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“So, Mr. Hogg, while you and your peers, because you are young, suburban, and mostly white, are indeed being used as props for the left’s long-standing campaign against the Second Amendment to the United States Constitution, as long as you have consented to this arrangement and as long as you share the same end as that of your funders, you assume responsibility for your actions.

“And it is precisely because you are responsible for your views and actions that I am going to hold you responsible by posing the same challenges to you that I have posed to other Second Amendment-deniers.” – Jack Kerwick in An Open Letter to David Hogg [via]

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    • My cousin who lives near columbine heard some of the video footage was faked to recreate what it looked like. Remember that was in 1999. We barely had video back then let alone crystal clear surveillance images. Even the pictures inside the school were more clear than the press photos taken afterwards. The report that came out accused the staged pictures of embellishing the event and in reality it was no where near as bad as the fake news reported it was.

      • Old news.

        When the movie called Zero Day came out in 2003 and was based on the fake Columbine event, video analysis was done on the surveillance footage from the school. Many problems and inconsistencies were found like the point of view of the camera was actually up in the middle of the air, not on a wall or ceiling. That was because the fake surveillance camera was on a tall ladder in the middle of the room. And the sunlight which would have come into the school through the east-facing windows if the shooting had happened in the morning as reported, was actually strongest through the west windows in the fake video because it was shot in the afternoon/evening instead.

        The FBI or ATF or whoever made the fake Columbine shooting video should have hired the agency that faked the moon landing pictures because at least there was some thought put into those.

    • He is likely a psycho, but stop with this “Crises Actor” BS. It makes you look stupid.

      • Re Crisis Actor — David “lil hitler” Hogg has said in different interviews that:

        He was in class At the school, heard a gunshot “echo out in the hallway” (even though the event happened in a completely different building than his), then he was running around loose due to a false fire alarm, and a school employee redirected students into a lockable classroom, saving all of their lives. — Hogg (a CNN ‘legacy’ on his mom’s side) then began recording on-the-scene video interviews with fellow students about the ‘ongoing gunfire’ .. still unhearably far away in the Freshman building, which is not his building.

        He has (pay attention) -ALSO- said that he was at home, sick, that day .. and when he instantaneously heard about the event he then rode to the school from 3 miles away on his bicycle … (subsequently, due to physics) arriving at the school at least 4 minutes after the 6.5 minute shooting was completely over, then he magically entered a building locked down (by then) by dozens of police officers, then magically ascended the stairwells without getting on the stairwell surveillance cameras, then magically entered a locked-down classroom, and proceeded to video-interview fellow students “in his class” about ‘all the ongoing gunfire’ … unhearably far away (and already ceased) in the freshman building, which is not his building.

        Those are the jewels. Also infamous are his multiple early attempts to recall his script, stumbling over ’emotional’ details he kept forgetting to add, while the cameraman kept telling him ‘that’s ok, keep going’, etc, finally resorting to jumpcuts.

        here are two examples offhand, each is about 1 minute .. copy / paste these into search at YouTube

        David Hogg Parkland Student rehearsing lines Jason Bourne


        Sawmill Sage Video Proof David Hogg LIED about being at Stoneman Douglas

        one more:

        M&M News UK David Hogg NOT in school day of shooting

        • Cpt. Obvious, I will agree with you on the facts stated. It is all there, the different accounts of his whereabouts and the bs tale he strung. Thanks for stating the, um obvious, Capt!

  1. i hate this little ignorant shit. it’s amazing that him and his ilk don’t realize they are being put up as spokespersons BECAUSE they are so damn ignorant. then of course that attracts the other ignorant lemmings to all follow suit. thankfully they still have a lot of education to go to learn their errs.
    every time someone asks him to put up or shut up. he shuts up, briefly, then attacks someone else. This Ingrahm shit is fucking despicable. I can’t believe the left codifies this behavior. well, i wouldn’t be able to believe the left of the 70’s would do something like this because they were all lovey dovey. but seems like they have gone back to the DemoKKKrat days.

    • Unfortunately, the current crop of youngsters think that moment of self appointed attention is valid and justification for more attention getting actions.

      I can’t wait for them to to exit puberty…lol.

      • Frank Luntz gave a talk in Colorado Springs citing what different age groups and ethnic groups wanted the most. Three that are most memorable – 18-24 year olds=Socialism, Women=more time, Men=More money. HOGG is trying for the first and third desires.

    • Wasn’t the left of the seventies still blowing stuff (and people) up? Also supporting genocidal communists?

      • Well, it depends on the country. In Europe, for example, they stopped quite a bit later with blowing up things and killing people. They still did not stop supporting leftist tyrants yet.
        They’re so democratic and wise!

  2. Hogg gradated from a California high school TWO YEARS AGO. Calling him a “survivor” is just utter rubbish. His “parents” are FBI agents.

    • I would be pleased just to have some “reporter” ask the hogg what building he was located in when the shootin occurred in the FRESHMAN building. Twit supposedly a senior NOT a FRESHMAN. Thus a “survivior” of NOTHING.

        • As opposed to say: an “adjacent survivor”.

          Whatever, it would be nice if all the FACTS of his presence/absence/proximity could be traced, checked and VERIFIED, then, most importantly PUBLICISED.

          And questions of his veracity need to be asked WHENEVER AND WHEREVER HE OPENS HIS MOUTH!

      • Hogg has publicly admitted that he lied when he said he was on campus that morning. He was actually still at home. He is a reporter for the school newspaper, and for dramatic effect, I guess, he made it a first person narrative. His “parents” are not fibbies; his father is a retired FBI agent. And yes, he is a student, a senior, due to graduate this spring. He is now taking a year off before starting college at USC in order to fight to repeal the 2A. Or something.

      • Right, if only some reporter had the stones to ask the hard questions of young hogg. (Piglet?) Such as, exactly where were you went events occurred.
        Which of your versions is correct?
        Were your video replies scripted and by who?
        Explain in detail your school history in Ca. did you graduate HS there?
        Why, in all the aftermath, have you shown no sadness over the loss of “classmates”
        Did you also bully the shooter, as Emma Gonzalez admitted to doing?
        …and many, many more that were never asked or reported. Is today’s media trustworthy? I think all you good people know that answer…

    • Hogg Sr is retired FBI. Mrs Hogg (with a different last name than her hubby) worked, or works for, CNN.
      I believe, as another posted above, that Hogg Jr is a psychopath.

  3. At 17 I enlisted in the USMC, At 18 I was in Vietnam, at 19 I was a CPL and sguad leader and later a Sgt 2nd in command of a platoon.
    When did the government decided that I was a CHILD at those ages? By calling them children we are expected to believe that they are unable to make decisions, good or bad on their own without adult supervision. Hogg has made his bed he can lie with the results.

    • The junior leadership instilled in us by the Corps serves as guidance for how to accept failure as a test and improve upon it for the next challenge. I may be a junior Lance Coconut, but I know the shoes I’ll have to fill. Young adults today don’t get that. They want to be comfy. They’re paralyzed by fear of failure, hard times, and thankless work. They want to be praised for every little step taken like a toddler, never have to face risk, and boy oh boy do they want to skate. They don’t recognize the simple joy in reflecting on self-improvement and accomplishments because they’re taught that being competitive, seeking advantages over others, and being a hard-charging individualistic American is bad. Semper Fi, brother.

        • When I was 12 my soccer team placed 5th in the league, we all got participation trophies; I went home and threw my trophy in the trash. I was insulted and embarrassed at 12yo to get a trophy for being a 5th place loser.

      • Spot on. We now have a generation where many of the “men” have chosen perpetual adolescence. Their primary goal is to be liked and affirmed by others, while cowering in a bubble of cognizant bias and utopian illusion. If you don’t agree with them, you are a fascist mongrel that must die. They are wholly unprepared for adulthood, have zero stress inoculation, cannot cope with failure or disappointment, equate trying hard with actual accomplishment, and have no benchmarks for evaluating their decision making paradigm. Nope – they prefer willfully ignorant emotional outbursts in the absence of reason, or other marks of poorly behaved children. This is what happens when generations of people are incrementally disconnected from the realities of natural selection.

    • I enlisted at 17, also. But it started long before that. My father, uncles, grandfathers expected me and my brother and cousins to behave in certain fashions by certain ages. They didn’t preach, they led by example.

      Apparently hoggs parents never got those memos.

    • Another 17 YO enlisted. I was carrying a pistol at 20 guarding TS information.
      Uncle Sam had no problem teaching me how to run machine guns either.

    • Yet another. I spent my 18th birthday 150 feet below the surface of the Atlantic on an SSBN Deterrent Patrol.

      The same year, I was standing topside watches with a 1911 on my hip (and both of us wondering how the hell two junior enlisted men with limited training were supposed to repel hordes of crazed boarders with nothing but two .45s and 28 rounds of hardball!)

  4. I agree with little horn totally !! Their parents are also part of the problem , allowing their kids to be used in a manner the children can’t possibly comprehend in their undeveloped minds. I suppose we all know who trained these puppets. Shame on you that are so nutless you would allow your children to be used. In any manner !!! Commie mofo’s & tyrants.

  5. I’d love to see the fits of apoplexy these kids would go into if they were shown what the laws were in the 50 and 60’s. Mail order anything, no FFL’s, so many legal ways to buy gun it made one’s head spin. And no school shootings. It’s almost like the leftist politicians these kids idolize destroyed the American culture that once kept school shooters in check. Hmmmm, weird…

    • Recently got into a good debate with my uncle on gun control. He’s pretty smart and logical/analytical, but has some emotional speedbumps when it comes to guns. thats the one argument I sued that I think really drove him to an “ah-HA” moment. Pointed out how extremely lax (compared to today) our gun control laws were up until the 70’s, and how the school-shooting phenomenon is fairly recent, and has occurred atop a very marked and steady decrease in overall violent crime spanning decades. Obviously its NOT just “easy access to guns” that is the problem. He kinda stopped, and got contemplative and said “you know, you’re right”. Didn’t ‘convert’ him with that one conversation, but was easy to see there was definitely a crack in the dam, and he was having trouble reconciling that observation with his pre-conceptions. One step closer.

      • Since Parkland, I keep running into the claim that we are having more mass shootings “than ever before in the history of eternity, like seriously.” So I looked it up. Best as I can tell, we’ve pretty much had the same amount per capita since the 1980s. The spike started in the 70s, and before that we didn’t have many at all.

        The hiccup is that the government started counting in the mid 1970s, so it may be that we have always had the same level, but didn’t know it until “recently.”

  6. The full letter is worth the read. Jack Kerwick hits the nail squarely and forcefully on the head several times.

    Hogg is an opportunist who has no answers. I think he knows he has no answers. Hogg may be a teenager, but he is also a Class A Charlatan and, I think, he knows that full well, too.

      • True fact. Disney paid 25 cents per lemming and they literally threw them off the cliff. There is zero truth to lemmings killing them selves or running off cliffs. Zero! ZERO!

  7. Camara Hogg gonna hog,until he is no longer useful and is cast aside like the paid trollop he is.

  8. Hogg is pure distraction , and while gun writers and news blogs keep churning stories about HIM …….. ( look , shiny thing over there ) ….. the anti gun backers , the Bloombergs , Everytowns , Demanding Moms …ect are HAMMERING all local & government representatives and saying —-

    ” BANNING SEMI-AUTOs is the ONLY Solution ! ”

    What are we doing ?

    • In November (and in the just past primaries) I’m voting for two guys who have a stellar record on 2A issues. I’m also voting for a third who has a good record on 2A issues.

  9. I went to small high school. 50 +/- in my senior class. During hunting season my, almost every other guys vehicle, had a firearm in it. On school grounds. Saved a stop at the house on the way to the deer stand after class. No school shootings. My son received his first firearm when he was six. He’s 22 now and has a modest collection of handguns, rifles and shotguns. Couple of Randall knives. Most given to him for Christmas and birthdays. Never a problem. Ask Hogg and his leftist backers to explain that.

    • Paul m……Your son never has been a problem owning firearms because he was raised correctly and has morals. Same with mine. The whole violence problem traces back to a lack of morals. Congratulations with your raising a good son.

    • Guns galore in vehicles in the school parking lot when I went there. Guns galore in school shop classes and rifle teams. What is your problem?

  10. If he’s Hogg, does that mean his sister is a Sow?

    Anyway, AFAIK, none of the school shooters have been old NRA members. They were contemporaries of Hogg and Sow.

    You know, the same generation that commits suicide because somebody calls them a name online and hurts their feelings.

    The same generation that’s revitalized the heroin trade and brought it to a new level.

    The same generation that goes about a bazillion dollars in debt to get a degree in basket weaving or some other nonsense major and then wonders why they can’t get a decent job.

    The same generation that’s going to show us how to fvck up a Democracy.

    The same generation that eats Tide Pods and snorts condoms.

    Congratulation, Mr. and Mrs. America. It’s taken about 250 years, but you’ve managed to deliver and raise a generation of total idiots. Bravo.

  11. I think the best counter to David Hogg- a highly privileged white kid who gets to go to college off the back of his proagandizing- would be another youngish person (maybe a female) of color who doesn’t have those advantages but has to walk down the streets in Chicago and worry about getting robbed, raped, or murdered while David gets to choose which university he is going to get drunk at for 5 years.

    • while David gets to choose which university he is going to get drunk at for 5 years. Probably which ever one will take him.

  12. Read Assassination Generation by Lt. Col. David Grossman (he also wrote On Killng)

    Though I don’t necessarily buy into 100% of what he says, it is certainly compelling that argument violent video games and movies drive the behavior that leads to an adolescent mass killer. And he provides plenty of citation and studies that happened to be quashed by the video game lobby.

    • His book On Combat is also excellent.

      The anti-gun folks do not want the violence to stop, they need it to keep themselves and their overall agenda going. Gang violence is the main player in our gun violence, we have over 33000 active gangs in the US, likely even more, but that is the current good estimate. They have no fathers, no role models or worth or value. They are exceptionally violent and will kill anyone. You want to solve our gun violence problem, then solve the gang issues in our country.

  13. Normally, I would just say this is yet another muppet being used by those with power/money. However, that is not the case. David Hogg is building his brand. He’s doing it over the dead bodies of his classmates, but hey, semantics.

    He’s using Bloomberg to get hit 15 minutes of fame then he’s going to just ride this out and stand on his media-bestowed bloody victimhood participation medal for as long as he has an audience. Substantive content is no longer required to capture an audience. It’s all entertainment and shock value nowadays — whether that’s calling people nazis or gender swapping and being put on the cover of a magazine.

    Society 30 years ago may have shunned and shamed this self-gratifying moronic behavior, but not so today. Today, willful ignorance and your personal fantasies (no matter how moronic) are apparently society’s burden to grant regardless of the cost to others.

  14. This “HS Senior” is a child of two very wealthy parents, there is NO WAY this kid has or was riding his bicycle to anything. He probably has his own 2016 or never luxury vehicle parked in the driveway.

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