Father Michael Pfleger. And Henry Hale, one of Pfleger's faithful armed bodyguards.
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Father Michael Pfleger, fresh off a suspension related to allegations of sexually abusing multiple teenagers, has announced a new gun buyback at his St. Sabina’s Church in Chicago. The anti-gun cleric is paying good money too: $200 for handguns or “assault rifles” and $20 for magazines. Here’s the catch, it’s open to all…if you’re 25 years of age or under.

Father Pfleger has a long, headlines-grabbing history of gun control advocacy. He’s a regular fixture at Chuck’s Guns in Riverdale demanding not only gun control for the little people but even, on occasion, inciting the crowds to “snuff out” John Riggio, the store’s owner.

What most folks don’t know is that the hypocritical man of the cloth brings multiple armed bodyguards with him to events and employs them at his church as well. He denies it, of course, but one of his regular bodyguards at Chuck’s Guns was once arrested on the steps of St. Sabinas for – you guessed it – carrying without a license.

Jesse Jackson, left and Father Pfleger. One of Pfleger’s bodyguards, Henry Hale, is shown prior to his arrest for carrying a gun without the proper permits on the steps of St. Sabina’s Church in Chicago.
Image by Boch.

Another one of Pfleger’s (now former) bodyguards was arrested for murder. While also acting as “security” for a corner drug store, former Pfleger staffer Louis Hicks, Jr. reportedly shot and killed a woman who allegedly shoplifted some merchandise. Police arrested him after he fled the scene. Nothing like contributing to the atmosphere of violence in Chicago, right?

More recently, the social justice warrior priest was suspended after three men came forward alleging sexual abuse by the priest many years ago. Coming forward for the men proved difficult and a personal risk, because Pfleger has created a “larger the life” reputation among the poor neighborhood in which he works. (He doesn’t shop in that neighborhood, preferring higher-end department stores, but that’s a story for another day.)

The Chicago Archdiocese has since cleared their prolific fundraising priest and returned him to his position.

Now, his latest public relations stunt to keep his name in the news: sponsoring his own gun “buyback” that will pay twice the city of Chicago’s going rate for “buying back” handguns. And Pfleger’s paying $20 per magazine that hold ten rounds or more.

The catch of course, is only those 25 and under are invited.

From WGN TV:

As gun violence continues to rage in the streets of Chicago, a gun buy-back program is set to kick off next week.

Those 25 and younger can turn in guns, no questions asked, and get cash back.

Father Michael Pfleger and other gathered at St. Sabina Church on the South Side Wednesday night, for a special prayer service against gun violence.

Starting next Monday, people will be at the church to accept working guns. You can get $100 for rifles and $200 for handguns or assault rifles.

People who turn in high capacity magazines or clips can get $20. The money was reportedly donated by a businessman fed up with the gun violence.

Some have wondered if, as these young people turn in their guns, they’re evaluated for more, uh, “personal” consultations with the priest. But that’s unfair and awfully cynical.


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  1. Common now he could violate a young man on the altar and he still has enough leverage they wouldn’t touch him.

    I really wonder what dirt he has on someone else. I’m thinking quite a bit.

    Maybe he just likes his victims disarmed. Regardless of the case he sounds like a guy Chaucer would have something to say about.

    This is something where someone should go try to turn in a gun, get denied and then file a discrimination complaint against him.

  2. When did we get moderation? Also not really sure what needs moderated, there weren’t any pejoratives in what I said even.


    • Andrew,

      Happens A LOT on this site, but it seems to happen sporadically. Not sure what the issue is, but TTAG needs to get a better comment platform. Like, maybe, one with edit features, ability to up or down vote comments (MinorIQ would LOVE how that played out!). Until the TTAG editors/IT types get this cleaned up, our choices seem to be (1) suck it up and deal with it, or (2) go somewhere else.

      • It’s kind of amusing considering the comment below me says:

        ““daddy bottom bleed!”
        fuck that pedo.”

        I mean, that was more vitriol and vileness than anything in my comment that seems to have been ghosted.

    • We have certain obvious words selected for moderation when they appear in a post. That said, WordPress has a mind of its own and holds up some posts for no apparent reason. It happens five to ten times a day. I clear them as soon as I can.

  3. Each of those private transfers will proceed subject to NICS checks, right? Or did the Rev. find a FFL willing to serve as the on-site transferee?

  4. BobS. my first thought was same line of thinking….. how, with all the restrictions against simply transfering possession/ownership, not a State felony? Mmmmmmmm

    • $20 for a “hi-cap” magazine? Hold up let me go get some cheap promags ($8/mag) to sell them so I can get some good magazines. *A fool and their money….*

    • I have a belief that anyone who is loudly in favor of “social justice” is a person or company who’s got something they’re trying to hide or compensate for in many cases.

  5. 25 & younger?!? Don’t homie need a ID? Wassup wit dat😳 Good deal for gun thieves!

  6. is there a limit on magazines? You can buy the cheesy AK 30 rd mags for $9 and used ones even cheaper.

  7. The face of gun control. Phony sjw’s, pedos and the mental issue types like vlad/dacian and miner49er.

    If it wasn’t for billionaire fascists funding them we would have a pretty decent country.

  8. Would it not be wonderful if one of the victims of this pedophile priest showed up at the gun buy back with a 12 gauge shotgun loaded with buck and ball.

  9. If three came forward after many years then there is likely a lot more.
    Wasn’t his “adopted son” a punk gang banger who was shot and killed?
    This pedophile priest doesn’t even teach Catholic dogma at St. Sabina’s.
    The reason they let him stay is because he rakes in the money from the ghetto.
    Don’t forget that the Catholic church is the largest corporation in existence.
    On top of that they are tax exempt so that’s an added bonus.
    Before you judge me I was brought up Catholic and stuck with it for longer then most.
    I went to Catholic grade school, high school and Loyola.
    I also went to camp at a seminary in summer which was run by Catholics.
    I was never molested but found out in 2007 that a close friend was.
    It was in grade school. I was an observant Catholic to that day.
    Now I’m more of a freelancer but still read the bible, it’s the KJV version.
    This guys a self promoting salesmen more so then a man of God.
    There IS a special place in hell for him. I hope it’s very nasty place.
    Louis Hicks who was the aholes security was called to a Walgreens.
    The manager called him because some woman was shoplifting.
    He promptly shot her in the head execution style, it was cold blooded.
    As for illegal transfers and the such no law enforcement agency is going to touch the guy.
    His flock will go nuts and block the Dan Ryan or Lake Shore Drive.
    The Chicago Archdiocese put up the money for his “buyback”.
    Nobody wants to deal with his nonsense and Lightfoot will stand up for him.
    It would take a bold Fed to slap the cuffs on him. That isn’t going to happen.

  10. Business opportunity. I am pretty sure that hi-points can still be had for under 200 w/ shipping and/or FFL transfer. Bangsticks can be had for about 100 online no FFL but there is shipping.
    If any mag will do then crappy mags that don’t really work can be had for under 20. If ever there was a time for the GB-22 and the 3D printed Liberator it is now 🙂

    • In the hive of Chiraq how is it that the SOB has not been gunned down. White Commie Priv?

  11. So He prays against gun violence, but not for criminals to turn from all their violent ways and toward the love of Christ?

    I think God is scratching his head trying to make reason of it.

  12. This white “Christian” is just making sure law abiding blacks who can’t legally get a gun are disarmed. From whatever gun they broke the law to get.
    Colonel Jeff Cooper was correct. Give inner-city people the guns and ammunition and they will solve their own problems without the government.

    • He “preaches” BS, it’s all about publicity for him.
      He compares himself to MLK, what utter nonsense.
      Yet, he had Louis Farrakhan “preach” at a Catholic church.
      The Obamas were Farrakhans “neighbors” at the time.
      He’s a fraud of the highest magnitude.

  13. There’s a far better way to increase participation for a gun ‘buyback’.

    Enlist the help of the local prostitutes who can trade a blowjob for a gun.

    One gun for a BJ. 2 or more for a ‘half-and-half’…

      • The *delicious* irony of a virgin commenting on my sex life.

        At least I have one, little boy.

        (A very little boy, your mom told me… 😉 )

  14. I have a good idea for the Priest, why don’t you spread the Gospel so people’s lives can be changed into kind and loving people then you wont have to worry about gun violence anymore.

    You see when you have God fearing people in society, you have less crime because those people tend to obey laws much better than those that don’t.

    Do YOUR job! What a waste of money and time!

  15. Since Pfleger is part commie, part pedophile, I am uncertain whether I should drop him from a helo or throw him into a woodchipper….

    Oh I know! I’ll drop him from a helicopter into a woodchipper that’s been tilted so the feed chute faces up…

    I can here the libtards now… “YoU cAn’T dO tHaT! PeDoS HaVe RiGhTs ToO!”

    Hahaha, woodchipper goes BRRRRR!

  16. This “priest” gives Catholics a bad name. I don’t mind him being anti-gun, that is his right; however, he is influencing a lot of people to his views for all the wrong reasons.

    I wonder where he will be getting the money for this buyback. Could it be from the collection plate?

    This hypocrite should be disavowed by the Archdiocese of Chigago and excommunicated by the Pope.

  17. I do have a question about these buybacks, if someone can answer them. If I build 100 slam fire shotguns from pipes and turn them in. Would they give me 200 for each? If I turned the slam fires into the police with a “no questions asked” policy?

  18. $200 for an Assault rifle, Gee, one should stand outside and offer $250 and offer to pay for the backround check. Probably can’t do that in Chicago.

    This actually happened in Seattle a few years ago, before mandated backround checks. A block away from the “Buy Back” parking lot, a few guys set up signs willing to pay more for specific firearms. Totally legal.

  19. Well, I’m glad we had a picture of “Father” Pfleger and Jesse Jackson together, as they are both criminals who will never be prosecuted.

    Good ‘Ole Jesse is an extortionist, as he routinely shakes down businesses in exchange for board seats or donations to his organization. One of his kids was rewarded with a Budweiser Distributorship worth millions. In addition, The “Rev Jackson” squirted a baby into one of his secretaries, she gave birth, he bought her a house, gave her money, probably for a “No Show” job, etc. All of this was and likely continues to be paid with Charitable Funds from his organization. This racial poverty pimp will never face justice, despite his many crimes. So many at least one book has been written to document them all.

    Father Pfleger is just another homosexual pedophile that works for the criminal organization know as the Catholic Church. How anyone can still belong to this church is beyond me. Even now the new Pope protects all the cross dressers, homosexuals and pedophiles in Vatican leadership. Why do you think the old Pope retired, he tried to clean it up, but got so much push back he either had to step down or be murdered like John Paul II.

    Gun Control is probably the lesser of his sins, but it does illustrate his hypocrisy perfectly. Again, he will never face justice in this life for his many crimes.

    I guess its good to be a DemoRat, just sign away your soul and carry on, with no repercussions

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