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Tennessee college student defends her gun-toting ‘graduation’ photo

Why would ABC put scare quotes around “graduation”?

Amid a youth-driven gun control debate that has swarmed social media, a college senior in Tennessee is defending the provocative photo she posted of her packing a handgun with the caption, “I don’t take normal graduation photos …” …

Spencer’s tweet prompted positive and negative responses from pro-gun users, some of whom took issue with her “brandishing a firearm for a photo shoot or showing it off to try and look cool.”

The public response has surprised her, Spencer said. “I did think that it would get a little attention but not to this degree,” she said. “It was really, really surprising to see the amount of hate that I got.”

Not really.

Man charged with possessing the guns police returned to him

Franz Kafka, please call you office . . .

A man whose guns were seized when he was committed to a Mississippi mental hospital asked for his guns back nine months later, saying doctors had cleared him of any mental issues. So Pascagoula police, backed by a court order, handed over his AK-47 assault rifle and Glock pistol.

Now Steven Drew Montana is jailed without bond on federal charges of possessing weapons after being committed to a mental institution and is headed to trial in May.


Ex-doctor’s terrifying arsenal of weapons with ‘assassination list’ of people he blamed for losing hospital job

From the land formerly known as Great Britain . . .

Passing sentence, Lady Stacey said: “I entirely accept you have served the community in the past.
“It is sad to see a man who has held the positions you have in this situation.”
She added: “Nothing has been said that explains why you acquired a stock of weapons and ammunition.


With $2 million, Kaiser Permanente wants to help revive underfunded gun-violence research

What health insurance card is in your wallet? . . .

Kaiser Permanente announced Monday that it will begin studying gun violence — a long-ignored issue because of the political pressures surrounding firearms in this country — by investing $2 million in research that will involve doctors and other professionals across its hospitals and centers nationwide.

Officials at the giant health system said they hope the move will encourage other systems to wade into this field of research, which has had lack of funding and data in the more than two decades since the federal government virtually abandoned such studies.

“The problem now is we really don’t have evidence to know what’s effective and what works” to prevent gun-related injury, said David Grossman, a doctor and senior researcher who will help lead the new task force.

Floyd Mayweather’s ‘bodyguard’ was shot in the leg outside an Atlanta hotel in ‘targeted attack’

They say nothing good happens after midnight . . .

Floyd Mayweather’s bodyguard was reportedly shot outside of a Atlanta hotel Monday morning in what is believed to have been a targeted attack.

The man, who claimed to be the retired boxer’s bodyguard, was shot in the leg during the 3am attack outside the InterContinental hotel in Buckhead.

Three vehicles were returning from the hotel from a nearby nightclub when a vehicle pulled up beside them at the intersection of Peachtree Road and Highland Drive, according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Older Texans are armed and ready — even into their golden years

That’s how they got to be older Texans . . .

…(A)round 80,000 Texans in their 60s, 70s and 80s picked up gun licenses or renewals last year, as did more than 150 people between 90 and 97.

“With all the turmoil in the world going on, I think people are more aware of the violence,” said Curtis Van Liew, an instructor and owner of EZ Concealed Handgun Licenses. “You can’t watch the news any given day without seeing more violence.

“The odds are that something is going to happen to them sooner or later.”

This comes 23 years since state lawmakers signed off on letting Texans carry handguns across the state.

Now, more than 1.2 million Texans have licenses to carry. That’s less than 5 percent of the state’s 28.3 million residents.

This Group Is Turning Guns Into Shovels And Using Them To Plant Trees

Hey, aren’t those considered weapons now in the UK?

The King Center gathering was the first large public demonstration for Lead to Life, a group launched by California-based activists Kyle Lemle, 28, and Brontë Velez, 24.

“It’s the ultimate transformational act, from something that takes life from the planet to something that gives life on the planet,” said Lemle. “We’re liberating the guns’ histories of violence and giving the metal a new purpose.”

The revolver King carried was meant for such a symbolic change. After walking past the crypt where her parents were laid to rest, she and the other family members came to an open area in which a furnace roared with bright orange fire. A man wearing fire-resistant coveralls and a welder’s mask approached King. She gave him the gun, which he affixed to a rod and placed in the heart of the flame.

Within moments, the weapon had melted away completely, disappearing into a ladle of molten iron. A team of metalworkers then poured the liquid metal into casts of a shovel handle and a peace sign.

Analysis: Assault rifle ban would have little to no effect on Indianapolis gun crime

Haven’t we heard something like that before? . . .

An Indianapolis city councilor’s newly proposed ban on high-capacity magazines and the class of semi-automatic rifles commonly referred to as “assault rifles” would likely have little impact on gun crime in the city, according to an analysis of IMPD gun trace records conducted by RTV6.

Indianapolis City-County Councilor William D. Oliver (D) announced plans to introduce a special resolution this week that would urge state lawmakers to enact a ban on high-capacity magazines and assault rifles similar to the Federal Assault Weapons Ban that was in effect from 1994-2004.

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    • Those that hammer their swords into plowshares will wind up plowing the fields of those who did not.

      • Yeah, like “the pen is mightier than the sword”. A pen is only mightier than a sword if you use the pen to enlist the services of someone with a sword. Otherwise, it’s just a pen.

        • Sometimes it’s the pen that leads, often leading people with guns (see Revolutions, list of).

          Now was it wilfull or just ignorant that HuffPo made no mention of why King carried a gun? He didn’t carry it for “symbolic change,” folks.

    • You misunderstand the context of that quote. It refers to a time after the second coming. A more (though still not entirely) apt quote for today is from Joel 3, ” Prepare for war! Rouse the warriors! Let all the fighting men draw near and attack. Beat your plowshares into swords and your pruning hooks into spears.”

    • Okay. I’ll turn one of my “swords” into a plow.

      But the other ten-ish are going to stay right where they are and just as they are.

      After all, I can’t use more than one plow at a time, can I?

    • Maybe someone makes a plowshare we can attach to the bayonet lug on an AR like that chainsaw attachment! That way you could have your plowshare and still shoot! Wouldn’t have to figure out what to do with all of your standard capacity 30 round mags either.

    • I’m glad the young woman carries. Good for her.

      Honestly though, this seems like attention whoring by a “conservababe” wannabee (trying to become the next Laura Southern or something).

      The Dalrock blog has a good article and some great thoughts by commentators on this case.

      One comment or named Novaseeker said the following.

      “Honestly not the worst strategy for getting herself on the radar screen for a Lauren Southern-type career launch — aka the “conservababe” circuit which caters to the more WK rightist crowd. She has the looks, the politics and soon the degree (communications) to go with it, so I kind of get the stunt.”

      It was a stunt to get the attention of conservative beta shlubs, and it worked.

    • meh. She’s kinda hot though.
      My kind of women says nothing at all.. And the only time I find out is when I’m taking her pants off.

      • I liked her all around. Her politics, her fit figure, she’s attractive enough that her husband loves the sight of her, but not so much that her looks would always be a distraction. And as Bob Seger said, “She knocked my out with those American Thighs”.

        Exactly what I like in a “conservababe”. What’s not to like? Oh yes, and she has that gun.

  1. I’m tempted to give Kyle and Bronte a case of Ravens or the like – just to see what a little Zamak does to their shovel metallurgy…

    • Dipshits like that can’t figure out how to make 4 from 2+2. They are already dumb enough to think that wasting resources and money makes them “safer”. Fools.

      • That;s because they were indoctrinated by Kalifornia public schools. What could we possibly expect?

  2. No holster. Gangsta style. Smart. She may not have junk to blow off, but she will still bleed out from a femoral artery dissection.

  3. Ms. Spencer; please wear a holster. Children are reading the Internet; we shouldn’t be implying that Mexican carry is safe merely to make a fashion statement.

    • Actually that’s apendex carry, but she should be using a holster. Mexican carry is behind the strong side hip without a holster. In my younger and more foolish days I employed it. Now I use a Sparks Summer Special, or a IWB Blade Tech. As for the shovels. An entrenching tool has been splitting skulls for more than a couple of years.

    • The article I read earlier today stated she was wearing a belly band. If so, she should be good.

      • You’re right. As long as the trigger is covered and she keeps her finger off the trigger until sights are on target, she’s good. L.E.O. firearms instructor for 25 years. Violation of rule #2 is the most dangerous and most often violated.

      • Yes, she said she pulled her gat up for the photo, but she was carrying in a belly-band.

  4. Those are some serious weapons for a country that has laws against owning pretty much anything. So… how did he get them?

    Is he a wizard?

    • Yeah. And if that’s an arsenal, I’m wondering what my meager collection qualifies as.

      • Three sub-guns and two handguns? Unless he’s an octopus he can only use one at a time. I’ve used full auto weapons all of my professional life. Please give one to my untrained adversary. 1500 rds? That’s barely a good start. Mayor of London now wants to ban knives since gun ban didn’t work. Anyone surprised?

    • ““Nothing has been said that explains why you acquired a stock of weapons and ammunition”

      Because we can. ’nuff said.

  5. Re: Large capacity magazine bans

    Anyone else see people buying .458 SOCOM uppers, in order to maintain their current 30 round magazines one owns?

    Anyone know how a .458 follower impacts feeding of 5.56 rounds? Is it the last rounds that would have feed issues? Asking for a friend…

    • I actually emailed Magpul to ask if they would make 458 mags so we could order 10 rd mags direct to CO. No response. As long as it’s legal, and holds up, and they will ship them, I say go for it.

      Even if they won’t, I still say go for it.

    • If you’re using the center-feed follower, your last round will pop out of the magazine. I’ve found that .458 SOCOM rounds feed fine with the standard follower. But, the center-feed doesn’t press the smaller .223 rounds to the side and against the feed lips in order to retain them.

    • I have several 30 round Magpul mags and none will feed .458 SOCOM. Nor will the HexMag even though it is marked as compatible. The Lancer Hybrid mags will and some cheap metal mags that I had to bend the feed lips up a bit do work as well.

  6. Oh she’s a kid…I hope she learns you can’t put whatever you want out in the ether. Why didn’anyone warn the mental patien he was now a prohibited person?!?

    • “a tower so ivory you can’t look at it in direct sunlight”

      I really hope I get the chance to steal this quote soon.

  7. Kaiser sucks. I was just talking about that with an old timer this morning. Interesting 7am convos in the hot tub at the gym. Yet another reason to get up early and hit the machines/pool before the riffraff shows up.

  8. Wow. A shovel. Taking something dynamic, fun, useful, beautiful in some cases, and turning it into a garden tool. If the metal had feelings about it’s history, I’d think it would be just as outraged.

    • The Dee-handle shovel is a dandy tool when you’re digging a fighting position. Beats an e-tool all to hell. A OUTSTANDING partner to your AR.

  9. They will need those shovels to bury their friends when the “king” is done with them, since they have no way to protect themselves anymore.

    By the way she is hot! T shirt or not, Libs hate good looking strong women.

  10. “1.2 million Texans have licenses to carry. That’s less than 5 percent of the state’s 28.3 million residents”.

    Given 5million +/- alien residents well over 5% of citizens bother with a gov’t license of the 2nd.

    • All of us other texans either do travel carry or just illegal for handguns, and most self respecting texans who live in the country and have a truck have some type of rifle in the cab, most of which ar ar15s

  11. I don’t really care what her politics are. Go to her instagram feed. She’s just another millennial attention whore like all the rest. Good freaking god. We are doomed.

  12. Personally, I liked the photo of the attractive young lady. She has a belly band, it’s tasteful and it’s not your average senior photo.

    Let the pansies and the holier-than-thou tactifools get their knickers in twist

  13. “Now, more than 1.2 million Texans have licenses to carry. That’s less than 5 percent of the state’s 28.3 million residents.”

    If you’re going to be this sloppy, why even bother writing anything at all?

    “Residents” isn’t a relevant reference point, for two major reasons. First, not all residents are even eligible for a carry license. The residents figure includes people under 21, who are not eligible for a license (except those in the military.) It also includes, felons, illegal aliens, the incarcerated, people under DVROs, the institutionalized, among others.

    Second, every state has a different mix of people in these categories. So comparisons between states are not comparable.

    When you exclude these categories from the denominator, you end up with lese than 15 million. That same 1.2 million licensees out of that is more like 8.1%, not less than 5%.

    Now for that denominator. Texas has many refugees from failed, anti-gun states like California and New York. Those people are never going to carry a firearm. There’s also the fact that Texas allows non-licensees to carry concealed in their cars. Many people find that sufficient to their risks and never apply for a carry license here is that.

  14. The Tenn. co-ed seems like a smart cookie. I dig it that she’s doing her own thing, and it’s a gun thing, and she isn’t taking crap from the milquetoast crowd who don’t know the law. Rock it out, girl.

    I’m not a fan of the Mexican carry…..but I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt that it’s just for the photo op and she dutifully performed a press check prior to striking a pose. There’s no brandishing there.

    As for her supposedly trying to look cool or sexy? As non-creepily as I can say this about a woman young enough to be my daughter, c’mon, she doesn’t need help in either department. Besides, guns are cool and guns are sexy. Deal with it, haters.

  15. Was it not ladies day for comment? My comments were deleted with error message “your response has been tagged as spam and deleted.’ Contact moderator

  16. Had to take “Texas” out to have it posted.
    Who has an issue with Texas women Gun owners?

  17. Tight white pants on a woman like that is a wonderful sight. The gun is a massive bonus. She’s hot!

  18. About young Brenna (yes, technically she could be my grand daughter, but only in an Ozark trailer park kind of way), she may well be showing off a graduation gift from her family – but hopefully she has had it for a while and has had some training. Either way, she is a ray of sunshine, any haters are only jealous of her stunning beauty or her determination to be independant of the state with respect to self protection.

    The poor guy with mental problems, dealing with local law enforcement unaware of a draconian federal law that has no place in a civilized society.

    And the guns into shovels!!?!! Do they not know that one of the most lethal weapons in WWI trenches was the dreaded shovel? Longer reach than a bayonet and greater weight of attack. The most damaged corpses found in the trenches were those despatched by a shovel. Horrific injuries.

  19. ““It’s the ultimate transformational act, from something that takes life from the planet to something that gives life on the planet,” said Lemle.”

    Transform THIS, shit for brains.

  20. Instead of a gun if this woman was wearing a strap-on dildo, well-fitted for public attire nobody would be complaining.
    That would be just fine for the three L’s Libertarians Liberals and the Left.

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