TTAG Turns Two: Solomon Edition

When I discovered TTAG after only a few months of being alive (not me…but TTAG), I had always wondered where Farago had washed up after that whole TTAC thing. But the coincidence that I had just finished filling out the paperwork for my New York pistol license was almost too surreal. I was frantically researching appropriate CCW options and Farago, green like me, was preaching to me on the phone. Something like, ‘Why don’t we just use one standard round to test all guns? For defense too. Use that for everything. One manufacturer for all. What’s with all the confusion?’ I’m glad the bulk of my pistol knowledge stems from researching stories for TTAG and not just the buff books as it has always been. And now Robert’s knowledge is starting to eclipse industry experts after immersing himself in the gun culture 24/7. Clearly he sees the merit of different loads for different applications. But we were young! I only wish I contribute more often than my work schedules allows. But I hope to be able to polish up more than a few gems before TTAG turns three. Happy birthday to all and hope to meet the other writers in person one day.

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