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Recently, I traded my G42 that I had written about because I missed having the firepower that 9mm offers and upped it to the G43. I still needed the small size and conceal-ability, but more bang. The only downside to this was that I also traded in the incredible Nickydex Holster that I loved, but I will be replacing it soon.

In the meantime, I wanted to try something that would be more versatile with all the wardrobe options we females have to deal with. I do public presentations, workout, and do physical labor, so my clothing changes from business, athletic, to jeans and sometimes all in one day.

I decided to go with a belly band type holster and found one that was reasonably prices called FancyPants Holsters.

The reviews were great, the material looked durable, a Kydex trigger guard is available, and the owner was willing to adjust the style to fit my needs. I am all about versatility, so asked if I could have a holster that was able to carry appendix as well as in the 4 or 5 o’clock position. She assured me she could make my order to fit that request. I choose the athletic back (as opposed to standard) and placed the order.

A few weeks later, my holster arrived. The material was durable and strong, and my G43 fit well in each side of the holster in each position. The safety strap was easy to undo quickly and held my firearm securely. I practiced my draws out of each position and found it satisfactory.

While at first my fingers stumbled over the strap slightly, I knew that with practice it would become second nature as with anything else.

I wore the new holster for several days and was pretty pleased with the conceal-ability in the appendix position. I struggled to still conceal in the 4 or 5 o’clock position, but this probably has more to do with my small frame than any fault of the holster. The holster seems to stay in place fairly well, and sitting is not uncomfortable.

The only downside I have found to the holster, is that after a couple days wear, it seems to lose it’s shape. The top of the holster gets loose and no longer holds the slide tight to my abdomen.

The holster still securely holds the firearm, but the holster is no longer tight against my body. If you’re wearing a looser shirt, this isn’t an issue as far as conceal-ability; however, could represent an issue when you need fast access to the firearm when drawing. This may be another body-type issue, but I would like to find a solution.

I emailed the maker to inquire as to whether or not the standard back would remedy this issue. I would be willing to send it back to have it replaced if so. I like the holster overall, and am fine tweaking a few things to find the best way to utilize its design. I feel it is a good product for the price and worth the effort, especially when finding a holster that fits me is so difficult.

Comfort: * * * *

Comfortable in any position, whether sitting or standing.

Concealability: * * *
Initially it concealed well. After the fabric lost some shape, it was more difficult to conceal in most of my clothing unless it’s more loose. I have contacted the maker in hopes that there is someway to remedy this, perhaps with the changing of the back piece.

Price: * * * * *
Very reasonable for someone on a budget.

Value: * * * *
Quality is very good especially at that price.

Retention: * * *
It holds the holster very well no matter what. However, retaining shape on your body is not quite as solid.

Draw: * * * *
Drawing is slightly slower with the safety strap, but as with anything, can be remedied with practice.

Overall: * * * *
Currently I’m going to put this at a 4. I love everything about the holster, just am hoping I can reach a solution about fixing the way it holds shape. If I do, I will be changing my overall rating,

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  1. Wait, I’m confused. According to CNN she has to wear a dress and a jacket. To what authority should I report this?

  2. I’m sorry the patriarchy is keeping you down and forcing you to carry that weapon of murder…


        • While we’re on the topic of absent TTAGers, what happened to Dan? I haven’t been visiting the site much the past couple of months (the overall quality of the site has been in decline for a while, but worse is that the quality of the comments section has degraded almost to YouTube-comments level stupidity), so maybe I missed an announcement that he had moved on to “spend more time with his family” or something. I was quite surprised to see RF doing the daily digests.

      • I have this thing where I vote for the most pro-gun candidate available. She was a Bernie fan, I voted for Trump. Before that, I supported Rand Paul, Scott Walker, and Ted Cruz, and still support pro gun candidates. As it stands Trump is not great on guns, but a damn sight better than Obama, what Hillary would have been or Bernie. I recall other stuff that wasn’t as pro gun, but the specifics escape me.

        I’m an NRA member (also Calguns, SAF, and FPC). I don’t recall where Sara stood on that, but I’ve long argued against folks who don’t support pro-gun groups and companies because the aren’t “perfect.” The reality is that few 2nd Amendment advocates and absolutists exist, even on TTAG. I don’t consider someone a gun rights advocate unless they actually vote pro gun and support pro gun groups.

  3. Check out cancan concealment. They are awesome. My wife has 3 and it’s the only holster that got her carrying on-body.

    • My wife tried a few of their products but none of them fit her very well. Their customer service is top notch, though.

  4. I’m also confused… It is apparently good value and quality yet it is busted after a few days and the issue hasn’t been fixed by the vendor so we don’t know if it is even fixable.

    Not that I’m in the market for one but having the price in a review is useful for allowing the reader to make their own determination about value.

  5. I’ve tried a good number of CC “holster” items. I’ve never found one that I’d feel confident enough to use with my EDC. I have no interest in needing to undress to reach my firearm. I carry on my belt, both OC and CC. I dress around the gun, and so have no need for stretchy fru-fru stuff. I have a solid, immediate access to my gun at all times, including while driving. I’ve carried the same holster for nearly 12 years now, and it is still in excellent condition.

    Each to his/her own, of course. But a floppy wrap around excuse for a holster seems a very poor choice to me.

  6. If I understood the article correctly, it sounds to me like this particular belly band needs additional reinforcement at the top and bottom edges, which could detract from comfort.

    Alternatively, this particular belly band might perform better if the band were wider and carried the handgun more toward the bottom of the band, which could also detract from comfort.

    The fact of the matter is that handguns are somewhat heavy and it takes a really strong and stiff belt (or belly band in this case) to stop the top of your handgun from tilting away from your body. The best remedy that I have found is a holster that rides inside your belt. With that configuration, all the belt has to do is hold your handgun against your body which stops it from tilting away from your body.

  7. I looked this holster up – it’s $70 for essentially what they sell on for $16.

    I have two of the Amazon belly bands.

    As a Millennial fond of skinny jeans and 1911s (because, vintage steel is like vinyl records – you know, for street cred), it’s a perfect concealed carry combination – I can make a full size pistol disappear under jeans and a t-shirt.

    So – in summary, nice job getting ripped off. I bet you pay retail for ammunition too.

    • So this lady writes an article detailing her experiences with this particular holster system and you rip her to shreds assuming that she got ripped off and also buys ammo at ‘full price’? I would rather pay a small, 2A supporting company $70 than $16 to Amazon and its evil overlord Bezos.

      I thought Millenial ‘skinny jeans’ wearers were meant to be a bit more enlightened than that. You have reinforced the stereotype that they’re douchebags, good job!

      Just because you can make a 1911 disappear under jeans and a shirt, doesn’t mean that everyone can or wants to.


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