Cabot Guns' Trump 45 pistol
courtesy Forbes and Cabot Guns
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Trolling anti-gunners with a $50,000 gold pistol . . . The Trump 45 Aims To Make Presidential Guns Great Again

In addition to its gold finish, the Trump 45 has its name engraved on one side and “45th President of the United States on the other and is made of steel “to aerospace tolerances and with artisan finishes.”

The grips are made from the American holly tree, and the trigger and front sight are made from 4-billion-year-old meteorite that, according to a statement released by Cabot Guns, symbolizes the “meteoric focus of the Trump Presidency and commitment to America.” …

The company expects the Trump 45 series to attract Trump fans who are keen on protecting their Second Amendment rights.

Or, as in Africa, it could finance the management and protection of otherwise endangered populations . . . Trophy hunting may cause extinction in a changing environment

Trophy hunting and other activities involving the targeting of high-quality male animals could lead to the extinction of certain species faced with changing environmental conditions, according to new research from Queen Mary University of London (QMUL).

Male animals with large secondary sexual traits, such as antelope horns, deer antlers and lions’ manes are often targeted by hunters for recreational purposes. Similarly, some insect collectors will pay high prices for specimens of animals such as stag beetles because of their large secondary sexual traits.

These well-ornamented individuals tend to be the most evolutionarily fit so if they are removed then the best genes are taken out of the population. The researchers predict that in some circumstances, when an animal population is faced with a changing environment, harvesting rates of as low as five per cent of these high quality males can cause extinction.

The study was published in Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences.

Valerie Plame has had enough "death rifles" (courtesy HuffPo and Getty)

Valerie Plame Wilson (or her HuffPo editor) tries out a new, scarier moniker for “assault rifle” . . . Enough With The Death Raffles

In the summer of 2016, we discovered that the United Way of Otero County, New Mexico was holding a firearms raffle that would put 108 firearms into this small rural community.  The prize list included a sniper rifle designed to shoot a person from a mile away as well as an AR-15 assault weapon ― the weapon used in the Sandy Hook massacre.

As board members of the United Way of Santa Fe County, we urged United Way World Wide to put a stop to this firearms raffle as well as to the 13 other such raffles occurring throughout the country under the United Way brand. In 2017, we were relieved to see that United Way World Wide changed their licensing agreement to specifically not allow firearm raffles under their brand name.

Unhappy with this decision, United Way of Otero County separated from United Way World Wide and became Thrive in Southern New Mexico. In 2017-2018, they will begin raffling another 108 firearms including five AR-556/5.56 AR-15 assault weapons.

SCOTUS refuses to hear Maryland "assault weapon" ban
courtesy and AP

All eyes on Ginsburg, Kennedy and Breyer . . . NRA Statement on Maryland Gun Ban

The National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action issued the following statement in response to the U.S. Supreme Court declining to accept a case challenging Maryland’s 2013 ban on commonly owned semi-automatic rifles and standard capacity magazines:

“Maryland’s ban on commonly owned firearms and magazines violates our fundamental, individual right to keep and bear arms for self-defense. The court’s decision in District of Columbia v. Heller clearly stated that arms in common use for lawful purposes are protected by the Second Amendment and thus cannot be subject to an outright ban. We will continue fighting to ensure that the Second Amendment freedoms of law-abiding Americans are respected in the courts.”

How Russians lost the right to keep and bear arms (courtesy and TASS)

Funny how that always seems to happen when a country becomes a workers’ paradise . . . How Russians lost their own 2nd Amendment: The right to bear arms

The Bolshevik Revolution put an end to the free circulation of guns among the general public. The leaders of the uprising knew only too well what the masses were capable of, especially if armed up to the teeth, and moved to monopolize gun ownership.

In 1918 the Bolsheviks initiated a large scale confiscation of civilian firearms, outlawing their possession and threatening up to 10 years in prison for concealing a gun.

The only exception was made for hunters who were allowed to possess smoothbore weapons. Gun licenses, however, were strictly regulated and only issued by the NKVD, the police organization known for its role in Joseph Stalin’s political purges.

How to buy the best paintball gun

Looking for the best paintball guns to fit your needs isn’t always a simple task. There are a lot of different styles of paintball guns on the market today. It is a little bit confusing to find which one is the best choice for you. Fortunately, our team is here to make it easier for you! With our years of experience in this field, we have assembled a list of the top 5 best paintball guns markers currently on the market in 2018.

British gun crime is skyrocketing despite (because of) ultra-strict gun control.

Gun crime soars in the UK? But that’s unpossible! . . Offences involving firearms

Offences involving firearms7 increased by 27% (to 6,696) in year ending June 2017 compared with the previous year (5,269 offences). This was driven largely by a 25% increase in offences involving handguns (up to 2,791 from 2,224) and partly by an 18% increase in offences involving imitation weapons such as BB guns8 (up to 1,721 from 1,457), a 53% increase in offences involving shotguns (up to 652 from 427) and a 47% increase in offences involving unidentified firearms (up to 933 from 635). The latest rise continues an upward trend seen in firearms offences in the last few years, however, offences are still 31% below a decade ago (in the year ending March 2007; Figure 11).

Over the last year, over two-thirds (32 of the 439) of police forces recorded a rise in offences involving firearms. The force that showed the largest volume increase was the Metropolitan Police (accounting for almost 50% of the increase in England and Wales).


Detroit deputy shoots and kills intruder in her home (courtesy

He chose…poorly . . . Police say deputy fatally shot intruder at her Detroit home

Police say an off-duty sheriff’s deputy shot and killed a man who had broken into her home in southwest Detroit.

The Wayne County deputy was inside the home when she heard a door being kicked in about 1:30 a.m. Saturday. The deputy told investigators she grabbed her weapon and fired shots at the intruder, who was armed with a pistol and wearing a black ski mask.

The man was struck in the chest and pronounced dead at the scene.


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  1. Wow. I didn’t think it was possible to make a 1911 look bad, but Cabot Guns has proved me wrong!

    The finish is too bright, the grips are too smooth, the serrations on the slide just look off, and it has that weird-looking (though no doubt useful) rounded hammer. Come on, CG! I expect better for my $50,000 handguns!

    (Also, could someone please explain to me what “meteoric focus” is? That sounds like a bit of a mixed metaphor to me…)

      • I understand it’s referring to the meteor used, but I’m just saying that “meteoric focus” doesn’t make a lot of sense. When the word “meteoric” is used, it generally means swift and unexpected, like in “meteoric rise”. So not the Trump presidency, but the FOCUS of the Trump presidency was swift and unexpected? Again, what does that even mean?

        Sorry for making such a big deal about this. It’s just something I find rather irksome.

        • “(Also, could someone please explain to me what “meteoric focus” is? That sounds like a bit of a mixed metaphor to me…)”

          You kinda have a point on that.

          “Meteoric rise” is kinda wrong, “Meteoric fall” would be more accurate.

          If you go to that Cabot link Dan provided, I believe there’s a pic of the meteorite they used to make their meteorite guns. The damn thing was *massive*, for a meteorite.

          Were anyone outside if that thing fell at night, it would have likely had everyone out there’s *full* attention, as bright as it would have been…

        • “Meteoric rise” always bugged me. When was the last time you saw a meteor do anything but fall?
          (I see Geoff above posted the same comment!)

    • I think they’re just looking for excuses to put little bits of that meteorite they have leftover from the “Big Bang” pistol set.

      • “I think they’re just looking for excuses to put little bits of that meteorite they have leftover from the “Big Bang” pistol set.”

        Do you have any idea how much even tiny bits are *worth* of meteorite like that?

        I doubt someone gave them that meteorite, it makes sense to recoup some of that expense.

        That’s all the “excuse” they need…

        • Maybe I should have phrased it better. I’m saying they wanted to use that meteoric iron and they forced that contrived phrase to justify its use.

    • Talk about Fake news, I’ve been in the aerospace profession for over 40 yrs 19 of those yrs as a quality mgr. in a machine shop & I’ve never heard the term “to aerospace tolerances”. Give me a break people it means you don’t know what the tolorances are, apparently you think all your readers are completely STUPID…….where not LIBERALS!

  2. I love New Mexico.

    And now I want an Amazing Super Death Gun. (That’s the non ban state version.)

  3. #13: Like Kimber before them, they’re abject trash now that Ron Cohen has been appointed CEO. You should avoid Sig like the plague.

    One day I expect it will come out that he’s a double agent getting money from the Clinton Foundation to destroy gun companies from the inside or something. No one can be that much of a screw-up on accident.

    • What’d he do to Kimber? I have one from years ago that never gave me any trouble until I lost it in a tragic boating accident, but I have a friend who went through hell with a newly manufactured Kimber hunting rifle.

  4. The libs are systematically killing off their “high quality males” as we speak.

    Go with God, Matt Lauer.

  5. That paintball gun buying guide makes me laugh, for 90% of players the standard rental type marker works fine, skill trumps equipment. I play a fair amount and am a fairly good player, I’ve owned the same, basically stock, Tippmann 98 for over 15 years, finally bought a Tippmann A5 3 years ago, and it’s pretty cool too. A I like to explain to middle schoolers when run church camp paintball that has a mish-mash of Tippmann guns the youth ministry bought over the years “Look, they all propel a sort of round object at 280 feet per second the exact same way, so just take one They all work just fine.” But somehow, my gun still “Hits harder”

    • There’s a lot of truth to this. I sold my Tippman 98 Custom to buy a base model Autococker way back in high school and I’m still regretting it. Though I might disagree that field rentals are all you need; a lot of places keep them in shameful repair.

      A funny related story: I had my 98 Custom for a couple years before ever taking it to an organized field with a chronograph, so I never knew it came from the factory shooting 310 fps. I really was hitting my poor buddies harder!

  6. Hey NRA, quit selling us out you traitors.

    You want my support yet you support veterans who are suffering from PTSD, old people on Social security and he’ll just regular people who have ever sought help in their lives to be deemed mental defectives and prohibited from owning guns? I have a better idea, let’s just round up all the “mental defectives” and just put them in a gas chamber. No due process required. It’s the same thing these judenrat bastards are supporting.

    F$@; the NRA…

    • Having a bad day? Really? Long rant, calling folks Traitors. Go rake some leaves or hang some Xmas lights. You will feel better….

  7. Does American Holly normally look like cheap plastic? I don’t think I’ve seen any other grips or stocks made of it.

    • Holly is often used for ivory lookalike grips. Some Holly grips look more like ivory than, well, ivory. So, polished and shiny is normal.

  8. The UK has a higher per capita crime rate than the US?

    Why does the UK have a murder rate far lower than the US?

    Is it because the British thought it was a good idea to keep weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill?

    What is so unconstitutional about making sure you don;t have a crime record or suffer from mental health problems?

    Say their crime rate is high is full of bollocks as punching out a car window or through rocks at someones property is considered a “violent crime”.

    At-least I can walk someone where in the UK or Canada at night without being shot dead. At-least their people can go to school or work without the fear of some NRA nut with a chip on his shoulder attacking them.

    More fake news from a fake news hate website.

    Just got back from my holiday and trip to British Columbia and saw no violence, tyranny or anarchy like you deluded nut-bars claimed places like Canada are.

    I fail to see how a country that has good education, low poverty, excellent economy, decent healthcare and more personal freedoms considered a “tyrannical” hellhole to you right-wing nuts.

    • Oh, and Urban Centers in British Columbia….1

      …just say’n

      though, based on the tone, I’d say your really not all that into doing more than blasting we “right wing nut jubs”, so I’ll put ya in the “ignore” camp from now on.

    • Next time you are lying under a van driven by a guy yelling, “Aloha Snack bar.” And the local cop runs away with his fairy stick. You might wish to have a “NRA nut,” standing ground & shooting. Somebody please make Great Britain, great again……

    • “Why does the UK have a murder rate far lower than the US?”

      “In the US, the count of people murdered kept by the FBI is pretty darned straightforward. Got a body, not natural causes, not suicide? Must be murder of one sort or another. Count it.”

      “Since 1967, homicide figures for England and Wales have been adjusted to exclude any cases which do not result in conviction”

      There is your answer why, what do you have to say about it?

      And since when has a NRA member ever gone on a shooting spree or attack?

      • That’s one important reason. The other is demographics. We all know which part of US populace commits majority of murders. GB just doesn’t have that part of populace as large as US does.

    • I’m confused by your fifth line. Are you claiming that violent acts SHOULDN’T be considered violent crime? Or if that’s not your point, what is your point?

      Also, simply going somewhere and not being shot is good, but it’s hardly evidence of safety. I’ve lived in the USA my entire life, and never once been the victim of, or even witnessed first hand, any violent crimes. By your own logic, then, violent crime is not a problem here.

    • I think you keep making your name more ridiculous every time to see how long it takes before everyone knows that you’re really just trolling.

      • What freedom loving American uses the term “bullocks” or refers to going on a vacation as “going on holliday” ….. sounds like an English troll mate!

      • I know that they are trolling, and has been since they went by the name “concernedamerican”, it’s the reason I don’t let their postings go without a rebuttal.

    • I read just the other day that in response3 to the violence statistics, England is considering banning knives. Although it is already illegal to carry a pocket knife for defensive purposes, apparently pocket knives are readily available “even to children.” When are those idiots going to finally understand that tools do not cause crime? That the root of the issues are alcoholism/drugs and unemployment, not guns, not knives, not baseball bats?

  9. Lets be real clear. No pistol not owned by someone famous is worth that much money.


    You buy one of those, and your tossing good money after bad.

    • Ordinarily I would agree with you, the exception to that are those Big Bang 1911s. Making a functional pistol, or two, out of meteoric iron is pretty damn cool. It’s probably never going to be done again and that natural Widmanstätten pattern is really cool, and can’t be replicated.

  10. I despise the United Way. When I was in-house counsel for a Fortune 100, the senior management extorted money from the employees for their pet causes, and most prominent among these was United Way.

    I refused to participate, which certainly didn’t enhance my rep as a “team player.”

    The same management also extorted money for the Democrats in 1994. When it came time for me to make a pledge, I donated to the Republicans. What pissed everybody off the most is after the election when I framed a famous magazine cover depicting an elephant trampling a jackass and hung it on my wall.

    Democrats, extortion and the United Way — an unholy trinity if there ever was one.

    • United Waste supports baby murder by way of Planned Parenthood. Yes ultra leftard…man that $50000 gat is ugly.

    • I use to work for a very large computer company in the Fortune 100. They would push us every year to sign up for donations to United Way, you had to send in your electronic form either way. They would have a dog and pony show every year to tell us how great United Way was, right before they sent us the link for the eform. That crap got old quickly, and after a couple of years I would return the eform ASAP turning them down.

  11. So trophy hunting will lead to extinction? I’m curious as to see who paid for that ‘study’. You may lose some of the prime males in a population but, extinction based on overhunting(poaching in most cases) is not really the issue. That real issue is nearly always habitat loss.

    I didn’t really see anything about that in the article.

  12. Whoever designed that 1911’s look should be dragged out back behind the wood pile and shot! it’s hard to make a 1911 look ugly but they achieved it with aplomb. How about sticking to understated elegance? I understand Trump is brash boorish and over the top but you could’ve done that in a much better looking way. Instead of gold go with chrome, do some nice inlays in those grips and choose a wood that doesn’t resemble tan plastic (Oak would look nice), sights and all other controls could be gold or even meteorite, and maybe add some nice darker colored inlays to the slide (onyx, obsidian, or granite). See still over the top and brash but not gawdy. As it sits it looks like a poor attempt to make a gun befitting a James Bond super villain but fails on that count as it doesn’t even manage to also scream cool! Those gold plated piles they advertise in American Rifleman look better than this!

  13. “American Holly” — Phooey!
    We had a (variegated) holly tree next to the house where I grew up.
    The berries ripened in the Autumn, and fermented on the branch, and the birds came by to eat the fermented berries. What a mess!
    Holly trees may be sacred to the goddess “Hol,” or “Hel,” or “Nehelenia,” but they are readily-propagated weeds that arise from the fertilized seeds that are dropped as part of drunken-bird poop.

  14. The “Trophy Hunting leads to extinction” argument is a totally absurd fantasy that is easily disproved. Only the gun fearing globalists who published that garbage will never consider common sense or actual science that refutes their pet assumption.

    Consider those “male animals with large secondary sexual traits.” How many of those animals have “large secondary sexual traits” from their earliest adulthood? That’s right – NONE! Whether it is a bull moose, a Buck Whitetail, An African loin, or any other treasured trophy animal; it is NOT a trophy until it has years of maturity and hundreds of opportunities to sire offspring. Taking a mature animal does NOT end or significantly reduce that animal’s contribution to the gene pool!

    The idiots who offered the stupid story didn’t bother to mention game management. In the USA the deer population was under half a million in the middle of the last century, before hunters stepped up and real modern game management changed the future. Now, almost 50,000,000 deer roam the US and hunters face almost unrestricted opportunities to harvest venison. In Africa, a very significant portion of the money needed, to protect wild game from domestic poaching and thoughtless slaughter, comes from trophy hunters who pay very high rates for the opportunity. And again, they are taking mature animals, who have already contributed to the gene pool.

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