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To stop school shootings, use Israel’s approach to fighting terror: Texas attorney general

An idea so crazy, it just might work! . . .

Recent news reports detail other incidents where school resource officers stopped potential shooters before they could inflict extensive damage.

Even so, arming resource officers and teachers must be viewed as a last line of defense. We must stop killers outside the school, as in Israel. Here’s what we should do:

►Districts should post trained and capable armed guards outside as well as inside schools.

►They should also consider reducing the number of entrances to the building, so these guards can monitor traffic.

►Where feasible, schools could install metal detectors to ensure that nobody can sneak a weapon onto campus.

►Classroom doors must be made more secure against an attack. Classrooms should be equipped with the means to barricade these doors.

School shootings are a matter of seconds and minutes: Precious moments of delay could be enough to stop a shooter.

Santa Fe Survivor, CNN Challenge Nancy Pelosi On Armed Guards: Your Building Is Secure

So why do gun control advocates scoff at making schools more secure? . . .

At CNN’s town hall event on Wednesday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi was challenged on her position against hardening schools by funding armed guards. Pelosi was faced with a question by a teen survivor of the recent Santa Fe High School shooting who inquired about arming teachers, and was further pressed by CNN’s Chris Cuomo, who noted that Pelosi herself is protected by armed guards.

The Democrat struggled to find an adequate response, often weakly suggesting that this simple was “not the answer” to the school shooting issue while citing “background checks” as part of the solution.


Publix, where ‘shopping is a pleasure,’ becomes campaign issue. #boycottPublix is trending

Where do you shop?

Recently it was disclosed the Lakeland-headquartered Publix donated $670,000 to the campaign of Adam Putnam, Florida’s Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture and a GOP candidate for governor.

That’s not the big problem for some.

Putnam also is an unabashed supporter of the National Rifle Association, which in some circles these days, is a no-no. To be fair, there probably are just as many who see Putnam’s embrace of the NRA as a badge of honor.


“We’re Not Trying To Take Your Guns”: Two Santa Fe Students Pushing For Gun Reforms Say They Don’t Feel Supported By The Community

Where have we heard that before? . . .

Megan McGuire, 17, and Bree Butler, 18, are among a handful of Santa Fe residents who are advocating changes to gun laws after a shooting at their high school left 10 people dead.

Speaking on BuzzFeed News’ AM to DM, McGuire had a message for her town’s 13,000 residents: “We’re not trying to take your guns.”

McGuire said that she doesn’t use the term “gun control” anymore because people associate it “negatively.”

“We use the words ‘gun reform,'” she said. “It’s all about safety. We’re not trying to take your guns. That’s what everyone in this area thinks we’re trying to accomplish. That’s not it.”


Culture, Not Guns, Is At The Root Of Our Mass Shootings Increase

Gun control will never stop mass shootings. Period . . .

Before the 1960s there were almost no mass shooting incidents in the United States, but the trend has increased ever since then. Why? The number of homicides has decreased and the number of households that have guns has also dropped significantly. There must be another cause — maybe the continual focus on the tool used by these killers is less important than the emotional imbalance that leads them to pull the trigger.

A major change since the 1960s has been the rise in liberal social policies and the destruction of the time-honored values that lead to societal success and stability. The most glaring example is the massive decline in two-parent households. From 1960-2014 the percentage of children living in a home with two parents and no divorces dropped from 73 percent to 46 percent. That number is stunningly lower for black children now at 22 percent.

Nearly every school shooting has involved a boy who grew up without his father. The number of gun homicides has increased slightly in the past few years, but that is mostly driven by gang violence in major cities, not the type of mass shootings that capture so much current media attention. But let’s talk about the causes for both school and gang shootings, because the vast majority of killers in each are between 17 and 29 years old and male. The destruction of the social structure that provided stable homes is obviously a factor in the pathologies we see in young men today.

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  1. “McGuire said that she doesn’t use the term “gun control” anymore because people associate it “negatively.””

    A turd
    by any other name
    is still a turd.

    “Shout out to @Delta thank you for donating 4 planes to get kids from Parkland to DC for the March, renouncing your previous relationship with the NRA and lastly for having outlets on you planes.”

    Doesn’t he have the order backwards? Idiot. Or, to be kinder, deluded idiot.

  2. Yeah Texas ain’t Floriduh…those dumbocrats sure don’t want kids protected like THEY are. Is there Publix stores outside of Floriduh? Love to shop there…

  3. When I went to a concert, NBA Basketball game, and the airport, each time I went through a single entry point with an armed guard, my bag was searched, and I went through a metal detector. Armed guards patrolled each venue. So why are schools defenseless? Nancy, don’t I love the children!?

  4. People are freaking out about making schools hard targets because using things like fences and razor wire makes the schools look like prisons. I continue to say we make them hard targets, but we can do so in a less “welcome to the rock” kind of way. Instead of a fence we could use a fairly high, but eye pleasing wall. Walls can be made to look decorative and still be effective. No need for wire a top the wall either as today’s kids are too lazy and fat to climb over it anyway. That way you can have two entry control points.

    • Why wire it when shards of glass embedded in concrete across the top work just as well? Pretty too.

      • “Why wire it when shards of glass embedded in concrete across the top work just as well?”

        That’s pretty much a European thing, isn’t it? I’ve heard mention of it being used in France.

        As for the type of glass, just drop some scraps of thick plate glass on concrete and select the nice, jagged ones…

    • “welcome to rock”…i like it.

      i for one want to see kids have to roll through flame bursts and rotating gears to get into school. would build character.

      • I’d rather have kids actually learn in school.

        At some point, people will have to wake up and realize that “hard targets” vis-a-vis “easy marks” are relative-positional concepts.

  5. That kid’s face as she listens to Pelosi is priceless. It just screams “I’m done with your shit”. I love it.

    • You’re a tough SOB. I couldn’t watch Pelosi anymore stuttering after 3 minutes, 11 seconds.

      Next time I’m going to try watching using a mirror like Perseus fighting Medusa.

      I can’t believe she is ELECTED by the people of California, even counting the illegals and deceased voters.

      • Shes elected by the people of San Francisco (her congressional district)….. She plays ball with the money/power brokers and doesn’t rock the (D) boat. So, they aren’t letting any real contenders challenge the seat.

      • And you’re a stronger man than I. I didn’t even get through the hag offering her sympathies before I turned it off. Her creepy ass voice gave me the chills so bad I just about lost my breakfast.

    • I have to know how this little girl even got to ask that question. And what is up with Cuomo pointing out Pelosi’s hypocrisy? Very disappointed in CNN right now.

  6. When Nancy Pelosi says “background checks” are the answer to school shootings is she recommending “background checks” for the students?

  7. A major change since the 1960s has been the rise in liberal social policies and the destruction of the time-honored values that lead to societal success and stability.

    Gee, ya think?

    “When we take away from a man his traditional way of life, his customs, his religion, we had better make certain to replace it with something of value.”

    ― Robert Ruark (1957)

    All the Democrats have done is to strip away everything and replace it all with sh!t.

    • “societal success and stability” before 1960? You need to read some history. Compared to school shootings, the shit that was going on in the world makes that look like a stubbed toe. Nothing like The Long Peace to screw up everyone’s perspective regarding true evil in the world

  8. She wants what another background check? I don’t understand, as there already is a background check…

    • In most states, if you buy from a FFL, there’s a BC. But if you buy from a private party (should use the word “transfer” because that’s what the laws use; the meaning is different from “sell” or “buy”), no BC is done. I say “most states” because some states do mandate a state BC if buying from a private party.
      What Pelosi wants is a BC on all transfers.
      What she conveniently ignores is that on those school shootings where a BC wasn’t done on the shooter, a Universal Background Check (UBC) wouldn’t have stopped the shooter, in most cases. The guns are usually either black market (rare) or stolen. Where a BC was done on the shooter, then obviously a UBC wouldn’t do anything to prevent the shooting.
      So she’s whistling in the wind.

  9. One should note that civilian gun control is extremely strict in Israel. Their laws go beyond the most anti-gun California liberal’s wildest dreams. A license is required to possess a firearm. Licenses are only given to professional security personnel and settlers in disputed border territories; pretty much the only exception is film production prop masters, who can authorize actors to use their firearms. To obtain a license, you need to undergo mental and physical health screenings. From there, you must receive several hours of supervised training and range qualification with the weapon you purchase. The weapon is registered. You are able to purchase a one-time supply of 50 rounds of ammunition. Your license must be renewed every three years. If you’re going to tout the Israeli model, you have to look at the whole picture, not just the part you like.

    • And your knowledge of this comes from where? The New York Slimes? All 18 year olds must serve in their military. While serving, they are all issued M-16’s or Uzi’s. They all must have access to those weapons at all times. That places those weapons in public. Israel’s safety from POS terrorist’s is at an all time high. Teachers in Israel are armed. That’s why school shootings there are at an all time low. You have no clue of what you speak.

      • I’m sorry, Marty, but you’re wrong. Gun laws in Israel for civilians is draconian. There are many resources you can look it up and verify it.

        • Maybe my mistake. My sister moved there some 40 years ago. She went into the army and was issued an uzi. Both her daughters also had to go into the army, and both were issued weapons, can’t remember what they were. All of them were screaming liberals and hated those weapons. Maybe things have changed over the years. If so, too bad for the Israeli folks. If this is currently the case, please tell me why there are almost no school shootings in Israel.

        • Because Isreal knows where the terrorist leaders’ kids go to school and they are not above eye-for-an-eye retaliation. Isreal however, as a nation state, can splash their dead children all over the TV while making the children of their enemies simply disappear. Thats the underlying truth behind the security theater.

          Also… isreal has a rather close knit society, with a strong intrusive security apparatus that is constantly on alert for suspicious behavior. The nut job kids are probably identified early on and delt with.

  10. I do not like the reducing the number of entry points into schools idea. Seems like it would possibly lead to trapping students in the event of a fire or shooting. But more obviously is it is not hard to hop the 6-8 foot fences at schools. Seems like if the shooter is determined enough to carry out an attack, hopping a fence won’t deter him.

    • Ummmm…. One way doors?? Just like at every secured military building… The only difference between a one way door, and a 2 way door is the handle on the outside of the door….

  11. @ Culture, not guns

    Don’t forget the massive increase in psychotropic pharmaceuticals being forced on our children.

  12. Seriously… enough of david “attention” hogg. Little bastard needs a good ass whoopin.
    I will now only shop at publix just to piss him off and make him cry some more.
    As for delta airlines, fuck you too.

  13. …I was not aware Delta had donated chartered flights to/from the March.

    United, Delta…guess I’m down to Alaska.

    I really liked Delta. 🙁

    Sent them a rather crude complaint.

    • Yea, Delta was my favorite while I could still fly armed. Since retirement, I simply don;t fly. If I can’t get to my destination by driving, I just don’t go. One of the positives of being retired.

  14. I’m sure Nancy doesn’t realize this but what her defensive comments are saying is that your children are safer if their home schooled. That’s a lose-lose for the democrats.

    • Yea, but it’s a win win for the conservatives. Home schooled our daughter. She learned real American History, real Math and real English. Smartest kid in the area, if I may say so myself.

  15. We have a late-breaking David ‘Hogg’ *and* Publix update for the ‘Daily Digest’ :

    “Parkland shooting survivor calls for ‘die-in’ at Publix on Friday”

    “Student activist and Parkland survivor David Hogg is calling for a “die-in” at Publix Super Markets on Friday after the chain gave political donations to a Republican gubernatorial candidate.”

  16. Note to TTAG: USA Today and CNN are NOT legitimate sources. They define Fake News straight from the Swamp.

  17. It’s not gun control, it’s gun reform…

    It’s not mass murder, it’s population control…

  18. die in?
    imagine if we simulated the 2,000 or so daily abortions in the USA like this…600,000+ per year…EVERY year…
    lives that don’t even make it to the “child” stage…
    oh..I am pro-choice AND pro 2A if anyone is wondering…

  19. So why do gun control advocates scoff at making schools more secure? . .
    A lot more than just gun control advocates oppose making schools secure and many are on this forum.

    • “So why do gun control advocates scoff at making schools more secure?”
      Quite simply, because it might actually work, depriving the Dems of victims.
      The Dems rely on victims. Victims stir emotions. Emotions make for laws the Dems like, like “sensible” gun safety laws.
      If you follow the news cycle, you’ll notice that emotions tend to die down after a time, because those emotions tend to cause people to think (an action some are incapable of, but still…). Once that thinking starts, the logical conclusion is that guns aren’t the problem, but some people are the problem. Then the thinking goes towards, “But how do we solve that problem?”
      And that’s a real problem, because, as a country, we tend to hold the rights of people to be free as paramount, so incarcerating someone for simply being “anti-social” goes against the grain. So we try medicating them (with far too many disastrous results).
      It’s a serious problem, which to the Dems means victims, which is what they want.
      So, actual solutions (like hardening our schools) is just not the answer they want. They must go for people control, because socialism (notice that’s what they really want) requires a population that is tightly controlled.
      You will note that very few countries actually had their populations ask for socialism. It’s always started by the government, because there are too many “victims” who (they say) are crying out for safety and equality.
      And this is what the Dems are promising.

  20. How about we end the military industrial complex, bring our troops home, and station them in these schools. You know, actually protect american citizens instead of building political capital in foreign nations.

    Personally, I’d love to see places like Iceland and Norway have to pay for their own defense for a change. Let’s see how these “Great socialist countries” handle their out of control spending once they also have to pony up money to keep Russia out of their backyard.

      • US troops protecting US citizens is an occupation, how?

        I would also like to see them spread along the borders. I’m all in favor of legal immigration. It’s the type that the dems favor for votes that I oppose.

  21. Geez, that Pelosi is such a dunce. The addle mindedness, the disfluencies, the non sequiturs. It’s painful to listen to her attempt to hold a serious conversation on an important topic.

  22. Did no one notice how it’s now in vogue to attack schools after pulling a fire alarm? No? Maybe we should take that into account when throwing out “WHAT DO WE DO!?” type suggestions?

    Just a thought.

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