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California’s gun seizure squad finds an arsenal under a bed – If that’s an arsenal INSERT PENIS JOKE HERE . . .

“Back in the bedroom — as a “Law and Order” rerun blares from down the hall — Richardson lifts up a mattress to reveal an assault-style weapon and ammunition.

“It’s like blood in the water,” he said. “What else could this guy have in here?”

For the next hour, agents from the California Attorney General’s Division of Law Enforcement haul out more weapons than they had listed in this suburban Los Angeles home: three assault-style rifles, a shotgun, a pistol, and 6,500 rounds of ammunition.

NRA Convention (courtesy

Reduction in Firearm Injuries during NRA Annual Conventions – Oh FFS . . .

Reductions in firearm injuries during convention dates were largest among men, in the South and West, in states in the highest third of gun-ownership rates, and among people who resided in the state hosting the convention. There was no difference in the proportion of crimes involving a firearm between convention and control dates.

These findings are consistent with reductions in firearm injuries occurring as a result of lower rates of firearm use during the brief period when many firearm owners and owners of places where firearms are used may be attending an NRA convention. Our results suggest that firearm-safety concerns and risks of injury are relevant even among experienced gun owners.

Gun-control activists take aim at Amazon’s Jeff Bezos – Take aim. Geddit? . . .

Even though it does not sell guns or ammunition, Amazon seems to be taking the most heat. Consumers started using the hashtag #StopNRAmazon on Twitter, which surfaced last week, with angry customers threatening to cancel their $99-a-year subscriptions.

At issue is NRA TV, a free online channel focused on pro-gun content, which many technology companies offer through their streaming services and devices alongside more popular options such as Netflix, ESPN and HBO. Recent episodes criticised Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel for what NRA TV said was a failure to act on warning signs about the shooter.

In one segment, NRA TV host Grant Stinchfield shouts at the camera: “There was no act of heroism when these deputies were sitting outside taking cover behind a cruiser as kids were getting shot.”

Being dumped from streaming services and devices, which many people use to watch programmes, might limit the gun lobbying group’s reach and visibility, though NRA TV is also available through its website.

The new Smith & Wesson M&P10 Sport Rifle

Gun sales plunge for Smith & Wesson owner – President Trump is doing what he can to help . . .

American Outdoor Brands posted lousy earnings Thursday, as the gun industry continues to suffer.
The company, which owns the famous Smith & Wesson brand, reported a 33% year-over-year decline in quarterly net sales, and profits that sank 65%.

Shares plunged 18% in after-hours trading, and are down 26% year-to-date . . . The company also said Thursday that it’s eliminated 200 jobs last quarter.

Australian gun confiscation (courtesy Aerican Rifleman)

Australia Says Gun Amnesty Netted 57,000 Illegal WeaponsSame old story, same old story, same old song and dance . . . my friends.

Australia says it collected more than 57,000 illegal firearms during a three-month amnesty last year – the first such program since tough gun laws were enacted in the wake of the country’s worst mass shooting in 1996.

The amnesty, which ran from July through September, netted almost 2,500 semi-automatic and fully automatic weapons that were the target firearms legislation beginning in 1996 that banned private ownership of such rifles.

Unregistered firearms are illegal in Australia and owning one carries a penalty up to 14 years in jail and a US$225,000 fine.

“Taking these unregistered firearms off the streets means they will not fall into the hands of criminals, who might use them to endanger the lives of innocent Australians,” Law Enforcement Minister Angus Taylor said Thursday.

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    • Deep down in our souls, those of us that were around when that song was new KNOW that the refrain does NOT say what ‘they’ tell us that it says.
      The REAL words are:
      “Don’t go out tonight,
      Well, It’s bound to take your life.
      There’s the bathroom on the right.”

      It still makes perfect sense.

      • Also,

        There might be a little dust on the Bible.
        But don’t let it fool you about what’s inside.

        We could start a parody rock band.

  1. “Australia says it collected more than 57,000 illegal firearms during a three-month amnesty last year – the first such program since tough gun laws were enacted in the wake of the country’s worst mass shooting in 1996.”

    “Meek and obedient you follow the leader
    Down well trodden corridors into the valley of steel
    What a surprise
    A look of terminal shock in your eyes
    Now things are really what they seem
    No, this is no bad dream”

    (Pink Floyd, “Sheep” 1977)

  2. Australia had 57,000 illegal guns floating around since 1996? And the brag about how well their gun control works?

    • My thoughts exactly. And they collected a partially demilled Sten gun as well as a home-built submachine gun. I thought the Aussies were the poster child for the SUCCESS of gun control in keeping the sheeple safe? Now we find out that not only are there hundreds of thousands (as per their police) of illegal guns floating around. There are soul-sucking-school-massacre-ing machine guns out there too!

      • yeah poster child for authoritarian state herd mentality….. BTW i am not one of those even though i was born in this country of sheep…. nope not even worthy of the le on the end. should have been born american. even then my views are far more like those of the founding fathers of the anti-federalist stripe. restrict the govt to the point that it basically ceases to be able to function

  3. I did my part this week to help S & W. Bought an M & P 15 Sport II. Just because.

    Arsenal. That’s some funny sh*t right there.

  4. Can’t believe how often LEOs and other ‘Law’ personnel encounter weapons and you’da thunk they caught the Loch Ness monster. It’s the same thing with football players dancing wildly in the endzone, be more professional, pretend like you’ve been there before.

    • These clowns were from the CA DOJ. Think: branch dividian level PR grab. You notice how the picture of the “assault style weapon” was taken by a professional portrait photographer? That picture looks like a gun advertisement.

      An other thing: “assault weapon” is a legal term defined in the penal code and DOJ regulations. For the California DOJ to call the rifle an “assault style” weapon means the gun was perfectly legal….. misdemeanor, administrative weapons storage violation. I’ve seen other pictures at press conferences where the DOJ mouth piece stuck a 30-round magazine in the weapon, thus manufaturing an actual assault weapon, and comming a felony in public and on TV.

  5. After Sandy Hook I was not short on firearms, ammunition or reloading materials but it felt uncomfortable not being able to see or buy more so when the tools and supplies were available again I decided to buy a few more. I’m comfortable now knowing I have enough to last until my children have teenagers… and maybe beyond…
    I would strongly suggest that people not be complacent just because stuff is on the shelves now. Remember after Sandy Hook an estimated two years supply of firearms and ammunition and reloading components all but disappeared in less than two weeks, hence Obama being the greatest gun seller in history.
    I don’t want to see a Surefire 60 round mag, whether you like them or not, going for $400+ and and X Products 50 round 5.56 drum going for over $500 on GunBroker… I had some but got a few more when prices became normal. They are good barter materials also.

  6. No offense, but if my name was “Stinchfield” I would legally change it, especially if I planned on becoming a public figure.

  7. Calm down about Trump, people –

    Check out what Trump tweeted this morning :

    “Many ideas, some good & some not so good, emerged from our bipartisan meeting on school safety yesterday at the White House. Background Checks a big part of conversation. Gun free zones are proven targets of killers. After many years, a Bill should emerge. Respect 2nd Amendment!”

    • Any politician that want’s my vote in 2018 and beyond needs to be for National Reciprocity and ending Gun Free Zones.

      • I want a refund of all previous tax stamps, I want the HUSH Act or suppressor deregulating equivalent, I want the opening of the Post 1986 full-auto weapons rolls for transfer, I demand that Fed/state/local governments publicly broadcast a statement (and put it on conspicuous plaques in all seats of power) that “WE CANNOT, AND DO NOT, PROTECT ANYONE ON AN INDIVIDUAL LEVEL”. Once they do that, it will be more clear to everyone that THEIR ONLY GOAL IS CONTROL. And that control is of us. F em all.

        • Joe R ……. They also should add that they are the ones that draw the chalk line around where the victim lays. Also they hassell the surviving victim that used self defense.

    • F Trump sideways. He burned the bridge with me.

      I appreciate the tax cuts, I love Gorsuch and he’s still infinitely better than the pure evil of Hillary, but betrayal is inexcusable and make no mistake, he has betrayed us. Theater or not the crap he said over the last couple of days was absolutely bone-chilling for anyone that has a minimal understanding of history and the Constitution.

      Again, FDJT!

  8. On the first one, the weapon seizure video, the reporter asks the officer how he would respond to the statement that APPS (the seizure law) would not have stopped any of “these shootings”:
    “It’s impossible to measure success of this operation”.

    I’m not conveying the nuances of context, but that does some it up fairly well.

    Edit: Oh, and I know we’re all upset that they call “good”, “tactical”, or “quality” rifles “assault rifles”, as it’s misleading. However, if they’re going to spread their propaganda, wouldn’t it be clear to call them good old “assault rifles” instead of “assault style rifles”? It feels cumbersome to say. I feel that “assault” is already acting as an adjective.

  9. Isn’t it funny how gun grabbers claim they want to have conversations, but at the same time fight to silence their opposition?

  10. stas
    Since 1996 the United States assault rate has dropped by 43.6 percent. Australia’s assault numbers have increased by 150 percent.

    Since 1996, the United States forcible rape rate has fallen by 36.5%, while “gun free Australia’s” sexual assault numbers are up by 22%.

    Since 1996, the United States robbery rates have consistently fallen, by a total of 46%. Oz? The official robbery rates soared immediately after the Howard regime’s gun control laws, but now the official, and heavily edited, robbery rate has fallen by an extremely unimpressive 12.2 percent.

    • Nearly all, perhaps all, EU countries have violent crime rates double or triple the US. Britain and France are the worst, I think, at four times the US level.

      Considering how Britain slims down its murder rate by not counting a homicide as murder until they have a conviction, I have no doubt they pull similar shenanigans for their violent crime rate.

      • I have been told, by a Brit, that, as of a few years ago, that counting method is no longer in use, and they count deaths just as we do.

        • I googled around and found various sites showing British murder rates per year, although none were as clear or comprehensive as I’d like. None showed any particular jump recently, as I would expect if they had changed the way they gather statistics. Of course, it could be that they solve so many murders that the difference doesn’t show up.

        • they had to set up an independent committee to collate the crime stats b’cs they couldn’t get the cops or the Home Office to tell the truth…..
          from my under-standing of the current situation there now, you can actually shoot intruders even if you have an un-registered fire-arm….. goes back some years to the Tony Martin case; (Goog)

          there are pretty severe penalties for having an un-licensed/un-registered handgun, but not so much for a shotgun…..
          shotgun certificates used to be reasonably easy to get (much easier than Austrl’s current bogus laws)…but..they were toughened up in the last few years or so…
          UK gun laws are even harsher than the EU requirements…

      • yeh ….. the gun-grabbers in 0zz do the same crap….
        posted lnx abt that t’other day in another article on this ‘blog….
        a Deputy Commissioner of Police resigned b’cs of the cover-up of violent crime stats….

  11. So who’s narcing on the “arsenal” owner? I sure as hell hope my state(IllANNOYED) doesn’t confiscate my meager arsenal…Australia sucks.

    • No one. Owner was on a list of prohibited persons. But he had more guns than the registration records revealed (which are, by the way, entirely incomplete as not including any long arm purchased prior to 1/1/14) .

    • As Mark said, he was on a list.
      Two lists, actually; one as a prohibited person (every state has such a list, and can access any other states list as well).
      The other is a registry, which only a few states even purport to have, that lists who has which rifle transferred legally after Jan.1, 2014. This was intended as a way of knowing who has “assault weapons.”
      New York also has a registry, which is notable for the lack of cooperation by NY citizens. Registration is mandatory (SAFE Act), but there’s no way to enforce registration other than after finding an unregistered gun. Liberal logic right there.
      I think Connecticut also requires registration of “assault rifles” and a few others, but there is a de facto registry of all guns transferred via FFL.
      Hawaii, Maryland, and New Jersey also have registries.

    • Out of the 20,000 “firearms” they kept about 4000 were air rifles and 500 were replicas. Still some 2500 semi auto handed in.

      My response was to buy 2 more rifles last year in USA and bring them back home. Now I need another safe before I can get more. But then I have more than the so called arsenal in the California story. Australia is not that gun free.

      • “Delta will either move or threaten to move operations elsewhere…”

        Not likely.

        Atlanta is their major east coast *hub*, where they do the major service work on the aircraft and the rest of their operational crap.

        It’s not the kind of thing they can move easily.

        It’s gonna hurt them *good*…

        It will be interesting to see who blinks first, or at all…

  12. OK, Fargo….
    what abt my “offer” from t’other day [?]
    are you ‘up’ to posting some major articles abt the effects of the Aussie gun laws or what?
    have you suddenly got cold feet?
    i can make the material as gruesome as you like……. absolutely sickening, in fact….

    • “An arsenal is conventionally defined as “multiples of the same weapon”.”

      In that case, I have an arsenal of gas in my backside from that Tex-Mex I ate for lunch yesterday…


  13. California cops find “arsenal”? Sounds like California drama queens having an orgasm to me. That’s less stuff than I keep around my apartment for weekend trips to the range!

    And Australia bragging about its take of 37K firearms from the gun amnesty? If what they and all the anti’s have been saying over the years, I’d have thought that Aussies had been totally stripped of guns and were back to atlatls or bows and arrows.I agree that Australia is nowhere near as gun-free as their wet dreams seem to indicate.

  14. “For the next hour, agents from the California Attorney General’s Division of Law Enforcement haul out more weapons than they had listed in this suburban Los Angeles home: three assault-style rifles, a shotgun, a pistol, and 6,500 rounds of ammunition.”

    *insert rookie numbers meme here*

    • It took AN HOUR to remove 5 guns and a few boxes of ammo!??! Was Barney Fife taking the ammo out one bullet at a time?

  15. The person behind the rifle or handgun is what makes it an assault weapon. other than that, it is only a firearm.

  16. 5 guns, 6500 rounds. Where I come from that’s your base, plus 300 rounds per weapon to shoot. He needs to get to the LGS and buy more ammo.

  17. Ammunition stock is called a “CACHE” not an “ARSENAL”, granted a cache may contain an arsenal (defn a collection of weapons) but an arsenal is never a cache! A cache is simply a storage of supplies. YES, YES, yes I know libertards don’t understand more than the common 100 and no matter how schooled they are never smatter than a 5th grader (more like 2nd grader) but come on please expand your knowledge a little. Learn new words like MAGAZINE, MODERN SPORTING RIFLE, or AR does NOT stand for ASSULT RIFLE it stands for the inverter ArmaLite Rifle company!

  18. It tickles me that an “arsenal” is 1 gun, and several cans of ammo.
    Back in the ancient times of the 1970’s when I was regularly shooting in competition, I went through at least 2-4 cans of hi power ammo, [and about 1 brick of .22 each week,] in a season competing, and even more when just practicing.
    Out of curiosity, how much ammo does a serious competitor burn up these days?
    ——– Oh, the “unwashed, uninformed” EXPERTS in the news media. Did they take their training under GOEBELS? — Sieg Heil, y’all.

    • 57,000? i think there is probably a lot more than that. the gun grabbers really have NFI. many otherwise law abiding people buried them while handing in the older stuff that was not working as well as it should and was going to cost a bit. in fact that is most of what they have gotten through most of the amnesties. i didnt cos at the time i did not have any that were affected by the ban but nor did i register them and i was only about 23 at the time. an AR10 had been on my to buy list. i HATE govt involvement in ANYTHING and always have.


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