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The CEO of X-Products James Malarkey (his real last name) in a recent rant on Facebook laid out his plan to reduce gun violence. He says a lot so let me give you some go the highlights, if that’s the right word.

Been an active member of the gun industry for the last 13 years, manufacturing, and delivering through my companies over $20,000 million (not sure what that number is) in gun parts and accessories over that time.

We should have access to everything the infantry uses and that no-one should know what you own.

So far so good. We have an industry partner that thinks civilians should have access to infantry weaponry, someone buy this man a beer. I don’t know what $20,000 million means but lets assume that was a typo.

I also believe gun ownership is a privilege.

To borrow a line the internet once said, “That escalated quickly” With that one line he really messed up and probably bankrupted his $20,000 million (sic) company. Privilege is the key word here, Mr. Malarkey rights are not a privilege, they are rights.

While referring to mass shootings Mr. Malarkey (again that’s his real name) says “There is a solution, and I do believe I know an answer that works for both parties.” I assume he means Democrat and Republican, because these sure wouldn’t fly with a Libertarian or any member of any party that believes the Government should not be in the business of regulating rights.

Mr. Malarkey continues by saying “My thoughts and opinions do not reflect that of my companies.” That doesn’t sound like good leadership to me. That’s like the owner of a steak house supporting PETA.

My philosophy is simple, if you have nothing to hide then why be concerned, everyone in this country should be given an equal right to own whatever they want, however there should be a regimented, well regulated structure on how you should achieve those rights.” Wow, I have a feeling I am preaching to the choir here but I am gonna do it anyway. The right to bear arms is the only right we have to ask permission to exercise, Mr. Malarkey wants to make it harder to exercise your rights.

So what’s the Malarkey plan to end mass shootings? He wants a licensing system to own firearms. He compares it to renewing a drivers license. “Formalize the process to ownership, qualify, validate, and renew just like a driver’s license, or dive certificate. Yep he compares the right to bear arms with scuba diving certifications.

So whats the Malarky plan look like?

  • License 1 (Yellow Badge)
    • Hunting and Firearms safety training would be required to hunt with your family.
    • A licensed instructor with mental health awareness would send red flags which would require further evaluation.
    • If a kid goes hunting with his Father’s gun without a “Yellow Badge” the father gets in trouble
    • Having this license for two years would be required before someone (lets call them Ivan) could even own a firearm.
  • License 2 (Orange Badge)
    • More training would be required
    • Barrel lengths and magazine capacity limits for people with this badge
    • You can build a gun yourself
    • All sales through a licensed dealer
    • You are required to have the badge for two years before you can get the Purple Badge
  • License 3 (Purple Badge)
    • So after 4 years of training you can buy a pistol!
    • Unlimited magazine capacity
    • Renew every 5 years
    • Oh and more training
  • License 4 (Green Badge)
    • $500 every 5 years
    • A Credit Check, Yep seriously a freakin credit check to bad of me as I pay cash for every thing and don’t have credit cards.
    • Access to NFA items without the paperwork
  • License 5 (Gold Badge)
    • Another criminal and mental background check
    • Training on munitions safety, kill radius, explosive disposal
    • Access to explosive rounds

So there you have it, the Malarkey licensing process. (Please excuse the wording it sounds better in Russian.)

Another requirement is that all sales go through a licensed dealer. According to Mr. Malarkey “Its a pain in the ass but it does work and keeps guns out of the hands of criminals” no it doesn’t, it only makes it harder for law-abiding citizens to exercise their rights.

Another requirement is that all weapons be stored in safes.

Just when you thought Mr. Malarkey couldn’t have any more good ideas he comes up with this little gem . . .

If someone access your weapon/s and its used in a crime and they didn’t have to break into your safe to get them, then that should make you liable/partly liable for for the crime committed with the firearm.

Let that sink in for a minute. If someone breaks into your house an steals a gun without having to break into a safe and kills someone you can be held liable or partly liable for the murder.

Mr. Malarkey goes on “I know this is tough love but fuck me running you will definitely be locking your shit up or be using biometric scanners if its mandatory”

So there you have it Comrade Malarkey’s plan for to stop gun violence. To sum it up make it harder for law abiding citizens to purchase guns.

Mr. Malarkey’s company X-products quickly removed the above Facebook posts and disassociated themselves from their leader’s views: “We understand the response to Mr Malarkey’s comments. As such he DOES NOT reflect the views of X Products, it’s staff, or industry partners.

The man himself posted a retraction on their Instagram page (as above).

In the retraction Mr. Malarkey had this to say, “I also believe that if we continue to ignore these issues, legislatures will draft laws that are unfavorable to the 2A community.”

First of all suggesting that we are ignoring this issues is ridiculous, secondly the changes Mr. Malarkey are suggesting are unfavorable to the 2A community.

Before you judge the authenticity of his retraction, check out what his not better half does in her free time. This past year she created a fundraiser of Everytown for Gun safety. Yep the group that wants to greatly restrict American’s rights. “Their mission means a lot to me” is exactly what she said.

Just as the gun rights “mission” means a lot to us.







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    • This is the email I sent:

      I believe that most of the folks at your company are well meaning law abiding citizens. That being said I can no longer in good conscience purchase products from your company as long as James Malarkey is employed there. The 2nd amendment is a civil liberty defined as a right that the federal government cannot infringe on and not in any form or function a privilege any more than any of the other amendments are privileges instead of rights. Any other opinion is dangerous and unlawful in the highest. Please rectify his involvement as soon as possible so I can go back to supporting what I assume is an otherwise educated company that supports our civil liberties. Thanks for your consideration.

      • I sent a similar email and would invite all here to do the same.

        I would imagine they are going tomhave a lot of emails and hopefully decreased business.

        That will get their attention.

      • Even now that he’s gone dont purchase. He’s a major shareholder, he owns at least half of the company. Dont fall for the “we fired him, buy from us again”.

    • This sucks, I’d been planning on buying one of their can cannons.

      That idea’s out the window now.

      See Mr. Malarkey, here in the capitalist world we vote with out dollars and this is my vote. Piss off.

      • +1… with the tax return, I was considering putting together an AR-15 blunderbus (aka can cannon)…. scratch that! Gonna buy my wife a safe and start on a 9mm project.

  1. I’m not down with his suggestion but I have to admit it’s a hell of a lot better than most gun control proposals.

    I mean, with the right badge he thinks you should be able to own a missile launcher. I say fuck the badge but hey, like I said, better than most proposals.

      • See that’s where they get you though…They have no intention of ever letting you own anything let alone missiles…They say all these pretty little words to get you to think they are sane and on your side and then when do they will stab you in the back…You should be standing with the ones that are saying no more restrictions on anything you want to own… Freedom is Dangerous….

        • Exactly. Once they mandate that all sales must flow through FFLs (which they control and can throttle to extinction at will), the whole conversation is over and revealed for the sham it is.

    • Under Marlarkey’s system you would be eligible to acquire the following firearms:
      — all Fudd guns up to and including 18 years old
      — semi-auto rifles with magazine capacity limits ages 19 and 20 years old
      — semi-auto everything and unlimited magazine capacity upon reaching 21 years old
      — all NFA items (including full auto) upon reaching 23 years old
      — explosive munitions upon reaching 28 years old

      The only fee that he mentioned was a one-time $500 fee if you apply for the explosive munitions license at 28 years old.

      I could support the age/ownership levels if we get to eliminate NFA 1934, GCA 1968, Hughes Amendment 1986, and get nationwide concealed/open carry. I do not support any fees beyond $10 for the licenses.

      What I cannot support are forcing all transfers through licensed dealers. There are just too many ways to make that process onerous, expensive, abusive, and exclusive. On the plus side, he suggested that you could build your own firearms from kits without going through an FFL.

      Forcing everyone to keep everything in safes is cost prohibitive for many people so I do not support that.

      • Your forgetting the training requirement (which would probably cost a fortune) and the fact that if it was implemented today, it would be ten years before you could get that gold badge.

        • And have you seen what passes for state-certified instructors lately? All due respect to my fellow NRA Instructors and all, but I wouldn’t trust half of them to tie their shoes much less effectively identify and report a mental “red flag”.

        • The state certified instructors around here (that I know) are all substantial individuals. Doctor, prominent businessman, and I don’t know what the other guy does professionally, but he teaches kids to shoot and they do well in national competitions.

          They’d either red flag no one, people who were really and obviously out there, or maybe Democrats.

      • I think you need to go and re-read the US Constitution.

        Then, let’s talk about a badging system to train people to voice their opinion. That way, we won’t have people spreading propaganda or fake news. How about that.

        Maybe a blue badge for general fake news, and then when you get good at the propaganda, especially the socialist stuff, you can take some courses and be certified with a red-badge for REAL socialist propaganda.

    • Ohh special badges you say… would they have to be worn on the breast? Perhaps I can get mine in a red triangle? We all know what color and shape these socialists have reserved to our editor here.

      • I was about to say something along the same lines.

        But now I’ll just add: registration; criminalization; confiscation.

    • I’m not willing to accept giving up my rights, quite this easy.
      What color chains would you like?
      Yellow? Purple??
      What else would they like to do to make it harder for the law abiding to have a right?
      I especially liked the part where they want to punish the poor soul who had his gun stolen.
      We have some idiot here in WA trying to pass that law right now.
      If someone breaks into your home, steals your gun, and commits a crime with it, you get charged with a felony.
      And the criminal? What will he get? Will he even get charged with a felony?
      Here they plea bargain the weapons charge away.
      This is no different than trying to charge a rape victim because her skirt was above her knee or maybe she didn’t wear a veil.

    • So, if someone steals his car and hurts/kills someone, will he take the blame? If he has nothing to hide will he post his address & s.s. number in-line?

    • The problem with all these licensing schemes is they are too easily turned into gun denial schemes.

      Who’s to say the licensing office is only located in the state capitol and is only open from 9-11 AM every Tuesday?

    • Actually, in many (most?) states UI (Unemployment Insurance) actually funded by employee payroll deductions.

      Not to nitpick, and I’ve never availed myself of the benefit, but when you pay in, you really are ‘entitled’ to the benefit if you need it.

      • By many or most, you must mean “none”, because no state or territory explicitly charges employees for unemployment insurance premiums. Benefits paid to qualified unemployed (or reduced hours, in some cases) employees are funded from state and federal taxes assessed against employers.

        Premium rates vary based on risk and claims history, just like most other insurance policies. Premiums are calculated by applying the rate to the employee wages amount, which the employer pays. For example, in Texas, the rate ranges from .46% to 6.46% and is applied to the first $9,000 in wages per employee pwr year. The employer pays that amount; it is not deducted from the employee’s check.

        There is also a federal tax, which gets a little tricky, but basically it’s another .6% that employers pay.

        I’ll concede there is a labor economics counterpoint to be made here, but you didn’t make it and probably don’t know it. So I won’t cover it for now. Bottom line is that there is not a line item, like FICA, federal tax, state tax, or even 401K, on an employee’s paycheck stub explicitly deducting unemployment insurance premiums/taxes from that employee’s gross wages.

  2. Is this guy really just a russian bot?
    Or is he is a russian troll?
    He sure in hell doesn’t sound like an American who understands or respects the Second Amendment.

  3. “I think I’ve detected a flaw in this ‘let’s stop [murderers] with gun control’ plan. What if the [murderer] is willing to break gun laws?” — Frank Fleming

  4. Wow, just wow. Many thanks to TTAG for making me aware of this. I will NEVER buy any products by X-Products (whoever they are). I don’t care how many retractions they issue. What Mr. Malarkey proposed is worse than some of the gun control regimes in Europe, for God’s sake. Malarkey indeed.

  5. He seems semi-literate at best. And weird and flakey and prone to saying very silly things. I’m not sure how he managed to build a $20,000 million company, but I suspect it’ll soon be a case of ‘easy come – easy go’.

  6. “.. if you have nothing to hide then why be concerned”


    Having nothing to hide is very different from being asked to show all you’ve got.

    As to the rest of that word-soup…. No and Off. Just add an F-bomb in front of each and it becomes a complete sentence.

  7. His company fu*king makes HIGH CAPACITY MAGAZINES!! This dumb sh*t supports every town while making 20,000 million(?) off selling 60 and 100 round drum magazines for “”assault type rifles””. I would say he’s the biggest hypocrite ever but he fits right in with the Uber rich west coast liberals. Comrade Malarkey is one of many useful idiots who think when their Bolshevik revolution comes to fruition they will be one of the privileged ruling class. Sorry Comrade, somehow I doubt the commies will look favorably upon a man who made 20,000 million (?) selling high capacity magazines to civilians without a special badge and a credit check…

  8. No NFA regulations would be quite nice… already spent a couple grand the last few years on STAMPS alone. But this is just the first step towards registration which we all know eventually leads to confiscation.

    If it were an absolute GUARANTEE that draconian gun laws would pierce every area of firearm freedoms then I guess this would be the plan I would go with… *shrug*

    REPEAL THE NFA!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Where have I heard about assigning colored badges to wear before? It was in the 1930s and 1940s if I remember correctly.

    I think this guy needs to check out Serge’s Helicopter Tours.

    • Yes, I was going to ask if the yellow badges were in the shape of a six-pointed star. Idiot.

      I bought one item from his company. The last item, as it turns out.

      (My editing attempt failed.)

  10. Yet another firearms company that doesn’t respect their customers rights. Can’t say I’ve spent any money with them, but this guarantees that I never will.

  11. Here’s my plan, just give every citizen one of those gold badges, but require the badge for voting. They’ll be on your passport, and since poll taxes are illegal, the government has to give all citizens one when they’re 18.

    And since Malarkey likes these Russian ideas, let’s take all his stuff and give it away.

  12. Ohhhhhh let’s run him out of the business and if they don’t fire him and dedicate to rkba let’s put whole company in history books

  13. Truly statements full of Malarky! Might I suggest that the rest of the people who have a vested interest in X-Products immediately find a way to remove Mr. Malarky from his vested interests in said company. As far as X-Products, I have never purchased products from them, and after reading Mr. Malarky’s Malarky, I seriously doubt that I ever will. Mr. Malarky… are not the sharpest knife in the drawer.

  14. That’s a special kind of stupid right there. I think someone must have hit him in the head with a can PBR fired from his can cannon.

  15. I’ve never heard of X products. But their Facebook page is awesome (and features Alex Zedra among others). Their product line is pretty unique, so I’m guessing they’ll be OK and will recover from this CEO screw up since people still want 100 rd. drum mags and FLAME THROWERS!

    • Xproducts does not make flamethrowers. They are a retailer for the XM42 which is an Ion Productions product. Upon learning of Mr. Malarkey’s comments Ion Productions decided to stop letting X products retail their flamethrowers. I hope this whole situation does not hurt Ion Productions. Ion is a create company that makes a great product. We have an XM42 flamethrower in for review.

  16. The list of gun ( or related) companies I will never do business with just got one bigger
    rock river arms
    springfield armory
    cheaper than dirt
    There was one other one but I haven’t bought anything from them in so long their names
    escapes me right now.

    • What is wrong with Rock River, Springfield and Cheaper Than Dirt? Do they have a anti 2A position or is quality or other issue?

      • After Newtown CTD cancelled orders for thirty round magazines to ensure their stock then raised their prices to outrageous levels. A PMag was going for a hundred dollars on their site.

        RRA and SA collaborated with the IL state government to achieve a carve out and then they supported a scheme to introduce a state FFL and manufacturers licensing process. Their wholly owned state lobbyist also had made financial contributions to anti- gun democrats.

        • After Newtown CTD cancelled orders for thirty round magazines to ensure their stock then raised their prices to outrageous levels. A PMag was going for a hundred dollars on their site.

          Meh. That’s just good business. If you really wanted/need a mag, you paid, or you shopped around elsewhere. If it wasn’t crucial you waited — and in so doing, freed up stock for those whom the magazine purchase was more important.. That’s how price changes send signals across the market.

      • Very short and dirty:
        Rock River and Springfield financially supported anti 2a dem politicians and through their lobbying agent agreed to not fight an anti 2a bill in Illinois if they were cut out of it.
        CTD acted lower than dirt during Sandy Hook panic. Canceled confirmed orders of standard capacity magazines, semi auto rifles, returned money, claimed they are out of them. Then re-posted the same magazines for 500% price.

        • The anti-gun bill was agreed to by a lobbyist working for a separate company set up for that purpose. Springfield Armory and Rock River were funding it and had seats on the board. As soon as both companies found out what the lobbyist had done, they promptly fired him and disbanded that organization. The Springfield Armory actively worked to successfully kill that bill. (At least for now. There is no such thing as permanently dead when it comes to attempts to trample the 2A.)

  17. 1st Hope you can make $20 mil selling Tupperware. 2 If that is what you have to do to get laid I feel sorry for your a$$ because it just cost you $20 million!!

  18. I’m cool with the having all the NFA and explosives stuff, but I’m not paying out the ass for them, nor am I playing his little licensing game. It’s bad enough to have to get one for concealed carry.

  19. I just went on their site and asked when are they going to kick this Malarkey guy out. They may still be able to save the company. Maybe.

      • The NRA? You mean that “gun rights” organization that publicly paved the way for doing an end-run around Congress to implement even more gun control? How would that be any kind of apology?

  20. Good to know who not to buy from…getting a shrink to certify you. Bet yer a hoot at parties malarkey😋😖😏

  21. I own one of his uppers. It’s nice, but it’s way more expensive than the exact same thing (literally) from Gibbz, who I think makes them in the first place. I only bought it because it was a Black Friday sale and it made it cheaper. But I’ll never buy anything from him again.

  22. Just another hipster who’s pretty wife is making him feel guilty for being in the gun industry. He will never get a penny out of me unless it’s out of my cold dead hands!

  23. The company’s FB page is in literal FIRE!

    they posted an UNSIGNED retraction

    but the damage is DONE!

    I wonder if that kale eating yoga wife of his will stay with him after the company FOLDS!????

  24. When are the dumb asses going to understand NO GUN LAW KEEPS GUNS FROM CRIMINALS , their criminals because they break the law. Locks keep honest people honest. Sometimes I’d just like to beat the shit out of these Gun laws prevent crimes advocates, frickin idiots

  25. It sounds like Momma Malarkey has cut him off until he can prove to her that he supports her leftist ideals, that way she can take her rightful seat at the garden club and join all the other dizzy bitches watching the Kardashian reruns and blowing smoke up each others asses.

  26. Suppose you are an adult woman whose estranged husband or boy friend is threatening to kill you because he can’t accept that it’s over. Under Malarkey’s plan, if you didn’t have a head start, you would have to wait four years to obtain a handgun to defend yourself. And I thought my state’s six week wait was too long. Also, no mention of concealed carry.

  27. One logical theory would be that Bloomberg promised him a job with a hefty pay raise as a reward for taking down X Products by his unacceptable postings. This is only a hypothesis, of course, which does explain some otherwise odd actions.

  28. What an ignorant and idiotic proposal!

    It’s shocking that someone in the industry is so poorly informed and unfamiliar with the policy debate. It is also truly bizarre that a drum mag maker would arbitrarily volunteer up this unprovoked incoherence so deserving of ridicule.

    If his goal was to make sure gun owners are aware “malarkey” is synonymous with “nonsense”, he did a great job.

    Magpul D60s are significantly lighter and more reliable than even the skeletonized X15 drum and hold 10 more rounds, all for significantly less than half the price.

    Hopefully, Magpul will release a 7.62×51/.308 drum to go ahead and push X-Products into the annals of obsolescence and bankruptcy.

  29. I feel like his insane ranting, twisted clarification and conflicted home life grants him two or three of those red flags he was talking about.

  30. We should never forget that any systems designed as a reasonable compromise will in time morph into systems of oppression.

    In the system he laid out, I see the potential for removal of those badges by future politicians, When the next tragedy occurs. Additionally, I could see onerous fees being tacked on to deprive the common lowly citizens of their rights. The latter has been on the left’s agenda for a while already (e.g. increasing NFA fees to account for inflation, and requiring liability insurance to own a gun).

    We must remain vigilant and wary in any compromises. No own goals please.

  31. I think any of his products are a good badge product, just because he cares this much. I will wait until I get my gold badge before I buy any of his products. I am sure my badge will be mailed to me any day now.

  32. Dang, I kind of wanted some of their drum mags when I moved to a state without capacity restrictions. Oh well, onto the $#*! list they go until the company is sold to someone who respects all of our civil liberties.

  33. After some reflection and reading more about Mrs. Malarkey I wouldn’t be surprised if his marriage is crumbling and this nonsense he posted is emotionally driven. Everything about her screams psycho hose beast and he’s clinging to the remote hope the marriage can be salvaged so he flips full retard.

    Note to Mr. Malarkey: crazy women are a dime a dozen and never worth fighting for. The sooner you end it the sooner you can move on.

  34. Rather than a badge system could it be belts. And could the highest level be a black belt? I always wanted one of those

  35. Let’s just price the license and requirements so high that people that need protection most can not afford to owm a firearm for protection. There is a reason for handguns that cost less than $200. Many of these will never be shot, (or only at a few practice sessions), but will remain in a box, drawer, shelf in a person’s home for life or until they do need it.
    I have seen many old .25s still in the box they came in along with most of a box(or full)of ammo that was purchased at the same time. This always worries me, because I now just see someone that is not protected.

  36. I think the Czech’s have a fair and balanced approach to gun laws truth be told. Along the same vein as this but perhaps a bit more grounded in reality.

  37. Have just called Brownells (an X Products stockist) about their policies with regard to selling products from companies whose owners make public anti-second amendment statements. Apparently the person to speak to there is Ryan Repp (641-623-5401). I had to leave a message as he was out of the office…….

    I’m sure that there are many good X Products employees and I certainly don’t wish any misfortune on them. But, the CEO seems like he shouldn’t be in the industry and should spend more time with his ‘Everytown’ wife.

  38. I actually think something like that is a good idea. I am trying to think about anything as dangerous and powerful that is allowed to be owned and operated without some sort of government licensing, insurance-compelled training, or industry standards. I guess I come from a different perspective because to get my CCW in Illinois I had to jump through a few hoops but I don’t think it was excessive for the license to be allowed to carry a gun on my person. In fact I think there should probably have been much more to it, people carrying guns should probably be required to have proficiency in martial arts so that they can prevent people from grabbing their weapons from them and so that they can respond to low-danger situations that have little threat of injury without relying solely on a gun, which can be a massive escalation of violence.

    American culture is diverse and people living in different parts of it aren’t listening to each other. In the more developed and educated parts of the country, shooting sports aren’t nearly as popular, you really have to go out of your way to seek them out, and there are police stations every couple miles, so many people living there have no concept of why people would want guns at all. People living in more rural areas use guns as part of their daily life and as part of many important life milestones, and they have no concept of why people would be opposed to guns at all. I see this on these comments sections every day, it is as though the people posting here are living on a completely different planet than most of the people who live in the big metro areas and produce all of America’s economic, intellectual, and cultural output.

    • Thank you for deigning to speak to us from your enlightened state of Illinois. Your comment echos the Hillary ‘deplorables’ statement that helped highlight the condescending attitude of the East & West coast (and now obviously Illinois!) elites.

      A 5.56mm semi-auto rifle is not so dangerous and powerful that some sort of super ability is required to operate it. In fact, it’s popular because it’s light, low recoiling and comfortable to shoot. Kids, elderly folk, the disabled for example can wield one easily.

      In virtually all cases of mass shooting, the common factor has been the failure of government. Using modern semi-auto rifles is quite a recent occurrence (egged on by media sensationalizing) and I still understand that more people are killed every year by being punched than shot by someone using one.

      The 2nd Amendment was intended to confirm that the average Joe was able to own (and have available) a weapon comparable to that of the average infantryman. This small sliver of personal power and responsibility was to ensure that over reaching enemies (domestic and foreign) could be resisted by organizing enough regular Joes. It’s funny that I grew up in the UK and have more appreciation of the Constitution and what it stands for than many from here.

      • I was speaking more from the perspective of Chicago specifically, Illinois is a diverse state. But yes, it is a simple matter of fact that the major metro areas, like Chicago, are populated by people with higher average IQs, higher average educational attainment, and higher incomes, that are working more important jobs creating more value for America. When you include all the suburbs and exurbs, these metro areas have lower crime rates than rural areas too, not as scourged by meth addiction, incestuous rape, and trailer park violence.

        These people, America’s ubermenschen, are too busy being productive to deal with all this country bumpkin drama about defending their property against evildoers and whatever other Chuck Norris fantasies that the elites know all about because they are the ones that invented them and sold them to in the form of -HOLLYWOOD- action movies and -NORTHEAST- gun manufacturers (Ruger, S&W, Sig, Remington, and more, all located in pure-blue northeast).

        • Wow! I never realized that Chicagoans were so effing smart! You know, the ones that live in a city with the highest murder rate anywhere. Don’t bring your elitist BS to TTAG! Holy shit! What a moronic line of thinking you have!

    • I grew up in a smallish town next to a biggish town. I was walking distance to the police station. It was a long walk, but I did make that walk. I lived in Houston for a while. I was walking distance from HPD’s central command. My dad has often lived out in the middle of nowhere (where I would spend extended amounts of time with him). I shot and felt I needed a gun more when I lived in Houston than anywhere else I have ever been. No one has ever tried to rob me in the country or my moderately sized home town. I can’t say the same thing for Houston.

      People who have the time to who have the time and physical ability to obtain proficiency in martial arts either need a gun way more or way less than everyone else. Generally speaking, it’s people who cannot devote the resources to training and the physically weak (women, old people, cripples, etc.) that benefit the most from firearms.

  39. This guy is out of his mind. Good to know. I will NOT spend my money with X Products.

    The 2nd Amendment is a RIGHT, not a privelage.

    Read: The Federalist Papers No. 29, 46

  40. You’d think a guy who claims $20 billion in sales of over-hyped gun accessories would have a better sense of who makes up his market, or at least a better grasp of economics.

  41. Here’s the letter I sent:

    The Malarkey of gun control

    I had a hard time believing what I read from Jim Malarkey. Then I found out what his wife’s views were. Peas in a pod.

    I had planned on buying a can cannon. Now I won’t touch anything your company sells, and I’ll tell everyone I know exactly why.

    Let’s start out with the point of the BILL of RIGHTS, not privileges.
    Then move on to the SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED part.
    Now let’s talk about requirements to have the PRIVILEGE of exercising a GOD, not government, GIVEN RIGHT. Did he sleep through History and Civics classes or is he just a fellow traveler.

    Badges? YELLOW badges? REALLY?!? Do they say Juden on them?
    I can’t believe he said that if you have nothing to hide, etc.
    Do you know who made that phrase popular? Josef Goebbels. Now I know why the badges are yellow.

    I’m fairly sure that most of your employees are good, decent people. I feel sorry for them, I’ve been out of a job in the past too.


    Our founders were wise enough to see the way power is abused. The more restrictions we accept, the more certain our doom when this is further eroded down the line. It is always the case.

  43. Well, darn. I priced out a Can Cannon kit just last week, and was waiting for the tax refund.

    Still, better now than AFTER the fact, I guess.

  44. If we get to arbitrarily limit rights, I propose a series of education and licensing levels for voting.
    1) Level 1 – high school civics/history – voting in city elections
    2) Level 2 – more education civics/history – vote in county/parish elections
    3) Level 3 – more education (intro economics) not receiving govt. money this year (including state employees ) – vote in state legislature district elections
    4) Level 4 – advanced econ, intro law, no public assistance in last 4 years – vote in state wide elections
    5) Level 5 – intro international law and relations, no public assistanve in last 7 years, pay income taxes (not just file and get money back in credits), no civilian govt employees – vote in national elections.

  45. Mr. Malarky is certainly entitled to his idea’s. Most wealthy people of the guncontrol mentality already think they know how to live our lives better than we do by virtue that they are rich, so somehow that makes them smarter…but not so smart that he hasn’t made himself look like an asshole. But he enjoys having the money to pay for all his “badges”-and the money to pay for armed security in the meantime. So, because he is rich and smart and came up with this great plan, does he get to skip straight to his Gold Badge? And speaking of his Gold Badge, What the f*ck does he plan to do with exploding rounds? And ordnance disposal? He probably ought to figure out what kind of message he wants to promote. I’m not awash with disposable income these days, so I will leave his companies products on the shelf if I see them, and spend my money on products not made by two-faced elitists.


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