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Why The World’s Militaries Love The Glock

Who can argue with perfection? . . .

In the intervening thirty-five years, the Glock has become the dominant handgun in a crowded field of competitors. Despite stiff competition from countries emulating his polymer design, Glock 17 handguns serve with such diverse forces as the British Armed Forces, the Swedish Armed Forces, Indian special forces, the Iraqi military, the Israeli Defense Forces and the Yemeni military.

The Glock 17 outfits dozens of armies and hundreds of police forces worldwide. U.S. Army Rangers and Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command use the compact version, the Glock 19, and U.S. Special Forces—including the shadowy Delta Force—carry the .40 Smith & Wesson–caliber Glock 22.

Female Kent State Graduate Carries AR-10 on Campus

Obviously someone learned something during her four years in college . . .

On December 19, 2016, Gov. John Kasich (R) signed a bill legalizing campus carry but allowing each university system to decide if it would allow it on its campuses. To date, Kent State has not permitted it.

Moreover, Kent State has a policy against allowing students to open carry on campus, although open carry is legal in Ohio. In an interview with the Akron Beacon Journal on April 25, 2018, (Kaitlin) Bennett said, “Kent State is one of the few schools in Ohio that decided that students wouldn’t be permitted to open carry on campus while guests can.”

Upon graduating, no longer a student, Bennett donned her AR-10 and a graduation cap that said “Come and Take It” and walked through campus….


The next battleground in the gun debate may be taxes

If it moves, tax it. If it keeps moving, regulate it. The third conditional is pretty much out of the question.

As these changing demographics and consumer habits gradually erode the still-powerful gun culture, its political base is likely to erode as well. Like water running downhill, this is the natural order of things. And if you take this reality and layer it on top of another one—namely, the ongoing fiscal pressure that states and cities across the country constantly face—it suggests that guns and ammunition could be increasingly seen as an undertapped source of revenue.

There are precedents for this. Tobacco, a ubiquitous product half-a-century ago, gradually became politically easier to target and tax as demographics and changing consumption patterns gradually weakened a once all–powerful and unassailable industry.

This culminated in a massive 1998 agreement between tobacco manufacturers and 46 states, five U.S. territories and the District of Columbia, in which the industry agreed to pay billions of dollars a year to those jurisdictions. Those costs were generally just passed on to the declining number of Americans who smoke, which helps explain why cigarette taxes are always going up. This revenue is addictive as nicotine to states, which need every penny they can get; Of course, all this is on top of the current federal tax of $1.00 per 20-pack of cigarettes.

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Publix clarifies that they don’t support the NRA, just self-described ‘proud NRA sellout’ Adam Putnam

That’s clearly not good enough for the David Hoggs of the world . . .

Publix wants you to know that they don’t directly support the National Rifle Association, but they do support Florida GOP gubernatorial candidate Adam Putnam, a self-described “proud NRA sellout.”

A report from the Tampa Bay Times says the Lakeland-based grocery chain has given $670,000 to Putnam over the last three years, which is a record amount of donations to a single candidate for Publix. Following that report, the company took to Twitter to clarify to angry customers that they don’t support the gun lobby or industry.

“Supporting our associates, customers and communities is always top of mind for Publix, especially when tragedies strike like natural disasters and gun violence,” said the company in one Twitter response. “When we are deciding which political candidates to financially support during an election, we consider a number of factors. Publix has not provided financial support to the National Rifle Association.”


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Debbie Wasserman Schultz: The NRA Is ‘Just Shy Of A Terrorist Organization’

Anyone detect a pattern here? . . .

Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (D-Fla.) had stern words for the National Rifle Association on Tuesday, responding to the gun group’s new president attacking student survivors of the shooting in Parkland, Florida, for allegedly engaging in “civil terrorism.”

“The NRA is kind of just shy of a terrorist organization,” Schultz told HuffPost. “They have done everything they can to perpetuate the culture of violence that we have in our country with the spread of assault weapons across the nation.”

In an interview with The Washington Times last week, newly elected NRA president Oliver North accused students of Parkland’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School of using “intimidation and harassment and lawbreaking” in the anti-gun efforts they launched following the Valentine’s Day massacre that left 17 people dead at their campus.

If they hadn’t sent him a survey, he’d have complained that he was being excluded.

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  1. “The next battleground in the gun debate may be taxes”

    Like repealing the illegal taxes on the most common types of firearms and the illegal 11% tax?

    ” The tax in question is not an ordinary form of tax, but one single in kind, with a long history of hostile misuse against the freedom of the press. The manner of its use in this case is, in itself, suspicious; it is not measured or limited by the volume of advertisements, but by the extent of the circulation of the publication in which the advertisements are carried, with the plain purpose of penalizing the publishers and curtailing the circulation of a selected group of newspapers.”

    • The next battleground for guns and ammo, might be that MFrs front door sill. The one after that might be slavery for him & his. The gov’t could make a lot of money if it sold slaves. I bet the females of his household could be turned into fetus mills so Planned Parenthood could sell the parts for food and medicine. Turn the weak, lame, and lazy out into a pen to do fight club to weed out the undesireables and make the winners eat, then butcher, the burn off what’s left of, the dead.
      Maybe they could be trained to judas goat, or hunt down more slaves?

      Sounds like a long row to hoe, but it’s better than trying to eradicate arms via taxation. Have they taxed out of existence, the MFn venue that wrote that sh_t? Well, they better fucking get started on that then.

  2. I’m don’t have a Publix to shop at but they must be doing alright if they have $670k to blow.

    I assume their prices are the lowest, the shareholders receive huge dividends, and their employees all have great health insurance and compensation packages so they stay until retirement.

    Corporations should not be allowed to make political contributions no matter what party the candidate is.

    • Your description of Publix actually isn’t far off. They’re not the cheapest, but they are consistently the best supermarket chain in their markets. They’re known for both customer service and taking care of their employees. Supporting a strongly pro-gun candidate fits their style.

      Incidentally, in Florida the Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is the organization responsible for the state’s CCW program.

      • {Publix}

        “They’re known for both customer service and taking care of their employees. Supporting a strongly pro-gun candidate fits their style.”

        And that’s what made that comment by them to be so unbelievably *stupid*.

        Congratulations, Publix. You just managed to *Royally* piss off 50 percent (scratch that, Publix is based here in Polk County, make that a solid 60 percent) of your customer base. And that includes your own employees, who just so happen to be the *only* ones outside of the founding family that owns the stock in Publix…

      • Corporations-no
        Non profits – no
        Foundations, associations, groups, cartels, etc – no
        Private citizens – limited to 100,000 per candidate.
        PACs – no way to regulate.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m glad Publix supports a strong 2a candidate in this case. I just would like to see the swamp drained and that doesn’t seem likely to happen while political loyalty is a commodity to be bought and sold.

        • Those legal entities you mentioned are only groups of individuals. I support the Constitution, all of constitutional law, including freedom of association, freedom of speech, and freedom to petition the government for redress of grievances.

          Thus, I’m completely in favor of corporations” right to donate to political campaigns. I realize this puts me at odds with pseudo-constitutionalists, who really only want rights for themselves.

        • The sole purpose of the Constitution is to prevent the government from trampling the rights of the individual. If groups are buying laws that trample the rights of individuals, then the simple solution is to imprison or hang politicians who accept bribes. The Great Experiment that is known as the U.S.A. is all about individual Liberty and limiting government. It is about nothing else and to attempt to make it so is to participate in one’s own demise.

    • They are the most expensive in my market. But also the best, in numerous ways. Just not price. They’re considered the “rich folks” grocery around here. We go there for produce, meat, and the occasional Calypso Cookie. Blue Bell ice cream @c $7 a half-gallon and worth every penny.

      • Seven bucks for Blue Bell? That’s a little steep. Although, part of that may be transportation costs. Their main plant is in Brenham, which is just about an hour northwest of me. They have one or two smaller sites out of state, as I recall learning during the Listeria outbreak, but I don’t know where those are in relation to you.

        Here, the basic flavor half gallons like vanilla go for $5.28. Their more more complex blends go for just sixty cents more.

        • Blue Bell Vanilla Bean will change your mind about ‘plain vanilla’ forever.

          Though I usually wait until it’s on sale.

        • Blue Bell ice cream is pumped full of air just like any other mass produced ice cream. If you want real ice cream buy a cuisinart ice cream maker and make your own. You can make your own, it’s easy and way better than anything you are going to buy in a store. There’s just no comparison when you load your own. I bought my nephew one for Christmas. He’s 14 years old and the girls never say no when he asks them over for some of his home made ice cream after school.

  3. Just remember that the only people verified to have colluded against candidates during the 2016 Presidential election were Shillary Clinton and Debbie Wasserman (see Donna Brazile’s book).

    • No shit.

      Imagine the outrage if a Conservative was caught giving the questions to their candidate during a debate…

  4. Little Debbie is proud of her “F” rating from the NRA. I wonder if she’s also proud of helping to rig the 2016 Democrat nomination to keep her pal Hillary cheating all the folks who voted for Bernie from having their votes being fairly cast. Probably not.

    • She helped rig it until it crashed. Congratulations Deb. What’s it like to lead your party into a catastrophe that most resembles the Hindenburg ha ha ha ha.

    • That’s not Debbie that’s proud of the “F” rating. That happens to be Gavin Nuisance, candidate for Gov here. I used to say “if it’s Brown, Flush it!” If this S.O.B. becomes Governor, we will just have to blow up the shithouse.

      • Their both proud. The picture of her is holding a placard announcing her pleasure with an NRA F rating

    • Bigger issue with her is why she hired the Awan family for her IT staff, then lead to 1 in 5 House democrats hiring either family members or friends for their IT staff. Without any background checks conducted. Ghost employees that never showed up to work, yet collecting a paycheck. She is hindering the investigation, refusing to give consent to search the laptop that was found belonging to her. The Daily Caller has a number of stories related to the Awan family dealings.

    • Yeah, this is some dumb “press release” advertising crap from a shilly joke of a news site. The military used Berettas for years and now they’re switching to SIGs. Glock lost fair and square, but the spec ops guys who bought 19s years ago are going to keep them. They never could put together a real modular handgun and instead just slapped together that G19X abomination. The reason cops use Glocks is because Glock wines and dines the chiefs and procurement guys and then gives them “good deals” on guns that are cheaper to churn out than Hi-Points and haven’t really innovated in over 20 years. The reason Glocks are popular in Europe is because they’re lightweight, simple, and not American. Unlike Americans, Europeans don’t carry their guns with loaded chambers, so the lack of a manual safety really doesn’t matter over there.

      • Feelings don’t change facts. Too many officers buy their own weapons for that story to stick especially off duty. Too many “operators” get to carry what they want and yet….
        SIG is a good piece and it will find it’s way after they get the drop issue and the going off out of battery issues fixed. If you remember or know if your not old enough Glock had it’s share of start up things too.

        • Has SIG truly fixed those issues, or are we still waiting for them on that? I liked the P320 when I shot it, and would totally one day buy a P320 or its future equivalent in .357SIG.

    • “My guns are a constitutional right. Those cigarettes AIN’T”

      And that’s how we are going to have to attack those taxes and fees, like they did to poll taxes…

  5. TTAG really needs to work on finding a better AD system that makes this looks like a serious Pro2a Media site! Not Ads with pictures of a guy jamming a 16oz soda bottle into his ear canal….Cures for cancer…Or the “historic” AD with the Death Star floating in the ocean!?!

  6. John Kasich I would easily argue is a Commiecrat who should be run out of a supposedly conservative party or perhaps they all want to become Republicrats.

    • Agree. Can’t wait for Kalifornia to either secede, or slip on into the Pacific at the next big earthquake and it could be turned into the paradise from “Escape from LA”

    • Likely the next crowned commie kalli overlord. Will make ole Jerry moonbeam Brown look like a girl scout.
      Why? Idiot low information voter block. Yes, of course millions of ILLEGALS too.

  7. What is worse? These awful hacks holding office, or the idiot fools that mostly work with only a brain stem that vote for them? America is dying a slow painful death as these lefty progressive asshats dance on our graves. SHAMEFUL. Wake the hell up AMERICA.

  8. If any university should be armed it’s Kent State. Did they forget or is what happened what they wanted to happen? Kent is right up there with Waco and Ruby Ridge for reasons to tool up and distrust government.

  9. The latest Glock model was recalled last summer , oops I mean UPGRADE because we are all too stupid to know they are one and the same. THE REASON; SAME PROBLEM Glock has had for years. A hard drop and the slide falls off the plasticky frame when it flexes on impact. Glock went through 3 modifications of the slide rails and this time proves they still did not get it right.

    THROATING; If you want to experience the thrill of a handgun blowing up in you face the Glock is the one that will give this thrill to you. It can and does fire out of battery. Doubt my word, take a primed case without powder or bullet and let the slide run “almost” closed and then pull the trigger. It will occasionally fire right off. Not every time depending on how far the slide is still open and depending on the sensitivity and the hardness of the primer but yes it does happen. Just be glad you did not try it with a loaded round unless you want to blow yourself up. All this means that a dirty Glock that has its slide not fully close when shooting it could just result in it going ATOMIC on you.
    Check out the underside of the slide. You will find an open channel that the striker rides in. Perfect for letting in dirt, burnt power or excess lube.

    Check out the bottom of the grip and see the hole that leads right to the inner sanctum of the guns guts, perfect for letting in dust and dirt under combat conditions.

    Check on the anemic ignition system and compare it to a hammer fired gun like the Beretta 92. Pre-loaded striker fired systems have extremely weak ignition systems. Seat a high primer in a case, no powder and no bullet. Try and set it off. It will not happen people. Now try the same test with the bone crushing blow of the hammer fired Beretta 92, it will drive the primer to the bottom of its socket and still have enough energy to set it off each and every time no matter how hard the primer is. Now that is reliability.

    Try carrying a Glock in your coat pocket without a holster (empty of course unless you plan on committing suicide) and see how long it takes of the guns striker to trip off because there is no manual safety. Recently I saw an off duty cop from Columbus Ohio in a security video. He was on an elevator with his wife and attempted to take the Glock out of one pocket and put it in the opposite coat pocket and as you may have guessed the safety less Glock fired right off and he shot himself. I could give you add infinitum of similar accidents, many with Police Officers but why repeat the same story over and over again.

    Glock factory plasticky sights are pure junk and will break off or wear down with too many holster presentation unless the holster has a sight track.

    No way to un-cock the Glock unless you take the round out of the chamber first.
    No easily visible loaded chamber indicator and no the extractor sticking out 1/32
    of an inch just does not get it.

    Take down system is an accident waiting to happen. Just forget just one time not to check the chamber and you must pull the trigger to take it down. Even Tarzan’s Cheetah the Monkey could have designed a safer take down system. Compare that to the Beretta 92 that makes you lock the slide open which would eject any loaded round you forgot to take out of the gun.

    And lets not forget the wonderful trigger pull on Glocks, its so long and creepy that even Nostradamus could not predict exactly when it will go off.
    And last but not least we can discuss the beauty of the Glock in all its Plasticky splendor. Yes Herr Glock finally did achieve something that was unbeatable, he designed the most ugly pistol in the history of the world,

  10. I still do not get why Debbie Wasserman Schultz is not in prison already. She committed obstruction of justice and evidence tampering, which is a documented fact. I know. She is a Democrat Party operative who is still relevant, so she is a protected class that is above the law. It is so frustrating that America has devolved into this.

    • Business 101 — do not talk politics or religion. The executives from Publix — and many of these other companies that have capitulated to leftist extremists — are walking the companies and stockholders they represent into a future minefield. They are trying to appease a vocal minority, but in the future, that could easily put them at odds with a sizeable majority looking for someone to blame for the past. At some point, that majority will seek to punish these companies for the wrongs their leaders committed.

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