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How the NRA sells guns in America today

The surge in NRA memberships and gun sales had nothing to do with Barack Obama’s anti-gun policies. It was all due to the NRA’s inherent racism. Allegedly . . .

Since the 1990s, the NRA has been enormously successful at stoking white Americans’ fears about their darker-skinned fellow citizens while simultaneously cultivating paranoia about left-wing politicians seeking to take away their guns. Barack Obama’s presidency was a watershed event in this dynamic.

During his eight years in office, the NRA’s membership grew from three million to five million. The organization’s combined political spending during election cycles increased from about $6 million in 1998 to nearly $60 million in 2016. According to the Pew Research Center, the percentage of gun owners who cite “protection” as their top reason for owning a gun grew from 26 percent in 1999 to 67 percent in 2017.

During roughly the same period, according to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives, firearms manufacturers increased their annual output of handguns more than fourfold, from 1.3 million to 5.6 million. Firearms imports also surged, from about 900,000 guns in 1999 to over five million in 2016.

What these figures reveal, perhaps not surprisingly, is that the fortunes of the firearms industry are deeply intertwined with the political activism of the NRA.

Big banks take a stand against the gun industry

In other words, they’re picking a side in a political fight, making sure to alienate a significant percentage of their customers who value the right to keep and bear arms . . .

It’s too early to say for sure, but it could be that the free market will wind up doing what Congress refuses to do: tighten access to firearms and stand up to companies that make and sell assault-style weapons.

Bank of America announced last week that it will no longer finance companies that make the kinds of combat-style semiautomatic rifles that have been used to such deadly effect in mass shootings. Last month, Citigroup Inc. announced that it would prohibit clients using its financial services and credit cards from selling firearms to customers who have not passed a background check, or who are younger than 21, even when neither of those things are required by law. It also now refuses to do business with clients who sell bump stocks — the device the Las Vegas sniper used to convert his semiautomatic rifles into ersatz machine guns — and high-capacity magazines. Those banking sector moves followed policy changes among some major retailers, such as Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods, to end sales of some guns in their stores and tighten restrictions on sales of others.


courtesy and picture alliance/dpa

Germany’s Sig Sauer accused of illegally sending weapons to Colombia

Germans are usually quite good and crossing t’s and dotting i’s . . .

German weapons manufacturer Sig Sauer has been accused of illegally exporting tens of thousands of pistols to Colombia. Authorities have charged managers with violating Germany’s foreign trade regulations.

The public prosecutor’s office in Kiel, northern Germany, on Thursday confirmed it had charged five managers of arms producer Sig Sauer for delivering guns to Colombia without authorization.

The case relates to over 36,000 pistols, manufactured by the company in the Baltic coast town of Eckernförde, that ended up in the hands of Colombian police via a subsidiary in the United States, a spokesman for the prosecutor said.

NBC’s Taken tries to convince viewers that gun-free zones are fine, that criminals will obey them

Good luck with that . . .

NBC seems to have given out orders to its TV shows to include some anti-gun/pro-gun control mention in them. In this episode of Taken, the show tries to briefly and subtly convey to viewers that gun-free zones work because the criminals won’t disobey the bans. Does anyone seriously think that a group of paid, professional killers couldn’t find some way to get a gun into a hospital?  The guard who scans people coming into the hospital doesn’t even scan the lady’s back with his metal detector wand.

There is no discussion that 98% of the mass public shootings in the US since 1950 have occurred in gun-free zones — places where general citizens are banned from having guns.

Lawmakers advance bill to bar manufacture of ‘ghost guns’

New Jersey isn’t going to sit back and let California occupy the far left fringe of the anti-gun movement all by itself . . .

New Jersey lawmakers advanced a measure to prohibit the purchase of firearms parts used to make untraceable weapons, or so-called ghost guns.

The Democrat-led Senate law and public safety committee approved the measure on Monday. The panel is also considering a half-dozen gun-controlled measures that have cleared the Democrat-controlled Assembly.

Democratic Gov. Phil Murphy has said he generally supports measures aimed at tightening the state’s already-strict gun laws.

courtesy Blue Lives Matter

Woman Calls Police Over Man Wearing Pro-Gun T-Shirt At Park

His openly carried pistol may have had something to do with her hysterical reaction, too . . .

Approximately 30 minutes after the kids began playing, a man approached him with his wife and daughter in tow, Johnston said.

He said the man told him that a woman was “fuming” over the message on Johnston’s shirt, as well as the fact that he was armed.

“I thanked him for letting me know, and continued playing with my kids,” Johnson said.

A short while later, another man and his family approached Johnston, and asked to read his shirt, he said.

Johnston showed him his shirt, at which point the man warned him that his father-in-law had just been harassed by woman in the parking lot, and that she was contacting police regarding Johnson’s attire.


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  1. I’m gonna buy one of those shirts. They are awesome and I hope it upsets some snowflake when I wear it.

    • The birth control one? 😉

      I wish guns were regulated like birth control…
      I can buy condoms, morning after pills, spermicide, etc. at a dozen different stores within a short drive from here, without so much as showing ID.
      We teach kids how to use condoms in high school.
      We hand out free condoms to college students for their safety.

      • 20 years a go, I was serving on a forward deployed U.S. Navy crusier. 30 days before we pulled into Pattaya Beach, Thailand, the command made everyone take doxycycline daily. A supposed malaria preventive measure. They also kept a large box full of condoms on the quarterdeck. No one caught malaria or anything else either. Seems it was a wise investment. If it works, it works.

        • We didn’t have vending machines, but that option was discussed from time to time in various policy setting sessions. I wouldn’t have trusted the vending machine products, though. In gas stations or clubs, the vending machine condoms always seemed gimmicky, with special colors, flavors, designs, etc., which I equated with unreliability. So I always just got mine from the campus Health Services Office, where they handed them out for free.

        • Crap, when I was in college they were called rubbers and they were 25 cents. Every gas station in Rock Island, IL had ’em. Didn’t seem to do much good there, as I recall.

          Of course now they’re out in the open in every supermarket and Planned Parenthood is still thriving. Must all be full of holes or something.

  2. “How the NRA sells guns in America today”

    1: Support gun control
    2: Watch panic buying
    3: Reap donations to fight the same laws you supported
    4: ???
    5: Get 5 million dollars a year to do the exact opposite of what people give you money to do and repeat.

    I really hope Wayne LaPierre Laval goes away soon. I say without any exaggeration that he’s worse than Bloomberg. Virtually every gun control law passed since he gained power in the NRA has had his fingerprints on it.

    • This ! Negotiating Rights Away since 1934,track record.

      1791: The Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution is ratified.
      The amendment reads:

      “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state,
      the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

      After That
      1871: The National Rifle Association was formed by Union Army veterans Col. William C. Church
      and Gen. George Wingate.

      After that, they start going the other way








      • Well, SHOOT, you forgot that Wyatt Earp made the cowpokes check their guns when they came to town, NRA was probably a couple of years old then…

        It ought to be noted that until 1972 or so, there was no organized group fighting to maintain or grow the 2nd Amendment. NRA was begun to promote marksmanship among prospective enlistees in US military service. Prior to the 1971 Cincinatti NRA reforms pushed through by Harlon Carter, the idea of the US government taking away firearms rights was not even seriously considered by the majority of the American public. The ’71 reforms paved the way for ILA and also the universal hatred of the NRA by the left and MSM. Your Browntard and Prattard wannabees don’t let you in on that, nor to the fact that they’ve “never compromised” because they’ve never pushed any progun legislation in the US Congress from introduction to passage so they’ve never had the opportunity to see what it’s like, or to see that giving a bit at the time at least keeps you in the game, and from having to bury your guns in the backyard because you don’t have enough member support to do anything about it. Keep sending those kids your money, it pays for their lifestyle.

        I’d think by now some of you are getting impatient to jump in the old rusted Ram pickup and head for Sacremento or Trenton to take over and show ’em how it’s done- all 16 of you. Just waiting for the marching orders from Larry and Dudley.

        Truth is, in legislation and life, you do the best you can at the time with what you have against the situation you are faced with. Change the California legislature’s take on gun laws today? Keep piling on Trump and lumping the progun US Reps and Senators (and there are more than a few) with the left and wafflers and you’ll screw things up in 2018, too. But I wouldn’t expect the “purists” to figure that out, either. Then the jackasses who never joined NRA or sent them a buck, let alone maintain regular contact with their elected officials will want to blame NRA if there are setbacks. Typical.

    • Nanashi/one note Nancy. The progtard trolling is old. Find a new song. You’re a bore and a fool.

    • That would be the leaders of the Democratic Party that want to ban guns, not the NRA……

  3. I like that tee shirt. It’s even better than “…who’s bringing the chips?”

  4. The NRA and gun lobby do depend on fear to sell more guns, but it’s not fear of black people. It’s fear of democrats that want to impose as much gun control as possible, as has been VERY clearly evidenced.

    Believe me, there would have been just as many gun sales in the run up to a Hillary presidency even though she’s white.

    • I agree. In fact, I think that there is more than a mere correlation between an increase in gun sales and proposals to ban gun s or confiscate them ala Australia; insgtead there is a direct causational relationship.

      • I agree. I have previously pointed out how counterintuitive this is, as well. When congressional morons start to screech about new controls, it seems like people would *delay* purchases, to see if they were going to be forced to turn in those new purchases. Instead, the purchases accelerate! It’s almost as though those purchasers do not intend to comply with any such law, and they do intend to be able to defend themselves if someone comes to force them.

    • I probably would have never owned a gun if California hadn’t tried to ban semi-automatic long guns a couple years back. Now I’m the proud owner of 4. Gun control advocates are indeed the greatest of gun salesmen.

      • Yeah, I’ve had guns forever, but never felt the need for an AR until the day Clinton signed the AWB, purchased one the next day, now own 4-5, 3 different calibers, including an SBR and suppressor. When 10-rd limits for magazines were being discussed, bought my first semi-auto pistol so I could get a magazine larger than 10-rd. If you outlaw it I will have one! Hell, I still have a box of Black Talon .357 magnum “cop killer” bullets. They’re nothing special, of course, especially not today, but when the powers that be decided I wasn’t good enough to own them, I promptly bought some.

      • Sometimes you’re paranoid because people really are out to get you, or at least our guns and our 2nd Amendment rights.

      • I’ve been an NRA Life member since 1966. I’ve never seen a racist NRA ad. I know that there are many black members of the NRA, some like Roy Innis and his son, Niger [that is his name] are on the NRA Board of Directors. Roy Innis was the leader of CORE.
        Since 1985 every state has passed some form of concealed carry or updated their current laws. Millions of first time gun owners bought a handgun because they had the opportunity to get a license to carry for the first time ever. Illinois and Wisconsin were the last states to adopt a concealed carry law. Despite making it as difficult as possible, Illinois has over 1/4 million legal license citizens who carry a handgun. Of course none of the crime in Chicago is committed by legal, licensed gun owners. That crime rate in Chicago drives gun ownership.
        But the demand to buy a “carry” gun has driven manufacture and importation of millions of new guns. The 3.5 pound full size steel gun is being retired for a one pound aluminum and polymer pistol that is powerful enough and easier to carry 24/7.
        There have been attempts to ban guns and even telescopic sights since 193-64 after the JFK and MLK assassinations.
        Crazy people and criminals/terrorists can always find a weakness and they always have the element of surprise and action. To be a defender is to be bored to death for 99.999% of your life or to be so wrapped up fear and surprise when the SHTF.
        Throwing rocks is not classroom defense. Having a police officer in a patrol car driving around a 45 acre campus is not classroom protection.
        A teacher is the only adult who will be in the classroom ALL the time there are students present. Only allowing teachers to exercise their individual right to keep and bear arms has any chance to provide a degree of security at a price that can be afforded in the school budgets.

        • Agreed, and that CC license should be a teaching credential, or at least justify a higher pay scale.

  5. Perhaps, just perhaps the reason that the NRA’s membership and gun sales rose they did had nothing to do with a black president but rather a leftist, smarmy, patronizing and arrogant one that wanted to create laws telling people they couldn’t have guns? As much as liberals will say he didn’t do it, the reason was his 6 years of being a lame duck not through lack of wanting to.

  6. Land of the FREE? Guess now you can find it in the fiction section of the library along side of history which many people seem to have forgotten or never bothered to read about.Do I need to say any more!

  7. I don’t even know where to start with this idea that the NRA is pushing guns. They’ve had ZERO effect on when I’ve bought or what. Other than magazines I don’t read, the NRA doesn’t even have a way to communicate with me. How would that even work? Wayne and Ted and Grover aren’t smart enough to get in my head.

    • . You’ve obviously got a computer- you’re here. If you want to communicate with NRA, get on the site, they’ll update you daily. Better info than a lot of the garbage going around here.

      Probably wouldn’t kill you to read the magazines, either.

  8. Speaking SIG, and gun control (okay, this is a lousy segue, but I have to share this one). I ran across one of the more ridiculous anti-gun articles I’ve seen recently, the other day. It was called “These are the guns criminals in America love.” #4 on the list was the SIG P938, which the author lamented as “weighing practically nothing”, etc.

    Annnd this is the photo they used for the dreaded 938:×510.jpg

    Looks a little bulkier than I remember it….

    • I Fully regret looking that article up and actually tried to read it. I believe I have lost IQ points and lost faith in human intelligence.

  9. Sure the NRA sells guns…sure. 60mil is NOTHING in the grand scheme. Oh and if you want to open carry and wear stridently pro-gun T-shirts go ahead. I do the grey man thing. Nobody knows nothin’…

  10. After the past two months how could an honest observer be ignorant of the well-funded and well-organized demagoguery machine that the antis ran? They probably did a better job of increasing the membership and coffers of the NRA than the NRA’s own efforts! When the anti leadership’s endgame is clearly, albeit mostly unspoken, confiscation and when people are being equated to a school shooter for not agreeing with the antis’ “solutions”, that tends to get some people angry and paranoid.

    • “…. how could an honest observer…” there’s ths misconception right there. The article is part of the dishonesty being spread around right now.

  11. What does German Law effecting Germans in Germany, have to do with a buisness deal between an American LLC and the Columbian government? Unless the funds for the arms sale found their way back to Germany….. Maybe Sig should just bite the bullet and move to Georgia. When LWRC and LMT can land European contracts, there’s no reason they can’t make the move and still sell in Europe. Right? Or am I missing something here? Seriously, I want to know how all this works out legally.

    • Sorry for replying to myself, but the article also mentioned this:

      “The weapons were supposedly destined for the American market. But more than half of them allegedly ended up in the hands of Colombian police as part of an initiative by the administration of former President Barack Obama to support the country’s fight against drug-related crime.”

      …so the guns were sold to BO’s government then funnelled to Columbia…. WTF?!?

      • I laugh at the fact that the German government is upset about the guns going to the Columbian POLICE. It’s not like the Communist Chinese shipping a container load of arms for the street gangs.

  12. Oh God! There has to be another Earth type planet within reach with no one on it! We need a new Colony to restore our Freedoms and Liberties! Declare independence from Earth 🌎 ! Only dream…..Is there no more new worlds for more Pilgrams….?

    • Unfortunately, we are going to have to fight this one out here and now. If you look to history as a guide, these corrupt governments would follow us to this new world you dream of, they would assume power over the colonists, and eventually, subjagate it’s people more severely than back on earth. Dang history repeating itself thing.

  13. Interesting perspective. The first gun laws in America were to keep guns out of the hands of the black population…back in the 1800s before the NRA. Planned Parenthood was started by a racist who wanted to limit the growth of the black population. Which party gets kick backs from PP? Did you get actual evidence of the NRA’s policies and where the money comes from and where it goes? I remember when Bush was accused of lying and the democratic committee was set up and they did not find evidence that he actually lied. Yet, he is still condemned and guilty in the eyes of the Bush haters. It doesn’t seem to matter if there is evidence when the GOP or conservatives are concerned but it seems to be necessary when anyone of the liberal party is accused. Why is that? are there two standards of judging guilt?

  14. It’s called a “hit oiece.” The one-sided stat vitations, streched inference and name calling in one article is called a “hit piece.” Call it what it is – along with being true, doing so frames the conversation: nothing in this is face-value true.

    On point; the NRA is pro-gun. Shocking.

    In more words, a membership organization of and for people who think guns are just peachy, lobbies n advertizes for policies that let its members keep doing their thing, especially when there’s an orchestrated campaign to ban it. This is my shocked face.

    When the “how about we don’t disarm citizens who happen to like guns” issue org does things, gun sales go up. OK, maybe a little shocking for real, as they don’t have a history of competence.

    And last, when Bloomie boasts about funding AGs who are anti-gun, across jurisdictions where he does not live, people who live those places and their membership organizations might get politically involved. Given the manufactured crises not wasted in NY, Conn, CA and now FL, this seems perfectly reasonable …

    The banners are P-Oed that it isn’t just happening every time they try. They’re going after the NRA because it is being uncharacteristically effective. And when they can’t win on the merits, dlthey demonize some figurehead, to make the other opinion look bad. They do it all the time; almost like there’e a book of rules, or something. (It wasn’t entirely his overweening distain that fueled the most recent ex-president’s verbal tick “There are those…” It was also the Alynski formula of personalizing an issue, in which this President was trained, and himself provided training.)

    The perenially wee-wee’d up are perenially shocked that there are people who like things they do not. That would be fine, except they keep trying to force their preferences on others. Aside crom sour graps n just wanting to win, ever wonder why noting that their vot8ng “advantage” is isolated to enclaves, up to 1,000 miles from the.people they’d impose on?

  15. The NRA doesn’t sell guns.

    Sometimes, despite themselves, the NRA allows some people to realize they probably should have had guns all along.

    • “The NRA doesn’t sell guns.

      Sometimes, despite themselves, the NRA allows some people to realize they probably should have had guns all along.” Yep- 2 kinds of people in the world- those with guns and those who don’t yet know they need one. Usually too late for them.

  16. There was a run on Twinkies right before the company temporarily closed and the prices jumped way up.
    There was a run and price hike on those shitty caffeinated malt liquor drinks right before they were banned.
    If something is about to disappear. Potentially disappear or folks hear even murmurs that it may disappear plenty of people will run out and but that thing.

    Democrats are selling record numbers of guns. Not the NRA not racism not white privilege. Democrats are.
    If you want people to stop buying a thing or showing interest in a thing just ignore that thing. This is a universal truth.

    • Hah. There was a run on ‘original Coke’ back in the mid-80s when Coke was discontinuing it for ‘new coke’. I remember my g/f father bought a pallet load (for his rum and Coke) stacked nearly 5′ high.

      I think it lasted him nearly to the point where Coke brought in ‘Coke Classic’. 😉

  17. I do not watch Taken. I do not work at a hospital. I find it easy to believe that the shows are under orders to show that gun free zones work when they do not.

    I will defend this scene as being accurate. Based on the ambulances outside the entrance of this “Hospital” ( it could just be a building with an entrance) they are probably entering via the ER entrance. A Lot if not most modern urban hospitals do have metal detectors, armed guards or police, and secure door you have to pass through to get to the Hospital. Since it is the most secure, it is often the only entrance opened 24 hours a day.

    That being said the assumption that no guns could be brought in during the daytime is completely foolish. Main entrances, skyways to parking, connections to separate Doctors buildings, secondary entrances seldom have this security. Most have very nice people who will happily to let a would be assassin know exactly where is “Brother”John Doe recuperating, or where Dr Smiths office is.

  18. Since the 1990s, the NRA has been enormously successful at stoking white Americans’ fears about their darker-skinned fellow citizens while simultaneously cultivating paranoia about left-wing politicians seeking to take away their guns.
    You know, I am a bit of a gun and knife nut and I can say that I just see very few communiques from the NRA or any other gun groups in my daily life. If I go to the NRA website, yeah. Even on pro gun websites the amount of communication from the pro-gun groups is actually rather sparse.

    • “You know, I am a bit of a gun and knife nut and I can say that I just see very few communiques from the NRA or any other gun groups in my daily life. If I go to the NRA website, yeah. Even on pro gun websites the amount of communication from the pro-gun groups is actually rather sparse.”

      So… you think NRA ought to be sending you blind information that you do not request? Should they be doing likewise to every American as well?

      I don’t get it- the number one complaint I receive as a recruiter concerns all of the NRA solicitations for money, even though there are something like 6 different organizations within the NRA structure and membership dues money does nothing to fund them. Want better legislation? Better give something to ILA. Better candidates to support? PVF. (Etc.)

      The “concern” is that NRA is wasting a ton of money on their “junk mail”. Who in the hell thinks NRA would knowingly be tossing money down the drain if those solicitations didn’t pay back 20-fold or so???

      Gomers around here and at gun shows think they’re really solving problems and extending themselves by purchasing a $30 subscription that only takes care of membership costs. Most wouldn’t buy that either except it’s already reduced from $40 regular annual price, plus we give them a pocket knife or ball cap and then pay their $7 admission fee.

      I’d think you’d want up-to-date information from NRA, as well as from your US, state and local elected reps. Informed voters and critics) should, and it doesn’t take too many brains to figure out how to get it. (Of course it takes none just to spout off on TTAG and other blogs.) I receive daily email alerts and updates from several NRA departments and spend probably an hour per day cruising news sites to stay ahead or at least current. I feel it’s my duty as a citizen and it beats the hell out of sitting around watching a bunch of gay sitcoms and reality TV crap.

      If you want daily email alerts from NRA, do as I said above, go to and request them. You don’t even have to be a member. Cripes…

  19. The president can be black as long as he (or she) is an NRA or GOA life member and strongly supports the Second Amendment and the rest of the Constitution & Bill of Rights.

    Blacks (or anyone else) that support the Second Amendment and the rest of the Constitution & Bill of Rights are welcome in the NRA and every gun club or range that O have been to (and there is a very diverse crowd at the range I go to every weekend).

  20. Read Guns and Ammo from 1969 and 1970. There was a serious push back then to ban all handguns. Semi-auto rifles were not on the horizon then. “Saturday Night Specials” where the whipping guns of the liberals. They basically wanted to ban all small handguns and make you keep handguns at a gun club if you wanted to own one. Democrats and many liberal Republicans did not believe the Second Amendment meant anything and they were serious about banning handguns. In 1982 California had a proposition to ban the sale of any new handguns in the state and to tightly control all existing handguns. The NRA fought like hell to keep this from happening. So do not tell me that the NRA is useless it has helped to keep guns from being banned. It is a battle against the Hoplophobes that is never ending, and the NRA is one of the greatest forces in that battle. The NRA is not alone in this battle many other groups have been in this battle against Hoplophobia, but let us not fight against one another. The enemy is clear.

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