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“We periodically and impartially examine merchant categories as a whole to help determine our ability to consistently meet regulatory and internal risk standards. We acknowledge that this sometimes results in difficult decisions.” – Rabobank spokesman Gregory Jones in Bank closes gun shop’s accounts [via]

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  1. They told an upstanding local business enterprise that federal security regulations caused them to close its accounts.

    Who said Choke Point was dead?

  2. More bullshit for the feelz of it? Good to know, i will feelz better not doing business with your bank. Not that ive ever heard of it.

  3. Gee, is this the outfit that got “fined” for laundering Mexican cartel money (illegal) but takes action to shut off a legitimate business. FedUp is right on!

  4. That’s right, make law-abiding bank customers sit at “the back of the bus”.

    That behavior against lawful business needs to be *outlawed*.

    How about it, Ted Cruz? Can we come up with a law?

      • “…we’re not even allowed at the lunch counter.”

        You’re on the right wavelength – This is discrimination, and needs to be dealt with accordingly.

        Meaning, *legally*. Enact law to use the full force of law to stop them from discriminating against us…

        • So what you’re basically saying is, we should go tell the teacher that they’re not playing nice and won’t let us be their friend. So she should make them play with us and share their toys?

          So much for freedom of association. Doesn’t anybody mature beyond age five anymore?

      • Exactly, although I would take it even further and say that we are not even allowed to enter the bus or cafe.

    • Jim Crow was statutory discrimination.
      The bus Rosa Parks was sitting in was a municipal bus.

      These are private banks. A law requiring them to do business with a customer is just as wrong as a law requiring a baker to bake a cake for a wedding against his will.
      This is also a great opportunity for a bank to step in and get a lot of goodwill for supporting the firearms industry, or for these businesses to form a credit union.

      As for laws, I’d prefer a law preventing governments at any level from bailing out or otherwise supporting banks. A law preventing government agencies from using any business that discriminates against customers for political, religious, cultural, etc. reasons would also be within the government’s purview. Anything beyond that is dangerous overreach.

      • Wells Fargo is sticking with the NRA. They will be a possibility if they keep up the good behavior.

      • Thank you for supporting racial discrimination against the black customers of white privately owned gun stores.

        This is why Robert F Williams in his book “negroes with guns” was able to go to the National Rifle Association and get recognition for his Rifle Club, and in turn he was able to purchase guns and ammunition, with a discount, through the mail from the NRA.

        They don’t teach this history in schools.

  5. Yep, I am not surprised between this and credit card companies trying to limit the services they provide to firearms retailers. The next step by the Statists will be to deny insurance policies to both businesses and private citizens. Make no mistake where this is heading.

    The implication will be to divest ourselves of firearms or we will be unable to either sign a rental lease or insure our homes. In the name of public health we will be charged extra on our health insurance policies the same way they are now charging tobacco users extra and I can imagine physicians will begin taking “moral stands” and refusing to take patients who own firearms.

    The Statists want us marginalized and then eradicated.

    • “The implication will be to divest ourselves of firearms or we will be unable to either sign a rental lease or insure our homes.”

      It is no different than when banks used ‘Red-Lining’ to keep blacks from moving into white neighborhoods.

      Where and when will our 1955 ‘Montgomery, Alabama’ moment be?

      • Ha ha! Do you mean as in the SCOTUS case N.A.A.C.P. v. Alabama (1955) which recognized a constitutional right to freedom of association, the very same right you’re now demanding be stripped of this bank? Oh that’s rich!

        • I don’t see the three L’s Libertarians Liberals and the Left, supporting the freedom of association with white Christian bakers.

          But white homosexuals and the three L’s Libertarians Liberals and the Left, totally support race discrimination when it comes to selling guns to black people.

          That is why mail order was how blacks traditional got there guns and ammunition.

          “Negroes with Guns”by Robert F Williams. And “Negroes and the Gun the black tradition of arms” by Nicholas Johnson. Read these books for more information in this topic.

          During the time of the NAACP versus Alabama case Robert F Williams got his guns through mail order from the NRA because they granted him an NRA Rifle Club recognition.

          No white gun store owner would sell him Firearms which I guess is okay with the Three L’s, because the white man who owns the gun store doesn’t have to associate with black people.

          But the white Christian Bakers do have to associate with homosexuals don’t they????

    • And we think you’re a statist moron, because of everything you’ve ever posted here.

      • Statist in the fact that I don’t support turning the country into Somalia? Sure, guilty as charged. Show me one successful an-cap society in human history that didn’t devolve into feudalism and you might have an argument.

        • Nice strawman. Somalia isn’t anarcho-capitalist and never was. It’s a mix of tribal organizations and thuggish strongmen. But your posts in the past have been a lot more pro government than just maintaining a minimum for a civil society.

          Show me one successful government in human history that didn’t devolve into oppression and you might have an argument.

    • Serge, I have been reading your comments for a couple of years and I usually agree with your insight. As an AnCap, I feel compelled to respond.

      I’d rather have a few anti-gun banks choose to divest themselves from the gun industry in an AnCap society than risk having a central government that could order all banks to do so.

      The constitution has proven ineffectual at constraining the levitation. At best, Electing Trump pumped the brakes on this train to civilian disarmament. It’s only a matter of time before the leftists take control again and they’re going to punish us for not being obedient subjects. When that happens, we can only hope they screw the country up so badly in the process that the whole house of cards comes crashing down, and The People learn from the mistakes of the founders.

  6. Time to demand more regulation on such bankers.

    I think we need to know the contents of their homes and cars. Moment to moment.

    • Because……more regulation…..more rules…..more mandates……more government involvement in every sphere of life…..has a long, strong, and enviable record of producing cost effective positive outcomes with minimal negative externalities?

  7. To be honest, none of this stuff happens in Australia.

    If I want to buy a gun, I can do so without any interference from financial institutions.

    I can place a deposit and pay the full amount completely via my credit card or EFTPOS without my financial institutions putting me under an inquisition for my actions.

    As bad as things are here, there are many things you endure that we don’t have in the slightest.

    • Like a nationwide mandatory gun “buyback”?!? Give me a break dude. Look closely-this is an evil bank screwing a gunshop. Anyone with a credit/debit card can easily get cash out of an ATM. Even my crappy state of Illinois beats the hell out of Australia!

      • That is why Australia doesn’t have the back door gun controls that the authorities are pushing so hard right now in the US. They have no need for the back door, they come right in the front any time they want.

    • Not throwing rocks at you personally, Southern Cross, but that isn’t currently happening because the lefties have largely won. When you folks lost the right, oops, make that permission to own anything other than bolt guns and a few lever guns, they declared victory and went on to destroy other parts of your country.

      Here in the states, the 2nd Amendment is still mostly intact with only a few federal encroachments, and of course more in the slave states. Your country mostly only has problems with urban vs rural, but here we have an increasingly large schism between the coastal areas and “fly over” country in the middle. I fear eventually we will end up in a real shooting war over things like guns and immigration as the left grows more and more violent and the center right digs in it’s heels. I still have some hope that we might stave off a second civil war if the center right continues to win enough federal level elections, but it will be a close thing.

      • The buy back was over 20 years a go. I will probably never see self-loading rifles readily available as they were in the 1980s and 90s in my lifetime.

        We deal with the here and now and now we have more licensed firearm owners and more firearms privately owned than there were before the buy back.

        We had to make a Mexican decision of the silver or the lead. For us it was accept the money for your now illegal guns or face heavy fines and imprisonment. Media and public opinion were definitely not our side, and the media never has been.

    • I think the key word is “yet”. Like Australia, up here in Canada we have the same anti-gunners. I suspect they will start putting pressure on banks and other organizations if they don’t achieve the desired reductions in firearms ownership.

    • Don’t get mad or angry. Get *even*.

      Demand laws to stop such Civil Rights violations…

      • Sorry, it is not a civil rights violation. Civil rights protected by law are defined by statute, and gun owners are not a protected class under the federal statute, 42 USC section 1983. Without being a “protected class”, there is no violation and no right to sue.

        • “Without being a “protected class”, there is no violation and no right to sue.”

          Then let’s correct that shortfall…

        • A legislator in Pennsylvania suggested that they make gun owners a protected class.

          If PA gets a Republican governor in November and they also keep the super-majority in the legislature, it may well happen.

          It would be interesting to say the least.

  8. This is only the beginning.
    How about denying leases, zoning fights, insurance problems, maybe even blacklisting to keep other businesses from working with them.
    Gun rights were ascending steadily the past few years and they are running scared so plan X is being engaged.

  9. First of all Rabobank is Headquartered in the Netherlands, NOT California. Also the Gun Store Owner was being Kept Open by a NRA Business Finance Loan for 7 of the 8-years that the Gun Store stayed in business. And ~70% of HIS Sales were by Credit Card purchases and he had ~$24-Million USD worth of Firearms in his Stores Inventory. Doesn’t anyone Fact Check anymore…

    • Nah, there are Many skills Falling by the wayside Lately. fact-Checking, use of Proper Capitalization, use of Turn signals… i Tell you, it’s a sign Of the end-Times.

      • @ Matt in FL.

        What was the last website you were on where Everyone Wrote in Perfect English, Mad No Grammatical Errors, didn’t insert “Emoji’s” and ended in a “Leet” comment…

        • It’s been a while, to be sure. So we should all just give up, right?

          No, fuck that noise. There is a right way and a wrong way to do things.

          However, my comment about random capitalization had less to do with the high ground and more to do with the fact that it just makes it harder to read.

          • @ Matt in FL.

            As opposed to All Lower Case Letters and/or All Upper Case Letters, Emoji’s, Leet, Latin and the Occasional “Klingon” huhhh…

      • Your missing proper use of homophones corect speling and use of punctuation

        (Sadly 20% of the people who read this won’t even catch the first one.)

        • I hate to be that guy, but you should have wrote “you’re” as it’s a contraction of “you are.” You also didn’t punctuate your first sentence.

  10. Wonder what all these anti-gun do-gooders are going to do when the gun shops just start accepting bitcoin transactions only.

    • They will demand that the Feds close the ‘gun store blackmarket’ e-currency loophole.

      You will see photoshopped images of your favorite LGS advertising ‘machine guns’ in whatever the modern Silkroad is with pearl clutching headlines like “untraceable military weapons of war bought with untraceable currency”.

  11. In 2013, Rabobank was fined $1 billion — that’s a billion with a B — for illegal trading practices, including the manipulation of LIBOR rates.

    Compare Rabidbank with Wells Fargo, Bank of America and the rest of that motley crew (not Motley Crue). They are all criminal organizations. Criminals never want law-abiding people to have guns.

  12. One wonders if the progressive cancers inserted by the Obama administration into our federal government will ever be completely removed.

  13. He just needs to change his store’s name to “LGBT Guns” and the bank will reconsider.

    • @ ToddR.

      Considering the NRA Business Financial Services were keeping his Gun Store solvent for 7 out of 8-years the store stayed open. I would think even the NRA thought the business was a Lost Cause and pulled his Financial Life Support Funding…

      • Even assuming he had a loan, having a business loan says nothing about whether a business is successful. Running a retail business requires extensive capitalization, and carrying a loan for seven years is wholly unremarkable.

        • Approximately 70% of his sales were by Credit Card Sales. How much of his estimated $24-Million USD in Inventoried Firearms, simply disappeared because of Bad Credit Sales. $16.8-Million in Bad Credit Sales is Bad Business for any Gun Store Owner in an 8-year period. And How many if any of those Firearms were actually Insured. Insurance Premiums must have Ate Him Alive cutting into his Sale Profits…

        • “Approximately 70% of his sales were by Credit Card Sales. ” I’m not sure what your point is. That sounds perfectly normal. Hardly anyone comes in and pays cash for a gun.

      • Refusing to share links for the “research” you’ve done doesn’t make you superior, it just makes you a douche.

  14. Why is this “victim” gun shop banking with a corrupt, money laundering bank? Answer is likely the owners are financially lazy. A lot like how Wells Fargo customers are not abandoning that bank for being corrupt.

  15. Rabobank is Headquartered in the Netherlands, and they Set the Policy Standards. Not the Bank Outlet in California. Though Rabobank was caught Money Laundering ~$389-Million USD to Mexican Drug Cartels, tells you something about the Bank. And IF the Gun Store Owner was Reduced to using Rabobank as a Banking Service, tells you something about the Gun Store Owner. Nobody else would Float him a Loan to stay Solvent…

  16. If a white Libertarians say that there’s nothing wrong with racially discriminated against black people if they walk into a white own gun store and are refused service, then there certainly is nothing wrong with a bank refusing to serve a gun store anymore.

    So just as black people were discriminated against for 400 years in the United States and white Libertarians said that was okay because it was Private Business voluntary Association, then the Firearms business can also be discriminated against financially from Banks because that is voluntary for the next 400 years as well.

    It sounds silly. It sounds stupid. You say it can’t happen here. Why it’s already happened to black people.

  17. The name should be changed to ROB-O-Bank… Fuck ’em. Never heard of ’em and they’ll never get any business from me. I bet they handle drug dealers’ accounts though…. POS-Bank.

  18. Secundius mentioned several times the store owner had a $24 million dollar inventory. That is not true! The store owner mentions in his article that customers can search a catalog with $24 million worth of firearms. He’s simply referring to a distributors catalog from which he can purchase firearms wholesale then sell to the customer! The owner, as it shows, has very limited inventory in his store: “As you can see, it’s a very simple set up,” Santi said, surveying his 250-square foot store housing two display cases of handguns and a wall gun rack holding seven rifles, including a special one engraved with the symbol of the Boy Scouts of America.

    Add to this story, it’s over eight years old!
    Secundius, do the proper research before spewing your nonsense!

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