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Democratic senators urge more banks to crack down on gun sellers

The new Operation Choke Point continues to take shape . . .

Twelve Democratic senators are calling on banks to follow the lead of Citigroup and Bank of America in limiting their business with firearms dealers in light of recent mass shootings.

The senators, led by Dianne Feinstein of California and Brian Schatz of Hawaii, wrote letters to 11 banks — including Wells Fargo, JPMorgan Chase and Morgan Stanley — endorsing corporate policies that raise the minimum age to purchase firearms, require background checks on sales, and prohibit the sale of high-capacity magazines, bump stocks and assault-style weapons.


The Gun Control “Wave” Is Receding Already

But pro-gun voters never forget . . .

Not all the numbers have gone back to their pre-Parkland levels, but they’re getting there. That process was already well underway as early as late March. The measurements being looked at break down into two different questions. How many people support new gun legislation and how many believe that it’s actually possible to pass such laws with our current Congress and president. Right after the shooting 50% of the country thought passing such legislation was possible. By March 23rd the number had dropped by six points and it continues to fall.

Similarly, right after the shooting, 51% said Congress wasn’t doing enough about gun violence. In a matter of six weeks, that figure had sunk back into the mid-40s. But that doesn’t mean that all the news is either good or bad. In the wake of a terrible attack, a certain number of people are always going to react in a predictable fashion and consider governmental “solutions” which might have seemed undesirable before. But Americans value their Second Amendment rights and once they see the sorts of legislation that the gun grabbing lobby inevitably cooks up every time they have a chance, enthusiasm for such schemes tends to drop.

U.S. judge approves gun maker Remington’s bankruptcy plan

That was fast . . .

Weapons manufacturer Remington Outdoor Company Inc won approval for its bankruptcy plan on Wednesday, paving the way for the company to slash debt, boost its cash position and better weather the uncertain climate for firearms in the United States.

Remington will exit bankruptcy as soon as this month, with some of its creditors, including JPMorgan Chase & Co(JPM.N) and Franklin Advisors, taking ownership stakes in the company in exchange for forgiving debt. Cerberus Capital Management L.P., Remington’s current private equity owner, will give up its equity in the restructuring.

The company confirmed in a statement that its expects to emerge from bankruptcy before the end of May.


Gun Control PACs Raise About 60 Percent of NRA PAC’s Haul in March

It’s almost like America’s gun owners are more committed and engaged than their anti-gun opponents . . .

The nation’s largest gun-control political action committees raised just over $1.4 million in March, about 60 percent of the amount raised by the National Rifle Association’s PAC.

The PACs for the Brady Campaign, Everytown for Gun Safety, and Giffords all brought in money from donors in March with varying degrees of success. The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence Voter Education Fund raised $4,015 for the first quarter, according to a filing with the Federal Election Committee. In March, the Everytown For Gun Safety Action Fund, Inc. raised $13,580. And the Giffords PAC outpaced its ideological counterparts by raising $1,386,892.64 that month.

That amounts to $1,404,487.64 between the three groups. The NRA’s Political Victory Fund raised $2,353,095.31—about 40 percent more than the combined total of the gun-control groups. The NRA PAC’s total represents a record amount for the group.


Cop convicted of illegal gun dealing sold weapon used in murder

As a Washington, DC, police officer, Richard Wince knew firsthand about the dangers of black market gun sales and the inherent risk of weapons ending up in the wrong hands.

But that didn’t stop him from illegally dealing firearms while off-duty. Prosecutors say he supplied weapons to people who couldn’t buy them legally, including a troubled former Marine reservist deemed “mentally incompetent.”
Wince sold the 29-year-old former Marine an AK-47 that he used to kill himself about two weeks later, according to court documents reviewed by CNN. Another weapon Wince sold “was used in a murder,” the documents state. Authorities declined to provide details about the slaying.

Gun store break-ins, number of stolen firearms on the rise both locally and nationally

Across the country, the number of gun shop burglaries has steadily increased from 436 in 2015 to 577 last year, according to ATF statistics. The number of guns stolen in these break-ins is up from 4,721 in 2015 to 7,841 last year.

“That’s a concern for us, ” added (ATF Public Information Officer Suzanne) Dabkowski.

The number of gun store burglaries in Ohio has varied only slightly, but the number of guns stolen has increased by nearly 100.


The Surprisingly Solid Mathematical Case of the Tin Foil Hat Gun Prepper

Maybe they’re not so crazy after all . . .

There’s a common misconception in the media about the eventuality for which the preppers are exactly prepping. That’s because they’re a diverse group, and prep for many different things. No, they aren’t planning for a revolution to overthrow the government. (Most of them, anyway.) Mostly they’re planning to keep themselves and their families safe while someone else tries to overthrow the government. That, or zombies. (More on zombies below.)

While we don’t have any good sources of data on how often zombies take over the world, we definitely have good sources of data on when the group of people on the piece of dirt we currently call the USA attempt to overthrow the ruling government. It’s happened twice since colonization. The first one, the American Revolution, succeeded. The second one, the Civil War, failed. But they are both qualifying events. Now we can do math.

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    • I don’t see how anyone, at this point, can believe that the Democratic party and progressives and leftists in general (but I repeat myself) don’t really intend to take away all your (our) guns, let alone say it with a straight face.

      As for USA Today’s opinion piece…

      The government can’t buy back what they never owned. It can attempt to simply buy something I have, if the political will exists. But the attempt will fail. They sure as hell aren’t “buying back” my personal investment in my own right to live. It’s not for sale…unless they’re willing to purchase it with my blood and theirs.

      • They will use the Progressive political concept known as “Nudge”.

        Never ‘go for the gusto’ (even thought that guy is calling for that), do it like California did.

        Step 1 – Registration. See? Nobody confiscating any guns…

        Step 2 – Outlaw them, with draconian penalties if caught with them. Your choices are – Move them out of state or turn them in for destruction. That’s confiscation.

        They will likely ‘compromise’ by just registering them this time. But if it’s national, confiscation is the only way to do it. That is when I fear violence may break out, here and there…

        • California learned its lesson after the 1st AW registration/ban in 94′. This year’s AW registration/ban is being conscientiously ignored by about 95% of the people just like NY’s SAFE Act.

        • Then do what the Aussies did, when the Polititians swore on the souls of their children that registration would not lead to confiscation.
          65% of Aussie gun owners refused to register in violation of their “natural rights as Englishmen”.

    • I read that “protecting the right to live” line (which doesn’t exist in the Constitution), and the first thought that popped into my dimwitted little brain was, “Well, exactly WHOSE right to live are you trying to protect? Sure as hell ain’t MINE!”

      • The closest thing to a protection of a right to live in the Constitution is the Second Amendment, which protects your right to the means to defend yourself.

    • They only want to take the guns that they can find, that’s all. That is what began the revolutionary war wasn’t it.

  1. @GiffordsCourage, eh? The “courage” required to stand up and demand that the government take away your rights AND everyone else’s because you’re scared isn’t really courage at all. Everything’s backward in Progressive Land.

  2. They pulled records from websites the cop posted on. If you are wheeling and dealing in guns on the net you’d best follow the law and minimize the parking lot deals.

  3. Yeah we never forget. Just saw a FB thing from Illinois FFL’s. Giving kudos to Springfield for quitting any connection with DICK’S. And how many Springfield’s were(are?) sold in Dick’s and ASSociated companies. I’m betting slim and none. This from Illinois FFL’s 😖😩😧 I’m a half-azzed prepper. Be prepared. Ex-Scout(no boy’s anymore)…

    • Yep. Transgenders only now. Part of the overall push to destroy “toxic masculinity”.

      • Actually it has a lot more to do with the fact that the Girl Scouts do not offer a program or rank level equivalent to an Eagle Scout. Eagle Scouts are highly thought of as college applicants, and it doesn’t hurt your first job prospects either right out the gate. So the girls thought they should be allowed that same opportunity for personal achievement and advancement.

        • I demand the highly offensive elitist “Eagle” Scout be changed to the more inclusive “Bird” Scout.

          “Eagle” discriminates against sparrows, grackles, robins, seagulls, titmice, larks, parrots, crows, owls, thrushes, hawks, blackbirds, ducks, geese, ptarmigans, vultures, etc. This cannot stand.

  4. “Bank of Gun Owners”

    “Politically incorrect postal service”

    Need some of these ^

  5. I’m hoping this big gun control push will blow up in the democrats faces. We actually need to keep gun control IN the spotlight. We need to make this election about gun control. There’s nothing that drives democrats out of seats harder or faster then a gun control election.

    • I think you’re right. After Sandy Hook I was astonished at the numbers of affluent Americans who were patronizing gun-stores, purchasing everything from ARs and AKs to pistols. You’d walk into your customary neighborhood gun-store and suddenly realize that, not only was it crowded with people spending money, but the clientele had shifted to include lots of people who clearly had the resources to add personal defense weapons to the hunting guns they might have had for years. They were serious about their purchases. America was arming itself. That trend continues.

    • Have to agree, before Parkland, (D)s essentially were EXPECTED to take control of the house and congress. Now even the leftist publications are calling it a close fight, which given the results of the last election, well, we all know what happened.

      So keep it up. We’re watching.

  6. Use banks to regulate gun industry…..hmmm.

    So what happens when we get banks to stop dealing with alcohol industry giants. Bbest way to prevent drunk driving – right? Close distilleries distilleries.
    Have banks not deal with auto industry – TADA!!! No more auto related deaths….

    Maybe they are on to something. Or more likely ON something.

    • Well, we all know the Democratic Party is basically the big banks’ best butt-buddies. Scum like that need to be driven from the Temple.

  7. Proud to be on my way to becoming a prepper.

    3 months food, cistern fixed, good gear, gold, guns, ham radio license, lots of first aid supplies, house and 53 acres debt free, good relationship with my neighbors.

    You can laugh about zombie apocalypse but have you thought what a zombie is?

    I define a zombie as a human no longer capable of rational thought beyond its own desires. It feeds off the blood (life) of the humans that are left.

    To me, there’s very little difference between a zombie eating me and a far left democrats demanding a government handout paid for by my effort of life (dollars.). So buddy, I think it’s already here.

    • Just an observation but even with 53 acres, unless you’re living in Ted Kaczynski’s shed, there’s probably a 50% chance you’ll need to take the show on the road. For this you’ll need fuel, transportable water, dehydrated food, weaponry and plenty of ammun ition.

      • Each situation is different of course, but generally why would I want leave unless I’m in danger? And where would I go? I’m already rural, there is a family farm about 500 acres that is even more rural but no house or resources there so it is better to stay here I think.

        I understand my home is not defensible by myself without perimeter gaurds, but it’s pretty good. Brick, metal roof, on hill overlooking field 300 yards to road and then 500 yds to river. The wooded back is weak but I have backhoe and could stack 3800# concrete bin blocks or dirt in front of windows and doors. Same for garage door.

        I have absolutely no concerns about my firearms and ammunition supply. GTG.

        I have a farm semi truck usually full of Diesel and 48’ flatbed so I guess I could leave but it’s not part of my plan. I’m still getting into this, the goal is to be more prepared for more scenarios.

        • Historically speaking, by far your most likely doomsday scenario will be the possibility of being caught on the wrong side of the lines. You may be well defended against a couple dozen zombies, but how would you fare taking on a well equipped army of hundreds if not thousands. Invading armies (both foreign and domestic) have a long history of rape, pillage and burning homesteads like your own, especially if they think you’re loyal to the other side. You’d best have your bunkers buried deep since the artillery fire will be coming from 20 miles away.

          My advice would be to prepare your homestead as best you can for the zombies, but be prepared to rapidly load a vehicle with enough food, water, fuel and weaponry to make it to whichever coast is the farthest away. Have a good supply of food grade 5 gal. buckets with lids for water. Calculate the fuel it would take to make it to the far coast and keep 125% of that readily available. You’ll have to rotate your fuel supply as it will go stale within a few months. Keep your bug out supplies ready as you may find you only have a few minutes to skidaddle before you’re under fire.

          This exact scenario has played out over and over repeatedly throughout history and will repeat itself again many times over. The zombies have yet to attempt a take over.

          Also, keep a little cash and gold or silver.

        • Guv, the coasts are mostly enemy country now when times are stable and good. Do you really think it would be wise to run that way during a ‘zombie’ event?

        • I’m not advising where to go but to have the ability to get anywhere on the continent. There’s no way I could know now where safe ty will lie. But this scenario has played out countless times throughout history effecting hundreds of millions, if not billions, of people. No other scenario comes anywhere close in frequency.

          Consider this scenario – you’re a Ukrainian Jew in 1941. The Nazi armies are advancing. Do you stay in your little prepper homestead or flee?

        • In a situation where armed forces with incompatible ideology were controlling and rounding up local population:

          I think I would cache gear, and attempt to evade and fight a guerilla insurgency. I might not make it a day or expend even a magazine of ammunition, but I bet I could take at least one with me.

          I always say Europe (and U.S.) shouldn’t let in male refugees of fighting age and ability. I’m not going to be a hypocrite demanding Canada or somewhere do that for me. I’m not going to abandon my friends, family, and neighbors by fleeing unless it’s the only way.

        • (Not asking) Where you are located in relation to exodus (‘Golden Horde’) patterns in a true TEOTWAWKI situation.

          Even if ‘X’ (where X is a large number) miles away, the horde will spread and devour. The mass of little Z’s will likely overrun all but the most stout and coordinated defenses along that path.

          You should ‘always’ have a GooD plan. Whether for little Z’s, reavers, or other factors. Not planning for it, is planning to fail.

          Right there with you. The GH would need to come a long way off the beaten path to reach my acres, but an evac plan is still required.

        • Cooter, it’s highly possible that your best contribution to the cause is to bug all the way out and circle around to join friendly forces on the other side, kind of like the French soldiers who made it out of Dunkirk. Not that the French resistance didn’t make a huge contribution, but for the soldiers at Dunkirk the choice was 1) get to England, 2) die or 3) surrender and spend the war in a German stalag.

          Also, in the event your evacuation doesn’t require a 2000 mile journey, your fuel reserves may make it so a few of your neighbors can also make it out and join the fight.

    • I’m envious, cooter. I’m debt free and my house is paid for, also. But I’m in the middle of urban sprawl in CA.

      6 years til my wife retires and hopefully we’ll get to Utah then.

      • Was in a similar situation to you before full retirement. Now off on my own (and owned) acres, with water rights, soil, and seclusion. You can get there. The wait is murder. Use the time for planning.

        My oldest boy has a career in Vegas (Doctor). Planning his GooD in case of issues, is interesting from a logistics standpoint. I can’t imagine trying to extract him from southern or central CA coastal areas. Shudder.

  8. Giffords, sadly a literal half wit who even with half a brain now has the sense to surround herself with armed security.

    Too bad she opted to save a few bucks choosing to rely upon Safeway grocery clerks rather than open her purse to provide even a minimum level of security for her constituents who died because she was too cheap to spend a dime of their campaign contributions for their safety and well being.

  9. Overall the guy that wrote “The Surprisingly Solid Mathematical Case of the Tin Foil Hat Gun Prepper” is right other then adding in the “your gun is more likely to kill you” line. Given he is numbers man, maybe he could actually look in to how that came about.

    If I remember right it, involved a good number of people in criminal activity(s).

  10. Did anybody hear Tim from Military Arms Channel? He was on NPR this afternoon talking about his stance on the NRA. He represented!!!

    • Any archive of it? Tim is one of the few people willing to openly call the NRA on their treason and support of arbitrary government power.

    • Ya I heard him talk. He did a good job and sounded pleasant enough. He didn’t have any stumbles that I heard. I kept waiting for the NPR talking head to start a fire but she didn’t. Tim on the other hand, is lookin’ for a fight and rightly so IMO. I just hope he gets in the door at the show.

      Yes, I was listening to NPR. I like to check in on the squirrels from time to time and see how they think the nuts are stacking up. They are still fricken nutz…and still stacking.

    • Ahead Of Annual NRA Convention, A Member Says It’s Sacrificing His Rights

      “Lifetime member Tim Harmsen, the owner of Copper Custom Gun Shop in Valparaiso, Ind., and the creator and host of the Military Arms Channel on YouTube, says he’s bringing boxes of T-shirts that reflect his disappointment.

      “The shirts say ‘NRA: Not Real Activists.’ So, we’re not happy with the direction that [NRA leaders] Wayne LaPierre and Chris Cox have taken,” Harmsen says. “They think that the resolution to all that ails the country is constant compromise on our constitutional rights, and there’s a growing number of us who are dissatisfied with that.””

      “Word is that they’re not gonna allow us in if we’re wearing the shirts. And so the NRA is always saying, “well, the Second protects the First,” and that’s what I’m gonna say if they ask us to leave. And we’re gonna record the whole thing on video and we’re gonna say, you know, “Guys, you’re being hypocritical here. You say the Second protects the First. I’m here with my First Amendment rights. I’m here to vote for change within my own organization, and you’re, you know, telling me I can’t.” … I mean, we may be escorted out, they may leave us alone; we don’t know what to expect. But we’re gonna go and we’re gonna make our voices heard. ”

  11. I love the “bought by the NRA politicians” thing. Some enterprising folks at the NRA should do an add highlighting where the anti-2A and Democrat money comes from. You better believe the majority of it is NOT coming from individual Americans. Try billionaire elitists and foreign interests.
    What’s good for the goose… talk about collusion with foreign entities.

    • They’re just following the Nazi doctrine of ‘any lie, repeated enough, becomes the truth’.

      NRA isn’t in the top 20 of political donators. Those slots are all held by huge companies, mostly in the energy and pharma industries.

      The NRA’s political power comes from mobilizing voters, not from campaign contributions. The left is just utterly unable to realize this, because their SOP is astroturfing.

  12. So how does people’s thinking on guns function? Like a mass shooting happens, and people think, “OMFG! We need more gun control!” then a month passes and “Gun control, er…what?” I mean it doesn’t stick at all?

    As for prepping, too many people confuse being prepared with being paranoid. There is a difference. This is a funny source, but I am always reminded of the quote from Bert in the movie “Tremors 2:”

    Earl: “Well Bert, you put a whole new shine on the word ‘overkill.’

    Bert: “When you need it, and don’t have it, you sing a different tune.”

  13. Wow Mark Kelly is good. His lips don’t move AT ALL when she “speaks”.

  14. Use banks to regulate guns?

    Well, since BofA, Wells Fargo and JPMorgan Chase have rap shoots longer than El Chapo, I’m thinking that maybe guns should regulate banks.

  15. Prepper? In my life I’ve been in war, snowstorms, a hurricane, flood, earthquake and tornado. And out of a job. Having food and supplies put back isn’t ‘prepping’ it’s common sense.

  16. “…Politicians bought by the NRA are no longer safe. ”

    So the groups we don’t like who are lobbying the politicians need to be shut down.

    We, on the other hand, are a lobbying group who needs your help and support.

    I guess if it weren’t for the double-standard they’d have none at all.

  17. I got no problem with the system.. a bank should make no loans to places that have “gun free” zones, That exclude permited CCW holders.
    Which doesn’t exclude constitutional concealed carry else where.

  18. As long as Banks voluntarily refuse service to gun manufacturers and gun businesses it’s okay with the Libertarians. It’s called Freedom at least that’s what they call it.

    And gun makers can have 400 years of discrimination just as black people had 400 years economic discrimination. And Libertarians are okay with that because the government isn’t suppressing anyone.

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