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The NRA broke a fundraising record after Parkland. Will that sway elections?

Younger adults are notoriously unreliable voters . . .

As students marched for gun control after the Parkland shootings, members of the National Rifle Association reached for their checkbooks.

The NRA’s Political Victory Fund recorded its highest monthly contribution total since 2000 after the Feb. 14 shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, according to an analysis of campaign finance reports by the South Florida Sun Sentinel

The NRA’s campaign fund collected $2.4 million in March, the highest total in 18 years when adjusted for inflation. About 80 percent of the contributions were donations of $200 or less.

Will those surge of contributions bring victory to pro-gun candidates in the fall midterm elections? Campaign finance experts say that haul in and of itself won’t sway elections. The bigger question could be whether younger voters inspired by March for Our Lives demonstrations show up at the polls.

Where the Sierra Club Stands on Gun Control

Right about where we expected they would . . .

Sierra recently published an article about the Pittman-Robertson Act, an 80-year-old piece of legislation that directs funds from an tax on the sale of guns and ammunition to state wildlife conservation programs. Pittman-Robertson dollars fund 75 to 80 percent of state conservation programs for both game and nongame species; $1.1 billion was distributed this year alone for wildlife protection in Pittman-Robertson funds.

Especially in the wake of shootings like the Parkland, Florida massacre, gun ownership is an emotional issue, and it’s important to make clear where the Sierra Club stands on gun control.

The Sierra Club supports an assault weapons ban, stricter gun control laws including background checks, and banning lead in ammunition.

Watch: Burglary suspects crash pickup truck into Osceola County gun store

Bollards. Big bollards . . .

Newly released surveillance footage showed the moment a pickup truck slammed into an Osceola County gun store during a burglary.

Deputies have arrested three suspects, but three others remain at large.

Deputies are concerned that the guns stolen from that store could be used in crimes, so they released surveillance footage in hopes it will help them capture the remaining suspects.

New York Politicians Want to Suppress Free Assembly Rights for Gun Rights Supporters

Only certain views and opinions can be openly expressed in Brooklyn . . .

The Brooklyn Daily Eaglereports that the pro-NRA group drew about 100 people, while there were only around a dozen protesters. There were also pro-gun-rights demonstrators protesting the protest. “Brooklynite Joe Abruzzo brought his Don’t Tread On Me flag to support the NRA group’s right to meet. ‘People have someone break into their home, they’re gonna call for help or hope their neighbor’s armed,’ he said.”

The Brooklyn Reporternotes that many were especially upset that the “event was originally billed to include a raffle and auction which, organizers once boasted would include exclusive NRA gear and guns, such as the John Wayne ‘Lil’ Duke’ BB Rifle; a .410.-gauge shotgun; a Colt Cobra revolver; and a 7mm-08 ‘women’s rifle.” The paper quotes Andrew Gounardes, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for State Senate:

The NRA has absolutely no place in Brooklyn. They do not believe in common-sense gun laws. They do not believe in keeping our neighborhood safe and the fact that they have to sneak around our community just to hold a fundraiser shows how wrong they know they are and how unwelcome they are in our community.

Why it is supposed to be a black mark against free citizens trying to peacefully assemble to possibly exchange or gift legal items and organize politically that local politicians show so little respect for free assembly that they openly cheer the citizens being shut down is insufficiently explained. But the NRA’s views on the Second Amendment apparently make it a “disgraceful organization,” according to another Democratic state Senate candidate, Ross Barkan.


Florida teen nails NRA for banning guns during Pence speech

As if the NRA has any say in the matter . . .

A teenage survivor of the mass shooting in Parkland, Florida, slammed the hypocrisy of the NRA after the pro-gun group banned guns from Mike Pence’s speech at its annual meeting.

Pence is scheduled to deliver an address at the NRA’s annual leadership forum in Dallas, Texas. On the site advertising his appearance, the NRA notes that “the U.S. Secret Service will be responsible for event security” at the forum.

“As a result, firearms and firearm accessories, knives or weapons of any kind will be prohibited in the forum prior to and during his attendance.”

Cameron Kasky, who was at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the massacre, highlighted the prohibitions — and the absurdity. “The NRA has evolved into such a hilarious parody of itself,” he wrote.

Gun buyback targets semi-automatics

Have you had an unfortunate boating accident lately? . . .

The anonymous nature of the event means that any resident can drop off any firearm, no questions asked. Deputies will not check identifications of those who participate in the buyback program.

The Walmart and gas gift cards are funded by the Commissioner’s Betterment Grant money.

Those who wish to turn in firearms should place the weapons in a plastic bag, unloaded and safely secured in the trunk of the vehicle. As drivers enter the drop off location, they are asked to remain in their vehicles until deputies remove the guns from the trunk.

Isn’t that special.

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  1. If the secret service is doing their gun control thing, then I encourage everyone to not show up to the speech.

  2. George Scott , you are a criminal. Is tt not illegal to destroy any weapon personally. Are you exempt from having your local sheriff destroy that big bad 22 cal rifle ? Or is it you think you are exempt from laws the rest of us have to follow? Foolish leftard. Good luck loosing come voting day. Looser & hypocrite. By the way , you play , are a good commie. Now piss on that fire before you burn your foot.

    • Actually they’ll give you $100 for anything that looks like an AR 10 whether it works or not. So break out the PVC and spray paint

  3. “The NRA’s campaign fund collected $2.4 million in March”

    Wow! We’re almost half way to funding Wayne LaPierre’s 5 million a year salary! If they did this well in April they can start working on the 658 thousand they need to pay Chris Cox’s!

    • Wow! $5 million a year! He must be a real spendthrift, because his net worth is only $10 million. Somehow, though, the NRA seems to think that they’re paying him $985K a year, which, if I remember arithmetic good, is slightly less than $5 million.
      I don’t care for WLP; He reminds me of Lon Chaney in his Phantom of the Opera makeup. The NRA, however, seems to like him; That’s why they pay him, I suspect.
      Here’s the deal: If you are a member of the NRA, you can vote to oust the board of directors, the people who have determined that WLP is worth what they’re paying him, and find others who will cut his pay or fire him. Also, If you disagree with his pay, you can refuse to give the NRA any more of your money, and spend it elsewhere.
      Of course, if you’re not a member, it’s absolutely none of your business, is it?

      • It is if the NRA isn’t using the donations to buy a few hundred bump stocks to shove up their asses.

        The coomunist fucking (D)NC said the ATF&E might oughta take another look at the NRA’s right to bitch about the people bitching about the bitchy NRA saying maybe someone should regulate bump stocks, and the ATF&FuckingE held an open forum comment period, and determined that the NRA should STFU and spread and grease their cheeks.

        After hearing that, the rest of us said we’d all get together to stand up for the NRA’s rights . . . if they sent us some money

  4. The NRA blocks meaningful gun safety measures…

    Does this mean the NRA gives meaningless gun safety measures a free pass?

  5. Apparently, the Sierra Club doesn’t want money available for preserving habitat and wildlife.

    • They don’t.

      They’re communist fuckstains. Check out their board.

      Would Wildlife Foundation
      The Fing UN
      . . .

    • The Sierra Club is just another bogus front organization. Their publicly stated purpose is to give them legal legitimacy and bring in money, but their actions are purely to support a leftist revolution, which has nothing to do with preservation.

  6. All NRA all the time…nobody gives a rat’s azz about all the other gun rights org’s. Or so it seems. I got another NRA membership in March. I’m cool with protecting Pres…er Vice President Pence😏

    • Those other gun rights organizations don’t have anywhere near the political clout the NRA does.
      That’s why the hoplophobes constantly harp on the NRA. They know who their effective enemy is.
      The other organizations just don’t show up on the radar because they aren’t big enough to threaten the grabbers.

      • Plus it makes it seem like there is only one real gun rights org, while most gun control stories in the media list off a hand full of anti-rights groups. The irony is that most of the money for the NRA comes from its many members, while most of the anti’s funds come from a few rich people (namely Bloomers, Soros and rich celebutards).

  7. Isn’t it against federal law to have firearms in the same building as the president or vice president? If I’m correct, then the NRA isn’t being hypocritical. Sometimes the NRA will lease a venue that prohibits firearms and they have to abide the venue’s rules.

    • I mean, it’s not like the NRA has historically held events with people carrying is it?

  8. Who is John Legend? A legend in his own mind, or just another useful idiot?

    I read the Sierra article on how gun buyers and hunters fund wildlife conservation to the tune of billions of dollars–but the only comments (two by the same woman) were anti-hunter. Who woulda thunk?

    George Scott engages in virtue signalling. It is the new fad. I wonder how many other ARs he owns?

    Most of those guns that were turned in are pretty lame looking revolvers, and the semis are mostly the same. But that .22 in the upper right hand corner looks interesting.

    • The pistol in the upper-right looks like a Ruger Mk 1.

      Has a Japanese Nambu (?) or Luger vibe to it…

    • Check out the Sierra Club comments now! They’ve been burned to the ground now… not that they’ll care…
      And Geoff, yes: Bill Ruger took his inspiration for the the .22 Standard directly from the Nambu but he liked the profile of the Luger more… so he kinda mashed together both ideas and created a masterpiece that endures to this day. Pity to see one headed to the smelter, but I still have mine and they can’t afford to buy it from me.

  9. Do you suppose the person who turned in the single shot percussion cap muzzleloading pistol was deliberately trolling them?

  10. There’s a bunch old top-break revolvers in that batch. Suppose someone turned in grandpa’s antiques after he died? A shame to see them destroyed.

  11. “You [the NRA] are a danger to law enforcement.” — John Legend

    John Legend, ambassador-at-large for the demographic that’s killing cops on a regular basis, is concerned for cops’ welfare? Mwahahahahahah! Here’s his tweet from a few days before he went all hysterical on the NRA:

    “Police shoot us for no fvcking reason at all.” — John Legend

    What a douchenozzle!

  12. “Gun Buy Back”?
    What a stupid phase😲
    You never owned my weapons, so you can’t buy them back.
    In fact, no way I’m going to sell them to you or anyone else, for a lame $100.00 gift certificate from Walmart.
    I have sold a couple of handguns to a Pawn Shop and got more than I paid for one, in order to buy Ruger SR22 pistol is more fun to shoot than Taurus Judge.
    I have gifted a 380 Colt Government 380 to my nephew and gifted a 357 Ruger GP 100 to my sister in law for ranch weapon. Immediately replaced with a blued GP 100 WC. Gifted my nephew Colt Government 380 pistol. I inherited it from his grandpa He’s an Austin LEO and a rare gun guy!
    I couldn’t ever consider doing a “buyback”
    Total waste of fine tools

  13. No actually Cameron, you’re the parody. Another leftie who opens his trap without knowing what he’s talking about. The Secret Service has banned weapons from Presidential/Vice Presidential appearances for quite a long time. Probably since the Lincoln assassination. If not then, the Garfield assassination.

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