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“As always, though, there is a simpler and more powerful explanation of why there has been no similar school shooting in Germany since 2009; or in Canada since 2016; none in the United Kingdom since 1996—while conversely, more young Americans have died in school shootings in 2018 than in all the nation’s combat operations all over the world. The answer is almost insultingly simple and has the virtue only of being true: It’s the guns.” – David Frum in It’s the Guns [via]

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    • The most insulting thing here is Frum’s arrogance and totalitarian leanings. As always, it’s the person using the firearm. Whether that be mental illness, evil, narcissism, et al. In Texas, the problem was an unstable young man with little or no impulse control who thought he was entitled to the girl of his choice regardless of her desires.

    • Yep. America has been saturated with guns since the very beginning.

      Yet only now, in the last 30 years, have school shootings and random public mass shootings become a concern. This kind of crap didn’t happen prior to the 1980s, and guns were even more ubiquitous then than they are now — heck, kids routinely brought rifles and shotguns to school, and NOBODY got shot.

      So what changed?

      It’s obviously not guns. Something else is going horribly wrong in our culture. I can think of a few likely things…and the common element in all of them are the machinations of progressive leftists.

      • A lot of it is the media attention these nuts know they’ll get. When CNN talks about some nutcase for a week non stop, they are inspiring the next nut to get their fame and be remembered. I’ve said this since sandy hook. Lanza had newspaper articles of Brevik the nut mass shooter from Norway. Lanza wanted to break Brevik’s record number of kills. There is a quest for attention and out doing others to these nuts.

        Colion Noir puts it well here.

        “Y’all Keep posting the shooters face like he’s a rockstar and then keep asking why this keeps happening in a country obsessed with celebrity culture with a generation of kids with an inability to cope w/ anything. #Fools”

  1. I love the part of the article that only 30 percent of the US own guns…. wanna bet? If I get a survey question about guns I don’t own any… but if there is a bump in the night I’m sure I can find one quick.

    I wonder if the total number of concealed carry permits + hunting permits that don’t overlap + law enforcement + gun licenses where needed = more than 30%?

    • That 30 percent is accurate and may be overstated because there may be old guns that have been destroyed or are not functioning. Gun stores and places to buy ammo are good indicators of gun ownership. Clearly, Coastal California has a very low percentage of gun owners and you have to drive a long way to buy ammo. Reno Nv or Las Vegas have a high percentage of gun owners where you see many stores carry ammo but Nevada has far less citizens than coastal California. You probably live in an area with a lot of guns.

      • Coastal Calif has plenty of guns. Many families are divided on guns, but one or two members can get at their own gun. Mothers imagine the worst and “forbid” guns, but the father or grandfather has one that is put away, “just in case”.
        As for older weapons being worn out, I would also like to bring your attention to all the firearms bought new that have really never been out of the box, or have been to the range a couple of times, maybe even decades ago and are sitting in a file cabinet or a top shelf.
        Many people own guns that do not particularly like to play with them, but they are NOT going to part with them.
        How many parents out there are disgusted with how their children act? How many have been too busy in their work to raise them properly? How many do not have the time to go shooting, or are able to take the kids shooting? How many drink or drug and do not trust themselves to teach their children? How many kids are so disgusted with their parents “searching for their inner child”, that they would go out the shoot with them? There are many reasons why kids may not get proper instruction in Firearms 101.
        I asked at our PD and a few others if they had a gun training course available and all said “NO!”. What are parents to do, when it may be too late or when they feel unsure they can teach their own children about them?

        • In my town in northern California, there are four guns stores plus WalMart, Sportsman’s’ Warehouse and Dicks that all sell ammo.And that is just in town.

        • California has a lot of guns, but it has A LOT of people, NY (especially the city) too, and the percentages of gun owners are very, very low in those population centers. Sure, rural California and New York are different, but that’s not where the people live. 30% is still 105,000,000 people, that’s quite a few, more than all the civilian gun owners in Europe, and most of Asia combined.

          That 30% by and large votes as a block, yes there are democrats that are pro 2A. Most of the rest, don’t really think about guns at all, until something like this happens. Just like most American’s have no idea of what an amendment is, how one passes, why the 23rd or 24th exist, etc.

          Are gun homicides by teens higher in America than Canada, yeah, does easy access explain that, probably some, but if you want to save some kids, force them not to text and drive, or not drive at all until they’re 18, you’d end up saving way more lives.

          America, as a country, has much more political duality than Canada or Europe; yes we have very large population centers that generally track with places like Toronto, but even with that, our rural share, that votes, is dissimilar than any place else, at least as comparable economically. Canada has vast tracts of rural land but almost no medium sized cities that are not alpha city adjacent, Australia as well, and those are places in America where gun ownership is high (thats also true in Canada and Australia but still vast tracts of land with Moose and Kangaroo don’t vote), AND the population is relatively high, America is different. Land doesn’t vote, people do, that’s why if you look at a red/blue map of the US there are huge tracks of red, and small dots of blue, but that’s not a way to visualize voting blocs. We’re a fundamentally 40/40 red/blue country, with that middle 20 wiggling about on the winds of the current trends, and I don’t think 2A issues are going to effect that much, regardless, that binary has already been cast. Plus our birth rate is below replacement, and the demographics of said birth rate, and immigration, look like those blocks that would rate the 2A as of primary importance will be shrinking over time.

          Canada is probably as close to an analogue to America as you’re going to get, but you know what, its still not America, with all of our history, freedom, warts and all, its still one of the best places to live in the world, hence immigration. If Sweden or Norway were really the best place to be, migration would flow there not here, but America has more opportunity; more upside, with only marginally worse downsides, so comparisons are interesting, I guess, but not really information rich.

          Jeez that was a bit of a rant, so David Frum is saying something that may be factually accurate as far as it goes, but doesn’t go that far, so meh, don’t care.

      • “That 30% is accurate.”
        Where did you come up with this expertise? This ironclad certainty. . .? Did you conduct an accurate poll of your own? What was the methodology? Did you go door-to-door, conduct verification comparisons between your findings and government statistics? Did you poll people of varying demographics, varying locales, varying political views, varying ethnic backgrounds? How large was your sample? How did you affirm that the answers you received were truthful? Torture? Polygraph? Pinkie Swears?
        Or, PERish the thought, you are simply parroting something that you have heard?
        Polly wanna cracker?

        • Or “Policy wanna cracker.”

          The “facts” are whatever supports the conclusion they want.

        • 100% of the people in my house have guns.
          Only 12.5%, or 1 in 6 (me), techincally own those guns.
          If asked, 0% of the people in my house have guns.
          I technically live in the costal area of northern California and there are a lot people like me.
          Anybody can take those numbers and make up whatever statistics they want.

      • So, how many citizens is it OK to criminalize so you can feel better?

        I’m guessing 31% would be too many, but 30% … not enough to worry about. Screw em.

      • Given the 100 million guns estimated to have been sold in the past 10 years, the 12 million new concealed carry permits issued (16 million total in us now), good number of which may have been first time gun buyers, and the growth of women and minority’s purchasing guns I think the 30% ownership rate is at least outdated if not a complete lie.

        I also suspect it’s a useless stat. Households with guns is a better stat. How many household out there have one purchaser who has multiple guns. But there are multiple people, teens, young adults, and adults who can access those guns and know how to use them.

        If an accurate study could be done, I would not be surprised to find that a majority of America’s owed guns. The highest percentage being the Red states. But it might be suprising how many are in blue states too because we have seen over and over that liberals thing the rules apply to every one else. So I would not be shock to find a pistol or rifle that is now legal in a liberals house for any number of reasons.

        There is of course no way to do an accurate study.

        • That 16 million is just permits issued. That doesn’t even account for the 100’s of thousands or maybe millions in 14 states that don’t require permits for carry at all. That number is probably closer to 20-25 million total, if I was betting on it.

          30% of ownership is still ~100million? That’s quite an armed force.

      • 95% of CA is rural, and most of that is undeveloped (forests, deserts, mountains). The majority of people in these regions are pro-gun, including a good share of liberals and independents. Even Feinstein finally admitted that there is a difference between the needs of metropolitan and rural… but she still wants to take away all our semi-auto “assault weapons”.

    • I used to live in Monterey county…LOTS of guns 75% of my neighborhood was armed…now go back to your fantasy world

      • Monterrey County, Ventura and even SLO used to be farm places to pig hunt, but both have been invaded by the rich liberal wine lovers and the places I remember looking to hunt 20 years ago are now closed off.
        I can tell you San Francisco, Santa Cruz, Santa Monica, OC, even North County have very few gun ranges and places to buy ammo. It has changed a lot since you probably remember it.

  2. Just the other day I was fortunate to escape a gang of guns running loose down the street.

      • There’s way too much bigotry aimed at those black-gun gangs. Those “evil” black guns are just misunderstood, and probably had a really harsh upbringing.

        We gotta put blame where it’s due, with their guardians for not setting them straight at an early age.

  3. People blame the guns. No it’s not the guns , it’s the underdeveloped brains of childish boys. Or it’s a mental illness problem. Many people are just slow learners. Its a proven fact women mature faster than men. Its also a proven fact that guns do not 🔫 shoot themselves people shoot them. Does no one other than, POTG get this FACT ??

    • It’s a complete myth that females mature faster than males. Otherwise there would be more women in STEM and management and less Leftists and Feminists.

      • Females do mature faster than males in terms of body development and hormone stabilization. Maturity has nothing to do with STEM choices or any career choices. But in our society today, all children’s development is arrested by the moronic public “education” system and, in more than 25%, the anti-depressants and the [supposedly] anti-ADHD drugs.

    • What has changed? Fifty years of progressive education where everyone gets a trophy. Women should hate that… because these young studly snowflakes appear to view the girl as a trophy he is entitled to possess by divine right whether he deserved a trophy or not.

      So his next step is to impress her to win her back. What impresses girls in his mind? Fame. Lame stream media and the anti-gun crowd has made previous nutjobs famous, and drug it out for as long as it keeps their ratings up. And so-called victims are propped up in the public view as heroes to be paid attention to even though they lack enough life experience to make truly informed judgements.

  4. Well, we have to admit that, as is usually true, David Frum provides the correct answer, though to the wrong question.

    He thinks he’s answering the question, “why so many school shootings in US and not in Germany, UK, and Canada?”, when the question he actually answers is “why is the US not like Germany, UK, and Canada?”

    It is “the guns”, or more generally, a somewhat archaic – yet still relevant – document that simply states that governments’ charter is to to protect individual rights that predate the existence of the government itself. Simple things like freedom of speech, which is not in fact the law in Germany, UK, or Canada, as well as “the guns”, of course.

    Good landing there, Mr. Frum, though at the wrong airport.

    • When you listen to them talk about “gun control”, you realize why these same people are so excited about self-driving cars. (It’s about them controlling it, not you.)

  5. The most dangerous cartridge is the 7.62×39. It was raised by the state and without a father. The questionable father, 7.92×33 (though a DNA test has not been taken), was off gallivanting around Germany, involved with the 7.62 primarily in unpleasant confrontations. The 7.62 Soviet’s strangely tapered shape brought it ridicule, with its magazine being called a “banana”, which certainly didn’t help the self esteem issues inherent to the design. It went on to arguably kill more people, and guns, than any other cartridge. It is the prime example of why guns need to be controlled by humans, not self cognizant.

  6. The argument over the last few years is that if we pass “common sense” gun laws such as banning bump stocks, AR-15’s and 30 round magazines that the violence would be reduced. The weapons used in the Santa Fe attack, a shotgun and 38 caliber revolver are 19th century technology.

    In 1966, Charles Whitman, the Texas Tower Sniper, killed 16 and wounded 31, most of which were shot with a bolt action rifle.

    So unless we as a nation are prepared to repeal the 2nd Amendment, authorize the confiscation of firearms and have law enforcement start searching homes, there are no pending “common sense” proposals that will reduce the violence.

    What is needed is research as to why middle class white teenage males have a need to murder their fellow students with a focus on their computer and video game usage. If you have boys spending hours every day playing video games where the goal is to kill as many imaginary people as possible might this be the cause of the problem?

    • Well they can search your home, but not MY home! Only the inaccurate, jackbooted racists who work for the Drumpf Regime should have weapons!

    • Violent video games must abound in places like Rwanda, Sudan, Yemen (which explains all the war and genocide they have experienced in the last few years), and Honduras (which consistently has one of the highest murder rates in the world, far higher than the US). The whole violent video games explaination lost its limited credibility in the 90’s when crime in the US continuously dropped as video games increased in sales and usage several hundred fold. Next, you’ll be telling us internet pornography is responsible for the Islamic rape epidemic that’s sweeping Europe.

    • yes its the video games that are causing it >_> I’ve been ripping people in half and fragging people in shooters for as long as I can remember and haven’t shot up anything nor have any of the people I grew up with blaming video games is just as stupid as blaming guns for a shooting whats next we blame violent movies and music?

      • Let me expand on the question I posed as to whether or not video game playing could be a cause of violent behavior in teenage males.

        I was a step parent to two boys (this is now past tense which you’ll see why in a moment). When they were younger I insisted that we go to family counseling to discuss behavior issues. The sessions included their mother, father and myself. One of the recommendations by the psychologist to change their behavior was to limit their access to electronic media to no more than one hour per day and to get them involved in other activities.

        This advice was not followed by either parent. By the time the oldest son became a teenager he had never participated in a school sport or a school activity earn though he had above average intelligence, was not overweight and did not have any physical limitations.

        His only activity was video game playing. On the weekends it would start at about 6:30 am and go on to about midnight. He would sit in front of a large screen TV with a headset playing video games with a group of friends all connected over the Internet. Most times when I passed by the TV he would be holding a video game rifle and the screen had the image of a reticle shooting away.

        So the issue I observed is not just the software of the video game maker. How many of these teenage shooters exhibit similar behavior involving excessive video game playing, no physical activities or sports, no school activities such as music and virtually no regular face to face social interaction?

        • Your stepson, seemingly coming from a broken home with confusing or poorly defined leadership and unenforced parenting guidelines, played video games which led to ??? Yup, sounds like video games are evil.

          “Whenever I walk past the sporting good section of Walmart all I hear is those white racists talking about ‘Obama this’ and ‘Overthrow the government’ that… we should ban all guns.”

          Are there video game addicts who lose themselves in video games? Absolutely. Are there food addicts who lose themselves by eating their emotions? Absolutely. Are there alcoholics who drink themselves under a highway overpass at night? Absolutely. None of these ‘consumables’ are inherently wrong, all of them can be harmful when consumed in excess. Only a simpleton would try to argue that “mass shootings have been happening more often since the 1990’s, home video games became popular in the late 80’s… coincidence? I think not!”

          You give me 100 random psychologists and I can probably get 100 different courses of actions to resolve complex mental issues. Just because the quack your stepchildren went to blames video games doesn’t mean he’s not being paid to make guesses all day long to collect a paycheck. But hey, I’m sure video games are the reason your kids turned out screwy… You and the parents certainly don’t bear any of the blame in matters unrelated to blocking video game access…

    • No fathers
      Behavioral pharmaceuticals
      Psychological feminist emasculation
      No institutionalization
      Media attention/fame

      All these issues created by progressive culture are not to be addressed. Too difficult anyway to solve/unwind.

      So they go for the guns.

      • None of those things are seen as problems by the left. Guns are. They don’t actually care about school shootings, they just want to disarm us. It’s very simple.

    • There are planty of common sense proposals that will reduce violence using guns, and violence by other means, too.

      None of these are restrictions on people having guns. None of these are what the “common sense” people are calling for.

      It’s like “common sense” advovates’ goal is disarming the people who follow the law, n “safety” is just a convenient excuse. It’s common sense.

  7. It is strange that the same people, who believe “Science” proves there is no Deity and that any religious belief in any sort of Deity is primitive, false and foolish, also believe that inanimate objects possess mystical powers to animate themselves and do harm or take possession of Humans and act out their violent intentions through hapless Human Hosts.
    Obviously, therefore, an evil computer keyboard took possession of David Frum and made him write this stupid, spurious nonsense.

  8. “.. It’s the guns.” – David Frum”

    So it’s the short skirts and low-cut dresses that cause the rape?

    So it’s the huge piles of money in the safe that cause bank robberies?

    So it’s the booze in the bottle that causes alcoholism?

    So it’s the aircraft that caused September 11th?

    No, Mr Frum. You are wrong. Utterly and completely wrong.

    • Oh, MAN! I hate when this happens! I was just getting set to agree with you when my shoes pulled my feet out from under the computer desk and the coffee pot pulled the cup (with me attached by the ring on my finger) back to the kitchen for a refill.
      When I was allowed to return to the computer (the toilet also made me come to it), I found this typed and sent.
      I thought briefly about getting my Remington 870 and blasting the computer, but then the phone rang, and I forgot about it.

  9. ” More young people have died because of guns in 2018 , than in all U.S. combat operations all over the world ” What leftarted Asswipe came up with those statistics ? Really !!

  10. Ho about let’s start by enforcing current laws…with strict/harsh penalties.
    No more probation for straw purchases/sales.
    Prosecute those lying on background checks.
    Harsh penalties for using a gun during a crime- 10/20/life
    Round up guns for gangs/criminals. Shot-spotter…K9 search teams…etc etc etc

  11. It’s the culture among young people, who are taught by a social media obsessed society, that any fame is good fame, and that you should blame all your problems on other people. It’s a culture of narcissism which does not respect others. That is the root of the problem.

    Do we really want a society in which people want to commit mass murder, but can’t only because they lack guns? That is the real suggestion behind the “It’s the guns” mentality. Would it not be better to have a society in which no one wants to kill innocents?

    • This. Yes No is correct.
      These kids have grown up with social media being the most important thing in their lives
      Not all, but to many of them, their self worth comes from how many people follow or friend them
      When you have no real relationships and isolate yourself from your family, you lose your ability to empathize, or have any feelings for anyone other than yourself.
      They are willing to do anything for their 15 minutes, even die themselves, if they know that everyone will be talking about them
      Parents need to watch that their kids have a life, a real life, outside of social media.

      How safe are you if the only reason someone hasn’t killed you is because he hasn’t found a weapon yet.

  12. I agree, the problem is with Gus. He’s always shrugging off responsibility onto something else that doesn’t even apply.

    Gus is a dick. C’mon guys, don’t be Dicks.

  13. David Frum is a leftist who works for the Atlantic, the magazine who couldn’t stand to even keep the one conservative they hired in the past several years, so they fired him before he even started work. Nothing in that rag has even the value of fish wrap. They make the NY Times look fair and balanced!

  14. If clowns like Frum get their wish we’ll be disarmed and still surrounded by the antisocial jerks people like him created.

  15. No the problem as it has historically been,Leftist’s.
    Guns just as books and any other inanimate objects are just that,Inanimate.

  16. No people shot in the recent Toronto van attack, thanks to Canada’s sensible gun laws.

  17. I looked him up, seems he has both a Washington D.C. address and a Wellington Ontario address. Wikipedia says he is Canadian by birth. That says it all to me. I know some who come to this country understand things but my feeling is most do not fully comprehend the implications of citizenship in a country born by revolution. And when they spout off on the subject they reveal how little their understanding is.

  18. Funny how be doesn’t mention the Swiss…

    Or how red-state US has most of the (legal) guns n least of the (illegal) gun violence.

    Or the remarkable lack of violence from the many guns invited to the recent royal wedding.

  19. This is always such a dumb take. One, the mere presence of a thing during an event does not mean the thing caused the event. Do footballs cause the NFL? Do running shoes create track meets? Two, what fraction of the total population of a thing has to be used in a type of event before the total population of that thing is responsible? I ask because less (much less) than 1/10th of one percent of the guns in this country are used in violent crimes in a given year. If, even 1% of guns and gun owners were involved in violent crime, we would see two orders of magnitude more violent crime. That would mean we would be experiencing *millions* of deaths due to gunshots each year.

    Morons like Frum who spout this talking point always say that if we had fewer guns we’d have less crime but they never say how they ‘know’ this and they never quantify it. Wonder why that is. I’d be willing to bet that the overwhelming majority of criminals who commit a crime with a gun are also wearing shoes at that time. Perhaps we ought to get rid of shoes – same logic.

    Is there some saturation point below which guns aren’t used in crime anymore? If we had 0.9 guns per person on average instead of 1 per person would we be below this imaginary threshold? 0.7? 0.5? By how much would we have to reduce the number of guns to see a measurable reduction in crime? Surely, if the guns themselves are the cause, that number could be established. Perhaps it is not the guns and Frum is talking out his a$$ because he has no actual data to support his supposition.

  20. No Mr Frum it’s the growing sickness in our society and the copycat effect. Check the Wikipedia list of school shootings in the US and look at the body counts and causes. The condensed version here conveniently cites the 1927 Bath Michigan school bombing, which remains the bloodiest US school attack. Equally interesting is that the two bloodiest school shootings of the 70s were Kent State and Jackson state where the government did the killing. Spree killing is a modern phenomenon driven by desire for fame and a lack of outlet for frustration. Consider Elliot Rodger who shot up a town because he couldn’t get laid.

  21. And just remember it is Republicans who actually have lowered what little mental health care money the Feds give out with their new Tax Rape Law and it is Republicans that have refused to fund enough Federal Money to hire enough armed guards at all schools.

    Yes the Republicans are now even jumping ship and passing more gun ban laws like In Vermont than the Democrats had ever hoped they could pass and they are worried the Republicans are about to upstage them in passing anti-gun bills.

    Yes the new Republican diet is lots of Cheese because its a back stabbing Rats favorite food.

    And remember that you heard it here first and that is the Democrats actually love what the Republicans are doing because failure to act means to stop school shootings “all guns” will eventually have to be confiscated and the Republican behavior almost guarantees it will happen.

  22. 5 months later people are still trying to recover from the mass shooting in Los Angeles and they watch in horror as more and more dead bodies pile up in new mass shootings almost on a weekly basis. To them and others and the rest of the civilized world American society has gone completely mad.

    • I know you have a sub standard education. But Los Angeles and Las Vegas are 2 different places.

      Fucking moron.

    • Wait a second, Crisco… I thought you always tell us there are mass shootings in this country on a daily basis? What, now it’s a weekly basis?

      Have the number of incidents gone down by a factor of seven, or is it simply too difficult to keep all of your lies straight?


  23. Democrats secretly love all the mass shootings because we have bred an new generation of children that are all terrified of guns and now have a blind hatred for all types of weapons.

    And you can actually thank the Republicans for not putting a stop to this. It is the Republican’s new Tax Rap Law that is cutting what little funds there was for Mental Health Care so they can stuff their pockets with cash and laugh all the way to the bank and it was the Republicans who control both houses of Congress that have refused to fund enough Federal money for guards to protect all schools. The perfect prescription for calls to ban all gun ownership in the U.S. No the Republicans are not the friends of gun owners as they are in it for the cold cash only.

  24. Japan has one of the lowest gun homicide rates in the world and yes the Japanese people do indeed own rifles and shotguns but do you see people shooting up schools, churches, abortion clinics etc on a weekly basis in their country. The answer is no of course not because their gun laws work and work very well.

    Japan has a very strict vetting and training procedure to grant a license to buy and keep a gun. It involves interviews with neighbors as to your good character and sanity as well as a mandatory interview with the police and with a psychiatrist. The rules mandate extensive gun training and safe storage to prevent accidental child shootings and deaths (in the U.S. its 1,300 kids a year shot dead). Mandatory storage also reduces theft as well.

    Yes there are solutions to the absolute insanity and horror that all Americans especially children are living in right now but with a thoroughly corrupt government that has a fake sham democracy where it denies the election of the President by direct vote candidates that lost an election can continue to deny the rightful winner of an election the Presidency even when there were as many as 3 million people who voted for the candidate that actually won the election. Its happened twice now in just a few decades and our system is so corrupt no one can change it. Thank the founding greed monger swamp rat fathers who established a thoroughly corrupt country for the rich and by the rich and with a totally fake democracy.

    The U.S. has now become so corrupt that other countries now have more personal freedom and more freedom of the press than we do.

    They have a much higher standard of living with with much higher child mortality and much higher survival rates when women give birth. Our ratings are falling into the ratings of 3rd world countries some of which actually have higher mortality rates that we do especially child mortality.

    Longevity rates are higher in other countries and in the U.S. the longevity rate has actually been going down.

    Small wonder when 25 per cent of the population either has no health care or inadequate health care because the health care industry and corrupt drug companies have a license to bankrupt every one which is also “a license to kill” . Either pay up sucker or we throw your dead carcass to the dogs that live in the alley.

    Welcome to the most corrupt industrialized country in the world Capitalvania and don’t forget to wear a bullet proof vest to church on Sunday or guys like Right Wing Nut Case Dillon Roof will get you and home school your kids if you don’t want to have to bury them tomorrow morning.

    And remember the more ignorant you are and the lower you are on the evolutionary scale the more likely you will chant “God Bless America” we love getting fked every day here in the Land of Capitalvania.

    • A – Guns per capita:
      U.S.: 1
      Japan: 0.006

      B – Gun related deaths per capita (including suicide):
      U.S.: 0.00012
      Japan: 0.0000006

      C – Gun deaths per *gun* = B/A
      U.S.: 0.00012
      Japan: 0.0001

      Hmm, seems like the number of guns has no real effect on the *rate* of gun deaths when comparing the U.S. and Japan and that is even if I include suicide which is 2/3 of the gun related deaths in the U.S.

      • Now compare the mass murder in the U.S. Again no comparison.

        It was reported today that we have lost more people to mass murder in the last few years than we have lost in our Nazi wars of rape, pillage an conquest.

        • First. You hit on the cause of all our problems a couple of days ago. You declared the US to be a socialist nation. Bingo. Socialism leads to insanity and evil.

          Also, you’re on record as saying it’s ok for country a to invade country b so long as country b’s leaders are abusing its people. Your example being north viet nam invading cambodia to drive out pol pot.

          Nobody can argue that saddam wasn’t abusing his people. Getting rid of saddam was, what was the term you used for your communist freedom fighting buddies, “a noble cause”.

          By your own standards our wars of late have been noble causes.

          And you seem to use the word ‘rape’ a lot in your comments. Is this your fantasy or are you actively engaged as a sexual predator?

        • Well, given that “mass murders” are already imbedded in the above data, it appears that the number of guns is still not a determining factor.

        • And there you have all truth, directly from the keyboard of the Cisco Kid Someone who doesn’t know the difference between a stoppage and a jam, or even that Las Vegas is a different place than Los Angeles.

    • Ahhh Japan. The peaceful little country that did the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor. What an interesting comparison Ms. Megan “the kid”. Unfortunately Megan you don’t know much about the social structure of the people there. A culture where suicide is honorable. A culture where women are literally treated as second class citizens. A culture where the concept of shame is so prevalent that entire families are ostracized because one child is born with a deformity. Oh yes Japan. A country with some of the strictest gun laws in the world but also a country with one of the highest suicides rates in the world. Independent thinking is not something Japanese are known for. Just ask the royal family.
      Next time Megan “the kid” do your homework. Otherwise people will think you’re stupid or crazy or a drug addict. Don’t disappoint them.

      • Lol right?

        Japan is a strictly stratified, misogynist, monocultural police state.

        And even they can’t keep 0.01% of their few privately owned guns from being used in crime.

  25. Perhaps, that’s because people in the war zones are armed and can protect themselves, while people in the slaughter houses, eh, I meant, schools, are disarmed and can’t protect themselves?

  26. As it’s always been, the problem is shithead tyrants. All gun grabbers are communists and they should be eradicated with as much fervor as we do when we find it anywhere else.

    Kill a commie for mommy.

    • During the Spanish Civil War Fransisco Franco had an easier path to victory, the enemy helped killing each other off reducing the numbers his forces faced in the final battles, it’s the best we can hope for. Spain’s Commies guided by their Russian mentors allied with the Socialists and Anarchists, first the Commies and Socialists stood their Anarchist pals up against a wall then once they, the “A’s”, were eliminated the Communists targeted the Socialists for extermination. Good times, good times, the Nationalists emerged as the victors.

  27. Yeah, and drunk drivers, who kill more each year than guns, could be eliminated if we take away all alcohol . And alcohol is more vulnerable since its availability is not a constitutional right…. oh wait, they tried that already….

  28. Unfortunately they may have to let the shooter go. After all, he was following the advice of “uncle Joe” Biden. He went with the shotgun instead of an AR because they are much easier to handle, the shotgun. On a more serious note, I think the parents should be charged, not just this case but any case where signs were very obvious. “Oh I thought my son wore a black trench coat in 90 degree Texas weather to make a fashion statement.” Nazi and hammer and sickle pins are a sign for concern? Fooled me!

  29. “more young Americans have died in school shootings in 2018 than in all the nation’s combat operations”

    Makes sense when you think about it—soldiers are protected by lots of guns; students are “protected” by “no guns” signs on the doors to their schools.

  30. Where in the HELL do these people come from. And just think, they vote. Damn, that is the real problem. Dumbass’s registered to vote & allowed to speak, lol.

  31. There has always been conflict between the “haves” and the “have nots.” For some reason now, the have nots are striking back with any weapon they have. The Texas nut used his dad’s guns to get revenge because a girl rejected his repeated advances. The nut bag in Canada who ran a bunch of people down was an “incel”…involuntary celibate. He was pissed at good looking women who rejected him and the handsome men they favored. Maybe it’s social media that has driven these angry young men….they are constantly barraged by images of those enjoying the riches and pleasures that they think they are entitled to.

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