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Will Gov. Scott push back hard against NRA’s lawsuit — or will he roll over?

How is that Senate campaign going, Governor Scott?

The NRA suing the Florida Legislature is like a parent suing the children. That’s Mom and Dad taking Johnny to court because he won’t eat his broccoli.

Of course, the NRA picked as its target a patsy who probably won’t fight back too hard. It doesn’t have the guts to go after its real enemy, the courageous children of Parkland.

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has never been shy about advocating for “state’s rights.” He refused to comply with Obamacare even after the Supreme Court upheld it; and he blocked federal stimulus funds for a high-speed rail line between Tampa and Orlando. Now we’ll see how hard he resists the NRA’s challenge to Florida’s right to regulate handguns.

courtesy washigton times and AP

NRA, Olympic Shooter Sue California Over Its Restrictions on Ammunition Sales

More of this, please . . .

The National Rifle Assn. and its state affiliate have filed a fourth lawsuit against California over its gun control laws, this time challenging new restrictions on the sale and transfer of ammunition.

The NRA and the California Rifle and Pistol Assn. filed a challenge in federal court to a requirement that ammunition sales and transfers be conducted “face to face” with California firearms dealers or licensed vendors, ending purchases made directly from out-of-state sellers on the internet. The lawsuit in the United States District Court for the Southern District of California also challenged a requirement starting next year for background checks for people buying ammunition.

The lawsuit was filed in the name of Kim Rhode, a six-time Olympic medal-winning shooter, and others. It challenges California’s new ammunition sales restrictions as a violation of the 2nd Amendment and the commerce clause of the United States Constitution.

DISGUSTING: Brooklyn Official Brags About Trying To Silence NRA Members

Can you believe there’s a Friends of the NRA dinner in Brooklyn? . . .

Brannan isn’t alone among Brooklyn officials who hate the NRA and want to keep them out of Brooklyn; according to the Brooklyn Reporter. The Reporter wrote that the Brooklyn Friends of the NRA had wanted to hold an event featuring a gun auction in Brooklyn, but two venues, Gargiulo’s in Coney Island and the Grand Prospect Hall in Park Slope, backed out after local residents and elected officials raised hell, so the group rescheduled their event at the Dyker Heights Knights of Columbus without publicizing the event.

Here are some examples of Brooklyn officials or candidates for office condemning the event once news leaked out that it was indeed going to take place:

Andrew Gounardes, one of two candidates for the Democratic nomination for State Senate: “I think this is absolutely outrageous. The NRA has absolutely no place in Brooklyn. They do not believe in common-sense gun laws. They do not believe in keeping our neighborhood safe and the fact that they have to sneak around our community just to hold a fundraiser shows how wrong they know they are and how unwelcome they are in our community.”

 – – – – –

Why is the CDC Hiding Its Defensive Gun Use Statistics?

Is that a trick question?

It’s as if the CDC read the Kleck-Gertz study, decided to challenge it, and to their chagrin discovered their studies reflected the same conclusion. One might even think the CDC was loathe to admit that gun owners aren’t the violent ne’er-do-wells many on the Left portray them to be.

To be fair, the CDC’s surveys covered a limited number of states (roughly 15), not the entire United States. Follow-up studies on the broader population may show different results. But while limited, the CDC’s findings confirm that Kleck’s own research wasn’t a one-off—and suggest that defensive gun use deserves to be more closely examined in the future.

Why I Left The U.S. 20 Years Ago… And Why I Won’t Be Coming Back

Did anyone notice she left? . . .

The U.S. is not the same country today that it was when I left it 20 years ago. I didn’t live in the America that’s scared to send its children to school for fear that they’ll be massacred by an adolescent with access to assault weapons. When I went back for a visit in the spring of 2017, I was horrified to learn that my high school in upstate New York has become a kind of gated community — no unauthorized visitors are allowed on the premises. Students need to pass through metal detectors to get inside and are patted down as if they are about to board a plane. My former elementary school is now littered with security cameras. It deeply saddens me that my teacher friends have to worry that they may need to start bringing guns into their classrooms for self-defense. It feels like the situation has gotten out of control and that America has spiraled into a gun-slinging Westworld.

Living in Europe has afforded me a luxury I never thought would matter — gun control. There’s nothing better than knowing that no one I know owns a gun. In the south of France, where I live, it is absolutely impossible to walk into a store, buy a gun and ammo, and leave with them in the same day. And beyond all of that, the military-grade weapons you can buy anywhere in the U.S. are illegal for ordinary citizens to purchase.

Ken Bone Says His Son Was Suspended from School and Questioned by Cops for Gun Range Photo

In what world can administrators suspend a student for lawful activity away from school grounds? Mr. Bone needs a good attorney . . .

Ken Bone, the nationally beloved undecided voter who asked a question at the second presidential debate in 2016, claims his son was suspended from school and questioned by police after appearing in a photo taken at a gun range.

Bone tweeted the photo, which depicts his son using a weapon appropriately, to Kyle Kashuv on Tuesday. Kashuv, a student-activist and Parkland survivor, is a staunch supporter of gun rights. Kashuv had claimed that police questioned him after he appeared in a gun range photo, and Bone’s tweet was supposed to be a message of solidarity. But apparently it landed his son in hot water, too.

In a follow-up tweet, Bone clarified that administrators didn’t actually speak with his son; rather, they called the elder Bone at home and informed him of the suspension. The gun range photo was the explicit reason, according to Bone.

Want to understand gun owners? Watch their videos

Apparently she still has a lot to learn . . .

My husband, a gun owner, watched firearms videos like this one. But I had never seen one. Intrigued, I sat down on the couch to absorb the imagery.

Hooking his thumb through his pants belt loop, the YouTuber demonstrated how pushing the gun forward, rather than pulling the trigger, allowed the gun’s recoil to “keep the gun going.”

In other words, he was bump firing his rifle.

I’m a criminal justice researcher. At the time, a flurry of thoughts popped into my mind. Aren’t citizens forbidden to own automatic weapons? Is it legal to make a video of a semi-automatic rifle performing like an automatic firearm? What about the 1930’s machine gun ban – is there a YouTube loophole of some sort?

This was 2011, seven years before a gunman at a country music festival in Las Vegas used a bump stock to make his shooting spree more effective and deadly, killing 58 people and injuring 851.

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  1. 250.02 Militia.—
    (1) The militia consists of all able-bodied citizens of this state and all other able-bodied persons who have declared their intention to become citizens. Constitution of the State of Florida

    • ^This
      Begging him to dump Israel.
      But he’ll play it out by not acting upon it.

      And the real reason is revealed by the quizzical look he always wears upon his face.
      Unlike Diogenes, he searches not for an honest man ( or he would axe Israel), but for his testicular appendages. He lost them years ago…

      I pray for the extinction of the RINO species.

  2. If you’re gonna wear a Vault Tec hoodie to the range, maybe choose something retro next time, maybe a wood furniture AR in .204?

    That’s my only critique.

  3. Re understanding gun owners … Good luck with that, any more than you can understand all of geology from looking at a single rock.

  4. Maybe this woman that moved to Europe to embrace gun control and other socialism will recruit the others here is our country to move over there also. Move to Europe and quit trying to destroy our beloved country. it is so bad here that the whole world wants to move here, hmm.

    • Well….. she’s signalled to the world that she’s pro-rape. She’ll get plenty of that in disarmed Europe.

  5. Bump stock/s made the Vegas shooter more effective???
    You dont know much about guns, bump stocks and distance, do you?

    If this stupid shooter had only known, but thank God he didnt!
    If he HADNT used the stupid bump stocks at that range, the death vs wounded would likely have been reversed!

    • Sorry, but you consider yourself a expert of the gun, you are NOT. He managed to hit 480 people. Some multiple times. Precise aimed fire at 500 yards is stupid when firing into a large crowd. With a proper set up Slide Fire you can reliably dump a 100 round sure fire magazine in 8 seconds. With a bi-pod you can hold it on a 12 inch plate at 250 yards. Holding it on your shoulder the barrel will not “walk” on you like a lot of machine guns. The ONLY functional issue is OVERHEATING. And that is cured with a dozen New York reloads.

      Do a little searching online for people who have set up Slide Fires before Vegas. People have really dialed them in the past 2 years.

      Now if you want to debate the effectiveness of 5.56 at 500 yards, well I would say between a .380 and a 9 mm in terms of energy, and it is still .22 Spitzer bullet, so can you say “ice pick”. So it was usually head shots that were the fatal ones.

      • The NY Times edited together all the video recorded during the shooting into a coherent whole ( Watching it you can really noticed the long breaks (30 seconds to minutes) between strings of gunfire.

        I don’t know why the shooter acted that way, but the casualty count could have been much much worse had the shooter transitioned between magazines more rapidly.

        • “Bi-pods and bump stocks don’t mix.
          And if you couldn’t hear the belt fed in several videos you’re deaf.”

          exactly and it was not a small caliber belt fed either (being 5.56 which from what i recall the rifles “found” were) but rather more like 7.62×51

  6. I betcha’ Bone ain’t undecided NOW…yeah France is a wonderful safe place. Just ask those nice NICE folks celebrating Bastille Day😧

    • France has a higher rate of mass shootings and machinegun deaths than America. You’re also more likely to be stoned (have rocks thrown at you) for being a woman. I’m glad she found what she was looking for; a completely helpless society of sheep where even the cops are disarmed and get slaughtered like the rest.

    • Not thinking a Beretta 92 for regular teachers… Probably a Glock 19… Or shield… Or lcp. This isn’t the 80s, the most you are likely to see of a 92 around school is on a no guns sticker.

      Seems like we need a national take your family to the range day…

  7. I the article “Will Gov. Scott push back hard against NRA’s lawsuit — or will he roll over? the author Frank Askin has deliberately miss quoted Amendment ll by dropping the comma after militia he changes the meaning to how he would like it to read.. “a well regulated militia being necessary for the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.” He also chose not capitalize Militia, State and Arms which also changes the context.
    Read more here: “A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” I tried to comment the article but can not.

    • “a free state” really should have been written as “any free state”; that way any liberty loving person would know that it is not a specific state (such as Maine), it is intended to keep any territory free from liberty depriving tyrants.

      • problem is these commie dirt bags dont think that socialism/communism is tyranical. they think it is some utopia where everyone gets everything they need. these same people are completely ignorant of history and when they do study the history of for example the soviet union the gloss over the bits about all the dissidents being killed by saying these people were trying to rise up against the revolution.

        these same people feel that capitalism is tyrannical, and the way it is being done at the moment is to some degree being corporate crony-ism but true free market capitalism is about the most free system that you can get. true free market capitalism someone can start their own business and get ahead with very little other than a lot of hard work. corporate crony-ism on the other hand the big guys grease the palms of politicians to put in place “safety” or “environment” regulations that the small business cant afford to implement and cant fight while they grease the palms of the right people and get away with the same thing the small business cant do anything about except close their doors. therefore while not as bad as socialism (at present) it is in effect to some degree as bad. it is only that they have not gotten to the point where they have absolute control yet.

  8. Will Senatorr Scott push back hard on the NRA or will he role over? These new sex drugs on the market, your guess is as good as mine

  9. It is interesting that the government of Brooklyn (which runs the borough like a mafia family) is so intent of pretending the NRA is a criminal organization. After doing everything possible to chase the NRA out, they then act like the NRA is a bunch of sneaky cowards. The only lowlifes that I see are the Brooklyn Council themselves!

    • The government of Brooklyn should be very careful not to let it slip that these “civilian protests” are in fact planned and coordinated by the government itself, since that would be a pretty obvious first amendment violation.

  10. Speaking of RINO Scotts,Vermont’s RINO Gov. Scott isn’t welcome at Thunder Road to race his car,they don’t want pissed off NASCAR fans protesting the self esteemed RINO racer governor.

    No Racing For You RINO.

  11. I posted the following at Huffington Post:

    The woman sounds incredibly naive to me. I agree 100% that one should never just buy the “America is the Greatest” line without questioning and investigating it, but her arguments IMO are very lacking.

    For one, yes, living the European way of lesser work and more personal time with longer vacation, free healthcare, generous unemployment benefits, etc…can be great, BUT…it doesn’t come free. Someone else has to pay for it. To a great degree, that someone else is all of those hardworking stiffs back here in the United States. Because if it wasn’t for the U.S. taxpayer footing the bill for the U.S. defense budget that has provided the rich defense umbrella that has coddled and protected Europe for the last 73 years, there is no way Europe would be able to have those luxurious social welfare states. They can get away with them because they spend virtually nothing on defense. And until Trump, for years they have basically spat at the U.S. not even contributing the minimum 2% of GDP to NATO spending that was agreed upon.

    Regarding the issue of guns, well a few facts:

    1) Gun violence in the U.S. now is significantly less than what it was when she left the country. The mass shootings have increased as of late, but overall gun violence, and hence gun murders, have greatly declined.

    2) Her feeling relieved that no one around her has a gun is IMO silly. Guns do not make people violent.

    3) Europe is suffering its own problem now of rapes (Germany), stabbings (London), and shootings and grenade attacks (Sweden) because of the huge influx of Muslims. She mentions the 35-hour workweek and speaking French, so I suspect she resides in France as that is the European nation with the 35-hour workweek. Well that country literally put itself under MARTIAL LAW for a period because of all the Muslim terrorist attacks they were having. They had the military doing patrols through the streets of Paris. And she wants to try and claim that it is America that is a scary place to live?

    • “1) Gun violence in the U.S. now is significantly less than what it was when she left the country.”

      This proves she was the cause of the gun crime! #anti-logic

      • Mass shootings may have be on the rise here over the last 20 years, but there is a higher rate of mass shootings and mass murder in France than in America.

        • Where do you live in a cave. The Stats overwhelmingly prove America has more mass shootings than any of the European Countries or even when you combine all the European Countries.

        • There is a major issue when comparing stats even within the same country. It is the bias of the group that collects or tabulates the data.
          Here is an example of this according to FBI records: The number of mass shootings in the United States between 1982 and February 2018, 97. But if your data comes from say the Brady campaign then there would be over 1600 since Sandy Hook Dec. 2012.
          That is not just a few percentage points of discrepancy that is over 16 times as many during a 30 year shorter time period.

        • hmmmmm this reminds me of an old saying, “there are three types of lies. lies, damned lies and statistics.” if you leave certain things out of statistics you can make them look any damn way you want. at the moment in the US they are semi accurate. at least a mass killing by knife would still be counted as such. but many places in the world that have these anti gun laws they simply say so many were killed by such means. you are a statist POS with no regard to any natural human rights. the RTKBA is for people anywhere the last resort to stop tyrants. without it they are bent over backwards and f@$&#d up the ass with no rights to speak of. be good to see how you scream when it happens to you

    • “2) Her feeling relieved that no one around her has a gun is IMO silly. Guns do not make people violent. ”

      Maybe she’s relieved because she know the people around her are violent people who, if they had guns, would go on shooting sprees.
      Liberals are like that; evidently they only know violent people. Including themselves. They know that they can’t control themselves.

    • You can rant all you want about France but take a look at this, out of the 5 industrialized countries mentioned ZERO people went bankrupt when they became ill while in the U.S. ALMOST 5 MILLION U.S. PEOPLE WENT BANKRUPT BECAUSE OF A LACK OF AFFORDABLE HEALTH CARE.

      Only a hillbilly Moron would consider the U.S. as the best place in the world to live in.

      • Is there an anchor tied to your butt?
        If not leave America and if you’re not here don’t ever come here.
        I just solved your minor problem.

  12. “In the south of France, where I live, it is absolutely impossible to walk into a store, buy a gun and ammo, and leave with them in the same day. And beyond all of that, the military-grade weapons you can buy anywhere in the U.S. are illegal for ordinary citizens to purchase.”

    She might want to consider moving somewhere else:
    if you have a validate hunting licence or sport-shooter licence you can actually walk into any gun store, buy as many ‘category C’ rifles (either repeating or semi-auto limited to 2+1 or pump guns) as your wallet allows and walk out of the store with them, including ammo.
    If you are a sport-shooter, you can also buy semi-auto rifles (AR-15, SCAR, Sig 55x, AK47, AK74,…) and handguns (Glock, Sig, revolvers,…) with an ‘authorisation’ from the police. You are limited to owning 12 of those semi-auto. You can of course purchase ammo for them (with some limits) if you own legally the corresponding firearm.
    For info: there are estimations of around 15-20 million non registered firearms lying around in France (in addition to a few million registered ones), for a population of around 65 million. Not too shabby for a “gun free” country 🙂
    Don’t hesitate to forward this info to the gun shy American in France 😉

  13. Liz you left America? Well good riddance to bad rubbish! Only self absorbed white people growing up in the burbs of the US with Too much safety, food and money like you would complain. Maybe if you read news on sites besides facebook you would know that America is actually safer than it was 20 years ago. The proliferation of gun violence is a myth perpetuated by the media for clicks and ad revenue.

  14. The CDC has an infection…

    The politicritters won’t do it, BUT, thanks to the CDC not figuring out that information tends to leak…

    Now, ever time the deom-gogues point to that “ban” on particular CDC “research”, we can point right back:

    Well, since the CDC demonstrated they’re advocating an agenda … something about suppressing their own research for pushing 20 years, because it found the wrong answer … we have to exercise this kind of remedial oversight.

    BTW, Zitka, SARs, Ebola, and 20% effective flu vaccines … maybe pay some attention to diseases? You know, things with germs. Like it says in the name of the agency.

    I’m thinking opioid addiction is a crisis, while tuberculosis is making a comeback, and antibiotic-resistant bugs are popping up like The Andromeda Strain meets Chernobyl, maybe there’s some in-scope work to do?
    Just sayin.

  15. Dear CDC.

    Have a salad and calm down.(*)

    (*) Dear future internet. This is a current events joke. Right now, there’s an as yet untraced outbreak of contamination in the US food system’s lettuce … bacteria … like counts as a “disease” … like almost like the CDC should maybe be doing something about this.

  16. I is not the amount of gun violence that counts but the total amount of violence. Is it really that different if you are stabbed in the heart with a screwdriver or shot in the heart? How about having burglars who sneak in when you are not home (US) or home invade when you are at home (Gun Free Paradises) and rape/kill you after torturing you into telling them where your valuables are and your bank PIN number.

  17. “Can you believe their’s a Friends of the NRA dinner in Brooklyn? . . .

    …”their’s” should be “there’s”, a contraction of “there is”.

    Proof reading, it’s what I do for wurk.

  18. Gun owners and the NRA have no one to blame but themselves on the wave of mass murders in the U.S.

    No civilized country on earth lets people buy deadly weapons without a background check and no civilized country on earth does not require safe storage to help cut way down on theft of firearms and accidental deaths of children picking up loaded guns.

    States with lax firearms laws funnel tens of thousands of unregistered weapons into our big cities as Police tracings of such weapons have proved this for decades yet nothing was ever done about it.

    Thank the NRA for gutting the original Brady Bill which would have required a background check on all weapons sold not just new ones.

    Its a wonder that all this anti-gun hysteria and anti-gun laws did not come sooner than it did.

    • The real wonder is that the murder rate in the USA is dropping faster than any other “civilized” nation. 6 times faster than Australia in the last 30 years, which the antis love to prop up as perfect. How has our murder rate halved in the same period that our total guns doubled?

    • “Gun owners and the NRA have no one to blame but themselves on the wave of mass murders in the U.S.”
      Most every gun crime is committed by leftist, most all crime is committed by leftist , prisons are mostly full of leftist. (I’m beginning to see a pattern)

      “No civilized country on earth lets people buy deadly weapons without a background check and no civilized country on earth does not require safe storage to help cut way down on theft of firearms and accidental deaths of children picking up loaded guns.”
      Your lies are showing we have background checks and safe storage laws.

      “States with lax firearms laws funnel tens of thousands of unregistered weapons into our big cities as Police tracings of such weapons have proved this for decades yet nothing was ever done about it.”
      Your stupidity is showing drugs are illegal but they are everywhere imagine (if your pea brain can function long enough) the types of guns that will be smuggled in when the illegals invade.

      “Thank the NRA for gutting the original Brady Bill which would have required a background check on all weapons sold not just new ones.”
      the Brady bill is an unconstitutional infringement, THANKS NRA do more.

      “Its a wonder that all this anti-gun hysteria and anti-gun laws did not come sooner than it did.”
      What hysteria? There are only hysterical punks whining as usual about things they can’t own or control. So eat some more tide pods and snort some condoms. It’s a big wide world pick a different country and move there if they will have you.

  19. California’s ammo waiting period:
    Since the ammo is probably made out of state, doesn’t California’s law become a
    “restraint of trade” problem?
    Interstate commerce is the preserve of the Federal government.
    Just trying to throw out more lawsuit ideas.

    • Good point. I am sure many lawyers could come up with many valid law suits but your underestimating the power of the anti-gun courts which will simply ignore the law suites by refusing to hear them.

  20. We have to punish governor Scott for his signing of the anti gun bill
    He is term limited out as governor
    He is planning a run for Unites States Senate against the current Senator, Democrat Bill Nelson
    We need to get anyone else in there
    No support for rino Rick Scott !


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