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Teen birthday vote drive targets pro-gun lawmakers

Giffords, Watts and Bloomberg are organized, well-funded and highly motivated . . .

Gun control advocates are planning to send birthday packages to newly turned 18-year-olds in 10 states where they believe pro-gun lawmakers are vulnerable. Inside each: a voter registration form.

The effort is part of a teen voter sign-up campaign aimed at electing a gun control-friendly Congress in November by seizing the momentum of a movement driven by young people shaken by gun violence, organizers told Reuters.

“I think young people are going to make a huge difference in this election, and the new energy we’re seeing is going to tip the scales in a number of races,” said Isabelle James, political director for Giffords, which advocates more restrictive gun laws.


To Boulder’s anti-gun bigots, I will not comply with your hate law

#resist . . .

My home town of Boulder is about to define me as a criminal if I do not disarm or move.

Let this column serve as a public notice, I will not comply.

I was raised in Colorado and moved to Boulder in 1984, graduated from CU there and stayed. I proudly represented Boulder on the RTD Board of Directors. My late daughter rests in a Boulder cemetery. I plan to be laid to rest beside her when my time comes. All that to say my roots are deep in my hometown.

But to be who I am, to be true to my values I hold dear, I must choose to leave or go to jail.


Is leaving guns in your car illegal? Why a judge who did wasn’t charged

Some animals in New Jersey are more equal than others . . .

“We don’t need to hit a fly with a sledgehammer for every minor infraction of the law that was not done purposefully and knowingly,” said Robert A. Bianchi, a former Morris County prosecutor who is now a partner at the Bianchi Law Group. “I would not be prosecuting that case.”

One gun is still missing after three were stolen from Richard Obuch’s car while it was parked outside his home the night of Feb. 21. A Kel-Tec .380 caliber auto pistol, a Springfield .40 caliber pistol and a Smith and Wesson .38 caliber revolver were in a locked box that was stolen from the back seat, according to a police report.


The generation gap is back – but not as we know it

Yes, but that never seems to translate to votes on election day . . .

The woke generation (young millennials aged between 18 and 30) brought the theories of intersectionality and identity into debates about a range of human rights issues: campus free speech, trans rights, the Me Too movement, marriage equality, gun control, reproductive rights, Black Lives matter and, in Australia, the Change the Date movement.

This new way of looking at the world has resulted in a golden age of protest, dissent and pushing back against societal norms. Marches in the US – such as the women’s march and the one for gun control – have smashed attendance records, while in Australia, the Invasion Day march surpassed all expectations of crowd size.

They’re Coming For Them: One-Third Of Democrats Want To Repeal Second Amendment

No more B.S., they really do want to take your guns . . .

Another day, another poll, and yet another example that the Left wants to repeal the Second Amendment. The anti-gun Left has tried to bury this aspect of the discussion. They say they don’t want to confiscate guns; all they want is so-called common sense gun reforms, like expanded background checks (i.e. the foundation for a registry— you can’t fully track all transfers without one), magazine limits, which bar the transfer or sale of a lot of handguns on top of so-called military-style rifles, and a ban on so-called assault weapons, which has taken the form of confiscation for some parts of the country.

In Deerfield, Illinois, law-abiding gun owners have until June to turn over their firearms to local authorities, transfer them out of the village limits, or destroy them. Non-compliance is a $250-1,000/day fine. You can’t live here if you own a firearm—that’s grossly unconstitutional. In Oregon, there’s a push for a ballot initiative that has similar motives: ban assault weapons and those who own them have to register them, destroy them, turn them over to the authorities, or transfer them out of the state.

Yet, throughout this anti-gun offensive, the Left says they don’t want to repeal the Second Amendment, and any discussion is just right wing paranoia.


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  1. “Gun control advocates are planning to send birthday packages to newly turned 18-year-olds in 10 states where they believe pro-gun lawmakers are vulnerable. Inside each: a voter registration form.”

    That’s nice.

    The reality is, the majority of those busy, self-centered brats rarely show up to actually vote…

    • “..The reality is, the majority of those busy, self-centered brats rarely show up to actually vote…”

      Which is why it is doubley important that we do. We can’t just win, we have to win bigly!

    • I guess I’m an oddball then. I’m 32 and I have voted in every presidential election, and all but one gubernatorial election since I turned 18.

      • Odds would suggest neither of you voted progtard. Perhaps Rino but not for idiots like Gore, Kerry Obumer, Kerry, Hildabeast.

        Damn little chance that the mindless prog manipulated kiddy vote will again matter (18-28) in 2018 or any other year.

        What matters is making sure that Conservatives win primary elections in the “red” house districts with open seats. There are a large # of Republicans retire and many are Rinos. Put Conservatives on the general election ballot.

        • No, the odds are most college age voters vote (D). I’ve voted in every election, national, state, and local, right down to the coroner. From 18 to 25, I voted straight (D) because I had to be a cool kid. Let’s not delude ourselves that this “gift” won’t work because millennials are too busy instagramming their dinner. We need to organize, drive seniors and poor folks to the polls. We need freedom to win.

  2. “They” are going to pry them from our cold dead hands? Mwahahahahah. This is going to be fun!

    • I wonder if I can pry yellow jackets hands, cold and dead, from his sign before he pulls my gun from my hand?

      • My money is on you.

        In the unlikely event he wins, you can rest easy as I’m a sore loser and a good shot.

    • It really is hilarious to see these people and their hyperbolic signs.

      Exactly HOW do they plan for my hands to get cold and dead so they can pry my still-smoking SR-556 from them, and how many of their government thugs will need firearms pried from THEIR cold, dead hands throughout the process?

      One thing for sure, that putz with the sign will NOT be anywhere in the neighborhood at the time, nor would he have the gumption to be on the party collecting the bodies.

      Somehow, maybe because I’m tired after working all night, I cannot come up with a pejorative adequate to describe my contempt for him and people like him.

      Should they actually get what they want, they will most assuredly deserve what they eventually get.

      • lately I’ve been asking a lot of people the same thing, “How do you propose to take my guns?”

        It seems that none of them have taken the three seconds required to think this through so maybe a little walk-through thought experiment will help them out.

        I have a gun.
        You want to take my gun.
        You don’t have a gun.
        You can’t have mine.

  3. Glad I’m old and won’t have to see this brave new world. Keep yer powder dry…anyone demonstrate on 2A day??? Mine was some 170miles away with scant info. I’d do something nearby even in this awful weather(snow!).

    • I’m of the opinion that the big “2A Day” demonstrations were a false flag. A big crock of horseshit designed only to show us as few in numbers.

      Here in Minnesota, the MN Gun Owners Civil Rights Association is holding theirs on the 28th. A couple thousand people have RSVP’d for the event. Last night when I heard about the supposed 2A Day thing, all of 45 people had signed onto the FaceTwit event.

      • I would disagree. For a small group with no budget and, as far as I can tell, not a great deal of experience at such things, they did just fine. Though not as large as I would have preferred, I was not disappointed with the event in my town. The Libertarian candidate for governor showed and gave a decent speech. The rest of the speakers were inclusive, respectful and focused on the civil rights message.

        Not surprisingly, there seemed to be a media blackout of the event. There were multiple media crews present to cover the protesters at the local Friends of the NRA dinner a few nights ago. For this event, however, there were none to be seen.

        The question in my mind is, where in the hell are the big 2A organizations? Why is it that these events are being put together by tiny groups that have tiny public profiles, memberships and budgets? When do they get off their asses and start punching back?

      • Yeah and the official 2a day in PA is on the 30th (a Monday but they are hoping to flood the rotunda building while staffers are working) hard not to think that it weakened the turn out having the 2a day on the 14th and the. The official pa 2a march not coincide date wise. Time will tell.

    • I went to Springfield, it was not as cold there, but it started to rain. Attendance was around 200, about what you could expect with the piss poor organization and promo. I hope the IGOLD next Wednesday will do much better.

  4. The Tidepod eating morons will be voting in the next presidential election. How do you think that will turn out

  5. We should keep rifles out of the hand of the under 21 crowd. And since they can’t be trusted with rifles they can’t be trusted with the vote. Or a car. Or adult status.

    We should push for raising the age of adulthood to 21 and call it the hogg/bloomberg act. And make sure that every 18 t0 20 yo in America has hoggs amd bloomies name and photo and address.

    • Changing the voting age would require a constitutional amendment. I’d vote for it at this point, given the chance.

    • Beat me to it. Yeah, if the Progtards say 18 year olds cannot own a gun, then they should not do something even more dangerous like vote for Bolsheviks.II

      • The whole 18 year old allowed to vote was when there was still a draft. Since all volunteer military need to change back to age of 21.
        If you can’t drink (legally) alcohol until age of 21 why on earth would you have kids voting at 18?
        Having raised a stepson from 13 to 18, being the stepmother from hell from his prospect. He is now a man, husband and a father, I’m proud of.

  6. If that NJ case was with a regular joe shmoe and not a judge the prosecutor would try to destroy him and say “an example needs to be made because this is not a minor infraction”

  7. “We don’t need to hit a fly with a sledgehammer for every minor infraction of the law that was not done purposefully and knowingly,” said Robert A. Bianchi, a former Morris County prosecutor…

    One gun is still missing…”

    Wow. So, the single mother who accidentally drove over the border not knowing the law, then *volunteered*

    Gun trafficker with only her sample left after a successful “river of steel” trip? Secret crime boss? Part of her 4d plot to take over the world, too subtle for mere humans to comprehend (but the local cops n DA got it. Genius!)

  8. When it takes prosecutors’ discretion (or a pardon) to do the right thing under the law, time to fix the law.

    • How can not prosecuting a judge that acts and dresses like that ever be the right thing?

  9. Pro gun organizations do need to get more active at targeting younger demographics. Sure there are a lot of new young gun owners. But less people seem to be growing up in a pro gun culture. And culture wars are where liberties are either protected or abandoned.

  10. One wonders if that birthday package comes with a reminder to make sure that your Selective Service registration is complete and correct…

    • And a reminder that the instant they receive your voter registration you are also on the roles for jury duty.


  11. Sending selective service registration cards to all the males as well? And why not the females? Hmmm.
    Ending abortions would save 600,000+/year…that did not even get to the child stage.
    And some are more equal than others…that is true…rich/connected privilege.

  12. Well gdamnit I hope they do get their anti Constitution congress . I’m tired of fucking around, let’s get this show on the road

  13. You need to follow our example in Australia. When you turn 18 here, you get a letter from the electoral commission prompting you to get your name on the roll. Voting is compulsory, so we are a true democracy where everybody participates.

    • We’re a Republic and were never meant to be a democracy. Given you’re now defenseless subjects being replaced by the more cooperative Chinese, it’s probably a good thing.

      • So why do you historically persist in unsuccessfully invading other countries to impose democracy? (Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan?). And by the way, “you’re” is a contraction – “your” is possessive plural. Your education standards haven’t improved.
        China, by the way, is already a larger economy than yours, and give it a decade or two, will have a more powerful military.
        Australians kowtow to nobody – Chinese or American.

        • “Australians kowtow to nobody” Hmmmm…no one says “God save the Queen” around here…while “you’re” bullshiting.

        • “Australia was with the USA in Vietnam. Read any history books?”
          I don’t have to read about it. Unlike your president, I met my obligations under the draft and I was there.
          I was a member of 7 Battalion, Royal Australian Regiment, serving in Phuoc Tuy province in 1970 as a section rifleman. My tag is my regimental number. Vietnam was an absolute debacle. Our Coalition government has made a practice of following the Septics* in your frequent military blunders since 1960. They’re on the way out.
          “Hmmmm…no one says “God save the Queen” around here”
          No – around here the kowtowing is to the US version of the Taliban, the NRA.

          * Septic tanks – Yanks. (Cockney rhyming slang).

        • I was around when Vietnam was going down. I dodged the active draft by being just a tad too young. Yeah Australians like to follow the USA on these grand “invasions”. I figured since Australians were associated with Vietnam, they might not have amnesia when going after the USA.
          NRA being associated with the Taliban shows how Left most Australians are along with their dumb gun and knife laws. Australia is already a police state where the government just does whatever it pleases and steamrolls over its citizens. Criminals seem to be doing fine.

        • Anybody care to tell me the moral difference between Korea and Vietnam besides the fact that the American Left conspired with the enemy?

        • My peak Freudenschade boner was the night Trump won.

          The next one will be telling Europe and other puzzy countries to go pound sand when they beg us to help stop being overrun by their Islamofascists.

        • Follow example of Australia? No, thanks!
          I am NRA and I don’t like to be called Taliban member, especially by some disarmed antipod.
          Aussies don’t cowtow to nobody? Who’s picture is on your $5 bill again?

  14. They can try to take my guns, but I can guarantee they will be returning with at least two body bags. One for me, the others for whoever is first inside.

  15. “Coming for Your Guns” ,Nonsense ,of course the Anti Freedom and Liberty Left is coming for “We The Peoples” guns,Knifes and pea shooters !

  16. The tension over the Deerfield confiscation is high, I hear rumblings of A-
    “Shot heard around the world” moment if the Deerfield PD start confiscating firearms.
    Things are different this time, My advice, don’t under estimate the new voting youth, also likely to be taken advantage of the progressives (voter fraud).
    I can see POTG being backed into a corner, no one wants to come out “Yeager” themselves (“not one more inch or I’m going to start killing people”) online but that’s the sense i get from POTG. IF SHTF does happen, the the shot callers must be “persuaded”
    bloomie, shoe-mer, palosie, zoros, ect, YKWIM If the cancer don’t get cut out there’s no point in owning firearms for the 2nd A.

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