davis fuck the NRA
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If you still have any illusions that the anti-gun left is only looking for “reasonable” gun control reforms, “common-sense” restrictions on Americans’ access to firearms, or legislation that would improve “gun safety,” I know a Nigerian prince who needs your credit card number that I’d like to introduce you to.

Albuquerque city councilman Pat Davis is running for Congress as a “progressive” in a crowded field and apparently wanted to make a splash. The brainstorm his campaign strategists and he came up with was this NSFW ad.

Davis is facing off against five other opponents for the Democratic nomination for an open congressional seat in Albuquerque, and he has made gun control the focus of his platform. KRQE, the local CBS affiliate in Albuquerque that ran the spot, has allowed it to run without bleeping out the expletive, because the station is “not permitted to censor or in any way edit” political ads, according to KRQE general manager Bill Anderson.

Keep it classy, councilman.

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  1. Well, the left is going hard Leftist.

    New Mexico, you used to be such a cool state…

    (Is the text size when typing in the comment field larger for anyone else?)

    • “Is the text size when typing in the comment field larger for anyone else?”

      Yeah, it’s huge.

    • Please stop using the Left/Right criteria when referring to someone like this. Do you know where this actually came from? It is where the parties typically sit in European Parliaments. The revolutionaries, often Communist, are seating on the left while those who tend to favor military dictatorships are on the right with the other parties in between. This is no way to distinguish someone’s beliefs. To point out the lunacy of this Right/Left nonsense, the difference between Hitler and Stalin mostly came down to technique.

      This guy is a totalitarian, a tyrant. He does not want to protect people’s freedoms and liberties. He is out to destroy them. He is the face of Big Government, where they are the master and indeed us to be slaves.

      • Yeah, left/right, conservative/liberal are imprecise and misleading terms in addition to implying that politics is one dimensional. You need a least two dimensions to even begin to sort people and policies and a lot more than that to be accurate about it.

        • In this case, he’s so far out on the “jackass” axis, the other axes aren’t really relevant.

          Huh. String theory meets politics. Who’d’a thought? Maybe there’s a paper there …

      • blah blah blah. The NM POS is a marxist progtard. Back away from your useless polysci indoctrination into rabbithole nonsense.

        NM seems to have more than it’s “fair share” of such idiotic politics/politicians. Did the Ca outmigration skip a state, their VW busses run out of gas before they reach Tx, or what?

    • New Mexico was never a cool state. It has voted solidly left for decades, with an occasional Republican executive elected to help clean up the financial messes of the left’s excesses in governing. Martinez came into clean up fatass Richardson’s mess after Richardson blew through the budget surplus Gary Johnson built up. Richardson handed out government money to cronies and recklessly spent money on stupid feelgood environmental projects such as the Rail Runner.

      New Mexico is one of the poorest state’s in the Union, and it hands out entitlements like candy as it sucks up $2 in federal money for every $1 in federal taxes paid by its residents. Albuquerque is a backwater covered in a constant sheen of dust and poorly-fabbed tract homes. The Albuquerque PD is a criminal syndicate. Drunk driving is the most-popular state hobby, prompted in no small part by an indigenous population that hammers their welfare checks or their monthly share of casino proceeds at the local liquor store with an alacrity neither reflected in their driving habits nor in their work ethic.

      Los Alamos is an upper-middle class make-work program with college-educated liberals sucking at the government teat while being vocal members of the “resistance.” Santa Fe is a charming town filled to the brim with the sort of #metoo progressives who find Jane Fonda to be a little to right-of-center for their tastes.

      When the Front Range liberalism of Denver and Albuquerque finally spread far enough to infect decent little towns like Farmington and Las Vegas, there will be nothing positive to say about New Mexico other than the cheap price of gasoline as you race through it at 70 miles per hour on the way to more livable destinations.

  2. I don’t think this will play well in ‘Burque. Santa Fe, sure, but he’s not running for office there.

    • Spot on. This guy said politeness hasn’t worked but cannot name 1 law abiding NRA member who committed a mass-shooting nor has he any facts. You cannot shoot 150 bullets in 15 secs with a AR. So we can join in FUCK YOU DAVIS. Mr DUI. Be careful what you wish for.

  3. The Left wants total civilian disarmament always have always will,no secret,no surpeise.

    • So they can murder us. That is not hyperbole; read some of the comments on that Youtube video.

      “I’m hoping it’ll turn into early 1910’s Russia and have you fascist fucks lined up against the walls with your guns confiscated. lmao.” -Boredpersons55

      “James Lee
      15 hours ago
      I laughed so hard that day when the Feds raiding the Branch Davidians compound.”

      • If the revolution finally happens, it will most likely mirror the French Revolution, and not the first American Revolution…

  4. Yes its rather large.

    Let the Libitard Left fight it out between themselves. This way the worst of the worst might just show their true colors and knock themselves out of the running come November.
    Id rather like to see some “honest” Libitard say what they mean. An “honest” politician. Now that is an oxymoron if ever there is one.

  5. Yea, let’s all disarm for these lunatics. They’ll be sure to treat us with dignity and respect once we all make ourselves defenseless.


  6. At least he tells us how he really feels.
    Bwahahaha. We can only hope all the dem candidates go all out being even more leftist.

  7. Why not report/flag the video to YouTube as being offensive/hateful? Use the left’s tactics on them for once? Turn about is fair play.

    • Won’t do any good, probably.
      Because it’s “protected speech,” being a political ad, Facebook won’t do anything.
      If, under FCC rules (see above), it can air on OTA TV, FB won’t see any reason to remove it. Especially as the ad is for a Democrat.

      And the text size seems to be normal for me. Windows 10, Firefox.
      Of course, “Notify me of follow-up comments by email” doesn’t work, still.
      And having a cookie is pointless, still.

  8. Maybe the republican candidate should say something like F illegal aliens…just sayin’. See if they censor it.

  9. He cam be pretty brave hiding behind cops and security. The rest of us have to depend on ourselves.

  10. As mentioned earlier take this opportunity to flag this on youtube. Let’s try to turn the tables on stupidity.

  11. Being a progressive is democrat code for being a communist! Progressivism started about a hundred years ago because democrats knew that Americans would never vote for a communist, so they just changed the name!

  12. The left on the Looney West are trying to out do themselves in Kalifornia.

    And fuck that douche in NM race.

  13. Isn’t this just like a liberal…knows more than anyone, can spend your money better than you can, claims to be able to protect you without firearms, raises taxes as a solution to EVERY ill in the country, promises everything but delivers NOTHING, serves as Mayor in ever major hellhole city in the country, and is filled with corruption that rivals anything that came before. The Democratic Party is in utter chaos….it is filled with LIARS, THIEVES, and HYPOCRITES…has been for decades!!! As for Mr. Davis…I have no regard or respect for this man….he thinks disarming the public is the answer to everything?? Well, as Doc Holiday said in the movie ‘Tombstone’, “Just say when.”

  14. I had a friend who lived in Albequerque some years ago. He said that some of the neighborhoods were run by Mexican drug gangs and so violent that the police stayed out. Or maybe those cops were on the gangs’ payrolls. Probably has not changed. And that is the future this guy would like for the rest of the country.

  15. I wonder if the NRA tracks new members by state and/or city? It’d be interesting to see how many from NM/ABQ join after listening to this fool’s comment.

  16. That guy struck a nerve. The first few seconds of his commercial have been tweeted and retweeted and many people think it is cool to post it like on Facebook.

  17. He’s the type who would advocate “re-education’ camps for kulaks and incorrigible bourgeoisie gun owners. He’s a Stalin or Mao in the making, a total sociopath.

  18. I’m glad to finally see an honest democrat. I hope to see more honest democrats in the future.

  19. Why are the Democrats so obsessed with sex?
    First Stormy Daniels and now the NRA.
    Is there nothing that they won’t insert winkle (or cigar) into?

  20. KOAT 7 yt vid as well on this.

    ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. — The chair of the Albuquerque Metro Crime Stoppers and executive director of a progressive advocacy group was arrested early Saturday morning under suspicion of drunken driving.

    Sheriff’s deputies arrested Pat Davis, 35, around 12:30 a.m. on the 1300 block of Broadway. He’s facing an aggravated DWI charge.

    Davis was heading south on Broadway near Cesar Chavez when he rear-ended another vehicle, according to Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Cpt. Sid Covington. Deputies arrived at the minor accident to find that Davis appeared drunk, and he failed field sobriety tests, Covington said.

    He then submitted to a breath test that showed his blood-alcohol concentration was higher than .16, twice the legal limit and the threshold for an aggravated DWI charge, Covington said.

    Davis was the only occupant in a vehicle that Covington said was a gray BMW, unknown type.

    Davis began his career as a police officer in Washington, D.C. and has become as a well-known advocate for progressive policies and as a spokesman for the District Attorney and University of New Mexico police.

  21. I am a native New Mexican and very proud of it. I believe that this candidate has enough education not to resort to profanity when speaking. It also says that New Mexicans are all thugs and only understand profanity. Not true. Give us some credit. Using gun rights to get attention by use of profanity is as bad as the thugs who recklessly pull the trigger. When I see your name at the poll, I will think, F#@$ you too.

  22. My problem is first.. he is not my type. A Guy.. as a hetero male NRA & NRA-ILA member, supporter And follower. Ewwww…..

    Second my wife carries to so discretion is the better part of this Valorous male.

  23. BTW DUMB ASS pat davis, when are you leftist idiots going to realize it take a person to kill. The gun does not fire itself. It takes a person to pull the trigger to kill someone with a gun. When are you idiots going to outlaw drugs, booze, cars, 2 x 4’s, fence post, shovels, axe’s, hammers, knives, trucks, buses, airplanes, etc. All of these can kill, but only with someone using them. They don’t do it by their selves. IDIOTS !!!!!!!!!!!!! There aren’t any of you leftist or dem’s that have any old fashion horse sense.

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