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Jim Carrey’s New Blood-Dripping Portrait Takes Aim At ‘National Disgrace’ NRA

We’re so old, we remember when he used to be funny . . .

“Someday they’ll say we turned a blind eye to the suffering and slaughter of our own children and gave ourselves over to scoundrels and sadists,” Carrey captioned the artwork. Carrey also described the NRA as a “national disgrace” and said that “the venom of greed is killing America.”

The NRA named North, a retired lieutenant colonel infamous for the part he played in the Iran-Contra scandal of the 1980s, as its new president last week. He has since claimed the gun group is a victim of “civil terrorism.”


How Phil Murphy’s newest adviser may help make New Jersey a model of gun lobby resistance

A new, more aggressive post-Christie approach under New Jersey’s new gun control czar . . .

(Bill) Castner also laid out three other areas where he intends to train his focus: strengthening state regulation and policy; coordinating with other states to collect and analyze data, as well as improve their laws; and legal action.

“There needs to be an alternative that takes this outside of Congress and the Statehouse in order to bring meaningful change,” Castner said.

Although New Jersey will become a testing ground, efforts in other states provide clues where Castner may head in the months and years to come. Giffords has a large number of well-known law firms that work with it, pro bono, on firearms-related litigation. And Castner said during his introductory news conference that he intends to bring the “full force of the state of New Jersey against unscrupulous manufacturers, distributors and retailers.”

‘Gun share’ art exhibit with mock AR-15s pulled from Daley Plaza earlier than planned

An art installation at Daley Plaza backed by an organization pushing for tighter gun control was hauled away earlier than expected because of a city permit issue, according to the organizers.

“Chicago Gun Share Program” — a sculpture featuring a line of mock AR-15 riles that resembled a Divvy bike-share docking station — was removed from Daley Plaza about 9 p.m. Monday after representatives from the Brady Campaign and Center to Prevent Gun Violence and the advertising agency working on the project, Escape Pod, realized the permit they had pulled for the exhibit expired Monday, said Max Samis, spokesman for the Brady Center. Backers weren’t sure where the sculpture might end up next.

“I think it was just wires getting crossed,” he said.

CNN’s Chris Cillizza Tweets GIF With Crosshairs On President Trump

On Tuesday, CNN’s Chris Cillizza tweeted a GIF that appeared to have crosshairs from a rifle scope set on President Donald Trump and then deleted it, claiming that it was “unintended.”

Cillizza’s tweet stated: “Donald Trump, pointing to heavens to commemorate police officers killed in the line of duty.”

In a subsequent tweet, Cillizza wrote: “I’ve deleted a GIF about President Trump. We use @GifGrabber to make our GIFs and it defaults to the image below as a first frame. To clear up any unintended confusion, I’ve removed the tweet.”


Next On Ohio’s Legislative Agenda: ‘Stand Your Ground’ And Gun Control

Naturally, Gov. Kasich’s threatened to veto the stand-your-ground and preemption bill . . .

The House and Senate are working on moving bills through their chambers through the next two weeks before going on summer break. This is a critical time for bills lawmakers want to pass, assuming that they’re next chance won’t be till after the November election.

The so-called “Stand Your Ground” bill, HB 228, which makes it easier to use lethal force in self-defense, is seeing some new momentum in the House after the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida forced the legislation to go on hiatus for two months. HB 228 would also stop local governments from passing their own gun control laws, something both Columbus and Cincinnati have already done.

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  1. “Nick Cannon says there would have been no slavery if it wasn’t for guns.”

    Tell that to Moses and all the other slaves in Africa in the centuries before the invention of firearms.

    Contrary to popular belief, the United States didn’t invent slavery, nor did they enslave any free peoples. They simply imported existing slaves from a continent where slavery had been popular since the beginning of history.

    • Everyone isn’t a slave unless there is someone forcing them to be. The Europeans made sure to maintain slavery instead of set them free when they took “possession” of those human beings. They also made sure to turn those slaves’ children into a slave as well; those kids were never in Africa.

      • In fairness, why on earth would you spend 3 months sailing across the Atlantic with a ship full of rum to exchange for slaves if you turned around and freed the slave on their purchase? I mean, someday maybe UNICEF will get into the rum for slaves trade, but for the time being the slavers were what you got. And had they freed those slaves, where were they to go. They couldn’t just turn them loose back at port since they would have simply been re-enslaved and probably sold off to the next ship, and that would have been a horrendous waste of rum.

      • People of every color practiced slavery. Europeans lead the global abolition of slavery. Americans fought a war over it. Britain paid to free all their slaves after outlawing the practice. At peak slavery in the US, only 1.5% of the white population owned slaves. That means 98.5% of white folks and their decendents are undeserving of the collective guilt society expects them to bear for slavery.

        Marxists failed at instagating class warfare, so they switched to encouraging racial division.

        • Ever consider that “Slavery” was started by a liberal concept of “Free Labor” at the point of a spear?

          Ever if the “Anti-Gun” faction succeeds, then, the issue of the mentally ill will remain with sticks – stones- bricks and fire bombs! Maybe, do the London Mayor’s declaration “BANNING House Knives! Followed by “The Big Bully Ban(s)!

    • The USofA does have the unique distinction of being the only nation to ever fight a bloody civil war to end the practice of slavery. Hundreds of thousands of white American men gave their lives to end slavery, yet some descendants of slaves (and likely slave owners as well) still think that the whites who are largely descended from those men sacrificed to end slavery somehow owe them something for their ancestors’ suffering. Meanwhile those descendants of slaves have a standard of living many times greater than the descendants of African non-slaves who are now stuck in Africa and wishing their ancestors had been enslaved.

      • To be honest, practically all of those white men weren’t fight to free blacks, they were fighting to remove slavery, and blacks, from the country.

        • The institution of slavery was profoundly unpopular in the north, however when the possibility of actually freeing the slaves came to be, there was more than a bit of trepidation over the notion that those newly freed slaves would head north to take away jobs from the northern whites*. This only proves what the abolitionist founding fathers realized, undoing the institution wasn’t an easy task and certainly couldn’t be done simultaneous to the revolution from Britain.

          *Of note is the utter lack of slaves in 1860 in northern cities such as Detroit, Chicago, Philadelphia, etc.

        • What those northern whites hated more than anything was the slavocracy and its exaggerated political power stemming from counting slaves for representation purposes (albeit at 3/5) but their owners voting for them. Too many political compromises favored the slavocracy all out of proportion to their actual representation, the more often the slavocracy pushed it, the more it outraged northerners.

          It extended heavily into tariffs, which was the main federal revenue until the 1913 income tax. Northerners wanted high tariffs to keep out the competition, southerners hated it because it made luxury goods and farm equipment more expensive, and southerners got their way more than they deserved by population alone. It rankled more and more. The turning point was the final iteration of the fugitive slave act, 1854 I think, which was so biased in favor of slave owners, even denying free blacks any chance of disputing claims that they were runaway slaves, that it made white juries happy to free true runaway slaves.

    • Most of the slaves were also imported by foreign nation’s slave trades. Another thing they don’t teach in school is who really profited and exploited the African slave trade well beyond what the United States did. Yet, in world history, the United States is pointed at as the sole perpetrator. The modern interpretation of how slavery began begins with a peaceful African tribe sitting down for dinner, when a bunch of confederate flag waving Americans show up with guns and chain them up, and haul them to America. This interpretation is about as far from the truth as you can get. The African slave trade was developed by Africans, enslaving other Africans. The first non African people to exploit this trade was in fact the Muslim Ottoman Empire, who imported tons of slaves into the Middle East. The Atlantic slave trade was then created by Portugal, further exploited by the other European powers. Slavery was far more prevalent and brutal in Brazile and the carribean. The European powers are far more guilty of widespread slavery, but, the thing is, they never really brought slaves to their homelands on any large scale. They kept slavery in their colonies, and these regions are still dealing with the consequences, much like how they randomly redrew the borders of the Middle East. But if kids were taught this, they’d think less of the perfect European utopias that they’re taught to worship.

      • I find it amusing how people think that a country which declared it’s independence from it’s European master in 1776 was responsible for the Atlantic slave trade that was implemented in 1500.

        The Africans themselves deserve the bulk of the blame. They were the ones that warred with each other in order to capture slaves to trade with the white Europeans all to enrich themselves with, for the most part, rum.

        • Also, that modern Brazil/etc aren’t as “culpaple” for their ancestors as Americans are taught to be

    • It would be interesting to note that slavery still exists, if more people knew it.
      Yes, slavery still exists in many countries that follow Islam.
      As well as here in the US. Of course, here we don’t call it slavery, we call it “sweatshops,” if we call it anything. Asians being brought here, and in major cities on the west coast, they live in virtual slavery. The “progressive” press, though, ignores this, unless it serves their agenda (yes, “cheap labor” isn’t the sole property of the Republicans).
      And don’t forget the Hispanics. The news did report the raiding of “birth hotels” in southern California (strangely enough, in one of those major west coast cities), where illegal alien women were housed so they could produce anchor babies. Not in Texas, of course, but in southern California, where liberals are in control.

    • “Nick Cannon says there would have been no slavery if it wasn’t for guns.”

      Uh- that just depends upon exactly WHO has the guns…

    • Not only did the Union not invent slavery. Before the Constitution’s creation slavery was not legal in the new world.
      What was legal was “bond servants” though in truth it was seven year slavery.
      The problem was in one State a “Black” Master was sued by a “Black” bond servant when he refused to release his service after seven years.
      Apparently the Judge accepted as precedent the Statement of the Master that in spite of “White” tradition when a “Black” man bought a “Black” man it was for life.
      That is why the Constitution is worded as it is.. it had to deal with both bond servents and life servants.. neither got full count. But one was only partial for seven years.

  2. Swampcritter Kasich going all bulldyke as some new marketing angle? That’s sure to work in Oh (or national). The RINOs just don’t understand how Trump won.

    Twit is a nutty as Bernie.

    • Kasich isn’t a RINO he’s a Commiecrat,I don’t understand why the republicans even give him the time of day.

  3. Can we deport Carrey back to Canaduh aaay?!? I bet some banger’s tried to steal those fake AR’s😄😎😏

    • Unfortunately, according to Wikipedia, he was granted citizenship in 2004. He does have dual citizenship though, so if he doen’t like our Constitution he is free to go home.

    • i resemble that statement. i told the driver it was art, but he wouldn’t move the bus until i got off.

    • I bet they weren’t as fake as we were led to believe, is what happened. These people don’t know shit about guns or laws, remember?

  4. That snake drawing is properly creepy. Then again, it would be even more creepy if it had David Hogg for a head. 😎

    I’m pretty sure both Chris and CNN are still butthurt over the gif of Trump wrestling the CNN logo to the ground.

  5. My ancestors fought for hundreds of years to not become subjugated, robbed, raped, kidnapped and/or murdered. They lived on the same continent the African slaves did and they didn’t have guns until they got them from Europeans. Those subjugated Africans lived on the property of their oppressors and some even lived under the same roof. In other words, the slaves had easy access to the people who were harming them yet many didn’t take advantage of that situation. The Spanish subjugated some tribes for a long time; eventually those tribes revolted, killed their oppressors and chased them out of the territory.

  6. “Here we have CNN’s Chris Cillizza posting an image of crosshairs around the president of the United States of America.”

    And if a conservative had done that to President Obama…

      • …and is planning to do so again. But first he has to get his anti-gun creds in order.

      • The truth is that no one actually voted for Kasich except for primary-switching Democrats. He signed a few good pro-gun bills (clearing up car carry, bar carry, optional state campus carry, and getting rid of the 31-round magazine limit), but I still hold a grudge against him for canceling the train line that was supposed to go from Cincy to Columbus to Cleveland. We’ve had preemption in Ohio for a long time but the cities keep trying to pass stuff and then get sued over it. I guess we need more preemption since the (D)ickheads won’t stop passing unenforceable, unconstitutional laws.

  7. “Carrey also described the NRA as a “national disgrace” and said that “the venom of greed is killing America.””

    Finally! Someone speaking my language! Those NRA goons have always cared more about money than rights… Oh.

  8. We don’t listen to bad-artist communists from Canada.

    NJ is anus.

    CNN should have its plug pulled, for Cilizza (the evil POS (D) has a history of shooting Republicans, and especially a sitting President).

    Kasich is POS (D). It doesn’t matter what he campaigns as, he governs from the FAR LEFT, and the far left is satan’s playground. F em all.

  9. …”“There needs to be an alternative that takes this outside of Congress and the Statehouse in order to bring meaningful change,” Castner said.”

    In other words “we need a way around those pesky laws that work against us, to make laws that work as we want.”

  10. Yes Mr. Carrey, we have indeed turned a blind eye to the suffering of our children. How can we continue this practice of letting the government educate them?!?
    Slavery would be assured without guns. How can people not see that?!

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