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“Ain’t nothin’ scarier than a man with a gun. Ain’t nothin’ more helpless than a man without one.” – Frank Griffin, Godless

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  1. Ain’t nothin’ dumber than a murderous outlaw gang that doesn’t seek cover in a gunfight or Buffalo soldiers that let obvious killers get the drop on on them and then try to make up for it by having guys pop out of the floor.

      • Oh, I liked the show over all and especially Frank’s habit of recreating his formative childhood trauma over and over in order to save himself from it (by proxy):-) Roy was a pretty boring guy but at least he did’t get the girl at the end. I also appreciated how the marshal (Sam Waterston) and the young deputy both died from recklessness in very blunt immediate fashions while the fickle finger of fate spared the near blind sheriff from even greater recklessness.

    • The buffalo soldiers seen was the worst. They were in the show for the sole reason to get butchered for dumbness.

      They should have just agreed to “not get in involved” at the barrel of a gun pointed squarely at Frank’s head.

      Have the girl run off to warn the town, she was the only one that had any relevance anyway.

      It would have been more believable.

  2. Only one thing more pathetic than people who actually believe/trust that police can or will “save them” from predators… the person who believes that “god” will defend them in that case. Trust in god or the government all you want, of course. The rest of us will stay armed and prepared.

    • Yeah…I just saw the video of the sperglord who shot that drunk guy in Arizona and got off. My trust in the police has fallen to an all-time low.

      • Two different categories.

        One, that the police will get there in time to save you.

        Two, that if the police are called on you, they will behave in a professional fashion and not, say, preemptively execute you.

        The former suggests they’re irrelevant to your problem, unless they are your problem, in which case the latter suggests to actively avoid them at all costs.

        I’m generally a law-and-order guy, so to see myself write this is an indication (to me anyway) of how bad things have gotten.

      • I posit that good cops are worth their weight in gold because that is one job where you really do need very good people. At the same time I am horrified at the things the bad cops get away with both in intimidation, unnecessary violence and sating their greed. I sure wish the bad one’s would get punished and the good ones rewarded. The truth of Lord Acton’s truism is nowhere more obvious than with police. That badge is a lesser version of the One Ring.

    • Don’t see why I can’t be armed AND believe God will protect me? God gave me life, and I chose to carry to protect self, others, ect. God protects me and guns do, and visa versa.

      • I’m with you. Belief in JESUS and gun ownership go hand in hand. I am commanded to protect my family.(If a man does not provide for his own he is worse than an infidel) .And I don’t give a damn about a TV show…

        • I believe that God helps those that help themselves. God gave us lots of things including weapons for a reason.

      • Agreed. Trusting God and recognizing He is in control doesn’t remove my responsibility to do what I can with the abilities and means He has allotted me.

    • I agree. I’m not relying on imaginary gods or incompetent governments as my first line of defense, either.

  3. ‘Ain’t nothin’ scarier than a man with a g un.’

    I don’t know, I think a woman with a g un is scarier than a man. If a woman pulls a gu n she probably intends to use it.

    • Reminds me of something James Yeager once said (yeah- I know some people don’t like him)- he said if you’re ever on scene during an active shooter/Terrorist attack, and there’s a woman involved, shoot her first, because she’s really committed and it’s likely the others are following her.

  4. Good show but its sad that one of the best lines in the movie had to be uttered by the villain. It decades past, it would have been delivered by john Wayne.

  5. Truckee: “Why don’t you carry a gun?”
    Roy: “Because I don’t need one.”

    Then Roy decides he needs a gun again and goes and digs his up.

    Truckee: “Can you teach me how to use one?” *Spins wooden revolver on finger*
    Roy: “There’s never any reason to spin em like that. If you’re going to pull it, you just pull and shoot.”

    When Roy has to pull and shoot he does all kinds of forward and backward finger spins between shooting.

    Roy is a friggen Hypocrite. Frig off Roy!

    • Yeah, but he does pull and shoot before he does all that other stuff, which I assume was there just to let Truckee/the audience know that he really did know what he was doing.

  6. Ain’t nothin’ more dangerous than someone who denies or doesn’t realize their own capacity for violence. Gun or not.

  7. I binge watched the whole series. The guns were good and period correct, as far as I could tell, although I did question the 50-90 Winchester (it was available, it seems) and its lack of recoil when she fired it. That round has a serious whomp. I thought that Jeff Daniels did a great job as a bad guy, pretty out of the usual character for him, and I loved how Waterston looked as a Marshall. The rancher double widow was flat, but her mother in law, the old Indian woman, was a hoot. The Buffalo soldiers were entirely unnecessary to the story line.

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