Antonia Okafor is triggering snowflake students at Mount Holyoke
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A safe space for snowflakes . . . Mount Holyoke Students Create ‘Alternative Space’ For Those Triggered By Gun Rights Speech

Antonia Okafor, a black, female conservative and gun rights activist is scheduled to speak at Mount Holyoke College this week on the importance of women arming themselves. Her talk is titled, “Female Empowerment and the Second Amendment,” but some of the school’s leftists say they can’t bear the thought of connecting women’s rights with campus carry, so they’re holding their own competing event.

The Mount Holyoke Climate Justice Coalition says they’re stepping in on behalf of campus feminists (how’s that for “intersectionality?”) and hosting an “alternative space” that will be used to shelter those who wish to avoid Okafor’s talk.

Fix NICS campaign (courtesy

So is this really pro-2A three dimensional chess? . . . An Update on Gun Legislation One Month After the Texas Mass Shooting

The post-Sutherland Springs actions from the military track pretty closely with the background check legislation that was passed by the House yesterday. Referred to as the Fix NICS Act, the bill—which was rolled into the larger Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act this week—would require all federal agencies and departments to review their own criminal records reporting standards.

The bill requires agencies to develop plans to bring them into compliance with reporting requirements if they are not, and threatens to withhold bonuses to political appointees in those agencies if they do not comply.

The bill passed the House yesterday, and now goes to the Senate for approval.

Whether this bill will increase compliance—a law to require bureaucrats to follow existing laws—is uncertain. However, given the intense and predictable post-Sutherland Springs shooting demands for more restrictions on firearms and an expansion of the flawed background check system, the provisions of Fix NICS bill are welcome.

If this is extent of the federal response to the latest mass shootings, the Second Amendment will have dodged a barrage of bullets.

Can't we all find common ground on gun rights?

Can’t we all just get along? . . . Let’s try seeking common ground on gun rights for a change

For years, if not decades, the gun-control lobby has been pleading with firearms owners to come together and find some “common ground” on gun control, and in so doing, they started with the wrong message and certainly the wrong sales pitch.

Instead, let’s find some common ground on gun rights.

For openers, can we agree that the Second Amendment should be treated with the same respect as the other amendments in the Bill of Rights? The Second Amendment is no less important than the First Amendment, or any of the eight other amendments.

After all, we are not talking about guns, we’re talking about a constitutionally delineated fundamental right. It’s a right to keep and bear arms, not a heavily regulated government privilege, nor is it dependent upon service in a militia.

Even Jamaica's strict gun control can't seem to keep guns off the island.

You’d think you could clamp down on guns on a small island, no? . . . Massive gun bust!

THE Jamaica Constabulary Force and its law enforcement counterparts in the United States are now conducting a major investigation following the seizure of more than 100 illegal firearms at the Miami International Airport in Florida.

The guns and more than 200 assorted rounds of ammunition were destined for Jamaica, a release from the police’s Corporate Communications Unit said yesterday.

The Jamaica Observer has since learnt that the guns were destined for Montego Bay, St James, the parish that has recorded more than 300 murders so far this year.

Sandy Hook families campaign against national concealed carry reciprocity (courtesy

Sandy Hook had nothing whatsoever to do with concealed carry, but whatever . . . Sandy Hook Families Travel To Washington To Speak Out Against Gun Legislation

But beyond the specific legislation being discussed Wednesday, Dougherty shared another frustration: In the five years since her sister was killed, the House has not held a single vote on any legislation to strengthen the nation’s gun laws.

“It is absolutely shameful,” she said. “It is deplorable and unacceptable that nothing has happened since my sister’s murder.”

Murray said a busload of advocates from Newtown had traveled to Washington to attend the rally, meet with members of Congress and participate in an evening vigil to honor the tens of thousands of victims of gun violence since Sandy Hook.

Your feel-good story of the day . . . Robber Pulls a Gun and Points It Right at Texas Dad’s Children — It Cost Him His Life

A robber reportedly rushed into the restaurant and demanded money from the father. When he refused, the suspect turned his attention to nearby employees and tried to rob them as well.

The quick-thinking dad then tried to rush his family out of the Popeyes, but before they all made it out, the robber allegedly pulled a gun and pointed it at the man’s children.

That would prove to be a deadly mistake.

As soon as the father saw the gun pointed at his kids, he pulled out his own firearm and dropped the robber with a deadly accurate shot.


This Shooting Drill Will Keep You From Getting Bored at the Range

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  1. God help these snowflakes when they get out in the real world! No safe places and have to work for a living. I don’t thing any of the snowflakes will make it!

    • They aren’t supposed to make it. That’s their best feature. After they’ve visually obliterated the true landscape they’re supposed to melt away.

    • Apparently you’re not familiar with the many Silicon Valley tech companies that brought in grief counselors after the 2016 election.

  2. But, but, but….. you’ll get KILLED if you try to pull a gun on someone who already has a gun out!! You can’t be fast enough, or distracting enough, or something…. It NEVER happens in real life, so just give up and cower in the corner.

    Or not.

    • Pulling a gun on a desperado that already has his gun out?

      It does happen in real life. One Marion Hedgepeth was an outlaw around the turn of the century that was celebrated for his gunmanship. He once pulled a revolver on a guy that already had his gun out and leveled at Marion’s chest. Marion pulled his holstered revolver and shot him dead with a bullet through the heart.

      Then the was Jelly Bryce. An FBI pistolero with lightning speed and an equally dramatic resume with many dead bad guys as footnotes. He would balance a coin on the back of his gun hand, draw his holstered revolver and shoot the coin before it hit the ground.

    • That is the worst story I’ve heard in ages, how monumentally stupid to rick your childrens well-being and lives by shooting it out with someone aiming at your kids UNREAL…

      He wants to rob you and nothing you own is worth seeing your kids disfigured or permanently injured or killed. Child Protective Services should immediately take away those children, they are clearly in danger under the roof of such a reckless man…

      And naturally the immature fools here celebrate this horrendous act… truly mindboggling

      • Yeah, just stand there and do what you’re told. SMH. Freezing up is not a plan for survival. What a sorry excuse for a dad. Glad I’m not one of your kids. IF I survived, and IF you survived I would shoot you myself.

      • So you would just trust that the criminal wouldn’t actually shoot the kids he’s aiming at. I hope nobody ever has to depend on your judgment under stress. I’d gladly take a couple bullets flying my way to save my or anyone else’s kids.

        • What are you gonna tell your child’s mom or sibling when your child gets shot and you did NOTHING about stopping it? A dad’s number one job is to protect his children. The bad guy with the gun DOES NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR KIDS. He is wrapped up in the moment and the power he thinks he has over everyone and remains a deadly threat to everyone within range. Stop the threat!

      • That is actually the best story you’ve heard in ages. How monumentally stupid to try and save your children’s lives by innocently fleeing, but according to you, only to stand there and do as you’re told by a mad man with a gun UNREAL…

        You don’t know if just wants to rob you and if you don’t have anything to take, he might just kill you and your children, anyway. Child Protective Services should immediately take away your children and castrate you so you can’t have anymore, as they are clearly in danger under the roof of such a cowardly man as you.

        And naturally, you immature fools trolling here denigrate this courageous act… truly mind-boggling.

  3. A masterful troll by Alan Gottlieb, who knows all too well that actually recognizing 2nd Amendment rights as real rights, protected by law against government incursion, would be the death of the gun control movement as we know it. It’s the perfect gun-rights version of the typical “why can’t we all just abandon your agenda and embrace mine” propaganda that’s ubiquitous in the anti-gun media.

  4. When one side is armed with facts and the other armed with hysterics and ignorance how can there be any common ground? What would it even look like? Something along the lines of “if you drown you’re a good christian woman and god will welcome you to heaven but if you do not drown you will be burned alive an unholy bride of satan” I imagine.

    • Shire-man,

      I have proffered a parallel example before. Suppose 100,000 men announced that they were FURIOUS with society, working conditions, unemployment, low pay, terrible public housing, etc. And those men also announced that they were going to take out their frustrations by raping women. What common ground can we find there? Do we let them rape women once a month? Once every six months? Do we let them fondle women as often as they like? Or do we tell them that making women do something against their will is CRIMINAL and we will use all possible measures to stop them?

      Similarly, we should be telling gun-grabbers that making other people do something against their will (be unarmed and unable to stop violent attacks, including rape) is CRIMINAL and we will use all possible measures to stop anyone who acts upon that goal.

      • Reasonable adults approach to public safety is to minimize the chances of dangerous folks getting their hands on particularly dangerous weapons.

        Immature fantasists by contrast want to spread AR-15s around to maximize the chances of shooting it out with the next mentally ill mass shooter with an AR-15.

        Similarly mature thoughtful folks do not feel safe by having a heap of nukes to nuke it out with North Korea, much better to work against nuke proliferation.

        Does this analogy of the most dangerous weapons help you appreciate the grown-ups perspective on your favorite dangerous tools?

        • An apt analogy, seeing as how nuclear non-proliferation was as is a trendy, feel-good strategy that has utterly failed to keep nuclear weapons out of the hands of bad actors, whilst the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction has successfully prevented nuclear war for generations.

        • Actually reasonable adults’ approach to public safety is not to arbitrarily strip theirs and their fellows’ right to keep and bear arms. They also know there is nothing particularly dangerous about guns, either.

          Immature fantasists, by the contrast, want to forcibly disarm everyone else to maximize the chances of their voter base shooting into another crowd with an AR-15.

          Similarly, actually mature and thoughtful folks either do feel safe or are unbothered by having a heap of nukes to nuke it out with North Korea, much better to have the ability to retaliate with equal or greater force.

          Does that patently absurd and long-debunked “analogy” between small arms and WMDs help you appreciate the child’s perspective — i.e. your perspective — on your favorite racist, classist, and sexist policy agenda that IS gun control?

  5. NOW they’re afraid of an attractive black woman?!? Pathetic millenial p###iies…a gun beats a rape whistle every time.

    • They cancelled her speech altogether this week at Hampshire College. The college made the usual claim: we aren’t prepared for the necessary security provisions this event entails.

      How can these schools regard themselves as places fostering intellectual inquiry, when conservative speakers are routinely cancelled or attacked? How is barring an idea bearer from campus, or threatening them with violence if they do appear, anything other than real life fascism they claimcaricature they hold conservatives out to be?

    • President Hump the Misogynist-in-Chief

      “I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything… Grab ’em by the formerwaterwalker. You can do anything.”

      • Shillary the Real Misogynist-in-Chief:

        “My job is to stamp out these racistnamechanger eruptions.” – Shillary RottenKKKlam KKKlinton said of Slick WIlly’s actually credible accusers, after he was caught boarding AND leaving The Lolita Express.

    • President Hump Misogynist-in-Chief

      “I just start kissing them. It’s like a magnet. Just kiss. I don’t even wait. And when you’re a star, they let you do it. You can do anything… Grab ’em by the formerwaterwalker. You can do anything.”

      • Shillary the Real Misogynist-in-Chief:

        “My job is to stamp out these racistnamechanger eruptions.” – Shillary RottenKKKlam KKKlinton said of Slick WIlly’s actually credible accusers, after he was caught boarding AND leaving The Lolita Express.

      • “They let you do it”

        BREAKING NEWS!!!! Super-Powerful Celebrity Billionaire claims women consent to sexual activity with him due to his wealth.

        Since the dawn of humanity, as long as there have been powerful men, there have been women willing to use their sexuality to be closer to that power. He said they let him… isn’t that literally the definition of consent?

  6. The snowflakes will be life time students. I know some that are still going to school. As long as they are enrolled their loans are not due. So you have 40 year old snowflakes living at home and delivering pizza, riding the free system.(that you and I pay for)

  7. WOW! Alan Gottlieb’s letter to the editor is worth the read. It provides very strong responses to many of the typical memes and talking points from the gun control folks. That letter should be sent to every newspaper in America.

    Actually reminds me of a former co-worker who would always start her discussions with, “Don’t you agree….” It drove me nuts, but was a good ploy to move conversation in the direction she desired. the premise being, If you don’t agree with me, then clearly you are just being disagreeable.

  8. The last video – An exercise invented by someone who sell metal parts to replace the plactic guide rod and trigger in a beretta?

    Trying to see the benefit otherwise.

    My goal is not rounds through a gun but rounds on target in a brisk fashion.

    Maybe this would work for that. I am skeptical.

    • Why is it that almost every “training” video wants to train you as though you’re the last surviving SpecOps guy facing a kamikaze attack?

      Where’s the training for real-world scenarios most of us are ever likely to encounter?

      And why in the hell does every such video and all the military action videos always come with the most HORRENDOUS and obnoxious hard rock soundtrack? That alone makes me want to go and shoot someone!


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