Ed Helms' 'Fake News' bashes guns
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They just can’t hide who they really are . . . Helms’ Apolitial ‘Fake News’ Can’t Help Bashing Guns

Even with an eye on bipartisan yuks the special can’t help but bash the Second Amendment. One “news” segment dubbed “Guns: Guns?” features a fake town hall offering two sides of the gun control debate.

Ned shoots the pro gun control expert to make a clumsy point. He then asks the Second Amendment supporter if his attack changed her mind about gun control. She blurts out, “maybe a good guy with a gun could’ve stopped you?”

The segment’s ideology is suddenly in your face … The spell cast by Helms’ shtick vanishes. Otherwise, we’re treated to one liners that shred every aspect of TV news.

The air force will change the way it reports to the federal background check system.

It always seems takes something horrendous to make a bureaucracy change . . . Air Force rolls out reporting reforms in wake of Texas church shooting

The Air Force is requiring higher levels of review before criminal cases are closed in order to ensure required disclosures are reported to the federal gun background-check database, Secretary Heather Wilson told Senate lawmakers Wednesday.

The new steps come after the Air Force failed to report the criminal background of a former airman to federal authorities, a disclosure that would have prevented him from purchasing firearms before he fatally shot 26 people last month inside a Texas church.

Multiple levels of command now have to confirm that required disclosures have been made to the background check system in all reported incidents, Ms. Wilson said.

A UK paper freaks out because American's love their guns.

The best part of this is the horror it elicits in our friends across the water . . . A real shotgun wedding! Fans of the second amendment proudly brandish weapons during MARRIAGE ceremonies

These photos give a whole new meaning to the term ‘shotgun wedding’.

A shocking internet gallery shows fans of the second amendment proudly brandishing their weapons on their big day.

While the choice of ceremony might seem odd to most couples, gun-themed weddings appear to be becoming increasingly popular.

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ABC pumps Shannon and the Moms ahead of the Sandy Hood anniversary

ABC sends Shannon a big wet kiss . . . How gun laws have changed in the 5 years since Sandy Hook

Shannon Watts, a mother of five who became a gun control activist in the wake of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, thought her advocacy work was going to be over shortly after it began.

On Dec. 15, 2012, the day after 20 students and six educators were killed by a shooter in Newtown, Connecticut, she started a Facebook group that eventually became Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America.

“I have never been impacted by gun violence personally,” Watts, who lives in Colorado, told ABC News. “I was just incredibly angry after the Sandy Hook shooting because I was seeing pundits on television saying the solution to the horrific tragedy there was arming teachers. And just as an American and as a mom, I knew that wasn’t right.”

Julie Golob is running for NRA board of directors

World Champion Shooter Julie Golob Asks For Your Vote For the NRA Board of Directors

We all have a “gun” story. Mine is one with roots deep with the National Rifle Association.

I learned about the importance of the NRA mission as a young girl growing up in New York State. One Christmas my freedom loving, NRA proud grandfather gifted all his grandchildren life memberships to our organization. Knowing how important it was to him, I knew it was something I should care about too.

Guns have always been a part of my life. Dad hunted to put food on the table, and I remember him carrying concealed. When I was as young as eight years old, I started hunting and going to the range with my father for our local NRA Silhouette competitions. Eventually, shooting became my sport too as he and I worked and competed in practical shooting matches all over the northeast.

Unfortunately, probably not . . . Is This the Good News the Firearms Industry Was Waiting For?

The industry’s so-called “Trump slump” following the election of President Donald Trump has produced a firearms inventory glut. Anticipating a different electoral outcome, manufacturers produced and dealers stockpiled a massive arsenal of guns in expectation of the demand they’d see. The upset victory not only for the White House but in Congress as well, caused a tumult in the industry.

So the surge in buying witnessed on Black Friday is certainly going to be helpful in clearing out storerooms and making way for new product, but the oversupply of firearms means there was likely heavy discounting going on to move the product.  If prior experience is any guide, it was done with the assistance of the manufacturers, and that indicates the gunmakers’ profits will be taking a hit.

CT Senator Chris Murphy is embarrassed.

That’s OK, we’re embarrassed by him . . . Connecticut senator ’embarrassed’ at political inaction since Sandy Hook

US senator Chris Murphy said he regrets that the Sandy Hook massacre, one of the deadliest school shootings in US history, has been followed by five years of political inaction, and that he finds it difficult to face victim’s families.

“I’m always a little embarrassed when I go back to Newtown,” the Connecticut senator said in an interview, just ahead of the mass shooting’s anniversary. “I still feel awful that we haven’t enacted bigger national change.” …

“I view this as a long-term political and social movement that started in 2012 and needs time to build,” Murphy said.


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    • Other than South Park and maybe Futurama, there’s nothing even remotely funny on Comedy Central. Ever. The networks name is a misnomer, kind of like CNN.

        • They should rename it LPCN. Leftist Political Commentary Network. For that mater there very little news that makes it to Fox News either.

  1. “A shocking internet gallery shows fans of the second amendment proudly brandishing their weapons on their big day.”

    Poor bridesmaid on the right: she doesn’t have a gun of her own. Embarrassing. 8>)

  2. –This report previously referred to Shannon Watts as one in a group of “regular people” who began advocating for stricter gun control measures in recent years. . . . We should have noted that Watts has a background in corporate communications. From 1998 to mid-2012, she was a corporate communications executive or consultant at such companies as Monsanto and FleishmanHillard. Before that, Watts had what she says was a nonpolitical job as a public affairs officer in the Missouri state government.

    Our report also stated that Watts had never “done anything political” before the shootings at Sandy Hook. We should have noted that Federal Election Commission records show she began contributing money to Democratic campaigns and political action committees earlier in 2012. According to those records, she has made about $10,000 in such contributions, and about one-third were made before the Sandy Hook shootings.–

    • If she’s made $10k in political contributions, she’s definitely not “regular people.” Progressive astroturfer all the way.

  3. My wedding reception was ruined when my bipolar (or some such malady) brother in law went off on his ex girlfriend over her new boyfriend (who was not present). Cleared the room in a minute with a barrage of profanity which ended when the police arrived.

    I’m sure no jury would have convicted my wife for shooting him.
    I was unarmed and in the bathroom at the time this occurred. All it took was about 3 minutes. When I returned to the reception the Maid of Honor said “welcome to the family”. The party was OVER !
    I’m sure the outcome would have been different if our bridal party were similarly accessorized.
    One small thing, the bridesmaid on the left needs to review gun safety rule #2.

  4. Gee I’m doing a NICS TODAY…don’t blame me. Fake News is aptly named. A leftard is a leftard. Good on those gals in the wedding party…it beats those lame dances.

  5. I must admit some of the weddings pics make me uneasy, no trigger discipline, muzzling members of the wedding party, gangster style aiming etc.. I know all the weapons are unloaded, until one is not.

  6. “I view this as a long-term political and social movement that started in 2012 and needs time to build,” Murphy said.

    Just like the saying goes, “Wait for the iron to cool considerably before striking.”

    • Not only is Murphy ignorant of the history of gun-control versus 2nd amendment defense issues, but his confidence in the gun-control “movement” is a bit misplaced. Gun control efforts in America have traditionally been rather successfully opposed by a well coordinated defense of the 2nd amendment led by the NRA and other groups. Social movements don’t operate in vacuums and, despite their characteristic moral imperative claims, can be successfully opposed by counter movements. Gun control politicization actually operates to advance the cause of 2nd amendment awareness and support. If gun controllers like Shannon Watts didn’t exist we’d need to go out and hire someone like her.

  7. “The Air Force is requiring higher levels of review before criminal cases are closed in order to ensure required disclosures are reported to the federal gun background-check database, Secretary Heather Wilson told Senate lawmakers Wednesday.”
    Sounds like the Air Force is fixing their flawed process which makes the “Fix NICS” bill unnecessary.

  8. …. “I still feel awful that we haven’t enacted bigger national change.” …

    Maybe its time to start going after the gun control crowds own sacred things in a hard way.

    Show them that forcing their will on others has unforeseen consequences at a national and local level.

    • Note that he doesn’t feel awful about the massacre itself — just that he lost an opportunity to make political hay out of it.

  9. “I have never been impacted by gun violence personally..I was just incredibly angry”

    Welcome to the world of liberal logic.

    • I think she was incredibly angry that someone proposed to give teachers a chance to defend themselves and their students.
      Arming all teachers may be a bit too much, but to stop preventing them from arming themselves if they so choose sounds like common sense to me.

      • According to the media, only tighter restrictions on gun ownership and use qualify as “common sense”.

  10. If you have never seen a real “wedding shotgun” you need too. I think the courthouse used to have a real one on display. Look em’ up online. They are collectiable.

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