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What To Expect During The NRA Convention In Dallas This Weekend

And we’ll be there to cover it for you . . .

The convention, which runs through Sunday at the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in downtown, comes at an intense moment in the national gun debate. On Feb. 14, a school shooting left 17 dead in Parkland, Florida, sparking student-led protests across the country and calls for gun reform.

Following the school shooting, Dallas Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway called for America’s largest gun lobby to relocate its meeting, saying it would face “marches and demonstrations.” A Dallas resident launched a petition urging the city to revoke the funds it put toward the NRA convention. It has more than 40,000 signatures.

Several demonstrations are planned while the NRA meets in Dallas. About 80,000 gun advocates are expected to attend the convention.

courtesy NRA Women and Twitter

Gun safety activists prepare to put their power behind shareholder voting at Sturm Ruger

“Gun safety”

Next week, activist shareholders will make their first attempt at shaking up the gun industry using their votes instead of just their voices.

One big campaign is against an NRA-connected director on the board of Sturm Ruger & Co., one of the nation’s largest gun makers. Groups are threatening to withhold their votes for Sandra Froman’s renomination as director to the board, where she has been a member since 2015. Froman has been a director of the National Rifle Association for 26 years and was its president from 2005 to 2007.

Amalgamated Bank, which describes itself as promoting socially responsible causes, wants Sturm Ruger to agree to a list of demands involving gun safety and sales practices by this Friday or it says it will withhold its vote for Froman. The company, it says, is too closely tied to the NRA.


Gun control may divide country, but Maryland is in purple haze, poll finds

Dems outnumber GOPs in Maryland 2-1 . . .

Kromer oversaw the survey of 617 Marylanders, who were asked, “Who do you have more confidence in to handle the issue of gun violence? The Republican governor? Or the Democrats?” The answer was a statistically equal split of 39 percent favoring (GOP) Gov. Larry Hogan and 40 percent favoring the Democrats.

“That division, I think, is caused by folks who look to the Democrats, who are kind of pushing forward with supporting more gun control measures, and perhaps the folks who look to the governor, who see him advocating, I think, for more school safety measures,” Kromer said.

When asked whether gun control could be the one issue he and his Democratic opponent could agree on come November, Hogan said, “I think there might be a lot of things we agree on except maybe they might not agree that I should be governor for another four years.”

Southern Illinois county becomes the third to announce they will not comply . . .

In a unanimous vote, the Saline County board joined Effingham and Jefferson counties in protesting what they consider to be unconstitutional gun control reforms currently being considered by the Illinois legislature.

“We did it to send a message to the lawmakers in Springfield that gun owners exist outside of Cook County,” said Saline County Board Chairman Jay Williams.

“We like our guns. We want our guns. The Second Amendment gives us those rights. They need to think before they start passing legislation.”


Kopel: Gun Control Won’t Stop Crime

They’ve always counted on confusion and misinformation to push through more restrictions . . .

The “assault weapon” issue was brilliantly constructed by gun-ban advocates to take advantage of the ill-informed. Thirty years ago, gun control strategist Josh Sugarmann wrote a report explaining that the press and the public had gotten tired of the handgun ban issue. He urged that prohibitionists concentrate instead on “assault weapons.”

He offered a key reason why this new type of gun ban would have a good chance politically: “The weapons’ menacing looks, coupled with the public’s confusion over fully automatic machine guns versus semi-automatic assault weapons—anything that looks like a machine gun is assumed to be a machine gun—can only increase the chance of public support for restrictions on these weapons.”

He was correct.


Can Hollywood Get Out of Its Own Way in Campaign 2018?

No. Next question . . .

A concerted effort began in February when Everytown for Gun Safety, the Brady Campaign, and Gabby Giffords’s gun-safety organization, the Giffords Law Center, gathered with a host of P.R. professionals, talent agents, and other showbiz insiders, at the Soho House in West Hollywood and the offices of P.R. firm Sunshine Sachs in Manhattan, to figure out how to move forward. It was one week after the Parkland massacre, and the group was inspired by the rage-fueled activism of the students from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School.

According to those in attendance, the meeting was less an agenda-driven event than an open forum. Those in the room openly questioned the efficacy of Hollywood’s help, concluding that it was better to empower the teenagers than employ the same tried and true formula of centering the message on famous people. And the gun-safety groups hoped the passion in the room could sustain until the midterm elections on November 6.


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      • {Salinity of the human body}

        “I’d say about 0.9%.”

        It’s a little bit scary when armed bears are also RNs.

        They’ll rip your face off and then change the bandages every 8 hours after the docs stitch it back on… 😉

  1. “Another fatal shooting in the peaceful multicultural utopia of London, a place where guns are strictly regulated!”

    I hear that handguns are not just regulated in GB, but outright banned. Still, criminals willing to break laws against murder are for some incomprehensible reason also willing to break anti gun laws. Surprising, huh?

    • The ban is so complete at the last UK Olympic and Commonwealth Games, the British competitors were unable to compete in the handgun competitions because their guns were overseas and as British subjects the guns could not be imported. Other countries, however could compete.

  2. Saline County?!? Damn that’s obscure…Little Egypt I see. I’ve been there. More in common with Kentucky than ILLinoisistan. My son lives in Maryland. Whatever awful gun scheme they come up with I’m sure he’ll be happy…

  3. ‘SturmRuger & Co… is too closely tied to the NRA.’

    Which is reason #37 on my list of reasons why I’m such a S,R&Co fan-boy.

    • Annoying when I follow a news link to point out to them what bigoted losers they are and there’s no “comments” section… It’s almost like they don’t really want a civil dialogue…

      • …Did some say “fast approaching a Civil War?! Could this be the reasoning to get rid of the 2nd Amendment…So Government can move against the Civilian population?! EVERYTHING currently, regardless of Prez. Trump and co…Shows an increasing goal towards Authoritarianism…And unparalleled aggressive Paramilitarized LE enforcement….

    • I looked up the bank in question.
      If Ruger is too closely connected to the NRA (an association Ruger has allied concerns with), then Amalgamated Bank is too closely tied with the Democrats.
      If it weren’t for double standards, the left would have no standards at all.

  4. The southern half of Illinois should just succeed and join one of the surrounding states.

    • It’s odd, how governments that are so good for the governed (just ask them) have to force people to stay in.

      Wonder what would happen if, say, counties had to choose to stay in the state, for the state to continue to be? If it’s worth all that being in, why wouldn’t they stay?

      • I’m so old, I remember when countries were trying to get into the E U.

      • If you ever find yourself in Berlin, visit the Stasi museum (secret police museum)
        They have a paper written by a 10 year old boy who is glad his parents built a barrier to
        “prevent us from being exploited by the capitalists.”
        Yes- he’s writing about the Berlin Wall.
        The workers paradise was so great, they had to build a wall to keep people in, but, the people born and raised behind the wall believed what they were told.
        In Germany, they were/are called “Osties”- “Easties” would be the best translation.
        In the US, we call them Tide Pod Eaters, Condom Snorters, or Concerned Moms.
        Brainwashing takes many forms…..

        • That’s not actual brainwashing, but instead known as “mental conditioning”. They are two distinct and separate techniques of control.
          Brainwashing requires a long time with the victim incommunicado with the outside world, as torture and reward is used to break the personality down so that it can be replaced by whatever new person the state desires. This leaves a ‘Manchurian candidate’ behind that will do whatever they are programmed to do, bereft of choice.
          Mental conditioning is a state of having been told so many lies for so long that they have been accepted as the truth, no matter how ridiculous they are. This state is also known as; “cognitive dissonance”, where the victim has had their brain disconnected from reality.
          The big difference is: the conditioned ones can return to normal in a short time. It only requires that the conditioned one open their eyes, look around, and start questioning things. This is difficult, for the conditioned one has usually usually spent his entire life living the lie, and is loath to change, for such requires admitting what a fool s/he has been.
          The brainwashed have no such option. Their entire personality has been destroyed, and the victim cannot simply ‘wake up’. Its all in the CIA MKULTRA documents(duckduckgo dot com search. for some reason, google censors them… 🙂 ). They are a good read for those with a strong enough stomach…

        • Teacher: In Soviet Union, we have the best food, the best houses, the best clothes, the best cars, the best…Alina, why do you cry?

          Alina: I want to live in Soviet Union too!

  5. Gun safety activists prepare to put their power behind shareholder voting at Sturm Ruger
    “Gun safety”

    One big campaign is against an NRA-connected director on the board of Sturm Ruger & Co., one of the nation’s largest gun makers.

    Shockingly, one of the directors of a gun manufacturer is “associated” with a notable membership organization of users of the product. This is surprising?

    I do have a suggestion for ACME Bank, there. If they don’t want to make guns, they don’t have own part of a gun making company. Of course, it isn’t about them doing (or not) what they want, it’s about them *making you* do (or not) what they want.

  6. Good on the south to drop a shot across the northerners bow. What’s gonna suck is where I am is too far north to actually have this happen. I’ll laugh my ass off to see the state explain the double standard around immigration enforcement and gun law enforcement.

    ED:Illinois has 102 counties. That means that just under 3% have gone this route. Would love to see it a lot higher than that.

  7. “Amalgamated” means fucking coomunists who are also, strangely, pushing Sharia [law] Banking,
    because, peopleforget that when you fuck with America juuuussst enough, you’re going to get shit broken off of ya, that’ll be used to then beat you halfway to death. It’s a welcome sign then, that they’re coming after guns, because there won’t be any compunction about hunting their families later, I mean, as long as it’s now just de rigeure to try to fuck with each other with impunity

  8. I’ll see you folks at the convention this afternoon 😀 Acres of freedom on display.

  9. It should be of concern to all when a “red state” like Texas has a mayor of a major city, Dallas, who doesn’t want a very large convention in their city because of politics.

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