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“A small caliber j-frame revolver is almost always enough gun to send one or two violent scumbags heading for the hills. For the possibilities beyond one or two scumbags looking for an easy score, our best collective defense consists of at least 1/4 of the adult population having a semi-auto rifle with a few hundred rounds of ammunition. Anyone who advocates for less lacks imagination and knowledge of history.” – TTAG commentator uncommon_sense underneath the post Knock, Knock: Quote of the Day.

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    • Funny you mentioned Doskocil.. I have one of their rifle cases and 5 pistol cases. Bought ’em at K-Mart years ago. Doskocil no longer makes any gun cases. I even went to their website, and it’s like they never existed. It’s a shame, they were very good products, and very reasonably priced.

      • If I remember correctly Plano bought their gun case line.

        I’ve got a few of their (Doskocil) older cases and they are pretty stout.

  1. For “up close” shooting give me the Mossberg SA-20 Rail gun. We have 3 of em’. Sweet little machines..000 buck at 8 feet…what a mess.

  2. Personally, I’ve always preferred the Ruger SP101 over modern J-frames, but that’s just me 😁

  3. ” The Case for “Assault Weapons”: Quote of the Day ”

    Don’t find yourself needing me not to have one, MF.

  4. So, how many people actually meet uncommon_sense’s criteria? Supposedly, 3% of the U.S. population are “super gun owners”, so I figure at least 10 million or 1 in 12 households is the _floor_. Love thy neighbor.

    • Well, there are areas where the ratio is more in favor of Liberty. On my road, in rural GA, on any given Saturday, one can hear at least half the neighbors practicing in their back yards. Many of us will shoot our MSRs from the back porch. A swinging piece of AR500 is a common sight on the back property line in my neck of the woods. If you can imagine, nobody talks about theft or break ins, at least not locally…

      • Back in the late 1970s, a serial rapist was on the loose in Sacramento, committing 1 or 2 rapes a month. At least 23 victims were tied to him, and as time went on, his audacity increased. Gun sales skyrocketed—and burglaries plummeted. (Eventually he graduated to murder. According to the program I’ve been watching, he was never caught.)

      • Burley. Went to vote today. The nice man who checked my ID asked if I had been ill. I said that yes I had been down with the flu for the last couple weeks. I asked him how he knew. He told me he hadn’t heard gunfire from my house and said that now that I was feeling better he expected to hear me making up for lost time and wanted to know if I needed any ammunition. 😉

  5. Oh I feel OK with my lowly Maverick88 20″. 8 or 9 shotshells/ slugs should do the trick. Multiple handguns for backup. But I concede the point…

    • former water walker,

      Shotguns are fine for close-range self-defense. They suck if you ever have to shoot back at someone who is 50+ yards away.

      • Seriously if I’m in a gun battle at 100yards I’ve probably already lost…

      • Shotguns are fine for close-range self-defense. They suck if you ever have to shoot back at someone who is 50+ yards away.
        I am sure that the local LEOs and DA will be thrilled that I am shooting at bad guys 100 yards away.

  6. It’s No Leftist or anyone else’s business what firearm,type of firearm one chooses to defend ones self.

  7. For home invaders and such I think not only is a MSR optimal but also one with at least a fairly short barrel (the one in the picture being pretty long) and if possible a suppressor (in which case the barrel of 12″ or less is preferred). My 10.5″ with it’s 10.5″ suppressor is too damn long and heavy. My 24″ AR even without the suppressor is about unmanageable in the house. I need one more AR, one with an 8″ barrel for an appropriate short barrel cartridge and a smaller suppressor. I am finding the 24″ .234wssm superlative at medium to long distances outside though:-)

      • Yeah, of course, that works at least as well. I went the AR route because of the much greater choice of parts and accessories and I am the sort that likes to try lots of different things out. I also originally didn’t envision my SBR for use inside. If I had I might have gone bullpup too. Now I have all the stuff that gives AR acquisition momentum. I also chose odd ball cartridges, my SBR being .338 Spectre and of course the .243wssm. You don’t get those choices very easily with bullpups.

        • 16” carbine length AR with an AMTAC over barrel suppressor. Just need a handguard with 1.62” internal clearance. Best of all worlds. 🙂

    • My dream home defense weapon: Am AR pistol chambered for 9mm that accepts Glock magazines and brace.

    • California having an overall length requirement of 30″, and further in that it bans SBRs, ARs are not even on my list of desirable home defense guns. I will stick with semiauto pistols.

  8. Well, I guess that I’m an overachiever with three MSR’s and a whole lot more than a “couple hundred ” rounds of 556NATO. No problem with a J frame but I’m a semi auto guy. Have a few strategically stored JIC. And again, many more that mere hundreds of rounds. No need to mention the 12G smooth bores just in case the JIC guns are not enough.
    SEMPER PARATUS my fellow frogs!

  9. I had a bad experience with a shoulder-thing-that-goes-up when I was young and now I break out in cold sweats at the mere sight of an evil black rifle.

    Also, those ARs have some serious recoil… I mean I’m talking PTSD inducing levels of recoil. amirite?

    • Not to mention that if you shoot yourself in the foot, which let’s face it we have all done at least once (it’s called a Grebner I think), the bullet might come out your eyes.

    • I have the same case. Managed to squeeze two rifles in it. Only downside is the weight. It was pretty hefty empty, now with two heavy barreled rifles in it I’m glad it’s got wheels.

  10. I live in fear, of indecision, if the balloon goes up.

    Is my 686 formal enough for a home invasion? Does my suppressed PS90 match the color of my eyes? Will my Sig P229 make my @ss look fat?…

    • I think the 226 would make your ass look fat. The 229 is much more slimming, especially in black.

  11. “send one or two violent scumbags heading for the hills”

    yeah … no

    If I ever find myself in a violent encounter with some dirtbags I’m going to be shooting for effect. I’ve spent way too much time, effort and money to miss when it counts.

    Extra credit: Why are we still getting HTTP errors on the comment form? Do you even admin, bro?

  12. No one mentioned my favorite for home defense
    The pistol caliber carbine
    We used to call them sub machine guns
    My 9 mm CZ Scorpion Evo is light, has a folding stock, minimal recoil and can easily make hits out to 75 yards
    100 yards can be done with a little more effort
    With the stock folded, a silencer and a laser it is short enough to use inside a house
    Outside I deploy the stock, shoulder it and use the red dot sight
    I love that thing!

    • +1

      I just bought the Ruger pistol caliber carbine and use Glock mags. 33 rounds of 9mm goodness makes me feel well-protected at night.

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