TTAG Daily Digest: Don Lemon’s STFU, Taking Stock, A Whole Lott of Shaking Going On

Don Lemon (via

Don Lemon Has 2 Words For People Who Say It’s Not Time To Talk About Guns – And there I was thinking they were going to be f*ck off. “After Wednesday’s mass shooting at a South Florida high school, the CNN Tonight host said that compared to other countries, America was ‘off the charts’ when it came to this kind of violence. And that meant we have to talk about guns . . .

“You can save it. People who are saying, ‘Oh, y’know, it’s not the time to talk about guns’ or whatever,” Lemon said. “Yes, it is. Shut up. I don’t want to hear it. It absolutely is.”

Ruger stock price (courtesy

Gun stocks rally after Florida school massacre – No surprise there, but with Republicans in control of Congress and the White House, no panic, no sales surge.

Gun stat man John Lott (courtesy media

Why is The New York Times publishing discredited gun researcher John Lott? – Because he doesn’t say a whole lot to piss off the antis?

Last month, The Times published a glowing profile of NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch with the paper terming her a “telegenic warrior” despite criticism that Loesch has used her NRA role to incite violence against journalists and critics of the presidentThe Times’ acceptance of Lott’s opinion piece is another indication of how much the paper is willing to kowtow to pro-gun activists, no matter how extreme or false their claims are.

Georgia Tech students on the range (courtesy

Georgia Tech student group helping train college students with firearms to fight back – A response to off-campus crime, but still timely given yesterday’s events.

Rob Montgomery, the vice president of the Marksmanship Club at Georgia Tech, told FOX5 he’s upset thieves are prowling campus-area neighborhoods looking to take advantage of college students.

“What we really think is the best solution to these problems is to have people properly trained in the use of firearms,” he said.

“If someone thinks you have a gun, they are far less likely to target you for a robbery,” Montgomery said.

Acting ATF Deputy Director Ronald B. Turk

Exclusive: Gun lobbyist helped write ATF official’s proposal to deregulate – A mild breeze in a teacup, as we learn in paragraph 29:

The white paper does indeed emphasize, in a note at the end, that the views are [Acting ATF Deputy Director Ronald B.] Turk’s: “The opinions expressed within this white paper are not those of the ATF; they are merely the ideas and opinions of this writer … this paper is offered to provide informal insight on potential productive ways to limit regulation and continue to protect our Second Amendment freedoms, while focusing on ATF’s mission to protect our nation.”

In a note accompanying the memo, ATF’s assistant director of Enforcement Programs and Services, Marvin G. Richardson, tried to clarify to division chiefs that this memo was not official policy.

“It is not policy or guidance but rather it is intended to open up dialogue on the various issues. Please review it and formulate any thoughts or ideas that you may have. We will discuss these issues at a meeting in the near future. As a reminder, this document is not for public dissemination so please regard it as internal only,” he wrote in January 2017.

Megyn Kelly kvetching

Megyn Kelly on FL Shooting: ‘NRA Is Too Powerful,’ Politicians ‘Too Weak’ – Ms Kelly blurs the line between a feature and a bug

And then there are the guns. Don’t even think about it. Don’t even think about it. No gun reforms are getting through. They’re not. And most of the ones that will be proposed in the wake of this shooting will be utterly meaningless and wouldn’t have even arguably prevented this killing. The NRA is too powerful. our politicians are too weak, and the guns are too ubiquitous.


  1. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

    We need to talk about how to get more guns onto school grounds. Parent volunteers comes to mind.

    1. avatar Jon in CO says:

      Hell, I’d volunteer on my days off. I’d even mentor some of the kids if they wanted/it were allowed. The local fuzz has all of my info for background and what not anyway, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

    2. avatar BLoving says:

      Murphy’s Law of Combat #25 – When you have secured an area, don’t forget to tell the enemy.

      Yes, we need to harden our schools. Actually harden them… not just hang up a sign telling them we disapprove of what they are planning to do. And stop prohibiting the adults in the school from exercising their fundamental civil right of self defense as well as bearing the means to do so while in the school.
      Then we tell EVERYONE the school is no longer an easy target and any attack upon it will be met with deadly force.
      This is not difficult, or at least I never imagined it would be… who knew logic would be so hard to implement?

    3. avatar Big Bill says:

      We have lots of unemployed, trained, ex-military people with combat experience who would be happy to help protect our school children.
      Never happen, though, because the school system is run by people who are deeply invested in a system that’s geared towards making a totalitarian government.
      Venezuela is a good example of where they want to go.

  2. avatar Hank says:

    Don Lemon is the biggest baby on TV. Dudes so sour.

    1. avatar Stereodude says:

      You’ll have to forgive him. He’s still looking for Flight MH17 in the black hole.

      Never forget GWV 1027

      1. avatar Geoff PR says:

        “He’s still looking for Flight MH17 in the black hole.”

        Flight MH17 was blown out of the sky over the Ukraine by a Russian-made ground-to-air missile.

        Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 has yet to be found, excepting a few barnacle-encrusted wing control surfaces…

      2. avatar Hannibal says:

        Every time I see him, all I can think of is that he’s stupid \ ignorant enough to ask someone whether it was possible that an airplane disappeared into a black hole. On earth.

        1. avatar 2004done says:

          Hannibal: Obviously you aren’t keeping up with “settled science,” indeed, 97% of dual-discipline degree holders of hole theory/ climatology agree that holes (some black, some white, some yellow, some red) are thought to be a direct result of the one in the ozone layer (remember the ’70s and hairspray?). It’s a constantly changing field, because truth can never be calculated into the computer models used to frighten we proletariat.

      3. avatar vivian says:

        GWV 1027?

  3. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    Oh look, a thumb sucking hoplophobe on CNN.

    1. avatar neiowa says:

      What is this CNN? I thought they went the way of the NFL and the dodo bird.

  4. avatar Geoff PR says:

    I have nothing but contempt for that (Deleted) Don Lemon.

    Don, feel free to go (Flame pro-actively deleted to save TTAG management time) yourself…

  5. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

    And the downward spiral continues for Megyn Kelly.

    1. avatar California Richard says:

      Continues? When she sucked off Putin for an interview, I thought she was at rock bottom. Now that she’s a shameless whore, I fully expect her to say stupid crap like this.

      1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        The thing about rock bottom is that when you think you’re there, you’ll quickly find you’re only halfway to your destination.

      2. avatar The Gray Man says:

        That’s not when she lost her support. She lost it when she failed to suck Trump. She had the total adoration of millions of Americans, who decided they liked Trump. She positioned herself as his adversary and immediately they all turned on her. I don’t have an issue with that. What I have an issue with is that all those Trump supporters are pretending like they always hated her, when in fact they all had her poster on their wall.

        1. avatar Klaus Von Schmitto says:

          It was on the ceiling above the bed.

        2. avatar Red Sox says:

          To the Gov. That’s not her or it is a thoroughly altered photo she is a member of the IBTC

        3. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

          That’s her. I believe she was pregnant at the time, which would explain certain enhancements. After the baby was born she got a little too serious about trimming down though. She’d probably look better with an extra 5 or 10 pounds now.

  6. avatar Gun Free School Zones are a crime against humanity says:

    The NRA is nothing. Barely 5 million members.

    What the NRA has is people like me. I’m a non member. But I vote my guns. Gun owners are the largest growing segment of the population and continue to grow.

    A few more fed judges appointed by Trump and 1 or 2 more scotus justices and we’ll be ready for constitutional carry in this country.

    1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      According to polls, 15 million people are members of the NRA. According to the NRA, it’s about 5 million.

      As one of the panelists on Special Report put it, the NRA is a powerful lobby because they have an active membership that is alerted and mobilized. The politicians aren’t scared of the NRA, they are scared of voters, and that is the way it should be.

  7. avatar W says:

    Well, given Lemon’s past statements, one shouldn’t expect him to be some measured expert on such matters. However, if one looks at homicide rates in the western hemisphere, where this country actually is that is, one sees that many other countries are higher. If one looks at suicide rates in the developed world, one also sees that many other countries are higher. So no, we are not in some crisis.

    31,900 people died due to unintentional falls in the United States. Is that a crisis? It outweighs school shootings, murders with firearms, and all mass shootings. Heck, even combined.

    Lemon is not an Apple. He is a lemon.

  8. avatar Ret1SG says:

    Well, you gotta remember he’s also gay. That’s okay if that’s how he wants to fly. But, I really think it has affected his brain. Just sayin’.

    1. avatar Swarf says:

      Yeah, fuck off.

      1. avatar n64456 says:

        You mad, Bro??

        1. avatar Brainman says:

          He’s not mad. He’s just wondering what it is that affected your brain.

  9. avatar Mad Max says:

    The antis just need to learn one fact… that prohibitions don’t work. For proof, they can look to Prohibition of alcohol during the 1930’s and our ongoing “War on Drugs”.

    Further, we’re dealing with 19th Century technology dressed up in Cerakote. They can ban it all but any determined, mechanically-skilled, mass murderer will be persistent enough to find or build whatever weapons he needs.

    Bans are futile.

  10. avatar VerendusAudeo says:

    I agree with Don Lemon. On average, there has been a mass shooting every 38 hours in 2018. At this rate, there will NEVER be a time to even talk about the issue before the next mass shooting resets the clock.

    1. avatar Slick says:

      *citation needed*

      1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

        I saw something about that stat, didn’t read all the way through it, but it basically counts every discharge of a firearm within, I don’t know 1000 feet of any school property or something. There’s a couple suicides and an ND or two in there. Not sure which g un control group fed that to all the media libtards, but it’s intentionally misleading. There counting on thinking that they’re all the same as the FL shoo ting only with a lower body count since they obviously didn’t make the national news. It is in fact pure garbage.

        1. avatar VerendusAudeo says:

          No, that stat was about ‘school shootings’, and I happen to agree that the criteria were extremely loose. The 29 MASS SHOOTINGS are very easily defined. A mass shooting is defined as any shooting incident in which 5 or more people are killed or wounded.

        2. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

          I probably shouldn’t be critical of people being too lazy to spend 15 seconds on DuckDuckGo to get their facts straight, since I too was too lazy until a couple minutes ago.

          Everytownforgunconfiscation. Deliberately misleading.

        3. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

          If I don’t use the, let’s call it “standard” definition of a word or phrase, I can prove a whole lot of stuff. There is a generally agreed to definition of mass shooting, and that ain’t it.

    2. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

      2,000 abortions a DAY in the USA…all legal…hmmmm

    3. avatar Hank says:

      That’s right. There was actually 46 mass shootings in the time it took for me to type this post. It’s also increasing at an exponential rate, with 30 million Americans dying daily in mass shootings. At this rate, every single American will be dead by next Tuesday!

      1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

        Mouth full of coffee all over my iPad.
        Going to head for my secret bomb shelter and then clean it up.

  11. avatar henry bowman says:

    The left is getting mad their opinions no longer carry water and people are refusing to give them anything anymore.

    1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

      It’s got to be rough for the true anti-2A faithful. At least assuming that their not all malevolent billikens hell bent on advancing a totalitarian state. I mean, there’s got to be a certain percentage of them that are just brain dead bed wetting hoplophobes that sincerely believe that all they have to do is ban guns and the tragedies will stop. What their missing is that over half the population hears about these things and thinks how if they were ever in a situation like that the one thing they’d want access to is a g un.

      I seem to remember someone from (Greek?) mythology(?) about a character who was blessed with the ability to see the future but cursed because nobody would ever believe him. That’s probably how the feel.

      Not that I’m really all that concerned with their feelings.

      1. avatar JW says:

        Cassandra – blessed by Apollo as he courted her, then cursed by him when he was spurned. Always to speak accurate prophecy- never to be believed.

        1. avatar Gov. William J Le Petomane says:

          Ah, yes. Now that I think of it, it was the movie 12 Monkeys that introduced me to Cassandra. Brad Pitt’s best performance of his entire career, IMHO.

  12. avatar Unrepentent Libertarian says:

    “The Times’ acceptance of Lott’s opinion piece is another indication of how much the paper is willing to kowtow to pro-gun activists, no matter how extreme or false their claims are.”
    I find it humorous that one would call John Lotts’ statements as “false”. You can tell that they never even read what Mr. Lott has to say; they automatically conclude that he has to be wrong. Any firearm rights activist is the devil in their book. As if any ban would stop some one from acquiring a gun!

    1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      Anyone who claims Lott is discredited is either a liar or stupid. I wrote a paper in which I reviewed his work. I read all of the criticism of his work I could find. At the time, it was almost all ad hominem attacks. It’s good to see not much has changed.

      “Why is The New York Times publishing discredited gun researcher John Lott?”

  13. avatar Stanley says:

    It’s time to talk…shut up.

    That doesn’t sound like someone who wants to have a conversation.

    1. avatar California Richard says:

      LOL… I was thinking the same thing. Shut up! I don’t want to hear what you have to say! We need to have a conversation now!….. At least he’s honest about how the left defines the word “conversation”.

      1. avatar Scoutino says:

        That’s exactly the way the grabbers want to do the ‘conversation’. “Shut up and let us tell you what’s going to happen!”

  14. avatar J says:

    Every anti-gun organizations and persons are speaking for more gun control after the Florida shooting. But, the 19 yr old that did the shootings was know to be unstable and no one did anything to stop him before it happened. His parents, classmates, and teachers knew he was unstable. Classmates have reported that he talked frequently about shoot people. The FBI was sent a YouTube video of him making comments about shoot kids at school months before the the kid did this and the FBI did nothing. We do not need more gun control. We need people around these unstable and destructive individuals to step up and get these individuals some mental health care that they need.

    Stop talking about gun control and have some personal responsibility to report odd behavior and comments so these individuals can get the help they need.

  15. avatar Quasimofo says:

    Weird, I don’t recall Don pushing for discussions about pressure cooker control and rental truck control in the recent past. I wonder if that hypocrisy is driven by a political agenda? Hmmm…

    Anyhoo, the dude’s demonstrated many times that he’s one of the straight-up dumbest MFers on cable news. He doesn’t have the “gravitas” to do what he’s attempting to do. Why doesn’t that idiot stick to doing what he does best: looking for that airliner in the Indian Ocean…

  16. avatar Thom Ream says:

    From the Great Quasimofo: Why doesn’t that idiot stick to doing what he does best: looking for that airliner in the Indian Ocean…
    Uh, not trying to be gross or anything, but maybe he’s too busy looking in back holes… for… something…

    Thank you, I’ll be here all last week…

  17. avatar Muhammad says:

    We have a cultural problem in America, not a gun culture problem, but a first person shooter, insta-famous problem. Our kids grow up playing video games, and the failures among them idolize thug life and violence.

    We do have a problem, but it’s not guns, it’s our violence culture, and our media that glorifies these rejects.

    This new guy didn’t even do it right, your supposed to shoot your self at the end. Noe instead we have to look ar this foo

  18. avatar Some Old Gun Guy says:

    Somebody have a quick & accurate “infographic” on murder rates per capita around the world? An acquaintance just posted one on the book of faces labeled “GUN murders per 100,000 people around the world” or similar (I think it came from Everytown blabla), which, naturally, showed the US many, many times higher than the next closest nation. I pointed out that the graphic was misleading because it did not include all types of murder, & I got hammered. I need to go to bed at the moment, but I would like to respond to them tomorrow & if anyone has a chart or even stats with a credible source it will save me a bunch of research time. Thanks.

    1. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

      Look at gun deaths from Brazil and Mexico and South Africa…MUCH higher than here per 100,000
      They showed you only 1st world country stats, I bet.

    2. avatar Hank says:

      US rate is artificially inflated because they often lump in suicide as “gun violence.” Also, the vast majority of US murders involving guns is infact gang violence. So if the left really wants to do something about “gun violence” they’d want to put the foot down on gangs, but they don’t. Because they see gangs as heroic victims fighting back against white male privilege. Even though it’s all young black men dying.

    3. avatar Mister Fleas says:

      “Somebody have a quick & accurate “infographic” on murder rates per capita around the world? An acquaintance just posted one on the book of faces labeled “GUN murders per 100,000 people around the world” or similar (I think it came from Everytown blabla), which, naturally, showed the US many, many times higher than the next closest nation.”

      It is obvious B.S. because the United States is about in the middle for homicides. For example, Mexico has a much higher homicide rate.

      “I pointed out that the graphic was misleading because it did not include all types of murder, & I got hammered.”

      Point out it is irrelevant HOW someone is murdered; murder is murder. Victims are no more dead by guns than by other means.

  19. avatar Chris T in KY says:

    Don Lemon and Megyn Kelly both enjoy private armed security. At their place of work. There hypocrites.
    As far as the AFT goes, the Trump effect is in full force. No one at the AFT swamp would write anything about less gun regulation in a Clinton administration. You go President Trump!!
    They are afraid of you.

  20. avatar former water walker says:

    Oh go suck a lemon Lemon…how do these cretins keep their jobs? Black hole indeed😄 Megyn never was a conservative. Crash and burn NBC…

  21. avatar ironicatbest says:

    It’s time to put the Florida shootings to rest, just out of respect for the family members. I feel like a buzzard commenting on anything about this

  22. avatar MLee says:

    Who in hell is Don Lemon? Are we supposed to care what he thinks and says? I sure don’t.

  23. avatar Aussie pub brawler says:

    i got “two words” for Mr Don Lemon …. well… two lots of “two words”, actually;

    first lot: “Australia, UK”;
    the absolute, unmitigated disaster of gun control in those two countries which has left a totally disarmed civilian population totally @ the mercy of thugs, psychos and hoons should, in and of itself, be more than sufficient to ‘nip’ any talk of US gun control in the bud……

    second lot: “civil war”;
    you won’t get AUstralian-style gun laws in the US w/out having to fight a civil war which will make Civil War I look like a minor bar fight…..

  24. avatar Leighton Cavendish says:

    And maybe we should also talk about black crime…and how it is rampant given that blacks are only about 13% of the US population…
    plenty of blacks are mass shooters as well…defined as 4 or more people shot by the FBI…so???

  25. avatar HP says:

    So here have the same “journalists” calling for gun control, who just last week, were praising the propaganda minister of a regime that runs concentration camps and executes people with anti-aircraft guns. These same journalists who have baselessly claimed Trump is an aspiring dictator are now shrieking for him to “do something!” and act like actual dictator. It’s disgusting what the mainstream media has devolved into.

  26. avatar Shire-man says:

    Asking the monsters to defang isn’t going to work. The only option that isn’t founded in fantasies or magic is to arm yourself against the monsters.

    Some clown on the news this morning were showing off what are essentially miniature shot-spotters to be installed in schools and other areas. So proudly they proclaimed “when a shot is registered police will be immediately notified!” Oddly they didn’t get into response times.

    Hey, moron, why do you call the cops when the shit goes down? They have GUNS!!! Skip the middle man. Cut the response time to zero and live. Maybe they don’t want to live?

  27. avatar Occam's Laser says:

    The antis’ dirty little secret is that, just like the Palestinians with Israel, they really *DON’T* want a solution that works (armed teachers/security/police in the schools + involuntary commitment of dangerously mentally ill individuals). They want to be able to wave the bloody flag whenever something happens and call for confisca–commonsense gun laws.

  28. avatar Ralph says:

    When CNN gives you Don Lemon, scream at the TV to STFU and change the channel. It’s more refreshing than lemonade.

  29. avatar Felixd says:

    “Why is The New York Times publishing discredited gun researcher John Lott? – Because he doesn’t say a whole lot to piss off the antis?”

    Another cheap shot at Lott this week? Really? Think this helps us?

    1. avatar TX_Lawyer says:

      I really don’t get what he has against Lott.

  30. avatar SkyMan77 says:

    Poor Donnie really should take to someone about his Daddy issues…

  31. avatar SkyMan77 says:

    Poor Donnie really should talk to someone about his Daddy issues… Guy is in some serious identity crisis…

  32. avatar Roger Cain says:

    IF ONLY Don Lemon’s opinion mattered, just think how much better off the world would be, the things he could do.

    But I digress, Lemon’s opinion isn’t worth 2 shits.

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