Ted Nugent (courtesy mediamatters.com)
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NRA board member Ted Nugent pushes conspiracy theory that Parkland school shooting survivors are actors – All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players. So in that sense, the Motor City Madman (and NRA Board Member) got it right, right? Otherwise . . .

“Nugent ‘liked a comment left below his article claiming that one of the students, David Hogg, ‘is a paid crisis actor’ who ‘has been at multiple shootings as a ‘survivor’.” With all this gun news I feel like a crisis actor. Crisis? What crisis? This one . . .

Needville ISD Superintendent Curtis Rhodes (courtesy chron.com)

Houston-area school district threatens to suspend students who protest after Florida shooting – Right answer!

Needville ISD Superintendent Curtis Rhodes on Tuesday threatened to suspend any student who disrupts schools or walks out to protest current gun laws.

In a letter sent to families and published on schools’ social media sites, Rhodes said students would face a three-day, out-of-school suspension if they joined in growing protests nationwide over the shooting at a Florida high school last week . . .

Rhodes said the school district is sensitive to violence in schools, but said his schools’ are focused on education, not political protests.

“A school is a place to learn and grow educationally, emotionally and morally,” Rhodes wrote.

“A disruption of the school will not be tolerated.”

School scare Washington state (courtesy cantonrep.com)

Seventh-grader clinging to life from self-inflicted gunshot – Firearms-related suicide attempt in the boy’s room puts Washington State elementary school in lockdown . . .

When sixth-grader Leena Jones heard the announcement of a school lockdown, she and her classmates knew what to do.

That’s because Jackson Memorial Middle School students have drilled for instances when a gunman might be at the school. The students secured themselves in locked classrooms. Because she realized it wasn’t a drill, it was scary, Leena said.

A Jackson Middle School seventh-grade student was clinging to life Tuesday at Akron Children’s Hospital for a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The student, whose name hasn’t been released by police, was taken by helicopter to Akron after being treated at Mercy Medical Center.

Authorities said they did not know the condition of the student who shot himself in a boy’s restroom at the school about 7:50 a.m. Tuesday, 10 minutes before school was scheduled to begin.

Conflicted mother Alden Jones (courtesy fictionwritersreview.com)

My Son Loves Guns – Liberals are strange, deeply conflicted people. At best . . .

What I’m worried about is that I know the day will soon come when I can’t shield [my seven-year-old son] from news stories. Soon my son will understand that despite everything I have told him, there are people who don’t want to separate the feeling of power they get from acting out in gun play and the feeling of power they get from murdering real human beings. And the worst fact of all: that killing machines like AR-15s are sold in regular stores, that anyone can buy them, and our government refuses to enact the laws that would protect our children from them. That random gun violence happens not infrequently, but all the time.

This will terrify him, but not only because of the fear of being shot or of someone he loves being shot. It will terrify him because it will make no sense to him. And when he asks me to explain it, I will not know what to say.

Senator Lanane (courtesy indiansenatedemocrats.com)

Indiana bills loosening gun restrictions advance, one week after Florida shootingSome good news then . . .

Exactly one week after 17 people were killed in a Florida high school shooting, lawmakers advanced bills that opponents say would loosen firearm restrictions.

Bills that would change background check requirements, waive the lifetime handgun carry permit fee and clarify that people can bring firearms onto church grounds, even if a school is on the premise, passed out of Senate and House committees Wednesday.

“It’s a tough time to consider anything that at all appears like we are making it easier to purchase a gun in the state of Indiana,” Sen. Tim Lanane, D-Anderson [above] said. “We shouldn’t be relaxing, we shouldn’t be revoking fees, which is what we’re doing here. We ought to be reassessing.”
A student at Marshall County High School in Benton, Ky., allegedly opened fire on his classmates and killed two of them. (caption and photo courtesy npr.org)

Kentucky Moves To Add Guns To Schools After School Shooting – As I’ve said many times, there are two Americas . . .

The school shooting in Parkland, Fla., that took 17 lives followed one in rural western Kentucky by three weeks. The Kentucky shooter killed two high school sophomores and injured 18 other people.

In the wake of the tragedy at Marshall County High School in Benton, Kentucky’s Republican governor and legislature say they won’t consider gun any control proposals. Rather, a measure allowing teachers or staff to carry guns on campus has gained traction.

Republican state Sen. Steve West admits his bill isn’t going to stop all school shootings, but he hopes it’ll help.

“It increases that kid’s chances of surviving. And if there is someone there with a weapon, they will be able to take down the assailant, or at least calm the situation,” West said.

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  1. Hard to fault Nugent. CNN’s Cuomo pushed lousy article about buying an AR from an FFL with no ID or background check. Hey, if there are no rules, then there are no rules.

    • What’s worse about that case was he linked the article, and in the article, it’s openly admitted that the “buyer” didn’t even bother to finish the sale and that there was paperwork that had to be done.

      Sometimes I think the title of reporter needs to be in quotes…

    • A lot of the kids repeatedly shown on CNN are members of the drama club and therefor, yes, they are actors and better at public speaking and reading scripts. This is why MSM is only showing them and not other students like Jalen Martin.

  2. Stupid kid. Was he “making a statement” by shooting himself at school? Or was he planning an attack and then backed out?

  3. This on CBS

    Interesting that they downplay the ARs being carried by deputies as single shot rifles not fully automatic. They do note they carry the same rifle as the murderer. Hmmmm thought those rifles were evil.

    The mention there was an armed deputy when the murdering took place. They dont say where in the hell he was and why he didnt shoot the murderer.

    They also state that only deputies “certified” with the AR will be allowed to carry one. Sounds like they are making the case for “special” training to use a rifle. Kind of a flip from the 90s gun control crowd that wanted special training for handguns.

    • One armed security officer, 3000 students on a big high school campus. Sounds like a very good argument for why more people should be allowed to carry at school.

    • On the issue of being “certified” on an AR:

      I was making a police report the other day. While I was waiting for an officer to come take my report, I could overhear an instructor giving a course on ARs in the municipal court. He was talking about how the “magazine release” would release the bolt so it could go forward.

      I should really talk to my friends on the City Council about that. Maybe I could get that instructor’s job. (Not get him fired, but take his job for myself).

  4. “…And the worst fact of all: that killing machines like AR-15s are sold in regular stores, that anyone can buy them, and our government refuses to enact the laws that would protect our children from them. That random gun violence happens not infrequently, but all the time.”

    Ummm…. No. Just very much no. You should probably give up your child because you aren’t capable of raising them.

    • This is how school shooters are made. “the feeling of power they get from murdering real human beings.” Let’s hope this kid is never feeling powerless after learning this sort of crap from his mom. Also, did anyone ever get a “feeling of power” while playing with toy guns as a kid? I didn’t.

  5. “And when [my young son] asks me to explain [why bad things happen in the world], I will not know what to say.”

    How about saying something like, “Mommy is a child in an adult’s body and will have to find a bona-fide grown-up to explain this to you.”

    • Um… How ’bout ‘freedom’? It’s a big scary 2 syllable word, but it’s a hell of a lot less scary than that 3 syllable word ‘slavery’.

      • Yeah right! Read the whole article, it’s a hoot and a half. Oh, and she says (with some amount of pride) that she’s a professor in gender studies, so that right there is rather illuminating

        • Well then, being a gender studies professor she should be more concerned about all that toxic masculinity effervescing everywhere than a simple hand tool.

    • “Yes, there is pain in life, pain and loss and sorrow, but there is also joy, and the pleasures of growing and learning. You can’t have one without the other and I wouldn’t want to sacrifice either”

      That wasn’t too hard.

  6. Would be nice if the NRA or any other pro-2A conspiracy theorists would go research, compile, and cross-reference the major anti-gun protests, presidential “survivor” and school kid propaganda speeches, anti-gun legislation where school kids were trotted out, courtrooms, and mass shooting footage and photographs to see if there is something to the “actors” and anti-gun theater theory…

  7. Scott County, KY has released news that says they will be arming teachers who are concealed carry holders by this time next year. As a resident of neighboring Harrison County I hope this measure takes off and is adopted by Harrison County public schools.

  8. Ted Nugent is a bombastic, lying, loudmouth poacher, an embarrassment to hunters and gun owners. The NRA will never get a dime out of me as long as that poacher is on the board.

    • I used to have every Ted Nugent album he put out, seen him in concert three times. No more, he’s a fake, bombastic ranter, canned hunt, piss poor excuse of a hunter and I generally don’t like him. Oh and buy the way Ted a 220gr 30-06 will go clean through every album you ever made. Smiling ass loser your guitar might refuse to play sweet shit, my stereo refuses to play your shit.great white Buffalo my ass

    • Sounds to me you want to disarm the populace….so you can reinstitute slavery.

      Like Hitler, Stalin, Kim Jung Doughboy, and the rest of the fascist dictators.

      I think I chose liberty…..but thanks for playing….bootlicker.

    • Wow! Best post you’ve made yet! Not that the content is all that valid, but you used far fewer electrons up in posting probably your shortest one ever.

      • The comparison to slavery is somewhat accurate in that there would likely be a civil war erupt over this that would cost many many lives too. Don’t hasten the day, it’s not what you think it is. That goes for both sides really.

    • Why don’t we find out if we can get rid of commies like you first? I think I might have a solution to that particular problem. Anybody know where I can rent a few hundred helicopters?

    • Except this country still has slavery. The democrats re-enslaved a massive portion of the black population to the government via welfare. And picked up a fair amount of white slaves in the process too. The Republican Party was and still is the party of Abolition. Your beloved democrats are the party of slavery. Also- you racist democrats started the last civil and lost. Your going to start the next civil war, and lose again.

    • The fact that you don’t know the terms for guns means you are willfully ignorant.
      How such people, who demonstrate their ignorance openly, can hope to be taken seriously when they try to tell others how they should live is simply beyond me. The sheer hubris is monumental.
      Educate yourself, then try again.
      There is absolutely no excuse to be that ignorant, unless you are so arrogant as to think that what you know is all there is to know. If you are that arrogant, why are you here? Run for a legislative seat, and see how far you get displaying your ignorance in public, exposing yourself to ridicule or acclaim. But I doubt you’ve got the balls for that. You’re content thinking you’ve bested people who actually know what they are talking about, and ignoring the facts being shown to you, because you, in your blissful state of ignorance, think others must be wrong simply because you know it all.
      Willful ignorance.

    • Define ‘assault rifle’.

      Anyway, you do know that 650,000 people had to die to end slavery, don’t you? At a time when the population was probably 15% that of today. The casualty rate would be in the millions if you think you’ll actually abolish the Second Amendment.

    • “And the worst fact of all: that killing machines like AR-15s are sold in regular stores, that anyone can buy them….”

      Explain to him that it’s a feature not a bug. The government being ineffective? THAT’s a bug.

    • Translation:

      “I’ve been lying to my child, and I’m afraid he’s going to find out because my lies are actually REALLY transparent. AND ITS ALL YOUR FAULT AND YOU NEED TO BE PUNISHED FOR IT.”

    • And these students will laugh at this impotent threat and go protest in the name of freedom. Do you think the kids of today will not care if they miss a day or two of school or not.

      I hope every student walks out. And this dunderhead suspends thousands of students. 3 days of thousands of students not in school is going to do more damage those them than the students….Federal and star funding is based upon a students in seats per day. Good luck idiot.

      • Says the psychotic extremist that is flying a fascist flag.

        I thought you people were all about rights and freedoms, Unless it’s your own sick “rights”.

        I’m betting 100% the kids will likely do this anyway. And Texas?, Hello, the state with the highest murder rates, piss poor economy, education. All “pro-gun” states have these problems not to mention higher rates of obesity, heart disease and type-2 diabetes.

        I’d take my chances protesting for the constitutional right to safety than the antiquated “right” to kill.

        Rebelling against an unfair authority is what made this country great.

        Americans have the right to go to work, school or their place of business without some “gun rights” supporter going off their rocker and attacking them.

        • Screw you for the leftist moron you are. Hope when you leave the house this morning your mother runs out from under the porch and bites your ankles.
          Your the most despicable anus headed idiot posting here.

        • Texas is better then any piss chicken sh*t covered bootlicking ************************ state you come from. Come and take it, you commie. Texas has a better economy then CA, they keep coming over here for it. So f you and the horse your rode in on.

          For the rest of TTAG, good morning.

        • It is not “gun rights supporters” that are the problem. They are not the shooters, they are the good guys that either have a gun with them or want to(but can’t because of some local law keeping them from carrying). The shooters are those that are damaged, are immature, who are ignored by their parents and others. There are too many people like this for the system to weed them out, there is no money to even try to fix them.
          If gun safety was taught along with driver’s ed or social studies or a required middle school public safety course, things might be better. Kids that are bullied need a way to vent, they need a way to fight back. Listening to them, including them in peer groups is what they need. Watching what your child is into, taking some time to be with him is very important. Allowing or making him into an outcast will never help him. Get involved and try to support him in his interests, or interests that are antisocial will find him.him

      • Then we’ll just arrest everyone involved in organizing the event. Contributing to the delinquency of a minor. Several thousand counts served consecutively would seem an appropriate punishment.

      • Hey RealAmericanPatriotsThatLoveFreedomVsAntiAmericanProGunnersThatSupportHateBigtoryRacism&Death ,

        Have you tired yourself out dancing on the graves while waving the bloody shirt?

        You and your kind salivate and even self-pleasure for these kinds of events.

        And this talk of “Fascism”? You would soil yourself if you met a real Fascist. It is said ANTIFA members must travel in groups of three. You must be the one who can write. Where is one who can read and the other to watch for ideological heresy among the dangerous intellectuals?

  9. Real American Patriot, if you feel threatened by facists perhaps you could join up with the gun toting Marxist LARPER Dwayne Dixon of Redneck Revolt. He’s very brave when holding his AR in front of an adoring crowd and shouting about “Nazis” but when confronted in a hallway at his university by a guy with nothing more than a camera he suddenly loses his revolutionary fervor and whines impotently “MOVE PAST ME, MOVE PAST ME, MOVE PAST ME !!!” and then runs into an office yelling for someone to call the campus police.
    Dixon appeared to be having a panic attack. He needs your help.

  10. Hopefully someone can post the Youtube vid ( I’m on a phone ) exposing this humiliating episode with Redneck Revolt / Dwayne Dixon. It’s truly pathetic and entertaining at the same time.

  11. “Needville ISD Superintendent Curtis Rhodes on Tuesday threatened to suspend any student who disrupts schools or walks out to protest current gun laws.”

    As he should. Unexcused absences are grounds for suspension.
    If we are told we need more rules to protect our students, what’s wrong with enforcing the ones we have?
    Oh, wait, I get it; Obama says we should only enforce the rules we like, and ignore the ones we don’t. (For those who don’t get the reference, see Obama’s directive to ignore parts of our laws on immigration.)

  12. As a teen I suffered the loss of several close friends from car accidents,some that were due to recklessness and negligence, and some that were simply due to inexperience or being in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    I still remember these friends and can’t help but wonder what the world would have been like if they had lived.
    What is interesting is that at no time was there a public outcry for the banning of cars or even the banning of the alcohol that was an integral factor in at least some of these deaths .
    I am simply amazed that the socialist media has moved so quickly to harness the grief and sorrow of these kids and parents. They truly are not willing to let any crisis go to waste to achieve their ends.
    At this time it is most important for us as freedom loving Americans to keep our heads and separate the true need to protect our kids from the socialist agenda.The second amendment is necessary to provide for the continued freedom of our nation, the freedom that millions of Americans have suffered and died to maintain.
    A European socialist once stated:
    “This year,for the first time in history,a civilized nation has established gun registration.Our streets will be safer,our police more efficient and the world will follow our lead into the future”
    That was Adolf Hitler in 1935. Many millions of helpless disarmed people were later to die at the hands of him and his minions.
    As it is said in Israel: NEVER AGAIN!!
    As for the kids that are heartbroken: grieve,as I have done,look for rational solutions to our issues.
    But also be warned: You will NOT get our guns!

  13. The Hogg kid may not be a crisis actor or a shill. He certainly does have a Jessie Jackson like ability to find a news camera and get in front of it!

    • “Seventh-grader clinging to life from self-inflicted gunshot – Firearms-related suicide attempt in the boy’s room puts Washington State elementary school in lockdown . . .”


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