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“Our hope is to raise awareness of this important issue. We’re hoping the Chicago community can take advantage of this … and learn how simple it is for a civilian to obtain a weapon of war.” – Brady Campaign press secretary Max Samis in ‘Gun-sharing’ station uses art to make point about gun violence [via]

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  1. How long, I wonder, before they’re all broken or stolen?

    Can they be sued for false advertising if they’re not real guns?

  2. Much easier to get an abortion…and they eliminate 600,000+ every year in the USA alone…just sayin’

    • Very true. I, however, am fine with that because the women who would get those abortions probably shouldn’t be mothers anyways. They’re nothing more than incubators for future assholes… as if the world doesn’t already has enough of assholes as it is.

      As a matter of fact, a not so small part of me wants to flip the universal background check script on all the women who push for such things when it comes to guns. We all have seen images of women holding signs saying that that their reproductive organs are more regulated than guns, right? How are vaginias more regulated than guns? Nobody knows, but they just are because reasons, okay? Well fine then, we should push for legislation that will give them something to really complain about!

      If women can’t pass “common sense” reproductive background checks, aren’t married, and are younger than – oh say – 27 years old (aren’t arbitrary age limits fun!), then they are an asshole incubator risk, and should be prevented from having children. In my mind, it will have a two fold benefit by both reducing the number of abortions AND the number of assholes. It will also be fun watching them have to fight for their natural rights for a change.

      Happy mother’s day 🙂

      • That’s fine, but a murder is a murder, and should be prosecuted the same way. Kill a baby cuz you “weren’t ready for the responsibility”, punish them the same you would as a DUI vehicular homicide.

  3. The willingness of the anti-gun bunch to tell lies only marks them as untrustworthy to the voters.

    • As easy to buy a gun on line as ordering a book on Amazon.
      Gun show loophole.
      Weapons of war.
      Bullets fired from an AR cause worse wounds than any other rifle.

      • “Bullets fired from an AR cause worse wounds than any other rifle.”

        It’s ’cause they tumble. /s

        • All bullets tumble or deflect. Or fragment or completely disintegrate, depending on the solid medium they hit. Smaller, lighter bullets tumble or deflect more.

  4. It really should be that easy. Why should citizens have to jump through hoops to get a weapon to defend themselves? We all know criminals don’t go through that system. Why handicap citizens? If citizens could defend themselves easily with constitutional carry and quick availability, criminals would think twice before choosing a victim, as it could be their last.

  5. If its so easy let’s see them do it.
    If ease is the benchmark fire, poisons and high explosives are by far easier to access, cheaper to implement and u less you’re a total dumbass anonymity can be retained during procurement.

    So many laws are regulations are aimed at penalising the lowest common denominator actor. What is always ignored is the reality that even the lowest denominator will adapt. Take away their sticks and stones and soon enough some wiseguy shows them how the local CVS can help them blow up bridges, cars and homes.

    You think unintentional firearm targets are bad just wait form the unintentional HE casualties. I think Chicago needs a P Stone revival. They forget what its like to have a taxpayer funded and politician supported terror cell stationed downtown.

    • “You think unintentional firearm targets are bad just wait form the unintentional HE casualties.”

      We just had that recently in Austin, one of them walking distance from my house. That’s pretty damn nerve wracking, especially if you get a lot of mail packages and/or have kids running all over the place.

  6. Aaaaaaand I wonder how much this little stunt cost to build and place, permits and all. Also, how stupid is this idea. It’s just like the commercials claiming tobacco companies “target” people. Ridiculous…

    • If not for idiot progs blowing tax $ there would be no “public art” to edumacate the unwashed/taxPAYER.

  7. That’s funny, considering this in Illinois where you need a FOID card just to purchase a gun, and last I knew, the counties in and around Chicago banned ARs.

    • I can buy an AR in Cook county(for now!)…yeah I need a FOID but only individual cities “try” to ban AR’s. You internet boyz really need to get edumacated😏

      • Chicago and Highland Park tried an “assault weapons” ban very successfully. S. C. Refused to grant cert on that.

  8. Isn’t sharing of handguns the way of the hoodlums in Chicago? If the Brady bunch wants to play this game, play it truthfully and show the real playas while you’re at it. Oh, you don’t want to spoil your false message. Got it.

  9. Here is a simple idea for Illinois-if laws penalizing criminals were to be enforced……..
    AS IF. We ALL know the fault lies with the gun stores and firearm owners tempting the poor gangbangers.

  10. Actually that system would require an App tied to a credit card. Thus the renter could actually be tracked in real time. And I’m sure they can put some kind of device on the weapon to signal when it had been used. It would actually 3/4 proggie goals wrapped into one neat package…and I actually would be totally down for using it if I were traveling.

  11. A pro gun group should put up a sign with an arrow next to it saying freedom station.

  12. Sometimes I read an article and can’t believe the shit these morons come up with. Max Samis. What a joke / lie , lie , lie some more. Maybe some knucklehead will listen. I feel the leftgungrabbingtards are hoping just that. With their money spent on this redicioulous bike /AR rental exhibit , people are gullible creatures. I don’t think even a leftard is that fucking stupid. Well maybe they are. Never underestimate what the Hog’s of the country will do to try and disarm us. In more ways than conceivable.

    • One of the most truly remarkable successes of the left is that they have NEVER underestimated their constituents’ ability to accept the absurd as fact. There is NOTHING they don’t think their people will believe if they say it loudly enough and often enough, and unfortunately they’ve been right

  13. They did this stunt the same weekend the NRA had 87 000 members visiting Dallas with their guns.

    While crime in Dallas went down, Chicago had something like 7 homicides with 40 shot. And a metric assload of carjackings, robberies, rapes and a few wilding attacks for good measure.

  14. Jesus loves guns.

    If you don’t own at least one gun, you don’t love Jesus.

  15. Lies, lies, and more lies.

    As New Continental Army stated here in Illinois you need to have a Firearm Owners Identification Card (FOID) to buy a firearm or ammo. You can’t even handle a firearm at a gun store without the FOID which we have to apply for via Illinois State Police who do background checks on us before a FOID is issued. Then if you want to buy a firearm their is the 24 hour waiting period for riles and 72 hour for pistols which also applies to private sales. For a private transaction both the buyer and seller must have valid FOID and the seller needs to go to the Illinois State Police website to run the FOID on the potential seller and if valid an approval number is given that is good for 30 days and the seller needs to fill out a form with that approval number and information on the seller and keep that form for 10 years. So it is a big fat lie that it is trivial to buy any firearm in Illinois.

    Person to Person Firearms Transfer
    430 ILCS 65/3(a-10) – Any person who is not a federally licensed firearm dealer and who desires to transfer or sell a firearm or firearms to any person who is not a federally licensed firearm dealer shall, before selling or transferring the firearms, contact the Department of State Police with the transferee’s or purchaser’s Firearm Owner’s Identification Card number to determine the validity of the transferee’s or purchaser’s Firearm Owner’s Identification Card. This subsection shall not be effective until January 1, 2014. The Department of State Police may adopt rules concerning the implementation of this subsection. The Department of State Police shall provide the seller or transferor an approval number if the purchaser’s Firearm Owner’s Identification Card is valid. Approvals issued by the Department for the purchase of a firearm pursuant to this subsection are valid for 30 days from the date of issue.

    Private Firearm Transfer Response
    This system is for the sole purpose of determining the validity of a FOID card in compliance with 430 ILCS 65/3(a-10) for a private firearm transfer. This system shall not be used by Federal Firearm Licensed Dealers in replace of the Firearm Transfer Inquiry Program.
    TO DETERMINE THE VALIDITY OF A FOID CARD FOR A FIREARM TRANSFER AND RECEIVE A TRANSFER APPROVAL NUMBER, please enter the FOID card number and data of birth of the person (buyer/transferee) to whom you will be transferring the firearm. Approved firearm transfers will be issued an approval number, which are to be retained for a period of 10 years.

    Buyer/Transferee FOID Card #
    Buyer/Transferee Date of Birth

    • Cross the state border into a free state to make that long gun transfer. Whwaile here purchase as much ammunition as you care/can carry. Have a nice meal and tasty beverage and we will call it economic development. Unfortunately for handgun transfer I think you will have to do it in occupied territory in order to comply with Fed law.

  16. It’s too bad someone didn”t have an art display of the typical school defense program
    You know, some signs and a bucket of rocks.
    At least that would have been truthful

  17. When the next civil war starts, I might peel me a few commies in front of a rack of loaded weapons. They’d wish they were easier to get, for either of us.

  18. Criminals in Chicago go free in the revolving door justice system and get paid to not be bad with tax payer money. Here in Illinois we don’t have enough gun control sponsored by Chicago Democrats. We have to have a FOID card to purchase firearms and ammo. We have waiting periods for firearm purchases from an FFL. Private sale is a nightmare.

    House Bill 4208, The bill would award grant monies to districts that did away with armed school resource officers and replaced them with social workers. This is really stupid law that has already passed the Illinois House.

    Here is a list of Bills still in play in Illinois on gun control. It really is not over till the governor votes all of these, but Chicago Democrats will just resubmit these and others.

    Senate Bill 1657 and House Bill 1273, Dead for now.

    Senate Bill 1657 and House Bill 1273 has been reintroduced as Senate Amendment 2 to Senate Bill 337, would create an onerous gun dealer licensing scheme within the state of Illinois.

    House Bill 1465, would deny law-abiding young adults under the age of 21 their Second Amendment rights by prohibiting them from possessing or purchasing commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms, standard capacity magazines that hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, and .50 BMG caliber rifles. The bill would require adults under the age of 21 to dispose of such firearms within 90 days and to dispose of standard capacity magazines over ten rounds in capacity immediately. In addition, language in the bill would prohibit out-of-state visitors from being present in Illinois for no longer than 24 hours with such firearms or standard capacity magazines.

    House Bill 1467, It would ban bump stocks and trigger cranks. It would require owners of bump stocks and trigger cranks to dispose of them within 90 days.

    House Bill 1468, would require a 72 hour waiting period for certain commonly-owned semi-automatic firearms and .50 BMG caliber rifles. Current Illinois law requires a 72 hour waiting period for handguns and a 24 hour waiting period for long guns. House bill 1468 to impose a 72-hour waiting period on modern semi-automatic firearms is currently sitting on Gov. Rauner’s desk. Hopefully, the governor will veto this.

    House Bill 1469, would ban standard capacity ammunition magazines over 10 rounds in capacity. This bill has no grandfather clause allowing owners of these magazines to keep them, and would instead require that they be disposed of within 90 days.

    House Amendment 1 to House Bill 1470, would arbitrarily limit law-abiding citizens to one handgun purchase a month.

    House Bill 1664, would direct the state police to create a Dangerous Persons Hotline to allow anyone to report individuals who they think present a clear and present danger to themselves or others and who own a firearm without any evidence required.

    Senate Bill 2314, would repeal the firearm preemption law that has been in place since 2013. Preemption law helped pave the way for Illinois to have concealed carry. But, Chicago Democrats gave cities 10 days to put in bans for certain magazines and firearms before the deadline to be exempt during the 10 day window.

    Senate Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 2340 will impose broad and vague requirements that far exceed federal law on firearm components. It would prohibit the possession of raw, unfinished receivers, firing pins, and barrels or build components by individuals who are non-FOID card holders.

    Senate Amendment 1 to Senate Bill 2343, and Senate Bill 2247, would make it a non-probational Class 2 felony with a minimum sentence of three years imprisonment to merely sell, manufacture, purchase, possess, or carry certain firearm accessories. If these accessories are attached to a loaded firearm, it would be a Class X felony punishable by 6-30 years imprisonment.

    Source: NRA ILA

  19. Um … if you can get guns that way, why didn’t they use a picture of an actual gun dispenser. Oh, right … there aren’t any.

  20. Powerful statement.

    pick up a rock and bash the sculpture to pieces.

    Prove weapons can come from anywhere, its in the user that the evil lies.

  21. I can only wish that I can easily get my hands on a weapon of war.
    The best that I can do is one that LOOKS like a weapon of war.

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