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Backup Has Arrived: Woodruff Family Children’s Trust Cancer Fundraiser

Help out DeKalb, Illinois Officer Craig Woodruff who’s in the fight of his life . . .

Support one of our Finest and help provide for the future care of his young children, as his family experiences the challenges of Stage IV colon cancer. All net proceeds from the sale of this shirt will go directly to the Woodruff Family Childrens’ Trust, a trust established to provide for the future needs of Oliver Woodruff (3) and Simon Woodruff (1). Also, please check out our website for details on the upcoming June 23, 2018 live event and concert in DeKalb, Illinois!

Join us for dinner in DeKalb at one of our local restaurants that has committed to supporting the event, and then come to the historic and beautiful Egyptian Theater for a fantastic concert with Luxury Pork, a band covering rock, country and soul.  There will be light appetizers and a cash bar from well-known local establishment Fatty’s at the theatre, as well as opportunities to participate in raffles and to purchase t-shirts, wristbands and other merchandise!  Doors open at 6:30; show starts at 7:30.

After the concert, come over to Fatty’s, 1212 W. Lincoln Highway, for an afterparty and even more fun!

courtesy NBC Washington

The Broward Blame Game

A 19-year-old student holding the Broward Schools superintendent accountable. Because someone has to . . .

When Preston quoted the original plan, which names school safety a “year-one priority,” Runcie became more condescending: “There is a difference between when projects start, when they’re completed, and when the funds are made available.” Indeed, the safety projects for Broward schools, among them the alarm system that could have saved lives at Stoneman, have been stuck in a nebulous stage for years—somewhere between funding and execution.

Omar Shim, the school district’s budget director, backed Runcie’s insistence that, in some form, “all the projects have been initiated” and added a description of the unwieldy path of progress that follows any issue of a bond. Or, as he tactlessly put it, after “that gun goes off.” One victim’s father shook his head at the tone-deaf metaphor and afterward, vented his disgust to me: Can’t any of these people take responsibility?

Indeed, when the topic moved from delayed school-safety upgrades to the relaxed disciplinary infrastructure that saw Cruz shunted between schools, avoid referral to law enforcement, and allowed to opt out of psychiatric monitoring, the assembled district officials pointed to federal law and defended the county’s policies. “We as a Broward County community made the decision that we were going to be treating our students differently,” said Michaelle Valbrun-Pope, who is in charge of the district’s student-support policies.

“We don’t want school leaders to say, ‘If you do this, this is what will happen.’ ” “This is not an average student,” she said of Nikolas Cruz, who was in a special-education program and so fell under a different disciplinary category than would a conventional student who exhibited his behaviors. “He has a disability.” And Runcie scoffed at Preston’s inquiry into Broward’s policies on student behavior. “Are you suggesting,” he challenged, “that the discipline matrix here is connected?”

Teacher Who Accidentally Fired Gun in Class Resigns

He should have lots more time now to master the fundamentals of firearm safety . . .

A teacher who accidentally fired a gun inside a Northern California classroom while teaching firearm safety resigned his administration of justice teaching job, school officials said.

Dennis Alexander submitted his resignation to the Monterey Peninsula Unified School District on March 29. It will be effective at the end of the school year, district spokeswoman Marci McFadden told KSBW-TV.

Alexander last month was pointing the gun at the ceiling to make sure it was not loaded when the weapon discharged. No one sustained serious injuries but some students were hit by fallen ceiling debris, police said.

Aisha: Boko Haram Huntress

ISIS-aligned Boko Haram has kidnapped hundreds and murdered thousand in Nigeria. Good hunting . . .

Among the thousands of hunters enlisted by the Nigerian army to track and capture Boko Haram fighters, one stands out from the crowd.

Aisha Bakari Gombi towers over her band of hunters, one of the few women who has joined the fight against one of the deadliest armed groups in Africa.

With her shotgun slung over her shoulder, she ventures into the scrub of Borno, the northeastern province of Nigeria long plagued by Boko Haram attacks, hunting down their fighters.

Her bravery and keen hunting abilities have earned her the title of ‘Queen Hunter’.

Pro-Trump Troll Shoots Up David Hogg Effigy With Assault Rifle, Gets Banned From Twitter

This isn’t helping . . .

A pro-Donald Trump troll has been suspended from Twitter after posting a video of himself shooting up a photo of Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg.

The brief video opens on what appears to be a shooting range. Frank Espinoza, clad in all black, including a black “Make America Great Again” hat, talks to the camera as he places a black mask over his mouth.

“I got a message for David Hogg, the bitch at CNN,” he says. “You want to push society to a civil war? You want to make us all fight? You want to see what a civil war looks like? I’m going to show you what a civil war looks like, David.”

When does the ATF comment period on regulating this thing open? Anyone?


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  1. Yeah… the last thing you want to do to a Hogg is make him a martyr. Let him flame out. Let the reality of adulthood and the mistakes of youth punish him and break him. People of self grandeur, such as him, inevitably ruin themselves.

    • Meh a better solution would be to sucker punch that Hogg kid, then film him crying like a little biotch afterwards. Kinda like show the world the emperor can bleed kinda deals.

      • Any 12 year old girl can look at that kid and know they can beat him up. You can throw a ball of paper at him and probably bruise him…. life will destroy him soon enough. Just sit back and watch the show. Point. Laugh. Be merry.

    • The radical progressive left is going to drop him hard the second he is no longer useful!

      • I agree, Sergeant of Marines, that the moment Boy Hogg ceases to be useful, they will drop him like a hot rock and no tuition assistance for him when he decides to go to college.

    • As much as we all would like to take shots at pictures or effigies of David Hogge, stunts like this play into the hands of our enemies.

      We must maintain the moral high ground. If it wasn’t for double standards, our enemies wouldn’t have any.

      • Except the moral high ground doesn’t mean shit anymore. The willfully ignorant gleefully accept known lies and claim that gun owners are all baby-killers

        • Isn’t “baby killers” the same agitprop phrase used by vaccine pushing trolls? Yeah, and the similarities don’t end there.

    • Hogg isn’t going *anywhere*.

      He will have a job for life with orgs like The Joyce Foundation, The Mad Mommies, and any number of other Leftist groups…

  2. Stop featuring hoggboy. He’ll go away…kudos to the Nigerian gal! Good luck hunting those murderous bastards. My niece and family are missionaries in Northern Nigeria. Not a nice place…

  3. I wish that the “teacher” would stop being identified as such. It would be nice to see an article mentioning that it was a police officer and city council member that negligently fired his Glock into the ceiling, who happened to be teaching a class at the time.
    “Alexander, who is a Seaside City Council member, was also a reserve Sand City police officer but he resigned that position after the incident.”

    But that doesn’t fit the narrative.

  4. Suggested feature for tomorrow’s blog; ‘Top Ten G uns for H unting Boko Haram’.

    I’m thinking there probably shouldn’t be any shotguns on the list, IMHO.

    • Mebbe so…..but it is what she has ….and it seems to good effect.

      Mebbe TTAG can raise some funds to get her a rifle.

      Might be easier for her to feed the shotgun.

    • Never been there. But a shotgun is usually cheaper than a rifle. It may be that she would have trouble getting a rifle legally. Different rules in different countries. And if it’s thick bush she operates in the shotgun would not be a bad choice. Especially if she’s part of a local militia unit with a variety of weapons.

  5. Shooting at Hogg effigies sounds more like a guilty pleasure. I have targets of plenty of people. Easy to make, too. I just don’t video myself shooting them. I’m not that stupid.

  6. I don’t believe there is any proof the adults in Broward County Florida care about children. Having them shot to death is just the cost of doing business in the county school system. The parents should be at the sheriffs house every night protesting him. Same for the school board members.

    They should be all voted out of office and never be allowed to forget their complete failure as the adults in charge.

    The “Broward coward” posters were a great start.

  7. I was blocked from Twitter last week because my account looked like it had “automated activity”. I had 115 posts in 5 years and there has been no recent uptick in that number. It happened just after I responded to a tweet from Piers Morgan expressing his opinion on something or another. My response was a simple “Who asked you”. They want me to jump through hoops including giving them my phone number to unblock it. I think the can go ….. I bet I don’t need to finish that sentence for you.

  8. The Nigerian local village self defense forces started out as groups of hunters with primitive weapons like this ladies shotgun
    As they have hunted and ambushed Boko Haram, these groups have acquired AK’s, Light machine guns and other weapons by battlefield capture
    The Nigerian Army is still completely corrupt and incompetent and is not protecting areas freed of Boko Haram by local action
    It remains to be seen what will happen to these local self defense forces when the government does resume control

  9. Only target with a person’s picture on it I have ever shot was Osama. Got it in Las Vegas after I shot it full auto with two mags from MP40 and two mags from M16.
    When I wanted to shoot it some more later at certain gun range in southern Wisconsin, they wouldn’t let me. “No human looking targets”. They considered Bin Laden human!

    But shooting gun grabber’s PICTURES is just plain wrong.

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