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Nationwide Pro-Second Amendment Student Walkout will be Held May 2nd

Let’s see how accommodating schools are for this walk-out . . .

On March 14, 2018, students walked out of their classes demanding more gun control. Left-wing politicians and the media heaped praise on the kids for using their First Amendment right to protest our Second Amendment right.

Teachers and school administrators refused to discipline the students for the walk out. They claimed that the lack of discipline wasn’t because the students shared the same anti-gun belief as themselves, they said that they didn’t punish the students because they were just exercising their rights on a topic they believed was important the country.

Many people on the right wondered if the students were pro-life or other issues that were important to the right if the administration would be as understanding.  It looks like we will get to find out.


The U.S. Army Is Pushing for Battlefield Railguns

The next big thing in home defense . . .

The U.S. Army is pushing ahead with plans to field railguns on the battlefield of tomorrow, awarding a leading railgun developer a contract to mature a ground-based railgun system. Rapid progress in miniaturizing railguns technology has transformed the hypersonic weapons from laboratory curiosities to potential weapons that promise tremendous increases in range and energy.

According to National Defense, the Pentagon’s Defense Ordnance Technology Consortium awarded a contract to General Atomics, developer of the U.S. Navy’s railgun system, to “evaluate and mature railgun weapon system capabilities in support of U.S. Army Armament Research, Development and Engineering Command.” The contract specifies the construction of railgun prototypes that could be used by the Army in the ground combat role.

A gunman held up a butcher shop. He didn’t count on a man in a cowboy hat.

We don’t recommend going for the gun disarm, but credit where it’s due. It’s hard to walk around legally armed in Monterrey, Mexico. Nicely done . . .

The woman behind the checkout counter is the first to have the gun pointed at her. She gives a few waves of the notebook she is holding — but otherwise barely moves in the face of the threat. Only after about 40 seconds do we see her reach for a phone.

The next target is an older gentleman standing in front of the cash register, sporting a gray mustache and the second-most distinctive hat to make it into a viral video this week. He seems to remain even calmer as the gunman demands something — presumably cash — from him. The “cowboy” shakes his head and at one point even removes his glasses, perhaps to get a better look at the confounding text (“BROWNERS”) running down the side of the gunman’s hoodie sleeve.

As all this is unfolding, the world’s most oblivious customer has legitimately been perusing refrigerated beverages at the back of the store. Just as the cowboy is taking off his glasses, the female customer makes her selection. She turns and begins striding toward the checkout counter and soon catches the attention of the gunman, who makes her Target No. 3.


Woodfin: ‘Give me your gun and I will personally help you get a job.’

Far left attacks left-leaning mayor who’s attacking a serious crime problem. Popcorn time . . .

Thus far in 2018, 34 homicides have been committed in Birmingham, 53 countywide.

“We have a full breach of public safety in this community,” he said. “If we don’t attack crime, nothing else matters.”

(Mayor) Woodfin and U.S. Attorney Jay E. Town have been developing a plan to reduce violent crime in the city. Earlier this month, they convened aPublic Safety Task Force, comprising 11 state and local law enforcement and public agencies.

The group came under criticism, however, by representatives of the Birmingham Chapter of Black Lives Matter, which, in an article published last week on Medium, said the lack of grassroots activists and organizers on the task force was a “hard pill to swallow.”


What’s the Homicide Capital of America? Murder Rates in U.S. Cities, Ranked.

The result of decades of one-party rule . . .

The data is clear: America is a much less murderous place than it once was.

Following its peak in the early-’90s, the national murder rate has declined steadily. The rate for big American cities — those with populations greater than 250,000 — follows a similar pattern, though with more dramatic fluctuations.

Look closely at the above graphic, and you’ll see a more recent trend that has some crime analysts alarmed: since 2015, the murder rate has been ticking up. In 2016, the last year for which federal data is available, the national rate was 5.4 killings per 100,000 people, a year-over-year increase of 8.6 percent. While the overall murder rate still remains far below those recorded in the ’90s, that’s a significant jump — the greatest recorded in nearly two decades.

The upward trend in the national murder rate is attributed to sharp increases in crime in a handful of American cities. In Chicago, for example, the murder rate nearly doubled between 2014 and 2016. Milwaukee and Louisville, Kentucky, saw comparable spikes.


Gun control may keep stock-car-racing governor off track

It’s probably tough to drive when you’re being showered with beer bottles . . .

Vermont’s stock-car-racing governor is questioning whether to race this season at a local speedway where many spectators are hunters after an outcry over gun restriction legislation he signed.

A spokeswoman for Republican Gov. Phil Scott says the governor is checking with the owners of Thunder Road and other drivers to see if they have any concerns about whether the animosity about his signing of the legislation might affect the atmosphere at the speedway.

Ya think?

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  1. Mayor Woodfin and his lefty cabal are determined to continue the drive into poverty and obsolescence that all of Jefferson County has been experiencing for decades. Instead of trying to reform city politics, he is doubling down on stupid. Hoover and Vestavia, despite all their faults, have their shit together in comparison -___-

  2. Wow, Cleveland’s got only half the murder rate of Saint Louie, but Chicago is only 2/3 of that. That’s surprising.

    • IIRC, that one was also quite a bit faster than the speeds they are running now. Mach 7+ is cool, but nukes the rails in about three shots. I think they are running ‘only’ Mach 5 or so, but getting hundreds of fires before wearing out the rails, therefore making them militarily useful.

      The super-fast arrangement is really cool, though; basically the tungsten rod vaporizes upon impact, and very efficiently delivers its kinetic energy into the target as thermal energy, melting/burning through it and splattering whatever is on the back side with molten armor spall. More like a directed-energy weapon than a ballistic one, but the rate at which energy is dumped into the target upon impact is far, far, far faster than any laser we can dream of, plus it does have inertia that still acts on the target like you’d expect (spraying the spall inward vs away from a laser-burnt surface)

      If there’s not enough tungsten in the world to equip our infantry, though, I’m kind of curious how we’re going to feed any kind of wide deployment of this type of weapon.

      • How about depleted uranium, there is an abundance of it, it works well and you don’t need the velocity to do the damage.

        • Depleted U works, and it’s plenty dense, but there is a rather negative environmental impact from dust particulates when the ‘darts’ hit. You really don’t want to be breathing the stuff…

  3. I’m wondering how many chillen will march FOR guns…the leftard teens had no cost attached(mostly) to their truancy. Not surprised Chiraq wasn’t 1st. Murder is down-violent crime like like carjacking and rape/robbery is way up. They still suck…

  4. North St. Louis is where the majority of murders occur. I live on the Illinois side of the river and have no hesitations taking the family to Forest Park, downtown, or our favorite places to eat in Creve Coeur. It is fairly easy to avoid stupid places. I’m much more leery of Chiraq and have only been there once. Like most southern Illinoisans I’d much prefer to be separate from that nonsense. Go Cards!

  5. Watching the cowboy put down his glasses is a classic example of a pre-contact cue. Learn to watch for and recognize them. Work on identifying and eliminating your own. The young and, thankfully, stupid gunman was oblivious to the signs and left himself open to attack. Good on cowboy for taking action. Remember speed, surprise and violence of action.

  6. Eh, I think a pro-gun walkout is just as ill-advised as the last one…actually even more so, since the last one already wasted a school day. Then again, whatever happens outside the school is likely more useful in the end than whatever pointless coursework was planned for that day.

    • All these cities have very common demographics in general. They just don’t want to talk about that part and actually work towards a real solution. They’d be out of power if things werent disfunctional.

    • So their choose your own adventure scenario starts with the white female subject intentionally revealing the firearm to the black male subject so that he won’t bother her on the bus. Stay classy BBC.

  7. He shits all over his constituency and now is too afraid to face them? Good. Maybe he’ll leave the state to go sit on Bloomberg’s lap in NY.

  8. The year that the murder rate ticked up? 2016…….why is that? The Ferguson Effect. If you look at the FBI homcide table 8 for the years leading up to 2015 and 2016, the gun murder rate was going down. Then, Ferguson happened, obama attacked the police, and black lives matter rioted in various cities……the Ferguson Effect, where the police stop pro active policing and began to only respond to 911 calls went into full effect. The pro active policing kept the murder rate down because thugs stopped carrying gun on them, for fear of being stopped by police. Once the thugs realized the police didn’t want to engage unless they had to…they began to carry guns again…..that is why the gun murder rate went up in democrat controlled cities….

  9. Mayor Woodfin. From one black man with a gun, to a black man with a government armed security detail. You sir are a race traitor. The Klan did the same thing to blacks over a hundred years ago.


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