I’ll also add that American blood and treasure does not belong in this conflict. Although I can back humanitarian aid as long as it applies equally to all parties.

  18. Wow- it’s a veritable NAZI cavalcade right here on TTAG today.

    Never thought I’d see the day…


    • “Sobering“

      Yep, this is why every sane American has a serious concern regarding domestic terrorism. Timothy McVeigh was not alone.

      • I’d have had no problem with McVeigh if he’d ensured the building was empty first- the fool delivered the wrong message by murdering innocents.

      • Notice Peter, I had to reach back to a singular “lone wolf” all the way back to 1995? Twenty seven years ago.

        But yeah Peter, as a sane American you too should have Serious concern regarding domestic terrorism.

        Paul Joseph Goebbels

  19. We need more companies like Vista in the USA. They bought Remington Ammunition Company and have totally revitalized it and saved numerous jobs. Now they are supporting a customer in dire need of ammunition to survive this Russian invasion. I commend them for the humanity they have displayed and wish there were far more companies like them here in the States.

  20. Some of you guys are pissing in a lake you’re only ankle deep in. There is an enormous amount of history leading to this conflict, there’s an extremely wide datastream, there’s false propaganda, faked footage, reused images of known psyoperators operating, reporting from the citizenry that directly contradicts the media and Ukrainian government (Thanks btw, to Elon for reconnecting a lot of Ukraine so that the contradiction can be seen by the world) there’s purposely mistranslated on the ground reporting, the list goes on. You’ve got to have a 60 mile view, and even then, there’s a constant back and forth between your emotional reaction and your good reasoning.
    If you really want to know about someone you’ve never met, find out who their friends are, that usually tells you a lot.
    I, for one, am stoked that our ammo producers are relieving our supply shortage and high prices by virtue signalling to Ukraine.

  21. I cannot of course comment on every entry here but it does occur to me why all those Commie Hating American gun nuts are not off to Ukraine where they can live out theeir fanatasies.
    Meanwhile my own take on this is that the real objective of PUTIN is to sedquester Ukraine’s AGRICULTURAL potential and rapidly developing CONSUMER orientated industry that has been receiving considerable INTELLECTUAL property from the West and even China. PUTIN has promised the Russian People all kinds of goodies to bring it up to Western [and potentially Chinese] standards none of which he has fullfilled.
    In his own way he is setting about, just as Stailin did , his own version of SOVIETISATION of Ukraine. The fact that Putin has taken a Souther Port that was Ukraines international export gateway is telling. [Do a check on Ukraines potential as THE worlds major grain exporter some time thus regaining the position it held pre-WW1 and during the early days of the Soviet Union before the dead hand of SOVIETISATION starved 10,miliion os so Ukrainians to death as a matteer of misplaced political expediency.

    There is much said that this is NOT a war of the Russian People. WRONG WRONG and yes it bloody well is. It is they by their willingness to accept the dregs from the tables of the Kleptomanic Oligarchs and institutionalised corrupt supine politicos and the Russian Mafioso that has allowed PUTIN to have his way and it is they that have to pay the ECONOMIC price price. It is NOT PUTIN that is pulling the triggers, launching the missiles an deliberately targetting cities and civilian populations it is ORDINARY RUSSIANS.
    The is an old political adage that ”Most of the people, most of the time mostly get the government they bloody well mostly deserve”. and this is as true of Russia as it is of the USA.
    It must surely tell us something when those ORDINARY RUSSIAN are now complaining that than no longer draw DOLLARS or EURoS out of ATM machines [or in most places even RUBLES[ and thatvthey are now being charged 25% interest [ very likely to reach 40% in the coming days!] on loans, outstanding balance and mortgages..
    This war is by no means over and PUTIN has been drawn into what may prove to be very very hard going URBAN WARFARE. The fact that there has been a succerssfull evacuation of over 1 million, mainly women and children, and thats likely to rise to well over two million in the coming days, seems to me that there MUST have been considerable pre-planning from both Ukraine and it’s neighbours . Just arranging transport would have been a very, very considerable exercise in itself. It also allows Ukraine to fight it’s battles more unhindered than otherwise have been the case. The loss of cities, whilst of course a tragedy, is to my mind, in strategic terms not a serious as it might seem. A few hundred trained and committed men and women with the right gear can wreak havoc IT after all took the loss of 1.5 MILLION SOVIET men to take BERLIN, more than the Western Allies lost in the entire war, and Berlin had been bomed to bejazzus for months and subjected to the heraviest artillery of WW2 and by the way was defended in the mqain by the Old Mans VOLKSTURM and HITLER Youth . The SOVIETS also took probably 2 MILLION casualties a STALINGRAD being defended by and already defeated rag-tag German Army
    The expression ‘clearing the decks for action springs to mind.

    • “but it does occur to me why all those Commie Hating American gun nuts are not off to Ukraine where they can live out theeir fanatasies.”

      aside from the fact that there is no such thing as “Commie Hating American gun nuts” and its an invented term for a very small percentage of people….

      It does occur to me that ‘Albert Hall’ is also not off to Ukraine but can blindly set around being a hypocrite not realizing that many American gun people and companies are “off to Ukraine” directly and indirectly in providing ammo, weapons, financial aid, transportation, and training to Ukraine citizens.

      • Not to forget also that millions of American tax payers and tax paying companies, gun people or not, are indirectly “off to Ukraine” through the military arms and humanitarian aid being sent by the United States.

        but some directly also, for example today > American veterans are heading to Ukraine to join the country’s fight against Russia > …. and since the beginning days, for example, Feb. 26, 2022 over 3,000 American volunteer “gun nuts” headed to Ukraine to join in the battle against Russia.

    • Wheat, petroleum, and a whole lot of get off my lawn NATO.
      Theres a lot at stake here.
      Himalayan glaciers melting for starts.

  22. Yesterday was suppose to have been an agreed upon temporary ceasefire between Russia-Ukraine for Mariupol so civilians could be evacuated under a joint plan, a ceasefire and joint plan the Russians agreed to. Russian military forces celebrated the cease fire by carrying out attacks.

    A second ceasefire attempt (between 10am and 9pm local time) will happen today in Mariupol so civilians can be evacuated under the joint plan.

    Across Ukraine, Russian military forces continue targeting civilian evacuation escape routes and health care centers (e.g. hospitals, temporary, etc….) and civilian residential areas.

    Western countries have increased aid, Poland is considering deploying fighter aircraft to Ukraine and the U.S. is considering sending fighter aircraft to Poland. Western countries are say they will not get into a “direct” military conflict with Russia but are increasing “indirect” military conflict efforts.

    The now armed Ukraine citizens have been successful in many cases defending against Russian military forces.

    According to a report by the general staff of the armed forces of Ukraine and published to the website of the Ukrainian ministry of defence (translated to English): [Russian] military personnel losses are over 11,000 – 285 [Russian] tanks and 985 armoured combat vehicles have been destroyed – 109 [Russian] artillery systems, 44 [Russian] aircraft [not helicopters] and 48 [Russian] helicopters have also been destroyed. —- also according to the report “more than 650 wounded members of the Russian occupation forces were taken to the central city hospital in the village of Bryanka, Luhansk region, … All of them are mostly in serious condition… after [Russian military] providing first aid, they were escorted by an armed convoy from the regular forces of the Russian armed forces to the line of combat to introduce further hostilities as ‘cannon fodder’. It is known that the personnel of the [Russian] 6th separate motorised rifle regiment is frightened and demoralised, looking for ways to desertion.”

    (note: ‘[Russian military]’ and ‘[Russian]’ and ‘[not helicopters]’ added by me to maintain context in the translation to English)

    Putin’s rhetoric again hints at use of nuclear weapons.

  23. The stench of cowards pissing themselves over the threat of nukes is thick in this thread.

  24. I go online to find ammo…



  25. They also announced a price increase to get the Americans to pay for it but of course that’s not on TTAG

  26. Nice marketing ploy – a day late – Being support ($$$) for AMMO Inc worked well Last week. Vista jumps on board.
    -> Like we can find excess CCI or Federal primers here on the self?


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