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“Me being a big black guy in a car with a gun in it? There’s no way that scenario ends well for me if the cops come.” That’s what was going through WWE wrestler Shelton Benjamin‘s mind when he discovered a Ruger — not an F’N — in the glovebox of his Budget rental car, according to And yet . . .

Shelton handled things the right way — saying he called police immediately and explained the situation … and cops were cool when they came to collect the weapon.

In fact, cops told Shelton they see similar situations with guns left in rental cars “all the time.”

Deputies mistake man for murder suspect – Then again . . .

Peter, his wife, and four children were headed to the downtown VA for an appointment when their vehicle was surrounded by law enforcement.

“We were like ‘Wait a minute, what’s going on? Why are they pointing at us?’ so they run up to our car, and they immediately pull their guns out at us.”

He says the officers told him he looked like Richard Lyle Timmons, Jr. and he had a similar vehicle. His, a 2017 white Chevrolet Traverse. Timmons? 2010 . . .

A scary situation for the Butler family, but Peter says he knows the deputies were just doing their jobs.

Peter told me his family was so shaken up, they actually left Augusta immediately and headed straight for Chicago on Friday where his parents live. After serving many years in the military, he says he’s never seen so many weapons pointed in his direction, an experience he hopes never happens again.

POF G-Series Slide

And there I was thinking handgun slides were gender neutral. Something to think about in my AMG G-Wagon. [Click here for POF website.]

Hillsborough Florida crime scene (courtesy

Criminals use public parking lots to sell guns, drugs – The bad guys get the drop on the good guys trying to get the drop on the bad guys. Unless there’s something else in play here . .

Sgt. Rule is the supervisor of an undercover unit of eight detectives. They gain the trust of criminals to buy narcotics and firearms. Many of the undercover buys are made in public places.

“We found out about their techniques by investigating individuals who are selling firearms. We weren’t setting up deals in parking lots.” Sgt. Rule said . . .

In the past few months, those deals have become more and more dangerous. Three undercover deputies have been robbed while trying to buy guns. One incident was in the parking lot of a convenience store. The other incident was across the street from the Hard Rock Casino.

“Those guys had their money taken and a gun put in their face.” Rule said.

Rule has also had a gun put in his face. While undercover in 2011, a suspect pointed a shotgun at him.

“I still get chills thinking about it.” He said. “It’s very dangerous.”

Adaptive tactical less lethal stock for Mossberg shotguns

Adaptive Tactical Releases its ‘Orange Less Lethal’ EX Performance Forend and Adjustable Style Stock for Mossberg® Shotguns – Am I wrong for wanting this set-up on my lethal shotgun? And orange you glad I didn’t make a Dad joke about it?

Optimized and readily identifiable for ‘less lethal’ law enforcement and tactical operations, the ‘Orange Less Lethal’ EX Performance Forend and Adjustable Style Stock comes with a number of advanced design features specifically tailored to pump shotguns. This sleek industrial design features a two-inch Picatinny rail hidden under the nose cap. Once uncovered, it allows for the attachment of tactical accessories, such as lasers and lights.

Made in the U.S.A., the stock and forend are constructed from high-impact, lightweight polymer and are designed with owner installation in mind. The M4-style stock has an oversized extra strength adjustment pin and an integrated QD swivel attachment with a molded-in, non-rust standard sling swivel attachment for secure mounting to various sling systems. In addition, the adjustable stock has excellent ergonomics and comes with a pistol grip that includes an easy-to-reach rapid adjust lever for custom length-of-pull. It also includes a nonslip vented rubber recoil pad, which allows for maximum recoil absorption. MSRP $129.99.

Blue Force Gear Valentine's Day ad

Blue Force Gear hits it out of the park with their Valentine’s Day ad.  BUY A TOURNIQUET!

Speer Gold Dot Duty Ammunition 9mm

Speer Secures Long-Term Ammunition Contract from French National Police – Insert French joke here.

The French National Police recently awarded Speer with a long-term contract for its 124-grain, 9mm Luger Gold Dot Duty ammunition. This contract reflects the company’s industry-leading technologies and longstanding commitment to excellence.

“The French National Police are one of the world’s finest law enforcement agencies. We’re proud to provide Speer Gold Dot for their duty ammunition needs,” said Jason Nash, Senior Director of Marketing, “and are honored they selected us for this important contract.”

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  1. Dammit. I’m apparently French. My nightstand gun is an SP2022 with 124 grain Gold Dots.

    I don’t speak French, but I do kiss that way.

  2. I have no comment after the events of today…watched Wonder Woman instead of more network gun diatribe. A good Gal with no gun😧

  3. “…in the glovebox of his Budget rental car”

    How come this kind of cool stuff never happens to me? All I ever find in the glovebox of my rentals is stale candy bars.

    • “How come this kind of cool stuff never happens to me? ”


      I’d be sorely tempted to find a box and mail it back to myself at home.

      “All I ever find in the glovebox of my rentals is stale candy bars.”

      Wait, how do you know they are stale? You actually *eat* crap you find in rental cars???

      You, sir, have bigger balls than mine.


    • Nah, that’s NEW Jersey. The Brits in Old Jersey are still allowed to own handguns and semiautos. Also the Kaiser’s Germany came up with the anti-dumdum treaty that the US didn’t sign, about 20 years before they tried to get shotguns banned from warfare.

  4. Maybe the French ammo will be for sale as unwanted surplus in a few years. I had a lot of steel cased French 30-06 back in the 70’s.

  5. I once found a nice CZ-75 laying in the product bin of a gun-show magazine vendor. I turned it in. It was entertaining to hear the sound of chuckles and snickers resound through the hall several minutes later, after the PA asked the owner to come back and get his gun!


  6. Just so we are clear, the French bought a Speer Gold Dot, is that right? And by “bought a Gold Dot”, I mean, they bought a single cartridge. Because it’s no secret that the French will NEVER use it in any situation. Heck, they are still selling their WW2 weaponry NIB.

      • Or, take a look at WW1 casualties. Average about 900 KIA a day for four years with a population of less than half the USA. I’m inclined to give them a pass for being a bit timid the next time around.

  7. Okay, if I found a gun… yeah, realistically, I don’t want any bullshit from the cops either, so I’d turn it in. I would ask if I could have it, if it came back clean, but I doubt it would.

    • If it has a serial number on it, unload it and toss it in the trunk, and don’t worry about the cops. If no serial numbers, call the cops and rid yourself of it as fast as possible.

    • IDK… there’s always the possibility that the gun could be reported stolen and if you’re pulled over for whatever reason and the cop has probable cause to search the vehicle, that’d be one hell of a situation.

      And if you ever try to sell it, you could put an FFL in hot water too.

      I guess it depends on the gun and how quickly and safely you can get it home.

  8. The orange furniture seems like a reasonable idea, non-permanent alteration that works just as well as painting the gun. The problem is it has a pistol grip, which is a terrible idea on a Mossberg because you can’t reach the safety.

  9. So the under cover cops got robbed and had a gun stuck in their face. Ha ha ha, how’s it feel, the Robber should have screamed obscenities and conflicting orders emptied his firearm reloaded emptied it again, while conveniently his Robber cam was turned off. Support your Local Law Enforcement, your tax dollars at work. It gets me how they look down on welfare recipients when they get paid the same way, one parasite hating on another

    • Ian Freeman is that you? I told you the cops are only doing what the news media tells them we want. Anyway I thought you were at Anarchopulco.

  10. Is it just me or does anyone else think it strange that in order to catch bad guys the police break the very laws they’re trying to enforce? Seems counterintuitive.

    • “Undercover” means a government employee lying about who he is and what he is doing. I have a real problem with allowing government employees to lie for any reason. Lying government employees are more dangerous than any criminals they might catch.

  11. He’s lucky he didn’t rent a silver Ford Escape Ecoboost with a baby Groot wearing headphones sticker and a SIG sticker on the back window with a Texas license plate of GWV 1027. The post about what’s in that glove compartment would be EPIC!!!

  12. Maybe some hunters might want to set up their shotgun gun with orange furniture. Camo and orange would go well with the their orange hats and vests.

  13. “Shelton handled things the right way — saying he called police immediately and explained the situation.”

    What a [wussy]. He should have just called Budget and had them contact the previous customer to determine whether they had left anything in the car. Wouldn’t he have done that had he found a watch or wallet or anything else of value?

    Sounds like just another namby pamby crybaby desperate to exploit any angle he can to wrench another sliver of fame to add to his twitter follower count. Loser.

    • And what if the prior owner had lied and said it wasn’t his gun because he was afraid of the consequences of leaving a loaded firearm lying around where someone else could grab it?

      Then Budget would call the cops, and this guy would have had much more explaining to do. He did the right thing by coming clean to the PoPos.

  14. When I rent a car, I check it for contraband. Trunk, glove compartment, under the seats, console — everything accessible gets checked. I don’t want to get blamed for unknowingly transporting somebody’s left-behind stash of drugs, firearms etc.

    The rental company is supposed to clean the car before turning it over to a new renter, but the cleaners miss things all the time. So far, in my experience those things have been benign, but if a cleaner can overlook a set of keys or a notebook, what else might they overlook?

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