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United Airlines CEO Just Admitted a Bold Truth About the NRA. Most United Employees Wish He Hadn’t

A job well done: Oscar Munoz not only alienated a big portion of his customers and shareholders, but a lot of his employees, too . . .

So what do United’s employees think of all this? I heard from a couple of dozen of them, obviously not a scientific survey, but the replies were running about 4:1 against both Munoz’s answer and United’s decision to drop the NRA discount. For example:

  • “It is a political decision,” said one retired United employee who is also an NRA member. [A]irlines are very leftist.”
  • A current United employee: “If it was political then he doesn’t speak for us that do support the NRA. If it was personal, then I suggest he step down since he [can’t] seem to separate personal decisions from business decisions.”
  • “It’s a discount not a ban. People are getting upset over a discount?” said a United ramp agent.
  • “It was his personal opinion Not mine! Shame on him,” said a current program manager.
  • Another current employee: “He doesn’t speak for me and he is NOT my family!”
  • A current United first officer: “All these mass shootings and now in our schools, and we still have an NRA.”

Do Teachers Want to go Armed at School?

No one is forcing them, but plenty of the do . . .

Are teachers a bunch of gun nuts? Is this the root of a hidden conspiracy where school teachers are really the secret strength of the NRA? I doubt it. Fortunately we have real data so we don’t need to rely on opinion. Facts show that a surprisingly large percentage of teachers want to carry a firearm at school. The fraction of teachers who want to go armed is several times higher than the average concealed carry rate across the US. That makes sense once we dig into it.

The conventional talking point is that teachers don’t like guns. Unionized teachers are broadly considered to be more liberal than the general populace. The president of the National Education Association said, “Bringing more guns into our schools does nothing to protect our students and educators from gun violence.” If guns are not the answer, then perhaps the teachers union president wants us to call animal control when a school is attacked? Most of us would call a cop; a good guy with a gun.


The truth about the Oklahoma shooting that conservatives and the NRA can’t stop talking about

Lefties are simply incapable of acknowledging when a good guy with a gun prevails . . .

The situation, however, may be more complex than the NRA and conservative figures have claimed, and may not be the best evidence for the “good guy with a gun” theory.

While the civilian’s actions were no doubt heroic, they should be taken in context. According to eyewitness Ron Benton, interviewed by KFOR, the alleged shooter exited the restaurant and began walking erratically on the sidewalk, still armed and with ear and eye protection on his head. Benton said another car exited the parking lot at that point, then turned around and stopped. A man — the “good guy with a gun” civilian — got out, went to his trunk, and began to exchange fire with the alleged shooter after Benton pointed him toward the gunman.

After the shooting stopped, Benton said he emerged from behind the car he had ducked behind and saw that the civilian had “taken [the alleged gunman] down,” but noticed the police were also pulling into the lot at that same moment.

Houston Police Chief Says He’s ‘Watching’ Dana Loesch. She Torches Him.

Chief Art, in all his impotence, picked a fight with the wrong woman . . .

Acevedo hilariously responded like a child to some of the tweets put out by NRATV that featured comments made by Loesch, writing: “Bye forever or until we meet in court.”

Not intimidated, Loesch continued to call him out over his policies, which led to Acevedo saying that he and his department “we will be watching” her.

Acevedo was ill-prepared for what came next, as Loesch called out his insinuation that he might be having her surveilled. Loesch responded with the following series of tweets . . .

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The Santa Fe school shooter used his father’s guns. Could his father be punished?

We’re guessing they’ll try . . .

Texas has laws designed to force parents to keep their firearms out of their kids’ hands. Prosecutors can charge parents even if a child doesn’t ever fire the gun or cause an injury; just allowing access to firearms is a violation. (However, in the case of Santa Fe High School, the shooter was already 17. The law applies only to children under 17 years old.)

As Texas begins to grapple with how to stop mass shootings — particularly in schools — politicians are struggling to come up with solutions that will curb violence while fitting into the state’s gun culture and commitment to the Second Amendment. The idea of holding parents responsible is already on the books (though rarely enforced) and could be one option to engage gun rights advocates who also support the conservative value of parental responsibility. So why aren’t these laws more popular with conservatives?



Camera Hogg mau maus Publix into ending support for pro-NRA Adam Putnam:

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  1. Let me say that I think it’s a good idea for teachers carry guns in school IF they have the type of firearm that can be locked up internally, for example a Bersa BP9CC. If the student can grab the firearm out of the teachers holster before the teacher can react the student can’t shoot anyone with it because the internal locking mechanism is on. If the teacher on the other hand hears a shot all he has to do is reach into his pocket, get the key, put it into the lock and turn it and the gun is ready to fire. That would take less then three seconds of time.

    • Or if the crazy kid breaks down the door and shoots the teacher before he can unlock his carry piece…

      Maybe a magazine disconnect would be a good idea, but not some type of goofy, contrived ILS like on Smith & Wesson revolvers or Springfield 1911s.

    • If you are carrying a gun and haven’t been trained in retention techniques, you probably shouldn’t be carrying a gun. Carrying comes with responsibility.

    • It’s much harder to snatch a gun out of a modern holster, like a safariland, then it is in the movies. Both cops and open carriers very rarely if ever have an issue with this, contrary to popular belief. My entire life has been involved with carrying, LE, and these days gun blogs, and I know of literally only one time where someone was open carrying and a gun was snatched. That incident was reported here 2-3 years ago. Carrying in a proper modern holster, while also having quick access to a knife is a solid remedy to prevent such things. People tend to stop grabbing at you when they get cut. I will also say, carrying a good knife and knowing how to use it is a very underrated skill these days. Being cut/stabbed has a profound phycological effect on an attacker.

      • Me too but I see few concealed carriers using retention holsters. And I could see kids thinking it would be fun to try and make a gun grab. Last class I helped teach only 5 of 18 had any form of retention.

    • Maybe concealed means conceled, so that crazy Timmy doesn’t know if teach is packing or not.

      • This is the only sane option. A gun can’t be grabbed if no one knows that it is there.

        I guess the problem lies in the fact that someone might slip up, day in\day out- either printing or blabbing. Not to a student, per se, but holy shit a school is like a henhouse and word gets around fast.

    • Rocketman – I will assume you’re being sarcastic as those “internal locks” are one of most moronic “features” ever conceived of by anyone in the firearms business. If you carry one (locked) in a holster also tattoo “moron” on your forehead. And carry a basketball so you will have something for timely defensive use.

  2. Companies shouldn’t give money to political candidates, but neither should Soros or Bloomberg seeing as they aren’t humans either.

  3. Hogg is a moron who could care less about constitutional rights. Especially the 2nd. He just likes getting attention , I guess his mommy didn’t give him enough tit when he was a baby hog.

  4. Good guys with guns…certainly was a psychotic lunatic in OK. Glasses and hearing protection. Damn. Get him Dana! We got your back…wtf is wrong with senor Acevedo?!? Worse than what we got in Cook county. Should greek boy’s daddy get charged? He certainly was clueless his progeny was a soulless killer…is the 17 year old puke eligible for the death penalty??? I know SCOTUS said no but Texas made him an “adult”…

  5. If Danna Loesch isn’t a resident of the sheriffs county,what business of his is whatever she says or thinks. If she is what justification does he have to surveil a citizen who has done nothing other than commenting on a elected official,who is in need of replacement in the next election.

    • A Democrat statist who abuses the power of his office to spy on his political opponents and threaten and intimidate them in order to silence dissent? This is an outrage!….. oh wait,….. nobody cares because Jake Tapper hasn’t told them to care….. well crap. At least I have my guns.

  6. Acevedo is a communist traitor to the constitution and the United States of America. Loesch’s bravery in confronting this tyrant should be commended. Standing up to such a dirty, evil, tyrannical leftist terrorist like him is not easy considering they will use any possible method of lies and intimidation to threaten you and go after your family. Acevedo is a carbon copy of a police chief in Mexico or Venezuela. Acevedo belongs in prison with the rest of his dirt bag terrorist criminal friends.

  7. I think the Oklahoma good guy should have just run the dude over with his vehicle and kept on driving kabump kabump

    • Bad for the suspension and, depending on ground clearance, a real mess to get off the transmission and undercarriage.

  8. “…perhaps the teachers union president wants us to call animal control…”

    I thought using that word was now insensitive or something? One of my big problems with the left is just trying to keep up with what they’re nattering about at any given moment. Sometimes I just want to say “focus people! FOCUS!”

  9. I got all excited about Hogg’s “die in.” Then I realized it was just a figure of speech.

  10. Like I said these always private school….
    How about the schools where Obama and The Bush kids went to school…..

  11. I read Dana’s tweet and her link to Texas penal code. I just have this to say the 1st ammendment only grants us the right to free speach not repercussions for we speak. Can the sheriff make every time she gets pulled over a ticketable offense in his jurisdiction? Yes but he can not have it setup that she is being pullover just to pull her over nor can he set it up that where ever she goes there is a cop tailing her waiting for her to go 1mph over the speed limit. The sheriff needs actual probable cause to have his officers tail watch and follow her and can do all that only after getting an issued warrant. If the sheriff is doing any of what i just mentioned other then making any justifiable traffic stop a ticketable offense; he is in violation of dana’s civil rights and is abusing his power of office and should be removed from office.

    • Not to mention, she probably lives outside of his jurisdiction, which is a whole other type of no-no re surveillance.

    • Isn’t threatening someone using the color of office to attempt to silence critics illegal?
      If someone’s civil rights (1st amendment, for example) are officially threatened, the FBI should be informed, as they are an official LEA tasked with investigating such.

  12. If you want to boycott a company, fine. But if I had a grocery store and some bratty children came in my store for a protest, I would double my contribution to the recipient they are protesting.

    These children are cartman and his mom, with the dog whisperer:

  13. ive worked for an airline for 27 years and because of that i can say this:

    the modern day coterie of airline ceos generally tend towards the sociopath end of the personality spectrum

    so it readily follows that the historic economic success now being witnessed in the industry isnt the result of any particular type of genius or acumen on their part

    or ethics for that manner

    the only apparent genius in their modus operandi is in its sheer simplicity: instead of using time tested and proven economic and business principles they just use the bankruptcy courts to economically and financially decimate their employees calling it a “shared sacrifice” and then quite condescendingly thank and congratulate them for their “hard work and dedication” when the company makes record profits

    that is to say they take the easy way out

    that is what you do when you have no code honor or integrity

    which is why united did what it did vis a vis the gun debate

    plain and simple

  14. Most female teachers have a purse in the school that they for which they maintain control. Keeping the kiddies out of their pot/condoms/cash. I’ll assume they could manage to also keep the rug rats away from their gat. Not that hard an assignment. If not the teacher is to stupid/scatterbrained to be in a classroom indoctrinating the kiddies. Same if the teacher is not responsible enough or mentally stable.

  15. Although none will formally admit to the practice (and logically shouldn’t admit to it) teachers do come to school armed. There’s a cold, hard logic to this that makes instant sense to all People Of The Gun. When faced with some spree-shooter roaming the hallways shooting into classrooms, some teachers have decided that they want to be able to defend themselves and their students regardless of what the school’s regulations say. As long as schools broadcast to the world that they are “gun-free” they will remain prime targets for spree-killers. It’s only a matter of time before an armed teacher saves the lives of their students during the minutes before the cops arrive.

  16. If a student tries to grab a teacher’s gun, just Michael Brown his ass.

  17. On State Farm:
    Is this firearm manufacturing company considered high risk because it’s easy for firearms manufacturers to get sued when someone misuses their products?
    Is it common for companies who offer insurance products such as State Farm (quite a variety) to not offer “high risk”, as one commenter claimed?
    Is it just a specific group under State Farm then that doesn’t do this category, or all of State Farm?

    FYI, State Farm’s website says they offer auto, motorcycles, sport and leisure vehicles, home and property, identity restoration, life, health, disability, liability, and small business insurance.

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