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The ChiComs are building their small arms around four different 5.8mm rounds . . . China Is Now Making Some of the Most Powerful Guns on the Planet

China’s People’s Liberation Army has traditionally relied on foreign and Communist bloc weapons manufactured in China under license—or not. Now, however, as the PLA undergoes an unprecedented modernization, a new generation of locally designed and manufactured light weaponry is arming China’s armed forces, from handguns to light machine guns.

China’s first modern, locally designed and produced assault rifle is the QBZ-95, currently standard issue across the People’s Liberation Army and China’s internal security force, the People’s Armed Police. The weapon first entered Chinese service in the mid-1990s. The QBZ-95​ is a so-called “bullpup” rifle, meaning the trigger and fire-control group are placed ahead of the magazine, which is inserted into the rifle stock.

There are still plenty of guns for sale on Facebook.

You can’t stop the signal . . . Gun sellers, licensed or not, find a marketplace on Facebook

Despite Facebook’s ban on firearm sales on Jan. 29, 2016, group pages on the platform persist in facilitating gun and ammunition transactions among private sellers throughout America. As of last week, there are at least six groups with similar gun postings for Missouri residents alone, with a total membership of approximately 2,600. Still, there is likely more activity going on in secret groups such as Reel’s “417 gun pics” that aren’t visible to anyone except the members. Like many private gun sales, in most cases no background checks are required by law.

Facebook has reacted to the continued sales. The site removes groups and posts all the time.

But, Facebook’s personnel don’t want to overstep into its users’ privacy. So, Missourians continue their gun transactions on Facebook, in private.

Elementary schools are more allegedly more secure after Sandy Hook

Not nearly enough . . . Sandy Hook’s legacy: More security in elementary schools

In the aftermath of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting five years ago, districts have moved to bolster security, especially at elementary schools, which traditionally have not had police assigned to them like many high schools and middle schools. Many have hired retired officers, firefighters and other responsible adults — an approach that’s less expensive and potentially less intrusive than assigning sworn police, but one that also has raised questions about the consistency of training and standards.

Nationally, there is a patchwork of state laws addressing requirements for school safety officers, and many leave it entirely up to local school boards. Some states, including Connecticut, have weighed legislation to impose standards for non-police security inside schools.

Dean Weingarten at The Vertical Church (courtesy

Our man Weingarten standing guard outside an Arizona church. Too much? . . . Open Carry at The Vertical Church with AR15 and Radio

Open carry at The Vertical Church in Yuma is common. It is not so common to see a rifleman outside of the front entrance.

The Church takes security seriously. There is a dedicated security team that has several members at each service. Some members carry openly, some carry discreetly.

There is nearly always double coverage as most security team members serve at one service and attend worship at another.

Team members switch between open carry and discreet carry as is convenient.

Urban criminals move from mugging to murder (courtesy

Yes, urban gang members tend to graduate from petty crimes to the serious stuff . . . Teens and guns: Yesterday’s muggings, today’s murders

In a Philadelphia courtroom Sept. 19, Theresa Stuhlman faced down one of her husband’s three killers.

“It is so very hard to believe,” she said at the sentencing hearing, “that the three individuals that are responsible for Jim’s death were 14 and 15 years old at the time, which is the same age as my daughter is now.”

James Stuhlman, 51, a businessman, husband, and father, had been out walking his dog in Overbrook Park on the night of March 12, 2015, when the three teens accosted him, roughed him up, and took his money.

Once, this would have been a mugging, an unfortunate reality of urban living. Instead, it was a murder.

The Punisher isn't anti-gun, it's pro-freedom.

The eye of the beholder . . . The Punisher Isn’t Anti-Gun. It’s Pro-Freedom.

It’s a key scene in the show, setting the tone The Punisher isn’t going to shy away from discussing how individuals should have the ability to protect themselves. The show tackles this issue throughout its 13 episodes, bringing multiple viewpoints to the table. It’s almost impossible not to do because Castle is a gun-toting vigilante, who will use these weapons to go after those who deserve punishment.

Yet, for some reason, the pro-gun control mob has decided to use The Punisher as some sort of champion for more gun laws or mewl the show didn’t do enough to promote gun restrictions. The Verge’s Laura Hudson complained the show is just a, “common and exploitative form of the revenge story, one that imagines horrible crimes and injustices in order to justify the violence fans want to see on screen, and to absolve their consciences for wanting to see it. Each cruelty and mustache-twist of the villain stokes is calculated to enrage and horrify, until knives or bullets sliding into bodies is finally experienced as pleasure and relief.”

Hampshire College logo, incredibly enough (courtesy

“Camp Hamp” calls off pro-campus carry speaker at the last minute, citing their own lack of preparation. Better luck next time! . . . Via Facebook

Hampshire College sincerely apologizes to Antonia Okafor for canceling her speech tonight that was to have been held on our campus. The College did not follow its own procedures in sufficiently reviewing the application before we approved it.
We take responsibility for that mistake. We did not cancel the speech because of the speaker, the subject of the speech, or the content. Hampshire College values academic freedom and the careful examination of ideas, including when those ideas may be controversial.

We canceled the event when we realized that the student application was not sufficiently complete. It lacked the necessary details we require in advance of any event, particularly one that might draw large audiences and intense debate, so we can allot the appropriate resources to staff and support the event.

We will reach out to Antonia Okafor- Black, Armed, and Conservative and to the student organizers with an offer to discuss this process and consider options for rescheduling her visit to campus.

BLACKHAWK! No Latch Charging Lever

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  1. soooo those assault rifles will break in a week and are painted with lead paint? Seriously their heavy guns are still Russian knock offs the only thing they’ve changed is their individual and squad weapons and even then most will tell you they aren’t really anything special. I also wouldn’t trust their pamphlets on just what those weapons are capable of as they probably lied through their teeth. Hell they probably even lied about the caliber.

    • ……..In fact I doubt that rifle even exists, It’s figment of your imagination; A Chinese
      Smog-mirage, if you will (facetious)

      • It exists I just wouldn’t fawn over it as much as the article’s author did nor would I take it at face value when they say 5.8mm caliber.

        • Actually 5.8mm does exist and thats what it’s chambered in. its not terribly heavy at a little over 7 lbs. there is an assault rifle configuration, a carbine chambered for 5.56, and an lmg variant. try doing a bit of research so you dont seem like an idiot.

  2. Are the Chinese still tooling their firearms the same way they used to, everything held to the same standard?

    Flash videos are like drinking after a hooker.
    May or may not bring unwanted viruses with it.

  3. “Each cruelty and mustache-twist of the villain stokes is calculated to enrage and horrify, until knives or bullets sliding into bodies is finally experienced as pleasure and relief.” ”


    Weird, sad, failed romance-novel-writer projection.

    • If that was the description of a movie, I’d stand in line to see that film.

      I don’t have a TV or an internet connection at home. It takes work for me to see a show. I binge watched the Punisher series. Twice. That’s how good it was.

  4. The Canadian experience with the T97 (Norinco civilian version of the QBZ95) is that it isn’t bad for the price, but it’s pretty rough. The same goes for the Type 81. They are reasonably reliable. For the Canadian market they are good as we don’t have as much disposable income as the average American, or as much choice if you want a semi-auto NR rifle. On the other hand, the Type 81 is competing against the SKS (I mean, it’s all pinned to 5 rounds anyways), and it’s hard to beat a 7.62×39 semi auto for under $250.

    If they were sold in the US, they’d be competing against the AK and lower-priced AR variants, and I think would struggle against both.

  5. Good on Dean. We have a boatload of armed security at my Indiana church. No AR’s “that I KNOW of”. Hey I belong to a FB group where they attempt to buy,sell and trade guns. Pics and zip codes…and can get in a heap of trouble doing that in Illinois. Oh well.

    • How? You just do the background check against the FOID, fill out and retain the paper work and call it done. 100% legal.

      • You have to call the Illinois State Po-leece. Merely “checking” a FOID doesn’t do it. Could be expired or revoked. Oh and my point is mainly these FB boyz are not so slyly trying to circumvent Fakebook. I won’t narc on ’em…

  6. I rather liked how marvel handled it’s view of the second amendment in the punisher.

    For contrast, watch daredevil or luke cage and think about how that show’s storyline (read: it’s victims) is entirely dependant on the prevelance of an unarmed helpless populace. They simply could not have the storyline of daredevil or luke cage take place in a constitutional carry or shall issue state.

    • “Only I do the one thing that you can’t. You hit them and they get back up, I hit them and they stay down. It’s permanent. I make sure that they don’t make it out on the street again. I take pride in that.”

  7. “Hampshire College values academic freedom”

    Mwahahahahahahah! Stop, please. I’m laughing so hard I can’t catch my breath.

    The only things Hampshire values are lunatic-wing politics and the exorbitant tuition the impressionable young dolts are paying for classes in “The Philosophy of Tattoos” or “Queer/Trans: Theorizing Race.”

    I didn’t make up those courses. They’re in the Hampshire catalog for 2017-2018. Whatever you think of Hampshire’s politics, you have to admit that it has quite a sense of humor. $63,698 for room, board and tuition. What a bunch of wacky funsters!

  8. the punisher sucked. you can very easily take away a anti-gun mindset from watching it. I say this because several times in the show, they make Castle out to be powerless without his guns. “just wait till i get my guns” was said SEVERAL times, implying that its the guns that do the work, not him. not to mention the unbearable ending “im scared” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME??????

    the show was “ok” at the very best. BY FAR, the best adoptation of the punisher to date is Punisher:WarZone. Ray Stevenson was an amazing punisher. spot on casting for Micro too, its Newman!!!!

    • Sorry to refer to my other post, but I think Karen Page’s post hotel attack interview where she defends the personal right to self defence was an excellent example of how an anti-gunner is just a Democrat that hasn’t been mugged yet. I was glad to see her representation of an honest defence of concealed carry and personal liberty.


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