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Today’s Daily Digest is an embarrassment of riches — if you like to read about American citizens working to degrade and destroy your natural, civil and Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. I haven’t seen this amount of anti-gun agitprop since Newtown. That’s despite the fact . . .

that the FBI could have stopped the killer before he attacked. As opposed to gun control, which offers lottery player odds of stopping a criminal, crazy or terrorist by making it more difficult — but not impossible — to get a gun. So here we go . . .

AR15s (courtesy

No one becomes a mass shooter without a mass-shooting gun – LA Times columnist and self-proclaimed gun guy George Skelton acknowledges multiple failures to intercept mass murderer Nikolas Cruz, and ignores them . . .

Look, it’s really simple: Mass shootings will continue in this country until we finally ban mass-shooting weapons.

The more bullets a gun can fire rapidly, the more people will die.

Pretty basic stuff. We don’t need to twist elementary logic into a contortion.

Anyone who doesn’t understand this is probably a firearms addict in denial.

Let’s be clear: I’m not anti-gun. I grew up shooting, have owned firearms all my life and enjoyed them. I’m pro-common sense.

There’s absolutely no reason to possess a semiautomatic, military-style rifle with large-capacity ammunition magazines except to kill lots of people within a few minutes.

It’s not a good hunting weapon. And for personal protection, you’re better off with a 12-gauge shotgun or a handgun. Of course, with those weapons at home, you also might shoot a family member or yourself.

Senator Nelson holding an AK (courtesy

Sen. Bill Nelson’s 2nd Amendment Litmus Test: Only Hunting Rifles Protected – And here’s a Fudd we prepared earlier . . .

This is a mental health problem and we’ve got to face the fact that this is an automatic military assault weapon. I want you to know I grew up on a ranch. I have grown up with guns. I have hunted all my life. I hunt with my son still. An AR-15 is not for hunting, it’s for killing. And the question is, should this be a legal weapon in our society?

Just think, all of these children are our children and if we were the parents of one of those children, if we thought that it was not easy to get an assault weapon, we might be thinking that one less child was dead. The fact is we can’t make our schools armed camps. I mean, that’s just not practical and it’s not reflective of our open society.

Anti-Rubio billboards (

Three billboards in Florida target Rubio on guns – Bad landing, wrong airport . . .

An online activist group is mimicking the critically acclaimed film Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri to troll Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., with three rolling billboards in Florida calling for gun control.

The group Avaaz created the campaign, which features three trucks with billboard-like images splashed across the side. They read, “Slaughtered in school,”  then “And still no gun control?” followed by, “How come, Marco Rubio?” . . .

Rubio also chose a tack similar to President Trump when he labeled as “inexcusable” the FBI’s failure to follow protocols and inform the Miami Field Office after getting a warning that suspected shooter Nikolas Cruz had expressed a desire to kill and had displayed erratic behavior. Rubio called for Congress to initiate its own investigations into the FBI’s protocols for ensuring tips from the public about potential killers are followed through.

Ruby-Sachs was unimpressed.

“The senator has taken fire across the country for his toothless response to the shooting, calling it ‘inexplicable.’ We call that inexcusable,” she said.

LA County's Great Gun Melt of 2016 (courtesy

Opinion: What if we solve the gun problem like we did with cigarettes?Market Watch? WTF?

Some people have responded to the idea that guns are “killing machines” with the fact that these killing machines can be used for other enjoyable purposes that don’t involve killing. That’s true. But let’s go back to first principles here because that’s how I think about things, and I think it’s an appropriate way to think about this.

Guns were invented to kill. The first human uses of gun-like instruments were in China and the Middle East in various wars. They evolved over time as weaponry. They are literally designed to kill things. So, for instance, I can use a knife for lots of fun purposes, but at the end of the day it’s designed to cut things. The fact that a knife can be used for other purposes doesn’t change the fact that it’s a tool for cutting things.

Guns can be used for other purposes, but we should stop distracting from the fact that these weapons are designed for one primary purpose: killing

Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway (courtesy

Mayor Demands NRA Move Convention from Dallas — Because of the 1963 JFK Assassination – Or something . . .

Gun violence has played a significant part in Dallas’ historical past from the assassination of President John F. Kennedy to the five Dallas Police officers gunned down in July 2016 to the brutal murder of a mother of six children in District 4 this past Christmas. It is time to put the heat on the NRA and demand that they work with elected officials in our country to establish gun laws that protect our children and keep our communities safe.  We have got to take on the NRA.

Who is this guy and what have you done with John Kasich? More to the point, what has John Kasich done with John Kasich?

Memorial for victims of the Parkland, Florida high school mass shooting (courtesy

One Simple Step Toward Sane Gun Laws – One simple step towards fascism, actually . . .

Our first step toward sensible gun regulation is simple. Repeal federal laws that ban gun registries and gun tracking. Specifically, we could start by repealing the provisions of the 1986 Firearm Owners Protection Act that block the federal government from creating a gun registry, and make it difficult for states to build their own.

Clete Wetli (courtesy

Sorry, some of your guns have got to go When you hear gun control advocates say they’re not coming for your guns, guess what? They are . . .

I’ve heard your arguments against all that I’ve said here, but the body count of innocent people keeps getting higher no matter how many “good guys” have guns. We have more guns than ever before and we’re not safer as a result. Sadly, we don’t have much common ground in this discussion. I will fight until some of those guns you own are gone. I will fight until there’s a much better system in place to ensure that guns don’t get in the hands of people who should never be near one.

CBS anti-gun agitprop

5 things that are more complicated than buying a gun in Florida – Did CBS superimpose that fact over a memorial for the victims of mass murder? Classic agitprop. Anyway, I wonder how they feel about making it more difficult for people to exercise their right to vote by, you know, showing an ID. . .

Anyone buying more than 25 pounds of fertilizer is required to register and be screened against a known terrorist list. Yes, fertilizer.

So far, so in line with gun purchases. However, there are restrictions on the amount of fertilizer you can purchase in Florida because it contains ammonium nitrate, which, when mixed with other substances, can become explosive. Oklahoma bomber Timothy McVeigh infamously used large quantities of fertilizer to make his bomb, prompting the federal government to clamp down on the sale of the gardening compounds (15 years later).


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  1. Their ultimate goal is confiscation via force. It’s what they dream about every night. They cheer every event of mass murder like Caligula bathing in the blood of animals and children. The Antis are literally racist towards gun owners. They see us as inferior, mentally defective, physically defective, diseases upon the earth. A disease they must cleanse through genocide. Make no mistake, they don’t just want to see all guns banned and confiscated, they want to see you dead as a result. By doing so they think they will save the human race, by giving a Final Solution to the Gun Question.

    • Rendition, enhanced interrogation (leftists are big on “confession”, voluntary or, more usually, otherwise), and the survivors herded into the showers for delousing.

  2. Cruz, he should be hung from the neck until dead at 12 pm on the court house lawn. It’s such a joke, an alcohol swab before a lethal injection. They can’t even dust somebody with out being politically correct

  3. Yeah… and they will accomplish exactly what they accomplished after Newtown. Nothing. We are the ones with the guns and in control of the military. If necessary, we will use both. At this point, I’m really hoping the commie vermin give us an excuse.

    • Serge, at some point I believe it will come to that. I can see a future scenario where a mass shooting happens and the bureaucrats cave in to mob rule/opinion. At that point POTG will have to step up and show we mean business. If it goes ban to confiscation or turn em’ in type of bad, all hell will break loose. Examples will need to be made. The type of examples you hang on the fence for the others to see. This cancer of progressive liberalism runs deep. It will take much effort to fully eradicate it. Keep your powder dry.

      • Not really, the DNC is in its death throes in this country. Hillary was their last chance to seize power, they failed. Trump’s approval rating is skyrocketing and if they make gun control a midterm campaign issue, they will get crushed.

        • I don’t know, Serge. Looks like the Dems may start pinning their hopes to Oprah! (Demos starting in a big way how utterly off the rails they are…)

  4. AHEM, did the guy in the video just commit a felony by creating an illegal SBR and post it to YouTube? ATF!? Anyone?

    • Depends. He called it a registered ‘pre ban’ AR-15.

      If he meant a registered pre-ban M16 (ie, a registered machine gun), then no, he did not ‘break the law’. A machine gun can have any length of barrel on it – it cannot be both an MG and an SBR. It’s just a MG.

      However, he also only cut the barrel. So remove the upper receiver, replace it, and viola! a working gun again. He didn’t touch the lower receiver…

    • Yes he did. Absolutely. I didn’t watch that far in the first time. That looks like a nice 4-5” SBR. He even assembled it back together. Constructive intent and illegal possession and manufacturing of a NFA firearm. That’s, hmm, 10 years in FedPen, and a $250k fine.

    • This is exactly what happens when people let an emotional response over-ride logic and reason!

      The emotion in his voice during the entire monologue was obvious. The emotion that caused him to chop off the barrel of that rifle was obvious.

      But a Barnes catalog and a couple hundred bucks makes that a perfectly functional rifle again.

      If he was logical, and serious, not just virtue signaling, he would have pulled the bolt and then cut right through the lower receiver making the thing essentially scrap aluminum.

      Liberalsim, and gun-controlism, are mental disorders.

    • Maybe. Maybe not.
      Has anyone done the research to see if he did or didn’t go through the steps to legally make a SBR?
      If I had the time and desire, I know I could do so, as any other non-prohibited person could.
      Sensationalism often isn’t what it seems to be.

  5. We can only pray that this too shall pass. The Republicans have got to grow a pair and stand up and say gun deaths ACLU t for only a tiny proportion of deaths that can be prevented. I am hopeful that when these articles are posted the associated comments section seem to be rife with pro 2A supporters so I truly believe that we are the vast majority of voters. Now we need to mobilize them to action. I’ve already sent an email to Trey Gowdy politely expressing my displeasure with his comments yesterday and a bit of education. Him and Kasich will probably never have my vote in a national election.

    • No, we can do a hell of a lot more than just “pray that it passes.” We can DEMAND that our leaders implement actual, workable, SOLUTIONS to the problem. It’s the “doing nothing” that’s going to lose us this fight.

      We need to go back to that NRA position paper after Newtown, and implement the actual suggestions. We need School Marshals like we have Air Marshals. Y’all remember the 1970’s and 1980’s? You couldn’t turn on the TV without hearing about another plane hijacking, usually to Cuba. We put Air Marshals on the planes, and we hardened the doors so the bastards couldn’t get to the pilots, and now hijackings are almost unheard of.

      Let’s do the same for schools. You don’t have to change one gun law to stop this stuff, but you sure as hell have to do SOMETHING — we might as well do something that will WORK.

    • Obvious concern troll is obvious. You’ve got nothing. If the DNC is stupid enough to give Trump a gun ban to veto, we’ll get a supermajority in the House and Senate and then their entire party is done.

      • Do you know that Antifa and the Alt Right are mostly white and they both think socialism is good? Do you not see the Republicans who are pro gun control and pro corporatism? Do you not know that Hillary only lost because America has an electoral college and she ignored it? Do you know that must people under 40 are not for free speech and self preservation? Are you aware that there is a push to get kids on cannabis to make them push overs?

        I have sat and listened to the Alt Right for hours. They are delusional and socialists. They want North America to be for only white people even though Asians and Jews out perform them in various areas. They don’t like to admit that most of the problems in America is because of white people. They think America should be a white state and they don’t mind using violent force to make that happen. They believe the North American continent belongs to white people even though the Asians found it first and populated it.

        • Wow. You sound as ignorant as mack bolan and chris mallory.

          They pick other groups to hate on, but it’s still racism, even if you do it to whites.

        • Right… It’s totally “white people” that commit the majority of homicides despite being 6 percent of the population… Oh… wait… that was somebody else.

  6. There’s absolutely no reason to possess a semiautomatic, military-style rifle with large-capacity ammunition magazines except to kill lots of people within a few minutes.

    Why do the police have them? Is killing lots off people quickly now a legitimate law enforcement objective?

  7. You know what you never see:

    A report about how all these gun owners with guns in their homes are killed en mass or individually for that matter by criminals or mentally disturbed individuals.

    FACT: the innocents being slaughtered are without firearm protection

    FACT: Guns save lives. Multitudes more than they take. Every. Single. Day!

  8. That douche bag in Boston can take his “pre-ban” and shove it.

    Yes, all people are abiding by the law, until they don’t. Meaning, everyone with a car will speed eventually, or get drunk and drive. Everyone who smokes pot will end up as a homeless drug addict, killing and robbing for their next fix. Every pilot will end up flying a plane into a building, eventually. Every newspaper or media publication will eventually lie and slander, ruining someone’s life.

    Innocent until PROVEN guilty. Deal with it. If you don’t like it, move. Or you can repeal the entire Bill of Rights. I can assure you, if you want to go the latter route, you will increase the problem tenfold.

    I really need someone with some decent prominence in this country to stand on national television and tell people that rights are not up for debate. To tell them to shut up, and mind their own damn business.

    • And I still say — if we can get the R’s to take meaningful, common-sense, working steps towards actually SOLVING these problems, then you’ll see 90% of the anti’s shutting their damn mouths.

      You think “RealCommunistsAgainstAmericansExercisingTheirGodGivenRights” (or whatever Shannon’s name is) will keep coming and harping here if school shootings disappear like plane hijackings did? They’ll go back to worrying about whether grown men can crap in the ladies’ room or not.

      But if we sit back and do nothing, and this happens again, the people will demand action, and the only action on the table being offered by anyone is gun control. So don’t be surprised if they take that action.

      Stand up and write your congressmen and senators and demand that they take real, workable, obvious, proven, common-sense solutions that will actually work, instead of this hysterical bleating for something that we know for a fact won’t work!

      • “But if we sit back and do nothing, and this happens again, the people will demand action, and the only action on the table being offered by anyone is gun control. So don’t be surprised if they take that action.”

        Nope, that is most definitely not the only action being offered.
        We provide better security (hardened walls, high fences, armed guards) to protect our convicted criminals than our schoolchildren.
        Even Mexican towns are hardening their schools’ defenses in the face of attacks on schools. Are we dumber than the Mexicans? It would appear so.
        We provide armed guards in banks, but not in schools. If our children are so precious to us, why don’t we provide armed guards for them when they are gathered together? Why do we advertise the fact that they are helpless in the face of any determined attacker with any weapon (not just guns)? Why do so few schools have no metal detectors, or even someone at the entrances to check IDs?
        Something to think about.
        If we were serious about protecting that which we claim is dearest to our hearts, we’d actually set about protecting them instead of proposing useless (yes, useless – history shows that) gun laws that do little to stop the criminal or insane people.

      • I sent an email to my federal and state legislators, and governor (what good that is going to do) last night. Bullet pointed ideas on what to do that will make an actual impact and not cost tax payers money. I made it abundantly clear that any restrictions are unacceptable.

  9. Yeah cut yer rifle up…dipshite. Can we get this twink a felony charge?!? I’m not particularly worried. I’m tricking out my shotgun for a “destructive device”…😩😖😡

  10. Yeah the CBS was misleading at best.

    The only fertilizer that is regulated in those low amounts is amonium nitrate.

    Most ag dealers dont even carry it on a regular basis. You can buy regular blends (10-10-10, 13-13-13, DAP, etc) without any issues.

    The sudaded and emetrol can be bought but trigger a dlag if you buy a bunch.

    I dont recall having to do a background check for yard fertilizer or cold meds.

    They just domt mind lying in the news nowadays.

  11. I wonder, in your area are the middle/high school kiddies out in the streets “protesting” (riot) against guns? A new tactic I think blatantly and cynically abusing these silly damn yutes. This is a tactic which we must attack. These idiot kids are NOT putting together mass “protests” in Fl or in Iowa City, IA themselves. This has the mark of Blimpberg and Soros and their coven. Someone (their “teachers” no doubt) are providing the sign materials and slogans.

    • I’ve always considered school to be a place we send our children so they can learn.
      This new idea that schools are places that somehow take ignorant youths (isn’t that why they go to school, to get rid of their ignorance?) and turn them, with all their life experience, into teachers who somehow are supposed to lecture the adults on how the live their lives?
      I wonder where the students get these ideas? “teachers”

  12. “…It’s not a good hunting weapon. And for personal protection, you’re better off with a 12-gauge shotgun or a handgun…”

    Another idiot that knows nothing about guns but will be held up by the media as a “gun owner for gun control”

  13. Again, and still, FV<K them all.

    Can't have it both ways, the hatef guns (of any ilk) are either useful, handy, effective, or their not.They're trying to find away to get their toe under the turtle, so the can flip it over, without rousing it enough to make it remove their toes.


    If guns are for "sporting purposes", that only means that you will not be penalized for posing with a few representatives hanging upside down outside the tag station, or with their pelts on the side of your barn.

    MFn gun grabbers wanna go, let's go, you don't want to wait til we're 90 to settle all of this.

    Not just no, F no, and FIFY.

  14. the guy with the ak looks like ” wow look at my cool gun” the cop don’t look so happy about what he got

    • That’s orange county sheriff Jerry Demings. His wife is Val Demings, who was orlando sheriff, and is now an elected us representative for the dems. She is a strong proponent of gun control, and it seems wants that to be her legacy. He was neutral for awhile and now is towing his wife’s stance. We have other sheriff’s who strongly support concealed carry as an assistance to law enforcement, and have had several incidences where citizens have aided officers. But of course nelson is going to stand next to Jerry demmings for this, he is the only one who agrees with the gun control agitprop.

  15. Let’s not kid ourselves We all know the purpose of “MSR’s” They’re not for Fun, or sport.
    We have them to STOP tyranny, fight against govt. and mobs of lawless people (shtf)
    The founding fathers spelled it out in crayon lest we forget.
    Talk to some Jewish survivors of the holocaust about being disarmed.

    “It is the religion of ignorance that tyranny begins.”
    —Benjamin Franklin

    “Rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God”
    —Benjamin Franklin

    “It is the first responsibility of every citizen to question authority.”
    —Benjamin Franklin

    “It is the duty of the patriot to protect its country from its government.”
    —Thomas Paine

    Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    — Benjamin Franklin

  16. ” The first human uses of gun-like instruments were in China and the Middle East in various wars.”

    Actually, history says different.
    Gunpowder was first used in fireworks, as entertainment. Look it up.
    But why would we expect a hoplophobe to know about guns?

  17. “Look, it’s really simple: Mass shootings will continue in this country until we finally ban mass-shooting weapons.”

    VA Tech. Handguns with 10 round magazines. Worst school shooting in history.

    So are you going to ban all semiautomatic firearms? I know you want to, but are you going to be honest with yourself and the public come out and say it?

    I didn’t think so.

    Killers, when unopposed, have the luxury of being highly successful with any weapon they choose to use.

  18. “There’s absolutely no reason to possess a semiautomatic, military-style rifle with large-capacity ammunition magazines except to kill lots of people within a few minutes.”

    Which is why there’s one in every police cruiser, right? for killing lots of people.

  19. “I will fight until some of those guns you own are gone.”

    Come at me bro.

    Oh, when you said “fight” you really meant talk? That’s a shame. Never bring a self-righteous rant to a gunfight.

    • Except that Jack-nugget Isn’t the person charged with Confiscation, It’s the police in SWAT gear and shields with M-4’s and MRAP’s. Sure, you may take out the first guy to breach your door and maybe the second guy, But are you really going to fight against the the full force, jack boot, throat stomping, storm troopers of the United States Government?
      would you like to be the next “domestic Terrorist” Waco, Ruby Ridge martyr?
      If you choose that path, be ready to die. That’s between You, God, and your Family.
      We should do everything in our (POTG) power to Not let it come to that. Peace and diplomacy come first.

      • “But are you really going to fight against the the full force, jack boot, throat stomping, storm troopers of the United States Government?”
        IF those people actually exist, then I absolutely am. Aren’t you?
        And IF they exist, why would anyone wait for them to reach the door?

      • IEDs are surprisingly easy to make when you have half a brain in your head. Me thinks the local goon squad will be quite displeased if they find their HQ to be a blasted crater after they get back from kicking doors.

  20. “There’s absolutely no reason to possess a semiautomatic, military-style rifle with large-capacity ammunition magazines except to kill lots of people within a few minutes.”

    Well, I don’t know what you mean by most of those words, except maybe something like “scary black rifle.” Speaking more precisely, the DHS identified “AR-15/M4-pattern semi-auto” carbines as ideal self-defense weapons.

    On their advice I think a rifle like that is probably a good choice for defending myself should the need arise. Which it did last week, at least twice. One case, the *one* kid attacked by *three* guys had a self-defense carbine, and could #shootback. The only one harmed was one of the attackers.

    In the other case, *dozens* of kids and teachers attacked by *one* guy had no arms, and could not #shootback. 17 died (so far). Some of the dead are being buried with medals & posthumous awards for their courage saving their classmates.

    They did what they could, with their courage and the tools we permitted them. I’d rather we were pinning medals on live kids, who we allowed the means to match their courage. Who needs an “assault rifle?” I don’t know about that. How about we allow kids like these access to ideal self-defense weapons? We might be burying less kids.

  21. The point isn’t guns, but I’ll pretend it is anyway.

    If you have a proposal that’ll do some good, let’s hear it.

    I don’t know how to keep guns, evil black rifles, or other kinds that are used way more often, from every, or even most whack-jobs. I haven’t heard from you anything that would stop all of this, most of it, or even would have stopped this guy.

    My modest proposal: kids and teachers with the presence of mind & courage to die saving other people probably could have done better with better tools, and would do no harm. They should have been armed.

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