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In letter, East Greenbush school shooter praises Florida advocates – Gee, what might motivate a jailed wannabe school shooter to let the world know he’s seen the light and is now a proponent of strict gun control?

Jon Romano was 16 years old when he brought a pump-action shotgun to Columbia High School in East Greenbush.

Just days after that 2004 incident was the subject of a recent Times Union column, Romano made an urgent plea for changes that would reduce gun violence in a letter from prison. …

“I believe the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland are courageous and inspiring for demanding action from politicians,” Romano wrote. “Everyone nationwide should accept nothing less than meaningful, life-saving policy changes from their politicians.”

OMG! Bolt action .22 rifles! For sale to 18-year-olds! OMG!

Police at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School (courtesy

At least 17 charged in N.J. threat cases since Florida school shooting – Something’s wrong in the State of New Jersey. Elsewhere too?

– Two New Brunswick Middle School students, ages 12 and 14, whom police say falsely claimed to have guns in their backpacks.
– A 17-year-old Lakewood High School student accused of sending police an email referencing “blowing up” or “shooting up” the school.
– A 13-year-old from Madison and a 14-year-old from Nutley charged with making a threat against Abundant Life Academy, a private school in Nutley.
– A 13-year-old and a 14-year-old in Jefferson Township charged with making threats against the township’s middle school and high school respectively.
– A 12-year-old student at Anthony Rossi Intermediate School in Vineland charged last week with having threatened to bring a gun to school and start shooting.
– An 18-year-old at Eastern Regional High School in Vorhees who police say also threatened to “shoot up the school.”
– A 15-year-old accused of threatening on social media to commit a shooting at West Deptford High School. Police said he does not attend the school.
– Two students, whose ages were not released, charged with making terroristic threats at Delsea Regional High School in Franklin Township in Gloucester County.
– A 14-year-old in Somerset County accused of threatening a shooting at Franklin Township High School the day after the Parkland killings, and a 17-year-old caught on the campus last week with a loaded 9mm pistol in his backpack.
– In addition to the juveniles and the two 18-year-olds in Essex County, a South Jersey teacher is reportedly among those charged since the shooting in Florida.

Watch Alec Baldwin lampoon Donald Trump on gun control – If that’s scathing a .22 bullet is a ballistic missile.

The actor delivered a scathing speech mocking Trump’s ambivalent response to the Parkland shootings and stance on gun control. “It’s clear something has to change. We have to take a hard look at mental health, which I have so much of. I have one of the healthiest mental. My mentals are so high, but we have to respect the law,” Baldwin-as-Trump—with his signature mastery of the president’s facial expressions and lilting tone—said.

Super-sleek, super-expensive Johann Fanzoj KB-1 Carbon Rifle (courtesy

Revolutionary pairing of Old World Craftsmanship with Space Age Materials – I’m waiting for a super-mega-ultra customized tool . . .

What seems like a paradox – a sacrilege – in the very traditional world of luxury gunmaking, is in fact a well-considered, top-rate engineering and design effort, pairing the latest high-tech materials with fascinating Old-World-craftsmanship, with the single goal of producing the finest individual pieces for the most discerning and individual of sportsmen – ultra-customized tools for the adventure of a lifetime.

Tapper fact-checks gun violence claims – Hey Jake! What does “know how to use it” mean to you?


There’s an Awful Lot We Still Don’t Know About Guns – Speak for yourself . . .

It’s a measure of the divisiveness of guns in the United States that federal public health officials barely spend any money funding gun violence research.

Because of the deaths of students and teachers in Parkland, Fla., last month, there’s a chance this will change.

When someone dies in a car crash, the local police fill out a detailed form that is shared with the federal government. Researchers have mined that data to see how policies — in road design, licensing rules, seatbelt laws or car requirements — can reduce the death toll from driving.

When someone is killed in a shooting, the data collected is skimpier, more haphazard and not reported to the federal government from every state. That lack of information isn’t the main reason gun policy remains such a political and controversial issue in American life. But it does limit the ability of policymakers to fully understand what laws could make a difference.

Crime soared with Mass. gun law – Wait…we’ve been told by all the best high schoolers that outlawing AR’s is the answer to our “gun violence” problems . . .

The 1998 legislation did cut down, quite sharply, on the legal use of guns in Massachusetts. Within four years, the number of active gun licenses in the state had plummeted. “There were nearly 1.5 million active gun licenses in Massachusetts in 1998,” the AP reported. “In June [2002], that number was down to just 200,000.” The author of the law, state Senator Cheryl Jacques, was pleased that the Bay State’s stiff new restrictions had made it possible to “weed out the clutter.”

But the law that was so tough on law-abiding gun owners had quite a different impact on criminals.

Since 1998, gun crime in Massachusetts has gotten worse, not better. In 2011, Massachusetts recorded 122 murders committed with firearms, the Globe reported this month — “a striking increase from the 65 in 1998.” Other crimes rose too. Between 1998 and 2011, robbery with firearms climbed 20.7 percent. Aggravated assaults jumped 26.7 percent.

A question for “progressives.”

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    • A Ford truck with a bunch of shit bolted on? All they need now is to wear their pants below their butt and suck on one of those Vape things that make people look ridiculously stupid.

      • I know a 50 year old that has a truck similarly decked out, even has a winch on it that doesn’t work. I call it the Death Star.

  1. It’ll be more than a dozen states. It’ll be the backbone and heart of America. The south, Midwest, and large parts of the west north and south.

    • Maybe we should start working on this now. Pennsylvania constitution says the RKBA shall not be questioned, somehow that isn’t enough.

      • Really wish people would remember that Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island are less than 1/4 of the total area of New England, and that Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont love the second amendment and will welcome other freedom loving folks to what really makes up the North-East. Just wish we weren’t cut off from the rest of the country by New York..

  2. And I care what the stupid kid says now? He was a stupid kid then and he’s a stupid kid now. Anything he says is self-serving. What’s he supposed to do or say, come out against gun control?
    Gun control along with bans are stupid, so it’s no surprise the nitwit would come out for it.
    What a douche b–!

  3. Shannon Demanding “Commie Mommy” Watts wants to ban what,oh yeah the 22 LR. bolt action rifle,they want every gun right down to soda straws and spit wads.

  4. Gunz aren’t the answer, a rope around the neck is, on the courthouse lawn hi noon for everyone to see what happens when you murder somebody. Wanna copycat that?

    • I sort of agree.

      See, back in the day the punishment for crimes was often tied to the severity of the crime and there were prescribed methods for the crimes committed. For example, arsonists or even those who threatened arson were often burned alive; an act that would later be performed posthumously.

      Hanging was usually the indignant end of those who were habitual offenders of petty crimes like larceny and repeat offenders of returning from exile.

      The pinnacle of true justice for the most heinous of crimes, though, was known as “wheeling” or as the Germans preferred, “breaking with the wheel”. In the German method of wheeling, the poor sinner would be lashed, spread eagle, to an X shaped piece of cribbing and the Executioner would (as prescribed by the magistrate) take a number of blows at the limbs with a cart wheel and eventually work his way up to the head. This method was not always an immediately fatal prescription, you see.

      Sometimes the limbs would be smashed to bits and the condemned would be spared a final blow, his now loose limbs “braided” into the spokes of a wagon wheel and the wheel hoisted into the air through the hub with a pole for the birds to peck at.

      I say we bring back wheeling.

      • Not so different than crucifixion, then? I’m not opposed to that, but their vulture pecked corpses had better be displayed on the roads into town.
        But look at us… even talking about treating beasts worse than animals.

  5. What’ll start happening now is that kids who have been brainwashed by the communists will start shooting up schools and felllow atudents in a twisted attempt to push for more gun/people control. After all, whats a few thousand bodies as long as it causes the glorious revolution to arrive earlier, eh comrades? Sadly, I expect to see more of this in the near future. What was once the domain of a few psychopaths will now be co-opted. That is my paranoid delusion of the moment.

  6. Stupid kids. If they don’t understand the concept of consequences at 12-18, either they never will or the payback will be very severe.

    My son understood consequences before he started school. Compared to most kids these days he is a rare exception.

  7. Car accidents are in no way comparable to gun homicides. If people were committing homicides with cars in large numbers, you would have criminologists and law enforcement look into the issue, not public health experts. Public health experts have no business researching how to address gun homicides.

    They can research gun suicides and gun accidents, but even then, given the extreme anti-gun bias so many have, you still have to be careful even there.

    • Indeed.
      Indeed can you imagine the CDC spending millions to research the effect:
      1) of the Fourth amendment
      2) the Fifth amendment
      3) of the Sixth amendment
      4) of prior criminals when let loose on society?
      5) of domiciling anyone with a criminal record in a home with children ( 40 times the correlation with criminal violence victimization/rape/homicide of children compared to gun ownership in a home).

      “Epidemiologists” and population health (this now the broader term being used) experts can find massive correlations and causation of harm practically every freedom we have.

      What is the “population health” impact of our unequaled fourth, fifth and sixth amendment rights and the fact that hundreds of thousands of crimes that might be caught [I] convicted [/I] in other countries with less privacy and criminal rights protections.

      What is the risk to a household of a mother in a relationship a man with a criminal record?

      What is the risk from per capita number of released felons on the streets of a US jurisdiction?

      We know for a fact that the studies that actually bother to be evenhanded, and compare similar average age/employment/income. demographic to similar demographic same region jurisdictions, find more guns REDUCE levels of per capita criminal violence (Virginia’s much lower murder rate than Maryland’s).

      • The buffoons at CDC is as ennobled as morons at CBO. Neither could find their ass if both thumbs were inserted.

    • The problem, from their perspective, is that the research hasn’t given them the answer they want yet. I think they believe that, if they keep shaking the magic 8 ball, eventually the answer will be “It’s white men’s fault!” The thing they are trying to dance around is that the prime driver of homicides in the US is young black men with criminal histories. This obviously will not fly with them for ideological reasons. Therefore they are trying to shift the costs of their failed social and criminal justice policies onto a group they hate anyhow… us.

  8. Someone else here called it recently and… surprise, surprise! Things are now “being done” to thwart school shooters even in the absence of any crime. They did SOMETHING, I guess. We can figure out what it was later. Due process is such a pain. It need not apply to juveniles.

  9. From tha Mass ban article … crime using guns went up, while guns in non-criminals hands went down. What happened to D G Us is not clear – don’t want to admit those, so they don’t count them.

    – It’s like disarming peaceful people is the point.
    – Or making more crime, so they “must” “do more.”
    – Or maybe a 2-fer.

    – It’s like the point is more photo-ops declaring ineffective policies.
    – Or emoting when something bad happens.
    – Why not both?

    I take it all back. These people aren’t idiots. They’re actually quite clever. Also, energetic n creative.

    They just don’t want what we want. Or what they say they want. Or both.

  10. Another broke (D)1<K problem child DNC poster boy inside job / inside man.

    Those who are the problems don't get to define the problem or suggest any solutions.

  11. LOL, anyone else notice something interesting about the plot showing per capita death rate and money spent? It’s plotted on log-log axes. Hard to explain to non math/engineering types without getting too technical, but look at the horizontal and vertical scales. Notice how they’re not linear? That is, at the bottom or left hand side of the scale an “inch” might equal a difference of 10x, but higher up on the scale that same inch might equal a difference of 100x or 1000x. there are some very good reasons to plot certain data on logarithmic scales, like when the properties you’re concerned about don’t behave linearly. For example noise; we use deciBels (a logarithmic unit), because the perceived volume of a noise doesn’t increase linearly with sound-pressure-levels, but rather logarithmically. So a noise that results in a 10-times-higher pressure spike doesn’t sound 10 times louder, but rather 2 times louder (2 Bels, or 20 deciBels, where a deciBel is 1/10th of a “Bel”).

    When used improperly however, to represent data that does NOT have any innate logarithmic relationship (like in this case) it has one very obvious effect. It makes values that are DRAMATICALLY different look a lot more similar than they really are. As an example, looking at the graph, we see “Hernia” over on the left hand side, “Gun Violence” right in the middle, and “Cancer” and “Heart Disease” over on the right. Visually (assuming a linear scale like most people are used to) you would assume this means Gun Violence kills twice as many people as Hernias, and Cancer/Heart Disease Kill twice as many as Gun Violence. When in actuality, looking at the scales, Gun violence kills TEN times as many people as Hernia, and Cancer and Heart Disease kill TWENTY times as many people as Gun Violence!

    Bottom line, there is NO valid reason whatsoever to plot this data on log-log scales. The only reason to do is is complete incompetence (and I can’t imagine its that, as someone who doesn’t understand the impact of plotting log-log likely doesn’t even know what that is), or if you are intentionally trying to minimize the difference between smaller and larger values. To a casual reader/viewer that plot says something a LOT different than what it actually means. As a scientist and engineer willfully misrepresenting data like that is hugely unprofessional and immoral. If I did something like that in my line of work, I would be fired summarily and its very possible people could die. Maybe I should go into “journalism”

    • AND ignoring what is “gun violence”. Such simpering a pansy phrase. Means nothing.

      Where is “Killed by medical industry” for 210000/yr?

    • Good eyes and well said! I’m reasonably analytical, but I don’t have a background in engineering, so I missed that! It’s not surprising though; the anti gunners thrive on lies. And while the Left loves to point out that “educated” people overwhelmingly vote D, it’s quite interesting that those educated in the STEM fields tend to lean more right

    • The log scale was first thing I’ve noticed, even before finding the “gun violence” point. Made me chuckle.


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