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If you were reading between the lines last night and came to the same conclusion we did, it seems almost a sure bet that the president is going to make some kind of push for a new assault weapons ban. Whether that takes the form of trying to shame Congress to making something happen or via regulatory fiat through an executive order remains to be seen. So, reading the anti-black rifle tea leaves, what will you do?

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    • great unknown: “You left out the option: Already have one [or more].”

      Well, then you’d probably fall into the first category. Because you know you’ll buy more eventually. Don’t you. Admit it. 🙂

      It just won’t be right now, in response to current events.

      • Touché. Although my interests now are running more in the direction of one of the new generation of single-stack carry pistols.

    • +1

      You also forgot; Do you already own a Gun that would do the job if needed ;O)

      My Mossberg 500 Pump is all I need for self defense and a friend in the Military said to load it “slug-buckshot-slug-buckshot-slug…” etc. so you can eject what you don’t want if needed.

      Personally, I prefer the 3″ 00 Buck (15 pellets vs 9 pellets w/ 2 3/4″ shells)

  1. It being 2 weeks before Christmas, I can’t afford one right now. As to high capacity magazines, I stocked up pretty well the last time we went thru this.

  2. None of the above. I’m saving my money to fund the political activism needed by NRA, SAF, CCRKBA & JPFO to stop further bans and introduce logical solutions into the argument.

  3. I already own one AR and one AK, both legally purchased from dealers and traceable by the government. I’m already concerned that I will not be allowed to keep them and forced to hand them over since the people pushing this ban are also pushing the no grandfathering clause. I’m very concerned that any pre-ban purchases will be me throwing money out the window if this ban comes to pass.

    • Agreed. I am considering my options regarding ‘other’ firearms. I don’t own any bolt action rifles and now may be the time to buy a couple.

      I’m wondering if I can get a couple of Ruger Scout rifles without the flash suppressors.

      • I started my collection with bolt-action rifles and a revolver – figuring that any bans/confiscations would incrementally start with centerfire “scary stuff” and work its way down.

    • “the people pushing this ban are also pushing the no grandfathering clause”

      I think your tin foil hat is too tight. That is not a fact, in fact the OPPOSITE was said.

      • According to this website it’s been rumored.

        “According to David Codrea’s sources, this version of the AWB is going to be a LOT worse than anything currently in place in the United States. We’ve been hearing that the following would be tacked on, above and beyond the traditional AWB:
        No pistol grips
        No high capacity magazines
        No sale if already in possession — destruction or alteration only”

        I didn’t say it WILL happen, just that I am concerned it might.

        • +1

          I have some things, I would like some more things. But balancing my worry about a ban is my worry that they wouldn’t grandfather anyway.

    • Really, you would turn them in? I would just ignore the law. If enough people did that, the government would be shown as being toothless and couldn’t do a darn anything. Are they going to arrest 50-70MM people? I don’t think so. Any ideas how many black guns are out there? A lot. Heck, I lost mine when my fishing boat turned over in the Atlantic. They are welcome to go try and find them.

      • Everyone says that they won’t turn them in, they have nothing to lose, they’ll go down fighting, etc etc. I’ve heard all the arguments and I don’t disagree with most of them. So we’ll all go down fighting, or passively resisting and no one will care because they media will paint us out to be villains that care more for guns that children.

        • This. That is why, unless you get at minimum several hundred thousand people to stand up and fight, resistance is futile. They’ll kill your small band of merry men and then paint you as terrorists and murderers in the news.

        • I know it’s hard to believe , but there are still people willing to take a stand for what they believe in. I guess time will tell.

        • Larry, there’s zero support in the Congress for a confiscation bill. But in the extremely unlikely event that such a bill were to pass, then, in the name of all lawyers everywhere, I urge you to defy it. We really need the business and will be very pleased to start with yours. Okay, you’ll be left penniless and in prison, and you’ll see your family once a month until they decide not to bother, but you will stand for something. Isn’t that the most important thing?

      • ” Are they going to arrest 50-70MM people? I don’t think so.”
        There are more than a million Jews in Germany. What are the Nazis going to do? Arrest all of us?
        Ship of Fools

  4. I checked “damned right” only because its the most accurate to me. I have a PSA M4 with a Vortex Stikefire Red/Green Dot on layaway and only $400 to pay off. Picked up a ten pack of 30 round Pmags off Brownells a few weeks back also, might get a ten pack of the 20s soon just because I think 20 rounders have a nice asthetic look in an AR.

    I really want to believe the talk is getting out of hand and that if it goes beyond talk, the action will fall short. What I am more worried about however is that while everyone assumes a Republican controlled house will be the end all say all to the AWB, the realist in me says, “HEY! Not all republicans are pro-gun. Not all Democrats are anti!” For that, our lack of true unity as a community will be our true breaking point.

    • Got an AK and an M1 carbine on layaway as we speak!! Praying I can get them paid for in time!!!
      “Are you listening Santa Claus”???

      • And also stocking up on speedloaders for my revolvers and 10 rd mags for my 1911’s, plus ammo, brass, powder and bullets!!!

  5. If I wanted one I’d have bought one long ago. Just not interested in that type of firearm, they are expensive to shoot and of limited practicality.

    Yes they are fun to shoot; shot expert with one in the Army.

  6. I have a lower I need to finish building out. Tempted to buy a couple of the polymer style lowers (mine is a “blemished” lower I picked up on sale from PSA).

    My main concern is I am a newly minted CWP holder but havent bought my carry weapon yet because I have 4 kids and a wife and it was either give them presents or myself a gun.

    My concern is before I have the money they’ll ban the hi-cap mags on pistols.

    • Homestly in my opinion, after the xmas shopping is done and any other family nescesities taken care of I would get a carry gun before more lowers or finishing the AR your building now.

      I only say that because, while it would be nice to have an AR or two or three and they ARE practical for self defense, they are obviously not practical for every day carry.

      So as far as guns are concerned, worry about what you can protect your family with while on the move.

  7. I would if I had the money. I’ve been wanting one and now it’s looking like I’ll never have one. Woo-hoo corrupt politicians exploiting murder to push a personal agenda!

  8. The question for me is will he wait and push a legislative approach or utilize some type of executive order. He seems to enjoy the exercise of unilateral power.

    • Well, the good news would be that an EO would be completely illegal, thus opening him for a full on attack by every gun rights group in the courts.

      • Toten, after being an acsesory to murder (IMHO) for Benghazi and going unscathed do you think Obama is worried about breaking any other laws?

        • No, but so far no one has cared to take it to court. If he does an illegal EO against guns millions of gun owners will push the gun rights groups to file suit and will donate money to fund those suits.

      • Obama started a war in Lybia without Congressional approval. This was in violation of the Constituiton and also the War Powers Act. We did nothing. What makes you think we or the gun rights groups will do anything if there is another Unconstitutional EO?

        • When you have courts stacked with people like John Roberts who will buckle under pressure or other who support the dismantling of our Constituiton you have no recourse but resistance. We the people are the final arbitars of the law.

  9. I love the fact that anytime the liberals talk about a gun ban they inadvertently sell more guns. I’m beginning to think they are secretly working for the gun manufacturers. It’s really too funny to watch. Backup the truck and come and get them boys. Guns for everyone!

  10. Went to my shop this weekend they were sold out of the Windham Weapons optics ready model I want. I let them know as soon as they have one in stock ill come take it off their hands. Also you couldn’t get counter space in front of the ARs if you wanted to. Every single employee was with a customer. Bought another 100 rounds in 9 and 556 because I didn’t want to leave empty handed.

  11. Will the politicians pushing this ban, or Obama if he acts alone, also take the credit of destroying who knows how many jobs in the U.S. if all this comes to pass. From the store owners to the show vendors to the marketing and selling branches of companies like Magpul or Tapco to the manufacturing aspect that are keeping machinists employed.

    This is going to make the Hostess job losses that everyone cried about look like a vacation.

      • Very true Ralph.

        It would be nice to have one MSM outlet on our side because if an AWB did happen and caused signifigant job loss, getting the word out could bring many more to our side. Maybe at the point it would be moot but the more negative light on POTUS to the masses, the better.

      • That’s what they said in Australia. But 200,000 guns were turned in and destroyed after the mass shooting in 1996. I want to believe people will stand up and say NO!, but honestly how many are really going to die, leaving wife and children behind (or dead), when that knock on the door finally comes?

        • It’s better than dying in a hospital bed alone and old. Life is a temporary thing. If one can avoid a slow painful lonely departure by go out fighting for what one believes, then why not? Wife, kids? Sure. But what kind of world do we want to leave for them? Some things are worth fighting for. Everyone has to decide what that is for themselves.

    • Australia had a buyback of 200 thousand guns. In the US, there’s 200 million. At a time when government spending is being cut and taxes increased, nobody in Washington will vote for a $10-50 billion buyback program.

  12. I’m ok for mags. Considering a stripped lower or two. I’ve been scoring ammo for a while.

    Any extra cash now will likely go to SAF and Rocky Mountain Gun Owners. Plus some time for writing Congresscritters and the state legislators.

  13. No. I do not own a scary black-rifle now and don’t plan on buying one in the future. There are currently too many unknowns to know if such guns will be banned, just the 10+ mags, or neither etc. My next gun will be either a Winchester pump shotgun or a Stoeger Coach Gun.

  14. I live in California so I already have an AWB to cope with. And honestly, I’ve never owned an EBR and doubt I would buy one as anything but a protest if I lived where they were still legal.

    I have all the pist9ols and shotguns I can use +. My centerfire rifles are an SKS and a Mosin. Maybe instead of a new EBR you should think of stocking up on SKS’s and Saiga carbines and m1’s. Think of what they’ll be worth when the AR’s and AK’s are melted down.

    I have a clear conscience in this matter. I practically begged gun oqwners not to vote for this man or waste their votes on a candidate that couldn’t win.

    And I’ve never fired a shot on a school property. So, the current Admin can punish me for no crime, my hands are clean.

    • My centerfire rifles are an SKS and a Mosin.

      jwm, you made great choices in guns as well as candidate. I love those Russian-designed rifles. Powerful, cheap to buy and feed and as rugged as the peasants who they were designed for.

      • +100
        Have a Nagant w/ lots of ammo, and a semi shotty, plus some semi .22’s!!! AK in the works for sure, maybe the M1 carbine but the AK will come first!!
        People don’t seem to realize just how tough the Russian made weapons are!!
        My Nagant was made in Sep of 1924 in the Izvhesk? Ordanance Factory and still dead on and smooth as butter!!

  15. Call me Old Fashion, I have a Winchester 30-30 & Remington 30-06
    and a hand full of 22cal rifles & pistols.
    Don’t realy need AR type equipment..

    • Yep. Same here.

      I’ll fight against a ban from here to forever, but when it comes to Evil Black Rifles, personally I don’t need one or care to have one. Maybe someday, if I’m flush with cash and my other interests are satisfied. In the meantime, I’m perfectly happy sticking with my old-fashioned lever-action rifles.

    • I have one AR and probably wouldn’t buy another. They’re cheap to feed but otherwise just not that great. OTOH, I just bought an M1A and think that it’s awesome, the best rifle in my safe.

      I’ll buy a M1 Garand next year so my M1A can hang out with its daddy.

      • M1A’s are seriously nice rifles when you have a good walnut stock on them.

        You can tune the trigger down to a very crisp 4.5+ lbs, and the wood stock can be bedded to make the rifle quite accurate for a semi-auto.

    • Yeah, it would have been interesting to see the number of people who voted that way. On the other hand it would have rendered the poll vulnerable to the games that both sides tend to play in this game, which is someone on a major anti-gun site (or just Facebook) getting out the word that “TTAG is doing a poll about AR-15 purchases! Let’s all go vote ‘No’ and show them that they really are in the minority in wanting these EEEEVIL things!”

      At least the way it’s written it confines the answers to the target audience of “gun enthusiasts.” The purpose of the poll wasn’t to take the pulse of your “average American,” it was to gauge the response of your average “gun guy” to the latest events.

  16. No, but a Walther P99 is on the shopping list. Shame that supplies on that one have dried up until import/distribution switch over January 1st. Hope that’ll happen smoothly and I won’t have to settle for less.

  17. They were already expensive–especially the AR-15 variants–but now? Myeh. An AR-15 and an AK-47 have always been someday guns for me. There are many others that have more appeal to my interests.

    Before anyone pounces, I support the right of all of us to have those guns if we want them.

  18. I ordered a lower receiver about 5 days before this happened and just picked it up today. I got it because a few friends have ARs and said they’re fun to build and customize. It’s basically a Barbie-doll. All the online retailers are sold out of lower parts kits and just about everything else AR related. If there’s no ban, I’ll wait until parts are available again. If there is, I’ve got a useless piece of black colored aluminum and it didn’t cost too much.

  19. I bought one actually a few of weeks ago, not necessarily because of a potential AWB, but because I wanted one. I will admit, however, that I did buy a couple of extra 30-round magazines after the election. Likewise, I am considering purchasing some of the cosmetic stuff to have one hand.

  20. I already have a couple of scary black rifles but I will probably be buying another handfull of mags for just about every gun I own.

  21. maybe ancient history, but:

    About 700 British Army regulars, under Lieutenant Colonel Francis Smith, were given secret orders to capture and destroy military supplies that were reportedly stored by the Massachusetts militia at Concord. Through effective intelligence gathering, Patriot colonials had received word weeks before the expedition that their supplies might be at risk and had moved most of them to other locations. They also received details about British plans on the night before the battle and were able to rapidly notify the area militias of the enemy movement.

    The first shots were fired just as the sun was rising at Lexington. The militia were outnumbered and fell back, and the regulars proceeded on to Concord, where they searched for the supplies. At the North Bridge in Concord, approximately 500 militiamen fought and defeated three companies of the King’s troops. The outnumbered regulars fell back from the minutemen after a pitched battle in open territory.

    More militiamen arrived soon thereafter and inflicted heavy damage on the regulars as they marched back towards Boston. Upon returning to Lexington, Smith’s expedition was rescued by reinforcements under Brigadier General Hugh Percy. The combined force, now of about 1,700 men, marched back to Boston under heavy fire in a tactical withdrawal and eventually reached the safety of Charlestown. The accumulated militias blockaded the narrow land accesses to Charlestown and Boston, starting the Siege of Boston.

    • The patriots had the backing of most of the politically powerful and wealthy people in America. They also had George Washington. We, on the other hand, got jack.

  22. EBR is on my “someday” list, but it’s under a few other guns. My next gun is going to be a CC upgrade, the maybe a Ruger Scout or other bolt action rifle.

  23. I would love to get one but I have no place to shoot it there are no rifle ranges near me and my indoor range won’t let me shoot it I guess I will have to get a kimber crimson carry II instead

  24. I hate to join the mass of lemmings….but I was thinking about buying a .380 mousegun and the Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle in the next year.

    Now I’m thinking about buying an AR-15, an AK-47, or a PS-90 in the next month or two.

  25. got an AUG a couple of weeks ago, looks like i will have accelerate my planning on whats next, too bad my paychecks don’t keep up with me.

  26. I voted no, not because of the reason stated. I rather have a shotgun. Also a semiautomatic rifle (assault) is not in the budget.

  27. With all the talk of AWB 2.0 having a ‘no grandfathering’ clause, I am not going to spend what little money I can on something that may get taken away. I am headed for a bolt gun as my first centerfire rifle.

  28. I may or may not already have a scary black rifle or two, don’t really need any more. I may or may not already have all of the standard capacity magazines I need (people do realize that for an M4 a 30 round mag is standard cap, not high cap, right?). I may buy some additional 14 round magazines for the Para Ord P14.45 I may or may not own.

    What I am going to stock up on is bulk ammunition purchased online. If our exalted yet benevolent dictator can do anything without congress using his mighty dictatorial…I mean executive…powers it will be a stop on mail/internet ordered ammo.

    • #1

      Glad you understand that comments on the Internet are permanent and that Big Brother-Sister sees all records all, and that comment claims can come back to haunt people one day.

  29. I’m going down to my local shop Wednesday where I will try to make a trade for my Mini-14 with several hi-cap mags. Looking for a CZ 527 carbine in .223; I’m hoping I can capatilize on the hysteria and get at least half of what the new CZ is going to cost me. Not likely….LOL!

  30. A part of me thinks this whole thing will blow over, but I’m still taking the temperature.

    Before all of this started I was thinking of buying a Mossberg shotgun after new years, now though, I’ll be going in tomorrow.

    As an aside: Why aren’t shotguns ever talked about being banned? They’re almost never lumped in with “scary assault rifles” even though they can be orders of magnitude more deadly in situations where a rifle would be cumbersome and ineffective…

    For example: With rifles, it’s one pull of the trigger, one shot fired. The bullet can vary by weight, the powder can vary in quality, the bullet itself can vary in shape and composition, but for the most part there are not that many varieties for a single rifle. One trigger pull = Effectively the same kind of ammo being send downrange.

    On the other hand, one can take a shotgun, and with one pull of the trigger can send hundreds of little bullets into a crowd, with the next pull of the trigger send a large heavy slug into that same crowd/through several different people, and with the next pull of the trigger send 5-9 heavy balls through the same crowd, and that isn’t even 1/10th of the available ammo that can cause death and destruction in a small confined space like a movie theater.

    It seems to me that shotguns should be at the top of any sort of “ban list” for anti-gunners…

    • Agreed (jokingly of course). Shotguns were used in more violent crimes than rifles in 2011, 2009, 2008, and 2007. Of course “knives or cutting instruments” were used more than shotguns and rifles combined from 2007 thru 2011.

      Maybe I’ll buy one in the near future? Maybe not? It was on my wish list?

    • With my Weatherby SA-459 with 2-shot mag extension, I can put 8 rounds downrange in under 5 seconds — accurately, thanks to my red-dot sight. Each round delivers 10 .30 caliber projectiles moving at 1300fps. That’s the equivalent of 80 high-velocity handgun rounds downrange. Sounds pretty fearsome to me.

      I think non-gunners find shotguns less scary because they associate them with short-range birdshot rounds, and because they’re slower to reload. Let’s not disabuse them of this anytime soon, yeah?

    • One correction, Rob:

      with one pull of the trigger can send hundreds of little bullets into a crowd

      Birdshot, which is what you’re describing, is not particularly effective against humans or animals. Better examples would be a 3″ 12-gauge shell loaded with 15 pellets of #00 buckshot (0.33 inch ball), or a 3″ 20-gauge shell loaded with 18 pellets of #2 buckshot (0.27 inch ball).

  31. Nope, not going to buy one.

    I already own plenty of “scary-looking” semi-automatics. The only thing I could be tempted into buying up are magazines. I’ll take a pulse of the climate when I see serious legislation on the table actually going somewhere and jump in right before the rush.

    If I miss it, I’ll survive with my existing inventory. And I’ll start using my M1 more often to help keep the existing magazines in reserve so they last a lifetime. I’d also probably just go out and buy a Mosin and some 7.62×54.

  32. My liberal wife will not let me own one, and that is fine. I don’t like the “thwang” of the spring in the buffer tube right next to my ear. I don’t like how you have to throw the safety lever 90 degrees to fire or make safe. I don’t like charging handles. I think the 5.56 is a girly round (although very lethal at close range) and too expensive for what it is. I don’t like aluminum and plastic. The list goes on. Black rifles just do not excite me that much. Lever rifles, .30 cal bolt-actions, and shotguns are where it’s at.

  33. I carried a M-14 longer than any other rifle. Up and down hills, thru thick “jungle”, woods, brush, rain, mud, creeks. I would take an AR, Blk, 5.56, if someone would give it me, but snatch up a M-14, and ammo, at the first chance I got. Until then, I tell my .380, “you are a M-14, not a .380, you are a M-14, not a .380…………”.

    • LOL!! I hear ya!! Carried an M60 for a long time, love that baby!! It was like EF Hutton…When he talked Everyone listened!!!
      I keep telling my Nagant(7.62x54R) and my .30cal M1 that they are .50bmg’s but like the kids and grankids they just don’t listen!!

  34. Personally I’m going to run my card up to the tune of 1000 bucks or so buying “high cap” magazines and AR lowers =D 120 for ten magpuls 30 rounders? 160 or so for a lower? Yup.

  35. I personally don’t see a need for one. I feel proficient enough to be equally deadly with a six shot S&W 357, a lever action Winchester, and a Mossberg pump 12 GA. If I could have anything, I’d like a M14 / M1A1 or a M1 Garand…you can have all your scary black rifles. I’ll take the ones made of wood with all of the personality.

  36. Left out an option: No, I own zero guns and have no intention of buying any–of any kind. I deplore the gun culture and am ashamed to be living in such a crude and primitive nation in which people talk about “loving” guns, about guns being their “toys,” and about shooting guns being a pile of “fun.” Bu no, I have no intention of leaving, because I foresee a rapid cultural shift on this issue, one that goes against the most extreme pro-gun positions and that leads to gun ownership increasingly being seen as a low-class, pathetic activity–kind of like smoking.


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