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All my life I’ve wanted to do something important. When mainstream journalism failed to scratch that altruistic itch, I learned hypnosis. I was good, it was good, but I knew writing was my thing (as my father reminded me at every possible opportunity). The Truth About Cars (TTAC) was great for tilting at windmills (i.e., the rat bastards at GM), but this website, The Truth About Guns, is it. It’s about life and death and liberty and . . . fun. In truth, I have fulfilled—am fulfilling—my life’s ambition. I am honored to work with the best writers I’ve ever known. And write for the best readers I could possibly imagine. Thank you. And now, more of the same. Only better.

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  1. i would say, no thank YOU, RF, and all of the other TTAG writers, old and new. this is by far my favorite blog that i read, out of all subject matter. and this is not just because firearms is one of my favorite subjects, but because of the level of intelligence and “real-ness” (if that’s a word) of the subject matter that touches on DGU’s, home carry, leo insanity, etc. you folks don’t pull punches when you need to, while keeping out of the gutter (which in my experience leads often to racial, hateful langauge. Btw your gun reviews are very well done, my only wish is that there were more of them. (You guys should review LWRC products, some time, they are fantastic.) moreover, they have influenced purchases of mine as well, (i totally love my CZ 455 lux, it is a great gun. with cci green tab it is a freaking lazer dude.)

    Keep it folks, you have a important and unique space here!


  2. I am sorry, and I mean no disrespect, but please enough with the TTAG turns 2 already. I get it; everyone else here gets it; so let us all get on with it and post some more gun reviews, ATF Death Watch articles, and more hot girls with little clothes on showing their boobs and holding guns.

    Thank you.

  3. It’s about life and death and liberty and . . . fun.
    Which is why I like this site, as it is not the usual libtard media that promotes statism and fascism.

  4. Robert, you and the other writers here, are continuously re-creating something organic and great. An armed society is a polite society and an empowered society. TTAG is doing its part to helping society fulfill the American dream to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

  5. Robert, I offer my sincere congratulations. I think you’ve done a wonderful job here.

    As one of the few antagonistic commenters, I thank you for your tolerance and for continuing to allow me a voice.

  6. This is the finest outlet for news and editorials about guns and gun culture on the internet (not that there is a better choice in print). I’ve been reading daily since I discovered the joy of gun ownership about a year and a half ago. In that time, I’ve watched TTAG grow from one of many blogs in the crowd to the definitive source for information as well as a beacon of reason in defense of our constitutional and natural freedoms. Its a great honor to have a passion that has become a crucible for the progress of civil rights. Excellent writing and excellent editing make this site the most credible source in a field of journalism that is becoming increasingly vital. RF take note: I wanna write for TTAG!

  7. Congratulations, RF. I too have been blessed with work that I love doing. It takes a great deal of courage and determination to build something like this up and I appreciate your tenacity, tolerance and especially your wit. It’s always a pleasure.


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