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“…(T)he gun lobby and its clients in Congress are counting on the current movement to stall. Experience has taught them that not long after the mass shooting, emotions fade, the shouting grows hoarse, the intensity lowers to a sad resignation that nothing will change. Experience teaches them that Columbine and Virginia Tech become simply anniversaries to be marked, forgetting the lives that were lost.

“I want someday to commemorate the anniversary of the day Congress passed a bill to stop the sale of cop-killer bullets; or universal background checks; or No-Fly/No Buy. I want to commemorate the anniversary not of another shooting at another school, but real action on Capitol Hill.” – Steve Israel in A week to mourn the NRA’s death grip on our politics: Virginia Tech and Columbine anniversaries should make us recommit to change [via]

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    • I’m not going to be able to sleep for months, that something, something, something would sound just like my self-described pro-2A senator scumher if he sniffled just a little {crying chuck).

  1. How many cops (or anybody not on a battlefield for that matter) have been killed by AP bullets penetrating their armor now? If zero, how did they get the name? I don’t understand why they are so/still fascinated with that issue.

    • More Lies, and hyperbole to scare the low information pleebs; Chug-a Chug-a Chug-a Chug-a, All Aboard! The BAN wagon is now leaving the station.
      It worked against Black Talon. almost happened to “green tip” 5.56

      • Lies and spin are Free flowing at the ANTI gun Pennsylvania hearings. Lawmakers have prevented PRO gun experts from speaking, while misinformed and plain dishonest speakers dominate each days testimony pushing — ” BAN Everything … Punish Everybody ” type so called solutions.
        Representative Brian Simms is even censoring public comments from social media.

        Prince Law Firm has officially called them out !
        Protest Harrisburg , April 18 is also called for by others.

        • Freebird: as you well know in Pa we enjoy some of the most liberal gun laws in the republic. With the exception of constitutional carry we are a free state. That is now at risk. I say that because in the last two weeks I have been in two gun stores where employees and owners were either unaware of the pending legislation or were disinterested because “it doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell of passing.” If the ant gunners make inroads here our rights are at risk everywhere.

      • Actually, it didn’t the round has re-released in rather short order under a new name with a slight change in the design.

        • Yup. Winchester took the black Lubalox “teflon” coating off and the there have been two projectile redesigns since then to actually make the round a better performer. Probably not the intended effect, but I’m happy.

      • I think I remember an HCI poster on the wall in the police station in the first film. They were definitely on board with the HCI program even if totally hypocritical about it.

    • I bet he isn’t talking about real AP, I highly suspect he doesn’t know what real AP bullets are. I think he is talking about hollow points, which are the antithesis of AP, but look scary (like black rifles).

  2. That’s the photo NYslmes chose to use? A dimly lit, shadowy room; That guy truly looks like a purveyor of Evil.

    • Isnt it enough for him to celebrate anniversary of National Firearm Act?And aniversary of Gun Control Act? And anniversary of Hughes amendment? And newest of all, anniversary of the Omnibus bill stuffed with gun control amendments? How many more anti human rights anniversaries can one person celebrate?

  3. In 51 years, I want to celebrate the 50 year anniversary of America’s new system of concentration camps designed to eliminate bonafide domestic enemies, like Steve Israel, who despise our rights, freedoms and constitution.

  4. So, based on this guy’s claim his buddies celebrate the anniversaries of Brady / NICS, GCA 68, NFA 34? Nope his buddies are all low IQ damp squibs, they can’t be counted on much of anything for any length of time, so he uses that rabble when he can, while he can, just like all evil tyrants.

  5. “I want someday to commemorate the anniversary of the day Congress passed a bill to stop the sale of cop-killer bullets’

    A golden oldie,he forgot Saturday Night Special as long as he is in a retrospective mood,try again,deserves a 4 full Morons.

  6. At the end of his diatribe, I read that this guy is a satirist. Pretty easy to tell with lines like “cop killer bullets” and “no fly/no buy” in this pile of waste disguised as an opinion piece.

  7. It’s called the “Bill of Rights”, not the “Bill of Security”. You see, the government recognizes our pre-existing rights and we use those rights to secure our own safety.

      • Nigel,

        I have heard the term “wanker” several times. I knew that it was a pejorative and even appreciated the fact that it sounds insulting. I just now looked-up its official definition and it is even better than I imagined. Thank you for the chuckle — and for using an appropriately descriptive term to describe government employees (both bureaucrats and politicians) who do not respect our unalienable rights.

  8. The presented photo of this guy: dark and shadowy, with a halo of light behind his grey-matter BOX, with a tilted world view. Got it.

    “Cop killer bullets”: seems I recall all bullets can kill cops, even the wee-little ones.

    The “gun lobby”: yea, well, the NRA is a rights and instruction and support group; it is my client, as is the congress.

    “The current movement” are jackboots and controllers.

    “The NRA’s death grip”: excuse me, you all better learn what life protection is, how it is achieved and kept.

    Nous Defions

  9. We do celebrate a great anniversary.
    It’s named Independance Day.
    July 4th.
    You may know it. But maybe don’t truly understand what it signifies.

    This guy is the Prince of All Ass Hats…

  10. Steve Israel: wah-wah-wah-wah , I want our constitutional RIGHT’S to be upheld now and forever. I do not want to read your opinion’ed. Get your facts straight , I also want you and yours to stop trying to rewrite our way of life , and our freedoms. Is this America the land of the free , or is it ,should it be , the land of the ignorant , tyrants , and the people of the I say , you do’s ? Sounds like you want the latter. No thank you. I’ll pass.

  11. Dear urine-hole, it’s not the organization, but the members, that give it power. It’s telling to me that you even refuse to recognize the power of the people, but only the perceived power of the organization. Why it’s almost like you don’t believe the people have any power…

  12. NYDN is a pretty reliable mouthpiece for the gun banning lobby.

    Here’s the alternative analysis. After a large mass shooting event, the gun banners demand nothing less than everything. After Sandy Hook, Schumer, for example, demanded universal background checks WITH “record keeping” (euphemism for a national registry). Unwilling to compromise with Coburn, he wound up with nothing.

    The truth, a large number of Americans own guns and understand the Second Amendment. Just as important, they understand when the fringe gun banning segment are wheeling up another Trojan Horse. They resist it.

  13. Dreaming of a new anniversary with EVEN MOAR dead children whose blood you can use to lubricate your totalitarian ambitions? The American Left is a haven for psychopaths and ghouls.

  14. “I want someday to commemorate the anniversary of the day Congress passed a bill to stop the sale of cop-killer bullets; or universal background checks; or No-Fly/No Buy.”

    Um, I remember that so-called “cop-killer bullets” were already banned back in the 1970s or 1980s, so WTF is Steve Israel talking about? All armor-piercing handgun bullets have been banned to civilians for decades!
    Besides, there’s no such thing as a “cop-killer bullet” (a bullet that magically seeks out blue uniforms).
    Any center-fire rifle bullet can pierce police body armor, so you can’t ban “armor-piercing rifle bullets” without banning all rifles (oops, we shouldn’t give gun-banners any ideas!)

    As for “no fly, no buy,” that’s just doubling down on a really stupid government infringement of the rights of people with common last names. Even the liberal MSM news media has run stories about dozens of people with the same name who are all banned from flying just because someone with a similar name is on a terrorist watch list, and the innocent people (on the list for no fault of their own) find themselves unable to get their names taken off the no-fly list. Denying these same innocent people their Constitutional rights is doubling down on government overreach. If you’re going to deny 2A rights to people based on having a common last name, then I suppose we should also deny them the right to vote, the right to buy a newspaper, the right to a fair trial, the right to privacy, the right of not being searched without a warrant, the right to drink alcohol, the privilege of driving a car, etc., but let’s start with Steve Israel, add his name to the no-fly list and see how he feels about being denied all his Constitutional rights, with virtually no hope of restoring them, just due to having the same name as some suspect.

    If someone is really too dangerous to have a gun, get a warrant and arrest them. If there’s not enough evidence to arrest them, then don’t take away their Constitutional rights by some secret process with no hope of restoring them.

  15. ““I want someday to commemorate the anniversary of the day Congress passed a bill to stop the sale of cop-killer bullets”


  16. When the emotions subside, and the reality of the facts starts to prevail, then gun control doesn’t make any sense anymore.

    • It’s almost like they have to catch people while they’re “all wee-wee’d up”, to slam through something that does no good.

      If using the crisis — “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” — doesn’t prevent the next one, one wonders what it’s used for…


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