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I am undoubtedly the least qualified guy to write about firearms for TTAG. However that never stopped Robert Farago from throwing out the fear and common sense clause and letting me join in the reindeer games on his website. So now you have a Canadian car guy who writes about gun issues and somehow it does actually make sense. I hope . . .

I may delve into issues that are actually questions about the gun culture from a guy (me) that is outside of the loop on the 2A issues simply because gun rights are not a fundamental part of our Charter of Rights here in Canada. We gained our independence from Mother England in a less vociferous manner than you Yanks did in 1867, presumably over crumpets and tea. So maybe the Brits were in a good mood when they decided to shed another colony and let Canada become an official country.

The gun culture in Canada is different from your country because guns are more of a tool up here in the frozen wilderness. Rural Canadians embrace the long gun culture because the weapons are an implement to use on farms for herd protection or to use on mortally injured or sick livestock. The long guns are also a big part of the outdoor sportsman culture in Canada where birds and big game are the hobby of the well-armed boys of autumn in Canada.

TTAG is a handgun issue domain sprinkled with some serious home defense weaponry for assault weapons that delves heavily into carry debates and legal issues as they apply to the US gun culture. The writers and posters have put forth a multitude of arguments and opinions on these matters and Robert’s new project is now into its terrible twos as a serious component of the gun culture debate in your country.

I appreciate the opportunity to comment on the gun subject. RF was willing to take a chance on me and my twin brother at his previous car website even though he didn’t know us from William Shatner, a much more famous Canadian. So congratulations to Robert and his well-armed-with-opinions army of writers. He once told me that his new project (this website) would be bigger than his old site. The fact that TTAG is walking and talking so well already at the tender age of two validates Robert’s early forecast.

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  1. Welcome. I am a Canadian reader of this site and enjoy it very much. Some commentary from a Canadian perspective will be fun and add to the spice of the site.

  2. Nice to see a Canuck perspective, eh. I’ve found myself trying to explain the Canadian way on here a few times (without ruffling too many 2A, daily carry feathers – remember, we are sympathetic but different here in the Great White North), but I like your summary of our more “gentle” gun loving nature more.

    So cheers, more beers, from a fellow member of the commonwealth. Happy shooting.


  3. So the big question for those of us who are pistol CEFE’s (charmingly eccentric firearms enthusiasts): Is that a Colt or an S&W .45 the Mountie is packing? I’m pretty sure it isn’t a Webley, but the outlines are a bit fuzzy.


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