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How can a Jew—any Jew—be pro-gun control? Regardless of the reasons, Jewish anti-2A fervor never ceases to amaze me (a gun-carrying Jew). And when you look at their logic, well, there’s but one word for the mindset that spawns it: naiveté. Over at the Huffington Post, Rabbi Michael Lerner has lowered the bar on downgrading the individual’s right, indeed obligation, to self-defense. Reacting to the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, the Berkley-based author says America needs to remove its citizens’ Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms—after teaching them “non-violence both as a philosophy of life and as a practical way to live one’s life.” Then we’re ready to adopt . . .

A constitutional amendment to ban all guns, and to create special holding units for hunting rifles to be held in control of locally elected officials in every neighborhood who keep the rifles under lock and key except when given to hunters during a hunting season and to be returned immediately thereafter, with all necessary criminal controls and penatlies for those who do not return them in a timely manner and those who continue to hold on to their guns privately. No private ownership of guns of any sort. Police must similarly be disarmed, and allowed only to use billy clubs and mace, except in emergencies in which a judge signs a warrant for the temporary use of lethal force against someone who is using lethal force. Lesser measures (background checks, banning only extreme assault weapons, etc.) are wimply and will have only slight impact.

Strangely, rabbi Lerner hasn’t learned anything from the suffering of tens of millions of Jews and the destruction of six million members of the tribes. Luckily, even the most vociferous gun control advocates (e.g. NY Senator Charles Schumer on today’s Meet the Press) aren’t calling for a ban or confiscation.

On the other hand, maybe not. Senator Schumer is calling for a ban on the sale of assault weapons (a.k.a., modern sporting rifles). So maybe the world ends with a whimper, not a bang. A gently snuffling camel’s nose under the tent. If you know what I mean.

The Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership do. And they’re as determined as I am to keep that from happening. Again. That’s their graphic above. In case you didn’t know.

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  1. Berkley based says it all. Immediately after 9/11 the goblins in charge in Berkley ordered their fire department to not fly American flags from their trucks. They didn’t want to offend anyone.

    I hope when the big quake hits California it’s centered on Berkley and Difi’s visiting there at that moment.

  2. A difference from realist Jews IE lives in Israel or is progun here and Jews (IE American Jews) who are too lazy or stupid to know Satin is out for them. Overall Jew and Christian need to keep there guns.

  3. Gotta like what JPFO is doing.

    Rabbi Lerner is living in a fantasy world, as are most of the people at Berkeley “Looney-versity”. Does he really think we can change violent criminals, by teaching them that violence is ‘bad’?

  4. wow – so under his logic, some asshole shoots/kills a cop during a traffic stop and Po-Po needs to get a warrant to tool up to apprehend the suspect? Hmmmm. I think I have a contribution to make to the mental health database . . .

    • Signed, thanks. I think those teachers that want to conceal carry should be able to, and there should also be a locked up shotgun in every classroom (combination lock) so that those that don’t want to carry still have access to a gun.

      If this is the way that school was configured, it would have been likely not one child would have been hurt. Imagine Victoria Soto blasting that psychopath with a 12 gauge and living to tell about it.

      • An excellent idea. They have first aid kits and fire extingushers don’t they? Just another way of protecting their charges.

  5. It is amoral for any self respecting Jew to agree to any form of gun control, considering the Nazis capitalized on disarmed populations to terrorize.

    As far as the school shooting, suppose Adam Lanza had stabbed his mother to death, stole her car, then rammed the car headon into a busload of kids, causing the bus to go off a cliff and kill 20 kids and 6 adults. Would the anti gun crowd then cry for cars to only have 10 gallon gas tanks?

    In acts of murder its always the mind that kills.

  6. WT* is he smoking? Place full and absolute power in the politicians “to be held in control of locally elected officials in every neighborhood *”. These are the same politician WE in general believe to be incompetent and holy corrupted. He wants them to control access. Anybody have a head up the @$$ removal tool they can donate to the cause?

  7. Rabbi Michael Lerner is nothing but a leftist, dhimmi fool. Much of his time is dedicated to participating in interfaith bridge-building initiatives with Muslim Brotherhood-linked, terrorist-friendly organizations.

  8. And the media says that gun enthusiasts have lost touch with reality. Sheeesh. This guy must have been smoking some of the finest reefer in Cali when he contrived this hippy bullshit

  9. On the Huffington Post, he calls for all hunting rifles to be held by the authorities until hunting season, at which time they will be issued to hunters, only to be returned once the season ends. Of course, he has no conception of learning how to shoot or zeroing a scope. To him, a rifle is a magic death ray that one merely has to activate to achieve one’s intentions.

    My response?

    Rabbi, I respect your right to your opinion. You don’t respect my right to own and carry guns. Enjoy your freedom while armed citizens, both private and military, still defend you.

  10. The sign on the right is wrong. Just use the US military signs, as I have seen a number of times at the perimeters of restricted areas. They just say:

    This is a restricted area.
    Deadly force is authorized.
    Trespassers will be met
    with deadly force.

  11. Last night I posted four replies under this article at the HP. None of them have been published. No surprise. When I lived in the Berkeley California many years ago I had housemates who partied with Lerner. I find him more of cult-groupie leader for people who worship themselves. I detest leaders like Lerner, Obama, Hitler, and Bloomberg. I detest the sheeple followers who empower such leaders even more.

  12. Look up Lerner on wikipedia, and decide about how Jewish his roots and philosophies are. From my perspective, not very.

    He is a classic example of Professor Jacobson’s [of Legal Insurrection] aphorism. The pulpit rabbis of the liberal branches of Judaism are mouthpieces for the Democratic Party. Actually, in his case, for the psychedelic drug-addled super-liberal branch thereof.

    I am put in mind of Ghandi’s complaint about the Jews of the Holocaust: he … advocated mass suicide as a more honorable and productive way for the Jewish victims of the Holocaust to have died.

    For the full glory of his “thinking”, see

    Lerner is approaching this philosophy from a pro-active rather than Ghandi’s retroactive perspective. I don’t know which is more repulsive.

  13. God, I love that sign on the right. Thinking I ought to post it on my property.

    But, here’s the thing on the Rabbi’s thoughts – he ignores the simple fact that pure evil exists in the world and it can be neither appeased nor negotiated with. It either destroys or itself is destroyed. Would most of us much rather live in a world that is a perfect utopia – a world where nothing bad can ever happen to us? Sure, but such a world does not exist.

    Our children mostly live in such a world or at least we try to make such a world for them but then something like what happened last week reminds us that it is ultimately all an illusion.

    Many times I have seen the analogy of the sheep/wolves/sheepdogs to quantify the actors in the world, but in some cases it goes beyond that. In nature, the wolves are not evil – they are simply predators that prey on the easy targets unless stopped by some force (the sheepdogs). Even in our world, most criminals are not evil to the core – they are simply ruthless opportunists who try to avoid taking a life, but even when they do kill, it is usually related to whatever crime they are committing.

    In the human world however, there exists a force found nowhere else in the nature – evil – pure and simple. Fortunately for us, there are relatively few such people on this planet at any one time, but they either have a knack for getting in power (Stalin, Hitler, African Warlords, Terrorist masterminds, etc.) or who choose to commit acts that are so unspeakably horrific that they defy any logic.

    While I may question what I would do in any number of DGU situations, I have no qualms as to what would happen if I ever confront evil of this nature face-to-face. It will be either him or me.

  14. While reading this section the TV is on with Obama giving a really bad canned speech at the local Newton high school. I can’t believe someone is getting paid to write his speeches.

  15. If Kristallnacht had been met with armed resistance, things might have gone differently. I’m not saying that people would have been able to hold off the nazis, but the nazi plans would have become clearer to the world much sooner.

    Fighting on that night could have, in the long run, saved millions of lives.

  16. We’re among friends here, right? Well, mostly anyway.
    Begging momentary indulgence, knowledgeable individuals might consider making the conscious effort to cease using the gov’t established propaganda term ’assault weapons’ when referring to modern sporting firearms. When used, please, clarify.
    For instance?
    “Senator Schumer is calling for a ban on the sale of assault weapons (a.k.a., modern sporting rifles).”
    Suggestion? If I may…
    Senator Shumer is calling for another Constitutionally-prohibited ‘ban’ on the sale of modern sporting rifles, intentionally misnamed, erroneously referred to as ‘assault weapons’ based on a government-contrived ’features test’.
    ( In addition to the obvious propaganda value, among the many purposes intended for using the provably inaccurate and misleading term is to confuse the unknowledgeable into believing these semi-automatic firearms — which have been around for decades and are lawfully owned and lawfully used by millions of Americans — are ’machine guns’, which they are not. )
    Just suggesting you understand, no criticism intended.

  17. Here is my stance, if you don’t like the Constitution, leave the country and go where guns are banned. Canada is pretty strict and it’s just north, Mexico is beautiful and guns are completely banned though it doesn’t prevent the cartels from killing people. I joined the Marine Corps to help protect this country and defend the Constitution and do not care for those who seek to ignore it. Again, if you don’t like the 2nd Amendment, leave the country because we don’t need you.

  18. Like the JPFO signage.

    Rabbi Lerner…not so much. I wonder if he denies the Holocaust during the NAZI’s reign in Germany happened, too?

  19. A reasonable person would of course, naturally expect those believing strongly enough that a Constitutional Amendment to ban all guns is a good idea — would also be among the very first to volunteer themselves to enforce it.

    Conscience, Morality and Rights my friends, Conscience, Morality and Rights.

  20. The horrific events in Newtown are almost impossible to comprehend for they represent the most heinous act of evil ever perpetrated on innocent children. I pray for those that lost so much to this horrific crime last Friday. My heart aches to think about your sorrow. As a father of four Texas daughters, last Friday’s events strike fear into my heart as no other act of evil can do. I will hug my daughters that much tighter when we are together for the holidays.

    Nothing worries a parent more than knowing that their children are never completely safe outside of their home. Most fathers I know here in Texas take the responsibility for protecting their children very seriously and have little regard for those that would limit their ability to do that. We understand correctly that it is NOT the responsibility of the government to protect our families from harm, it is our responsibility!

    Here in Texas, many school districts have their own police force. In Fort Bend County where I’ve lived for the past twenty years, the FBISD Police are all well-trained professionals whose main (and sworn) duty is to protect our children from harm while on school grounds. These brave men and women walks the halls of our schools, assisting with security while getting to know our children and their teachers. They attend after-schools events such as band concerts, football games and other extracurricular activities all to protect our kids from harm. They wear their uniforms proudly and carry a firearm, taser, baton, hand-cuffs and a radio at all times. They live in our neighborhoods and their children sit right beside ours in class.

    We’re a very diversified community here in Fort Bend County with folks settling here from all over the United States, Mexico, China, Korea, Japan, Brazil, India, Pakistan and many other countries. Native Texans are outnumbered in this county by as much as ten to one and yet, I’ve never once heard a parent complain about the FBISD Police officers that roam our schools’ hallways and grounds. No complaints about too much security and no liberal squealing about turning our schools into “armed camps”. In fact, I’ve seen nothing but respect for these men and women that we trust to guard our children.

    I’m a lifelong Republican and a fiscal conservative by nature but I gladly pay the higher property taxes here in Fort Bend County that go in part, to pay for the FBISD Police force. I fully support their “armed” role in patrolling our schools and protecting our children from the evil that visited Newtown last Friday. As a parent, I know that I can’t personally protect my children while I’m at work and they are at school so I’m thankful to know that the FBISD Police are on the job.

    Perhaps the discussion our nation should have is not so much about “gun control” and another “assault weapons ban” but about the proper place firearms must have in a free society. The only way to stop an armed lunatic bent on death and destruction is by another armed person bent on preserving life and liberty.

    “Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good” – Romans 12:21

  21. Okay, so the guy believes that we should all be disarmed right after we are all taught to resolve any and all conflicts nonviolently. I’m down with that. I’ll turn in my firearms after everyone else does, including all those nutjobs over in North Africa and the Mideast. When that happens, and all those preening politicians and bleating celebs disarm their bodyguards then I’ll go along.

    I would love to live to see the day that “we ain’t gonna study war no more.” Unfortunately I do not think my grandchildrens’ grandchildren will live so long.

    I’m proud of myself. I made that whole comment without once actually typing the words that “Rabbi” Lerner’s statement brought to my mind.

  22. Lerner is the hippy-dip “Rabbi” who created the phrase “politics of meaning” for Hillary in the early 90’s, and is editor-in-chief for Tikkun magazine, published out of Berzerkeley, CA.

    When I lived in the Bay Area, every now and then I’d pick up (physically, not buy) the current copy of Tikkun and read it while standing in Kepler’s bookstore.

    Every time, before I got halfway through the articles, all I could think was: “What a load of unctuous codswallop.”

  23. Let’s give the guy credit where credit is due. He acknowleges that the right to bear arms is a constitutional right. While absurd, his proposal is the proper way to ban guns if that is your objective. //half sarc

  24. I am Jewish, and underage, so I can’t be a member of JPOF, or NRA, but I have a part time job, and send a decent portion to them each month. Being a NYC Jew, I should be antigun based on my surroundings alone, and as such, I would like to say,
    Obviously, despite his last name, he has not ‘lerned’ anything from the massacre of 6 million Jews and counting

  25. “A constitutional amendment to ban all guns, and to create special holding units for hunting rifles to be held in control of locally elected officials in every neighborhood who keep the rifles under lock and key except when given to hunters during a hunting season and to be returned immediately thereafter, with all necessary criminal controls and penalties for those who do not return them in a timely manner and those who continue to hold on to their guns privately. No private ownership of guns of any sort.”

    Wow. Adolph Hitler would be SO proud of this idiot. I am amazed that any Jew, anywhere in the world, would be that trusting of any government. Jews in Germany in the late 1920s – early 1930s couldn’t believe that their highly civilized, sophisticated European country could ever harm them. That worked out really well for them, didn’t it?

    JPFO has it right. You can trust a government to protect your rights until the power freaks in the government decide that you have no rights. Thomas Jefferson also had it right: “A fair and just government has nothing to fear from an armed citizenry.” (Which explains the Democrat Party’s hostility towards the 2nd Amendment.)

  26. My grandfather, unarmed, was taken from his home and killed in the holocaust. I can’t begin to comprehend the views of Schumer, Feinstein, and Bloomberg. I suspect that because so many Jews were killed with guns, they blindly and emotionally make guns the enemy. This is erroneous logic. Why? Because throughout all of history, the bad guys have always had guns, and they always will (look at the war on drugs). So if you cant disarm everyone, all you can do is arm the good guys. History’s worst horrors are not eleven thousand murders per year, but the hundreds of millions who die when the bad guys have a monopoly on guns. What the Second Amendment says is that the good guys must also have guns. It is a fundamental balance of power in our Constitution between people and government, passed down by the wisest founding fathers who understood human nature and the evils of man. It is the only practical balance of power. See this:


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