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“Perhaps the most pernicious aspect of the “liberal gun reform doesn’t work” ideology that comes after a shooting in a state like California is the idea that a singular method of preventing gun violence exists. In reality, there is no panacea to prevent gun violence in America: Its prevention requires a massive commitment to various strategies, enacted concurrently, from reforming the sale process, to restricting access to people on the terror watch list, to banning bump stocks, to leading organized social and political action.” – Lincoln Anthony Blades in California’s Gun Laws Are Progress, Not Perfection [via]

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  1. Is there any gun law ever conceived by a liberal that isn’t currently on the books yet in CA?

    • Only repeal, prohibition, confiscation and incarceration. Since they’re not locking up criminals there, they might as well use the extra prison space to lock up citizens.

    • They are not liberals
      A liberal seeks to pop rotect liberty.
      These peopke are statist totalitarians. Some of them are outright commies.

      • They are Liberals, not liberals. Thay stole the word and twisted its meaning into exact opposite. Who controls media, controls language and therefore minds of the population. Freedom is slavery, ignorance is strenght, gun safety is about safety.

    • They could look to Western Australia’s gun laws which were so restrictive the post Port Arthur national gun laws were considered lax in comparison.

      We saw recently how effective they were in stopping mass killings.

  2. I think he could have stopped at the “not a panacea” part and been just fine.

    • Yes, one can’t help but notice that all his various strategies had in common the effect of making it more expensive, difficult, or risky to legally own firearms. So, it appears that he does in fact believe in a single panacea: Civilian disarmament.

  3. At best a society might — MIGHT — manage to reduce the frequency that two-bit thugs use firearms to attack the working class. The real question (if we are only concerned about minimizing violent crime between two-bit thugs and the working class) is whether draconian firearms laws reduce TOTAL violent crime between two-bit thugs and the working class.

    Remember, if society manages to stop two-bit thugs from acquiring and using firearms to attack the working class, society will NEVER manage to stop two-bit thugs from acquiring and using clubs, knives, axes, hammers, rope, and rocks to attack the working class which still contributes to TOTAL violent crime. Furthermore, two-bit thugs may decide to attack MUCH more often when they know that society is unarmed and unable to defend themselves.

    And we have not even discussed the moral implications of how reducing firearm availability to the working class specifically imperils women to rape/assault/murder and the elderly to assault/murder.

    Oh, and how about the fact that a largely unarmed working class is wholly unable to stop a domestic or foreign government invasion? History shows that governments have a propensity to imprison/murder tens of millions of people — something that is much harder to do if the working class is mostly armed.

    • Hey Karl – blow your “classes” out your 4th point of contact. Not apparent if you watch any TV news this week, but we also tossed the “royals” and their “classes” out of the US a couple hundred years ago.

      • I’m confused.. do you NOT believe that there is a clear different between the politicians who create these laws, the rich people who support these laws, and the “working class” people who are the ones who get mugged and home-invaded because they can’t afford the gated community and 24/7 security details protecting them?

        I mean, I’m all for equality, but the reality is that the HMFICs don’t give a thought to my needs, wants, safety, or life, and they’re the ones who justify every infringement on my rights as being for my own good.

        Do you not see that?

    • “At best a society might — MIGHT — manage to reduce the frequency that two-bit thugs use firearms to attack the working class.”

      The way you do that is to make the penalty for armed felony with a gun-in-hand draconian enough that they decide to not pick one up in the first place. Like 5 years mandatory. End catch-and-release.

      To do that you need prison cells. Clear out the low-level non-violent drug offenders and make prison for the thugs and kiddie-porn creeps…

      • “The way you do that is to make the penalty for armed felony with a gun-in-hand draconian enough that they decide to not pick one up in the first place. Like 5 years mandatory. End catch-and-release.”

        Ummm…. I don’t think draconian means what you think it means. 5 years might be draconian for a crime like spitting on the sidewalk or perhaps jay-walking, but for a felony, you might have to up your game a bit, like say, Breaking on the Wheel. Otherwise, you’ll just get the same ole same ole.

      • I rather they make it very easy for citizens to be armed in and out of their house and they not be restricted from exercising their right to protect their property, family, life and liberty. Get rid of the laws against drugs for adults. Toss out all the ridiculous felony laws so only truly immoral actions are punished severely and prisons have room for those people.

        There’s still plea deals and early release. I’m not really into mandatory sentences. Maybe I would be into not allowing early release regardless of behavior.

        I kind of like the concept of the victim shooting dead the armed criminal rather than sending that criminal to the University of Criminal Behavior where they will get a degree in being a “better” criminal.

      • I’ll do you one better, publicly execute the “kiddie-porn creeps”.

        It’ll never happen, but I would advocate for a society that actively expunges vermin like that. I don’t want them to be rehabilitated, I want them destroyed.

        There are a fair number of people in our society that need killing, I think child predators of all stripes are near the top.

        End of short rant.

        • polly pipe and barbed wire sounds a good end for the kiddy fiddlers. insert polly pipe, insert barbed wire through polly pipe then remove barbed wire. maybe also the mercury thermometer up the eye of it

        • I don’t think public executions would be a good idea. It would be so much better to make them Pay-per-View with instant replay and all that.

  4. Perfection was achieved over 200 years ago when someone came up with the line, ‘shall not be infringed’. Unfortunately Californians didn’t like that.

  5. “…prevention requires a massive commitment to various strategies…”

    Y’all must be tired from such effort. Why don’t you take a little break, say, forever.

    • Rick, they won’t be satisfied until they are completely under the sway of .gov.

  6. If at first you don’t succeed, then keep trying the same failed ideas over and over again.

    • Perspective.

      From the Statist’s point of view they are very successful in California. Everything is going to plan.

    • OMG, rite?

      Does anybody anywhere (including people at Teen Vogue) thing that Teen Vogue is, like, a news source or whatever?

  7. Progress is communism.

    The U.S. hunts and kills and stamps out communism as a matter of National Security Policy because it threatens Democracy around the globe and our Democratic Republic specifically, and we’ve already shed enough blood/sweat/tears/ and treasure proving that we’re not changing back. Teach the young fV<kers some history.

    Death to communism and communists.

      • “Constitutional Republic” is meaningless.
        Most countries have constitutions. There are very few I want to live in.
        Venezuela is a “Constitutional Republic.” That right there should be enough reason to never use that term.
        We are, indeed, a Democratic Republic because the representatives that we elect are elected democratically (unless you happen to be running in a primary against Hillary).
        Merely having a constitution only means that what the government does is (theoretically) following the constitution, not that the constitution limits what the government is allowed to do.

        • Hell no. I don’t want to be ruled from California and New York City until the end of time.

        • “Hell no. I don’t want to be ruled from California and New York City until the end of time.”


          The Electoral College keeps the big states from bullying the small states. The same way that two Senators from small states cancels out the votes from two big state senators.

          (That’s a recent addition to the Leftist vernacular – ‘bullying’. Let’s use their language against *them*…)

        • The People are the government and the militia. The Constitution is written law. Laws don’t stop criminals, people do. If your representatives don’t enforce the Constitution, the people must govern and enforce. Your public servants are not your masters.

          Check yourself before you wreck yourself.

        • Government (no matter where on this planet that you find one) is merely made up of your ahole neighbors who needed a job.

          If they keep you from your rights, or do tyranny, it is only because they have overstepped themselves in their own self-worth, and that they hate you, don’t trust you, and want to enslave you long enough to wring whatever they can from you and yours before they dispose of you.

          Beat them [and I mean fucking beat them] to it.

  8. All INFRINGEMENTS, period! Nothing more than authoritarianism masquerading as Public Safety!

  9. i noticed something i think we need to call attention to: we always say “an anti-gunner has never met a gun control law they DIDN’T like” but are there any laws as pro-gunners that we DO like? if you say no, then we look to be just as irrational as the people we criticize.
    i think we should make a point to illustrate that we are NOT like them and we ARE rational.
    i’ll go first.
    I like the law that says a murderer can not get his gun rights back BUT it needs to be further detailed, like it should only apply to first degree murder charges or something like that. someone with a felony from writing hot checks should not have their gun rights taken away.

    just a thought.

    • I like the law that says if you use your elected political power to attempt to strip away the rights of your constituents, you are barred from public service forever and locked in stocks for one week with lube and condoms provided (for the safety of your constituents, of course) paid for by the seizing of the funds you earned while violating your oath of office.

      Or failing that, I’m okay with that one about something not being infringed.

    • How about a law to treat cops like the civilians they are? If I can’t have an AR-15, or 30 round magazines, cops also can’t have them. If I get charged for jumping in-front of a car to “give” me a reason to shoot someone, cops should also be charged when they escalate in such a manner.

      Maybe a law that doesn’t allow cops to investigate cops?

  10. Ahhhh……3rd world hellhole immigrants and their anchor baby progeny. They’re just forming the monolithic dependency constituency to cast the ballots for statism and civilian disarmament that Americans won’t.

  11. Dan,

    Do you per chance have a teen age daughter who subscribes to TeenVogue magazine?

    Reference to multiple articles from that rag lately.

  12. In reality, there is no panacea to prevent gun violence in America: Its prevention requires a massive commitment to various strategies, enacted concurrently, from reforming the sale process, to restricting access to people on the terror watch list, to banning bump stocks, to leading organized social and political action.

    Predicated on the notion that all Californians are law abiding and will do as the law instructs without circumvention. Reforming the sale process?? Guns are not magical, not complicated, not mystery devices. The simplest gun to make, is a reciprocating open bolt sub machine gun, whose manufacture can be easy driven underground. Again, gun controllers assume they have control, but it is really all an illusion. It is the regular people that allow them this control, and the regular people that can side step their implementations. The laws they implement can’t stop anyone from doing anything. They can only assign a punishment for a thing, which an individual can accept the risk of, be ignorant of, or purposely accept as a consequence for their upcoming actions.

    Their solution is to enact laws because that is all they know how to do. The real solution, however, is for them to teach their kids morals, values, and principles and themselves. And their kids can befriend other kids and affect them in a positive manner. And they themselves can improve themselves and affect other people. And the individual efforts, of the sum of a great number of people, can sway the needle from “gross immoral depravations” to “tolerable transgressions.”

    • Unfortunately they know that and are working to do the opposite. This is why they are creating degenerate tribal/identity politics.

      They don’t want people in America to realize they are all human, they are all Americans. Japan has that mindset therefore they have less fighting amongst each other and they can live without weapons. Instead of Americans unifying as Americans — teaching each other their culture and language — statists use those differences to form barriers, create separation and start fights in an effort to create a supremacy war. America should be the most knowledgeable country in the world because they have people from everywhere, there is a lot of ethnic diversity, all kinds of religions, numerous languages, etc.

      Today people are forced to integrate at a young age, then are forced to separate once they lost their ancestral identity/knowledge, which can create discontent and anger. They are called African-American, Asian-American, even Native-American rather than just American. They get the, “Where are you from? No… I mean where are your people from. You know, like your ethnicity?” People of European ancestry are considered American not European-American and the actual “Americans” are labeled Native-American.

      There are people out there that think English should be the official language of the U.S. and that everyone needs to be a Christian. Yet if your native language is English and you are Christian, if you are not white you are not just an American you get hyphenated. If you can’t look at your fellow American without hyphenating them in your mind, how is America going to progress? We should all be homies. We should be able to treat each other like family. It shouldn’t be like “meet my black friend,” he is just your friend.

      America needs to have a very basic unifying thing yet still retain individuality/diversity. Being American should be about protecting human rights at all costs… Americans should be bilingual and have two cultures. Know your ancestors language and culture whilst being able to speak English and live as an American. That was the point of America, but it didn’t get off to a smooth start, which apparently still affects society. Just because it didn’t start off well doesn’t mean it can’t end well.

      Americans ride or die for liberty.

  13. More reason to hope the split happens…. Let the la trendy liberals have their socialist Utopia.

    • So that the rest of us can go in and take our real estate back, put some commie heads on a few pikes as a warning to the next generation.

      CA can;
      1) Vote to de-ratify their approval in the U.S. Constitution
      2) Secede
      3) Get the everlovin’ sh_t kicked out of their MFn asses
      4) Go see JESUS who may go round 2 on them

  14. To end “ gun violence” would require some serious effort to change the culture of minority communities.
    That would require a lot of soul searching among liberals.
    The great majority of murders occur in inner city neighborhoods with majority black populations.
    If you look at the murder map, you will see that 50% of U.S. counties had zero murders.
    Any efforts directed to those counties will have zero effect on murders.
    The murder map (look it up) clearly shows where gun control should be pursued.
    I would say that prosecuting felons in possession of a gun would go a long way towards reducing gun murders.

    • The places where violent crime exists there should be more armed citizens if you want to get rid of the problem.

      • agreed however also mandating heavy sentences for violent crimes of any sort (say 20 years breaking rocks with a diet of stale bread and water as a minimum) will also have an effect and tend to break the criminals appetite for crime

        • nope, it’s like training a dog, you gotta catch them in the act and punish them immediately. Thinking one thing or another will make them ‘think about it’ (especially long-term) (and even less-so with drug users) is stupid crazy bullshit.

          All criminals believe they’ll get-away with it.

          – [J.M. Thomas R., TERMS, 2012, Pg. 41] emphasis mine

          • yeah i agree and that is why i am also a strong proponent of all law abiding having Absolutely NO infringements on their right to keep and bear arms. also you tend to see less drug abuse in places where people are truly free which in part nullifies that problem. you will never see no drug abuse but you do see a reduction. also for the most part where it is natural drugs like weed there does not tend to be a lot of violence associated with it. only with the restrictions on its use does that tend to happen. the synthetically produced ones can be a different story however, but again punish the criminal actions rather than just the drug use and allow all law abiding people (no violent criminal history) to carry openly or concealed whatever they choose.

  15. I really do not know what they mean ab out “reforming the sales process.” As it is, there is a ten day wait, and California performs its own background check separate from NICS. If you’ve been involuntarily detained on a “5150” 72 hr hold for diagnosis and treatment because you are a threat to yourself or others, there go your gun rights for ten years (it used to be five). Any felony, any DV, buh bye forever. What more can they “reform” and still allow people to buy guns? Go all NJ and NYC and only allow people blessed by the Chief of Police to buy? Go look at stats from NJ, loudly touted by its governor–thugs get their guns from out of state when there are few to steal from law abiding citizens. Doh.

    And hey, California banned bump stocks when they were first introduced. Binary triggers too. The first state to ban “assault weapons,” laws that they have been “tuning” ever since to try to get them removed entirely from the state. A microstamping law that eliminates all new model semiautomatic pistols from being sold (unless you have a friendly neighborhood cop who is allowed to buy and sell anything he wants except machine guns).
    Pending bills include a background check for firearm “precurser” parts, i.e., uppers, receivers, and barrels. Another will require all other parts to be sold only through a licensed parts dealer, a la ammunition law that prevents most internet/interstate commerce by requiring all sales to be in a face to face transaction.
    After the Ninth Circuit decided that there is no right to a CCW, we are all waiting for the other shoe to drop and the state pass a law eliminating them altogether. Before they do that, they will increase the 16 hours of training to 24 and raise the fees so that a working man will not be able to afford them.
    No, there isn’t much left to “regulate” except to ban the resale of all firearms at death and requiring that they be turned in for destruction or moved out of state.

    • I think they passed a law that stops cops from selling off roster guns to citizens. I heard they arrested a couple of cops for doing that.

      • There is talk of doing that because of abuses, but the ATF have come down on guys who were selling more than five a year. The most recent guys were doing off record sales without background checks (i.e. to criminals).

    • “I really do not know what they mean about “reforming the sales process.””

      Oh, I can offer a guess –

      How about a requirement for an *expensive* ‘comprehensive (lengthy) psychological ‘examination’ before being allowed to posses firearms? Performed every few years?

      Use your imagination, Mark. You know *they* are!

      It sucks, but it looks like our only recourse is to have SCOTUS slap down infringements as they pop up…

      • you have more faith in the “justice” system than i do or indeed ever have. both here in australia and there in the US from what i see much of the “justice” system has been over-run by leftist judges that rule in favour of rights being taken away. BTW watching the news from right around the world the same is going on world wide not just here and in the US. it is overdue time the people broke the chains designed to take us inexorably into abject slavery. this will mean getting rid of the power mongers in govt., the judicial systems, the banking systems and the media and regulating any that operate in those fields to the point where you know if they fart. i am against regulation in all other regards it is just that those fields have the propensity to be used in a way that we are seeing now, to control and enslave

      • Reforming the sales process is fairly easy. All you have to do (to achieve the stated result of selling no guns) is to make the sale solely the purview of someone who will not sell any guns.
        Hawaii has a similar situation concerning the issuance of concealed carry permits. The local county police chief has the sole discretionary power to issue the permits. By some strange coincidence, all of the local county police chiefs have not had anyone meet the criteria for issuing a permit.
        California, requiring a person seeking permission to buy a gun to undergo a state background check, can very easily make the check so thorough that no one can pass it. The gun buying process would thus be both permissive and non-permissive, with the end result of no one buying a gun.
        This process can be made selective so that certain people (judges, for example) can be exempted from the background check, or have the check weighted in their favor.
        Never underestimate the enemy.

    • Just don’t tell other Americans you’re from there. It’s like telling non Americans you’re from the U.S.

        • Unfortunately, that’s the goal of communism / Alinsky-ism.

          Drive out the good people, while all of us continue to pay them to run it how they’ve been.

          It’s the same as Public Schooling, Immigration, Health Care, Banking, the State Department, the UN, . . .

  16. Unfortunately most kids, and adults, these days are taught that government is a necessary good, rather than a necessary evil. Through diligent comparative analyses of then current and ancient regimes, our nation was wisely founded on the latter assumption. I believe that this gets right to the heart of the matter of where you stand politically and how you view your fellow citizens and humanity in general.

  17. You notice this guy pulls the classical disingenuous gun grabber trick of cherry picking murders committed with guns then conflates them with gun suicides. If there were a comment option I would have challenged him to compare murder rates between states with and without strict gun control!

  18. “. . .to restricting access to people on the terror watch list. . .”

    This is wrong. People are on the terror watch list in error. How can your Second Amendment rights be taken away when you have been charged with doing nothing wrong? The government is watching you, but that proves nothing. This is a slippery slope, as the government is likely to put anyone a little too enthusiastic about guns on their list in the future. This is NOT a good quote.

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