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Author Testing Safepacker Holster for TTAG. Really.

I got into guns a little over a year ago. In my efforts to educate myself, I kept coming across reviews and commentary from “”  And the more I read, the more I liked the writing, the honesty and libertarian slant of the site. I had an idea for a story about bicycle carry nine months ago, so I emailed my thoughts to Robert and before I knew it, he turned it into a post. That is sort of how it has gone. As I have learned about concealed carry and had the time to try various guns, holsters and gear, I have written up stories in barely passable English. Then Robert (or Dan) has edited them, and greatly improved them, making me look like a writer.

Despite his nasty habit of inserting supermodel links into my stories, I can honestly say Robert is the best editor I have ever worked for. Of course, he’s the only editor I have worked for as well. He is honest and interested in presenting the truth. If something is junk or corrupt, he will tell the world.

I continue to visit TTAG for the excellent commentary by knowledgeable folks, and for the great mix of articles posted here daily. Thanks Robert for the opportunity to share what I am learning with the world.

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  1. I still ride my Klein Mantra Race, but my days of six-foot wheelie drops are long gone. Your pic made me a little melancholy for the good old days. Not as melancholy as it makes my orthopedist, but still . . . .

    • Wowzers, you recognized the Helmet! That thing has been great, but is just too old and hard, and in the replacement. There are just no good light XC full face helmets out there.

      Not Grapevine BTW

      • I’ve got that helmet as well. I took a nasty spill about 12 years ago in Arizona. Dislocated my jaw. Since I was a pretty aggressive rider, but now scared to death of hitting my face on another rock, bought the Switchblade. FFWD to today, I’m fat and out of shape. No longer need the Switchblade. Thank God! That helmet was stifling and gigantic for XC.

        I tended bar in Dallas during a life hiatus. Started mountain biking out by a reservoir near Grapevine. I coulda sworn I recognized that drop and those rocks around that tree.

        Anyway…keep up the good work.

        • I bought the Switchblade the day after I saw a patient who knocked his front teeth out on a rock at South Mountain. I’ve ridden it for many years, and it is hot, but I got used to it.

          Better to keep the teeth in there.

  2. Thanks for the post on bike-related carry. I did not see that article when it was originally posted. I’ve gotten back into cycling for exercise as of last summer, and have found that OWB works best for me. (I typically go out for a 2-3 hour ride on weekends, using the numerous trails that around my city.) I’ve found that wearing a pair of 5.11 shorts over bicycle shorts (or pants) actually works very well, even if stylishly it leaves a lot to be desired. My rig has hitherto been leather belt + leather holster — though I am going to be looking into a more sweat-friendly one for next season.


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