The UN argues for gun control. Again. Still.
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‘Silence the guns’ urges UN disarmament chief as global week of action begins

Remind us again, why does the UN still exist? . . .

“Every day, hundreds of lives are lost due to gun violence worldwide,” the UN Disarmament Affairs chief, Izumi Nakamitsu, said in her message at the start of the Global Week of Action Against Gun Violence. “Guns are responsible for about half of all violent deaths – nearly a quarter-million each year.”

The High Representative said that for every death, there were “many more injured, maimed and forced to flee their home and community” and those who just live with the threat of being shot.

The pandemic of gun violence has many roots, such as a lack of adequate legislation and regulation on gun control; an insufficient ability to enforce existing laws; youth unemployment and a lack of job opportunities for former gang members and ex-combatants.

Ms. Nakamitsu also singled out a culture in some places that “glorifies violence and equates guns with masculinity”.

Man found in Waikiki hotel room with fully loaded weapons, ammunition

Another possible Mandalay Bay? . . .

We’re told a 38-year-old man had posted “suspicious messages” on social media, prompting the FBI to ask HPD to perform a welfare check.

Police tracked him down Thursday night and, upon arriving at the hotel room, found the guns, 18 knives, and more than 800 rounds of ammunition and shotgun shells.

Investigators also found bulletproof vests, camouflage uniforms, a mask, and psychiatric medications in the room.

The man, who is a local resident, told police he brought all of the weapons and ammunition to the hotel room over the course of a few days.

Police found all of the guns were registered to the man. The weapons were confiscated.



Straying from party line, Rep. Paulsen proposes gun control measure

A sure-fire formula for electoral success . . .

As more states look into passing “red flag” laws that allow law enforcement to confiscate guns from individuals they have deemed a danger to themselves or others, U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen, R-Minnesota, is attempting to clear the way with federal funding or incentives to implement such measures.

The move represents a rebuke of party orthodoxy for the Republican from Eden Prairie, who has an “A” rating from the National Rifle Association and in the past has earned the endorsement of many local gun rights activists.

“Some of us who passionately believe you’re elected to legislate, you’re elected to get things done, we want to bring all sides together,” Paulsen said. “It’s a challenging environment, it’s highly partisan charged on the left and right but this is one of those things that’s commonsense.”

Courtesy AP

NRA sues New York governor, regulator for ‘blacklisting campaign’

Punching back . . .

The National Rifle Association on Friday sued New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and the state’s financial regulator for engaging in what it said was a “blacklisting campaign” aimed at swaying banks and insurers to stop doing business with the gun advocacy group, according to a complaint.

Cuomo and the New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) aimed to deprive the NRA of its right to “speak freely about gun-related issues and defend the Second Amendment,” the group said in the suit, referring to part of the U.S. Constitution that protects the right of Americans to bear arms. …

The NRA’s lawsuit, filed in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of New York, follows a $7 million fine on May 2 imposed by NYDFS against insurance broker Lockton Cos LLC, which administered an NRA-branded insurance program known as “Carry Guard.”


The bill arrived, and here’s how much the NRA convention and Trump visit cost Dallas police

Somehow the the Dallas news neglects to mention that, according to the Dallas Tourism Board, the NRA brought about $43 million into the city . . .

The National Rifle Association’s annual convention last weekend cost Dallas police $575,000, the city manager said on Thursday.

The NRA spent $150,000 on 400 off-duty officers who patrolled the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center and its perimeter starting last Thursday through Sunday.

Dallas’ $575,000 bill includes security and traffic control for rallies, protests and President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence’s visit to Dallas to speak at the convention, City Manager T.C. Broadnax said.


Gun control might not be top issue in 2018 elections, Florida poll finds

Who could have possibly predicted that? . . .

In the survey, the Florida Atlantic University Business and Economics Polling Initiative asked 1,000 registered voters to identify “the most important issue in the upcoming elections.”

Gun-control policy was picked by 12 percent — far behind immigration, cited by 23 percent, and health care, cited by 20 percent. The gun issue was statistically tied with the economy, picked by 13 percent.

The state’s youngest voters, ages 18 to 34, were almost four times more likely to cite gun control as their top issue than voters age 75 and older.

And younger voters are statistically the least likely to show up at the polls.

Editorial: Dick’s Sporting Goods pulls a cynical, unsporting move

At least one newspaper sees Dick’s for what they are . . .

The calculation is obvious: Ending a particular product line will hurt Dick’s’ bottom line; it will lose market share, even if only marginally, to competitors. But if Dick’s can use the government to force its competitors to drop out of the semi-auto rifle market too, then it can insulate itself from the consequences of its own choice.

Exploiting the political system to gain economic advantage is a craven and scurrilous thing to do — a fact that does not keep it from happening on a regular basis, to be sure. Most of the time, though, companies try to camouflage their motives behind lofty-sounding principles like “fairness” or “environmental stewardship.” Dick’s’ maneuver is remarkably transparent. Which means the company is not only exploiting the political system for economic leverage, it is not even ashamed of doing so.

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  1. The barrel on the knotted gun would be incredibly long straightened out. I’d like to try a colt with a barrel 3 feet long or so

    • “I’d like to try a colt with a barrel 3 feet long or so”

      You wouldn’t want one.

      I recall reading an ‘experiment’ done about 30 years back where they took a rather long-barreled .357 magnum revolver and measured the muzzle velocity with a chronometer.

      They then proceeded to cut the barrel about 1/2 inch at a time and re-measured the muzzle velocity.

      I can’t recall the exact ideal length, maybe about 7 inches or so.

      Anyways, longer isn’t always better, unless it’s a prop in a comedy movie :

      • It’s all in how you load your ammo too. There are a fair amount of 10″ .44s and bigger magnums out there, and a longer barrel also has the advantage of a longer sight radius (an 8 3/8″ vs 4″, or 7.5″ vs 4.75″ is enough to make a big difference).

      • If you mean the well known testing by ballisticsbytheinch dot com it wasn’t quite 30 years ago and they tested all sorts of cartridges.

      • The time-pressure curve, it is a thing. Faster burning powders for short barrels and slower burning powder for longer barrels.

    • The weird green stuff all over the knotted gun is called “bronze disease.” It is contaminated with corrosive chloride compounds that will eventually destroy the sculpture. It was likely sabotaged by someone not excited about its message.

      • ” It is contaminated with corrosive chloride compounds that will eventually destroy the sculpture. It was likely sabotaged by someone not excited about its message.”

        Correct on the contamination.

        As for the cause of the corrosive contamination, sculptures like that are usually in the large cites where the air quality is lousy with pollution.

        The tiny amount of Sulpher in motor fuel exhaust is a large component of smog. The sulpher oxides (SO2) combine with moisture (like morning dew, which sticks to everything outdoors when the temperature drops overnight and the ‘dew point’ is crossed) to form Sulfurous acid.

        (A quick note, Sulfurous acid, H2SO3, is *not* Sulfuric acid, H2SO4. You can, however, manufacture Sulfuric acid by using Sulfurous acid as a precursor (‘building block’). The news is falsely stating the erupting volcano in Hawaii is spewing gases (SO2) that turn into Sulfuric in human lungs. That is incorrect, It’s forming Sulfurous acid that is still corrosive, but nowhere near as nasty and corrosive as Sulfuric acid. It’s best to not breathe Sulfur oxides if at all possible.)


        That’s the likely source of the corrosive contaminant corroding the bronze gun sculpture. If you look at very old (over 100 years) marble statues in large cities, the Sulfurous acid is eroding, actually slowly dissolving the outdoors statues over time…

    • More importantly, the sculpture represents a Colt Python, a handgun used exclusively by civilians. It was never issued to any military. It is an attempt to stigmatize private gun ownership. If they wanted to protest against the model of gun that killed the most people it would probably be a Maxim machinegun or an AK. But that might bring up questions about the political entities involved, and we can’t have that at the UN.

  2. Where was the UN when Rwandans were being slaughtered with farm tools?

    The UN can suck my di…….

    • The UN gives zero shits about anything except their global control and forcing you to pay for the privilege of it. It is a completely inept and broken kleptocracy that despises the US, but feels entitled to its money.

    • Actually, the UN was in Rwanda, only the UN high command refused to do anything to stop the killing. The commanding general was a Canadian who wrote a book the slaughter and the UN’s failure to act.

    • There were ~4,000 Blue Helmets in Rwanda during the 1994 Massacre, surrounded by ~600,000 Royally Pissed-Off Rwandans. With ~5,500 more Blue’s to be sent in with all of there Military Equipment. The only Hitch in the plan being, the Airport being within where the ~600,000 RPORw were in control off…

      • “The only Hitch in the plan being, the Airport being within where the ~600,000 RPORw were in control off…”

        That’s why God created the Lockheed C-130 (and the C-17, and others).

        It doesn’t need an airport. It works just fine on bare dirt, gravel, and even snow.

        (Snow isn’t much of a problem in Rwanda…)

        • C-17 didn’t enter service until 1995. Also why would you Risk sending Troops and Military Equipment to an Airport NOT in your (i.e. UN) control…

        • The AC-130 is best for delivering individually-dispensed high-velocity ‘cargo’ while airborne.

          You just have to just *love* an aircraft that fires a howitzer in flight… 😉

        • “C-17 didn’t enter service until 1995.”

          The C-17 was mentioned as an *example* of the type of rough-field capable cargo aircraft that could perform a similar mission.


          “Also why would you Risk sending Troops and Military Equipment to an Airport NOT in your (i.e. UN) control…”

          Gee, I don’t know – because you want to re-take the field, perhaps?

          The military actively trains for putting people and material on locations collectively known as a ‘Hot LZ’. (A landing zone where people are trying their very best to kill *you*.)

          This discussion is obviously going over the top of your pointed head…

          • @ Geoff PR.

            I’m going to make the assumption that ~4,000 UN Troop surrounded by ~600,000 Rwandans and the Only Airport is under Rwandan control. You’re Blue Helmets “Aren’t” occupying a lot of ground, capable of Landing a C-130 of any type. Somehow the thought of Indians surrounding a Circle of Conestoga Wagons comes to mind…

        • “… and the Only Airport is under Rwandan control.”

          This is the example of why the discussion is over your head, moron.

          You don’t land at the airport under control. You land somewhere *else* nearby, and you don’t need an airport *because* the Herc is rough-field capable.

          The military practices that *exact* scenario of a combat insertion *all* the time, idiot!

          *NEWS FLASH* – You are nowhere near as smart as you seem to think you are, ‘Secundius’, but that is quite common in stupid people :

          “Coined in 1999 by then-Cornell psychologists David Dunning and Justin Kruger, the eponymous Dunning-Kruger Effect is a cognitive bias whereby people who are incompetent at something are unable to recognize their own incompetence.”

          • Considering the United Nations were planning to send ~5,500 additional Troops and Equipment to support the Beleaguered 4,000 UN Troops already on the ground and required an Airport with a Long Runway. Suggests that the UN didn’t have STOL capable Aircraft to send. And “Wishing the Difference”, 25-years AFTER the Incident doesn’t change the Historical Event…

    • Silly man!
      You can’t very well confiscate somebody’s farm tools; If you did, how would they kill the nearest successful white farmer and take HIS farm? Do you want people in Africa to STARVE?!
      Think of the children!

    • Absolutely.
      Mostly the UN is about the power of the elites as a class and as corrupt individuals. It’s the same old problem. The world reduced the number of entitled monarchies but added other elitist structures, like the UN.

      Nakamitsu may as well ask that the proletariat be disarmed, “for their own good.”
      Tax, disarm, and silence them.

  3. So what did the dude in Wakiki do that was illegal? Oh that’s right. Nothing. As much as I want to avoid any more bloodshed in this country, you can’t stick someone with a crime until they actually commit one.

    • Who said anything about committing a crime? He was “detained” for psychiatric evaluation as a potential threat to himself or others.

      • He was being investigated by the FBI… He’s on medication for mental issues. They say he was posting stuff on the internet that lead them to believe he was going to commit an attack.
        The police raided his room and took him to a mental institution because they couldn’t arrest him as he hadn’t committed a crime yet.
        That might be a little more concrete reason to arrest him.
        At first this sounded like he was guilty of a thought crime.

    • He was being investigated by the FBI… He’s on medication for mental issues. They say he was posting stuff on the internet that lead them to believe he was going to commit an attack.

      The police raided his room and took him to a mental institution because they couldn’t arrest him as he hadn’t committed a crime yet. Instead of waiting for him to kill a bunch of people they took him for mental evaluation. If he isn’t found to be a “threat to himself or others” he will go free like the Virginia Tech shooter and others did. So they will probably follow him around for awhile…

      • That still doesn’t make it okay. If he was such a threat and so disturbed, why wait until the figurative and literal last second to do something about it? We can sit here and imagine what massacres may have been stopped, but the real facts are that he didn’t do anything wrong yet. Or at all.

        There could very well be more to this story, but the link was sparse on details and to me, it appears that he just had a bunch of stuff in his room with no crimes committed. *shrug* Could be an actual ammo-sexual…

      • I always like to tell this little story to people who believe in the powers of ‘Mental Health Professionals’ to determine whether or not someone is a danger to themselves or others.

        “Once there was a funny little man who lived in the far-off land of Alaska. One day, the funny little man and his friend were in a public park, and the funny little man decided to beat his best friend to death. When asked ‘Why?’ by the nice policemen, the funny little man said that he didn’t KNOW why, but that it seemed like the thing to do at the time.
        In that era in far-off Alaska, there was no ‘Guilty but Mentally Ill,’ only ‘Guilty’ or ‘Not Guilty by Reason of Mental Defect.’ Well, as things go, the funny little man was found to be ‘Not Guilty’ because he was insane, and was then put into a mental institution, there to be watched and monitored until he got all better, so that he could be released, as required by law, when he was absolutely and completely well and harmless according to the Mental Health Professionals.
        Years passed.
        At the mental hospital, the funny little man got better and better, and all of the white-clad Mental Health Professionals determined that he was SO much better that he could leave the hospital on outings all by himself, to be gone the whole day, only coming back to eat, take his meds, and sleep. He bought himself a shiny new bicycle.
        And a .38 Special revolver. And some cartridges.
        One really pretty summer evening, the funny little man rode his shiny new bicycle to a local park and day camp area; He noticed a really nice tent set up, and being the curious type, decided to see what was in it that he might be able to use.
        Well! Just as the funny little man got started, one of the teenage boys who owned the tent came back and found him! The funny little man was nonplussed, and, not wanting to be arrested, he shot the boy in the head. What ELSE could he have done?!
        Much to his surprise, ANOTHER boy came to the tent, to find out what the loud noise had been; The funny little man shot HIM in the head, as it seemed like the right thing to do.
        Then, two teenage girls showed up, friends of the two boys. What else could the funny little man DO but shoot THEM in the head? Yes, indeed: One, two, three, four! FOUR dead teenagers!
        His day’s work done, the funny little man rode off on his shiny new bicycle, taking his revolver and a few interesting items from the tent with him, and returned to the mental institution, where the Mental Health Professionals greeted him, fed him, gave him his meds, and tucked him into bed for a good night’s sleep.

        His name was Charles Louman Meach III. He was VERY real. He was tracked down by tracing his shiny new bicycle. To his great surprise, he was arrested! The Mental Health Professionals were shocked, I tell you, SHOCKED!

        By THIS time, Alaska had enacted a new law just for special people such as Mr. Meach. It was called ‘Guilty But Mentally Ill.’ Interestingly, the law was passed BECAUSE of Mr. Meach’s first adventure.
        Now, upon conviction for four new murders, Mr. Meach was sent to prison, where he died. Far too late.

        Oh, how I DO enjoy telling this story to Mental Health Professionals. . .

        • the clinically diagnosed patient watched the motorist lose four lug bolts down the sewer. with no way to attach the spare, the stranded man cursed. the inpatient, observing from behind the wire fence (why a no chicken?) suggested substituting one bolt from each of the other three wheels. when asked how he was able to arrive at such an effective solution he replied, “i’m crazy, not stupid.”
          and then he shot him.

  4. “Blacks are responsible for about half of all violent deaths – nearly a quarter-million each year.” -some Japanese woman at the UN

    To steal a rental bike you just pay the fee and take the bike home. :^)

    • Why can’t women understand that weapons, vehicles, computers and the like, are things men naturally find intriguing?

      Being a woman is a social construct, right? Then they should be able to understand if they just stop allowing the patriarchy to control their minds/gender.

      • “Why can’t women understand that weapons, vehicles, computers and the like, are things men naturally find intriguing?”

        Some men actually find women naturally intriguing. There’s a name for such men: “unmarried.”

  5. Young people more concerned with banning guns? Sounds great for the NRA and gun manufactures.

  6. NRA sues NY when prohibited from fundraising, but the Sulivan act goes unchallenged for over a hundred years…

  7. I used to think the John Birch Society was a little off the wall. Now, I am not so sure if they are as crazy as their critics say that they are.

  8. I’m all for silencing the guns, deregulate suppressors. Oh, yeah, they don’t like that idea either.

    • That was my thought with the article headline as well. I am trying to silence, or at least suppress my guns! Nothing wrong with being loud sometimes, but fun to suppress them too.

      The twisted revolver is a reminder to the Funds… They don’t just want AR 15s, AK, unsporting assault weapons, Glocks, they want your revolver, hunting gun, ammo, and knives as well!

      So Dallas should stick the Moms, Bloomberg, and NoRA with the protest security bill, is that what they are saying? I mean, the NRA didn’t ask them to be there. Trump would have likely been speaking elsewhere and still needing protection, so nothing to cry about there. How much did the Women’s March, March for our lives etc cost everyone? But the NRA must be blamed for something. How dare they come to Dallas! How dare they promote guns! How dare they cost they city money!

      • I talked to a couple of cops sitting on their ass in cruiser with NOTHING to do. Massive over reaction by the leftist nuts who run Dallas. Send Bimpberg and Soros the bill.

  9. Man you have a few guns,ammo,ninja gear and crazy drugs and they ste…er confiscate your legal guns. Ain’t life a be-yotch?!? Oh and it’s Hawaii. Dick’s sux…

  10. ” RED FLAG ” laws are a perfect name, as anyone who knows history will recognize the old Soviet tactic of labeling all dissidents and opposition to the state as — ” MENTALLY UNFIT ”

    Much of the mental ‘ health ‘ profession is based in LIBERALISM and Pseudo-science.

    Just like Global Warming …… but the courts will call them ” expert witnesses ” when disarming YOU , based on just hearsay and false claims….. of course you WON’T be there to object as it’s a SECRET hearing.

    And FUCK NRA and Trump both for supporting this crap !…… now turn in your bump stocks , peasant.

  11. What Eric Paulsen isn’t telling his constituents is that the “process” by which someone is “deemed” to be a danger to themselves or others is completely arbitrary. The emphasis will be on labeling you crazy and, once that label is placed, you will not be allowed to remove it. Bureaucrats, after all, never make mistakes. Besides, public safety is a higher moral calling. Thank of the children.

  12. The NRA will lose that case. Precident doesn’t matter if the judge is a liberal activist, hates your guts and wants you dead.


    F THE UN
    F THE UN
    F THE UN
    F THE UN
    F THE UN
    F THE UN
    F THE UN

    • Couple of Problems about getting the UN out of the United States! First, We (i.e. the United States) doesn’t own the UN Building. The United Nations does. And Second, We (i.e. the United States) doesn’t own the ~16-Acres of Land that the UN Assembly Building resides on, The United Nations does. John D. Rockefeller, Jr. “GAVE” the ~16-Acre parcel of Land to the United Nations in 1946…

      • Send in 50,000 Marines to “help the pack and find the door”.

        This happy horseshit is over, we will SHUT THAT SHIT DOWN…..NO EXCEPTIONS.

        • Considering the amount of Money the UN generates in New York and New Jersey. I don’t see that happening. And are you willing to Start a War with the Entire World just because Your Pissed Off. You honestly think your the Only One that hasn’t thought of the same thing? Think again! There were Safeguards put into place to prevent such a Course of Action…

        • Quit funding the UN with tax dollars and set up passport checkpoints at the edge of the 16 acres.

          The UN is corrupt and creates more problems and deaths than it prevents.

        • Secundius: Given the total disregard the UN personnel have for the little laws (like traffic laws, assault laws, you know: the rules we expect everyone to follow), the locals aren’t really happy to have the UN there.
          Even though they own the land and buildings, they don’t own the utilities.
          The State Department can declare the UN ‘personae non gratae’, and deny them entry or residency. NYC can use eminent domain to seize the property and give it to another business that will supply the city more income (tax). (This has been declared legal by the SCOTUS) (And would have the added bonus of removing the legal scofflaws from the city)

        • Ya, I’m sticking with my answer.

          GET THE UN OUT OF THE U.S.
          GET THE UN OUT OF THE U.S.
          GET THE UN OUT OF THE U.S.
          GET THE UN OUT OF THE U.S.
          GET THE UN OUT OF THE U.S.
          GET THE UN OUT OF THE U.S.
          GET THE UN OUT OF THE U.S.
          GET THE UN OUT OF THE U.S.

      • U.N. sits on blood soaked grounds of the former slaughter house district. ( spirit cooking )

        The ” meditation ” room is an occult alter of black stone.

        U.N. official publisher is — Lucis Trust ; formerly LUCIFER publishing , and no shit their address is or was …. 666 U.N. Plaza.

        ” …… and in the darkness , bind them “

        • Sue the Family of John D. Rockefeller, Jr.! He’s the one who Donated the Parcel of Land to the United Nations, for FREE and No String’s Attached…

        • Correct me if I’m wrong! But isn’t Son-In-Law Jared Kushner’s Apartment Building’s address “666” Fifth Avenue (i.e. Pagan Worshiper)…

  14. We’d love to silence the guns, but for nearly 85 years that’s required $200, waiting months or years, and more federal hassle than most people are willing to tolerate.

    But I accept the UN’s endorsement of the Hearing Protection Act.
    Thank you for your support, Ms. Nakamitsu.

  15. U.N. Needs to go away. If they can’t recognize the difference between “guns causing violence” and “people being violent” then they are too stupid to be of any use. Objects don’t magically cause people to be violent. U.N. Policies, however, certainly can.

  16. Is the U N’s job to represent what people want, or impose what they “ought to” want on them? Or the EU, US Feds, or state of your choice?

    • How can the UN do either? The world is made up of so many ethnic groups, cultures, religions and so much tribalism how is it possible for any one group to fairly make decisions for this diverse population?

      The UN has no legit reason to exist.

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